Robbie's X-mas by Robbie Robinson

The story I have I'm pretty sure it happened on Christmas eve 1969. Someone, snuck 8 or 10 hookers into the company area. I'm figuring it was a pilot that smuggled them in and we had a phone that ran from the officers hooches to ours, that was used when we had an emergency or something, they would call down and say ok lets go and you would drop everything and go. Well, the phone rang and I answered it and I can't remember who the pilot was, but he asked me how many guys were in the hooch, and I think there were 3 or 4 of us at the time. He said grab them and come up here. I've got a good looking montgnard girl up here and she's fucking my brains out. So I told the guys that were there, and we went up and although I was Horny as hell, I had a bit of trouble reaching a climax. She kept saying "you done yet?" and I would say not yet, and I think I wore her out a bit before that happened. After we had our way with her, we thanked the pilot and went back to our hooch. They were there all night and the next morning (still dark) someone came around and said that there was a high ranking officer looking for exactly what we had and they were walking around the company area trying to find them. Figuring that they probably had someone at the front gate, we got them gathered up and took them down to the flight line. Not sure who's ship, but we flew them out. I was never really sure if there ever was an officer looking for them, but it sure made us move. I wasn't on the ship, but they just took them a ways outside the compound and dropped them off and came back. I think Smiley was involved in that. Not sure if he would remember or own up to it though. I feel like such a jerk for not keeping a journal over there. It would have saved me a lot of headaches trying to remember what happened back then. Well that's the story. Sorry it wasn't real glamorous or filled with combat assault action, but that's what happened.

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