Just read your history of the 129th. A couple of things I remember are:

The hurricane that hit us on the beach at Tuy Hoa in late Sept. "66" We had to tie down all the copters to PSP. Tents blew over and a wet and miserable time was had by everyone. You could not leave the tents so we ate c-rations. We had no dry bedding or clothes for 3 days. When we hit the eye of the storm we all had to run out and retie the ships down, try to put tents back up and grab more C-rations. After the storm was over a ammunition barge had broken loose and was being raided by the Vietnamese. Three slicks and two guns were dispatched to get the ammo off and stop the looting. While at Tua Hoa the 2nd flt plt. {mine at the time} Raided the water around Cam Rhoung Bay of about 150 lobsters. For a set price of lobsters the cooks cooked them for us with drawn butter and we ate till we were sick.

In June of "68" the guns only got
1 kill that month. That kill goes to me. 2 guns were called out that night to a cemetery where there were reports of people. After Tet of 68 we learned that the V.C. had hid weapons in caskets and buried them until needed. So we thought this might be the case. Anyway we went out there and saw a couple of people with weapons and I nailed one behind a head stone.

During the Tet of "68" some slicks and guns {mine} had to fly days on circle Red -X. We could not go down for repairs as it was intense. My ship got peppered in Qui Nhon pass and had 12 bullets hole in it. I had a gunner that got nicked in the arm.

Just thought I would let you know. Clear left

Randy Burnett