Baptism by Fire-129th "Cobras" by Don Johnson

It was sometime in the summer
of the year nineteen sixty-eight
It was certainly then
that I had learned of our fate
We were flying in support
of the 173rd "Herd"
Every gunship was there
Cause they had put out the word
Our "Chunker" was in line
To give"Sir Charles" a real fit
When the trail ship of the "Cowboys"
Took a direct "B-40" hit
At that time we knew not
What was in store for that day
But the "herd" was surrounded
By the NVA
So our lead ship went in hot
As trail covered our "6"
We laid down suppression
As our "Heavy" got in the mix
So away from the target
We made our way 'round
18 holes in our tailboom
"Sir Charles" fired from the ground
I'll never forget that day
for as long as I live
"Sir Charles" etched in our tailboom
It was his fight to give

Copyright © 2001 by Don Johnson, All Rights Reserved