129th Reunion in Phoenix 2002

From left to right: Bill Wolf, Ron Debates and Pete Rhome

Gale Beard and Kal Bergstrome

Bill Wolf (Bill crewed a ship to the mountain top to recover the crew of the "257" the next morning after it went down) and Pete Rhome

Sam Hennesey, Sharron Hennesey and T.J. Rhome

Gale Beard, Back of Rick England and Kal Bergstrom

Glenn Parmain..and I am sorry, I can not recall the lovely lady there.....

Bill Wolf, Pete Rhome and Ron Debates

Alex Fernwalt (BTW, the current President of the VHCMA and a 129th guy), Mark and Dee.

Guess who?????????????

Ron Debates and Tom Shanahan

Larry Kwiatkowsk and Don Miller

Ron Debates, Pete Rhome and the one and only....."My Dance Partner"......Barry " the Wink" Winkler!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....Smooch, Scmooch Barry!!!!!!!!!!!

Pete Rhome, Bill Wolf, Ron Debates, and Me...........by Bill Wolf's 129th Plates on his car.

Caption: Has anyone noticed how we start looking alike after a few beers?

(Last photo contributed by Gale Beard)

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