My Vietnam Hero by Liz Fernwalt

Good evening to everyone at the 129th. Alex just left for Washington, DC. I'm not very good writing things, but I wrote a poem for Veteran's Day for him and he wanted me to share it with all of you. I hope each of you have a wonderful Veteran's Day and remember that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Alex will be thinking of you as he visits the Wall. The poem is as follows:

My Vietnam Hero

It all started in a little town in Ohio,
You came into the world such a happy little fellow.
Your mom had carried you for so many weeks,
You arrived June 13th in nineteen hundred and forty six.

You grew up with three sisters and three brothers,
Laughing, playing and enjoying each other.
Even though there were fights and tears,
Each was there to comfort the fears.

Uncle Sam invited you to join his team,
He planned to make you strong, lean and mean.
You went through basic training in six weeks time,
And he said you were ready for the front line.

You climbed on board that C-130 bird,
The Eve of Destruction is what you heard.
You crossed that big blue pond,
You landed in a place called "Vietnam."

As you landed there were body bags,
And many of our soldiers dressed in rags.
You must have thought "What have I done",
Coming to this place called "Vietnam".

You served your country with pride,
Not knowing who back home was on your side.
The things you saw are still in your mind,
They can't and will not be left behind.

It took you some thirty years to tell your part,
Now others keep coming forth and sharing their hearts.
You have a family called the 129th group,
They are a dandy bunch of troops.

As you walk along the wall that has so many names,
You deeply feel the heartaches and pains.
So many sons, daughters, parents and friends,
Trying to let the healing process begin.

You've gained much wisdom and are stronger,
As you stand up tall and are ashamed no longer.
People want to shake your hand and will not forget,
You are a Proud Vietnam Vet.

I put this on paper in black and white,
So you will know how proud I am of you tonight.
You have traveled and come so far in life,
And I am honored to be this Veteran's wife.

I dedicate this to you Alex Fernwalt, my husband and friend. I wrote this so you would understand how much I love my soldier man!!!!!