Left Front seat, Fred ( Pilot ), Right front seat, Mike McKinney. One of the most special guys I have ever had the privelege of knowing MIke was from Bakersville, NC. He was my gunner on 212, until 212 got damaged in Pleiku. Mike became CE of a light ship after that and saw a lot of action in the spring of 72. He lived through all that only to die in a jeep wreck in Germany. Back seat in Me (KIM).

Taken at Tuy Hoa. Ship is 640. L to R....Fred, Lupo, Sgt. Matinez, LtThurman, in back Cpt Roy and Mr Day.

Korean firebase in the An Khe pass

Lower section of the pass

Spot in the pass where a chopper crashed earlier

649 Check out the windscreen and notice the bullet holes. That's called Target Fixation!!!!

Minigun pod and rocket pod