Rat the Dog by Bill Wolf

Here's a quick story. The dog in a photo in the Gallery was called Rat. He was a damn ugly dog, but he was the mascot. One day he got into the mine field area and someone shot him up with a machine gun...but the tough bastard limped back to the company hooches. We got a pilot to fly us into Quinhon because there was a vet doctor there. I volunteered to carry him. I got him to the vet and they took him in and did a lot of surgery. I had the dogs blood all over my flight shirt. After I dropped him off, I walked back to the airfield to hitch a ride back. As I walked by some officer's club, this general came out the door, raised his hands while his aide put his web belt on him. Now, here I am with blood all over my shirt, dirty, tired, and looking like I'd just come out of a fire fight and this shit head yells out at me, "Don't you know how to salute soldier?". I gave a half ass salute and was thinking that this was the sorriest excuse for a general I'd ever seen!!! And a week later we went and got Rat back!!! He was a great dog!!! Funny how that foto brought all that back!!! Thanks my friend! Bill Wolf

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