Smitty, heal fast and get back in the saddle!! Bill
Bill Wolf
USA - Friday, June 30, 2006 at 12:29:17 (MDT)
Smitty…….Hope all goes well during your recovery………I’ve been taken down 3 times, so I agree that going down is always a possibility……Still glad we didn’t get a chance to ride this year…..Just too much heat……….Take care bro……see you at another reunion……Tails Clear Left…Matt Casey
Matt Casey
Hemet, CA USA - Friday, June 30, 2006 at 09:19:45 (MDT)
Smitty, glad to hear you will heal fairly quickly and your beautiful bike is repairable but I have lived by the belief that "there are two kinds of bike riders, those that have gone down and those that will go down, the only questions are when ? and how bad ?" hopefully this is your only when and how bad. in case anyone is interested .......... the temp is still about the same here but the humidity is going up. glad the reunion was LAST weekend. Later, Don
Don Miller
Valley Farms, AZ USA - Thursday, June 29, 2006 at 19:48:12 (MDT)
Smitty, glad to hear that you are ok and in the process of healing. Gale & Debbie
USA - Thursday, June 29, 2006 at 13:43:28 (MDT)
Hey Smitty.... Glad to see you are doing OK.. Hey, CRAP happens and you never know when.. I, as I am sure you, never expect for that to happen but BOOM.. Too late now. I don't plan on that making me give up one of the mose enjoyable things I do in life but I must say that it sure does have me watching out for and paying more attention to whats on the road with me. I try to ride and drive defensivly and know that nobody is going to watch out for "me" but me. Having bruised or cracked ribs is bad enough for one day but having to live with them for a month is "NO FUN AT ALL!!" It is good to see the posts from the reunion attendees. I must say that you were in my thoughts and I hope to be seeing you there next year. Here is hoping that everyone has a great 4th of July holiday!!. A friend of mine, and his wife, from Nam, is stopping by this afternoon on their way back to Texax. Some of you may remember him from the San Antonio reunion as I brought him by the room and introduced him. So, this should be the start for a great weekend here too. Take care... C U L8r.... Kal...>>>
Kal Bergstrom <n8auu (at)>
Saint Joseph, MI USA - Thursday, June 29, 2006 at 12:14:25 (MDT)
Everone please know that i am OK, thanks for your thoughts. Yes Kal & i are crash tha old man club. I have considered giving up riding but i have to take into that the conditions. 111 degrees made thinking a little slow, pavement soft & skidded easier i think. I have 14 weeks to think about it while my ride is getting fixed. It was extra nice seeing some new faces there & old timers from way back in 65-66 etc ( Sorry Alex). You should have seen me at the business meeting ( I raised a little Hell). Finally nominated Alex for President the 2nd year in a row but got it done this time (YEAH CONGRATS ALEX). & the rest. Thanks again to you Dave for Hospitality & the trip to Telluride was great!!! >>>back to college business>>> love to all Smitty
jim westwang 71-72
Sheridan, wy USA - Thursday, June 29, 2006 at 11:27:36 (MDT)
Smitty!!! I'm glad you made it home in one piece, sorta... prayers going out for your healing process! Thanks for stopping by on your way down. The gondola ride was fun, eh? Looking forward to seeing the photos.
Dave Powers
USA - Thursday, June 29, 2006 at 07:15:06 (MDT)
here is an E-mail I got tonight thought you might get a kick out of it. Later, Don
Don Miller
USA - Thursday, June 29, 2006 at 00:35:53 (MDT)
jeeeeeeze Smitty.hope you heal fast and right.gUESS you and Kal are trying to start a new club....crash the old man on the bike club.
USA - Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 18:07:56 (MDT)
Glad to see everyone made it back home from the reunion. Smitty, sorry to hear about your misfortune on the way home. I hope you're not banged up too bad although it sounds like your bike is. Ray I got your message the other day and will send you an email...Rob
Rochester, NY USA - Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 15:10:31 (MDT)
Well, Flight i just made it home. Really had a great time at the reunion. Also had a great visit with Dave Powers on the way down. Reason I am a bit late getting home is that i was coming thru Flaggstaff.AZ in the middle of traffic lite turned yellow & about 10 cars in front of me slammed on the brakes, i hit both mine, went into a skid, lost control & hit the back of an SUV. He had about $1500 damage, about $5000 to my Harley. I was able to get a Chopper guy to take the crash bars off & it was ridable. I got a ticket for following too close, I have a lot of large bruises & may have cracked a couple ribs but was lucky. Was able to ride to Casper, Wyoming & Linda picked me up.Left it ther to get fixed. Was Lucky. I do Have some pics of course & will get them out but i am trying to heal up a bit. More later>>>>>>respects>>>>Smitty
jim westwang 71-72
Sheridan, wy USA - Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 14:46:31 (MDT)
Goodmorning Flight: Well trying to get back into the swing of things called work. Was a interesting first day back. Don you would appreciate what happens when someone has an shade tree mechanic work on their cars. One guy had a starter put on his car Monday. Got up and drove to work. At lunch his car wouldn't start. He started checking battery etc. and finally looked under the car and his started was missing. The two bolts was still there. Asked what he could do. I told him to go find the starter that it to be somewhere between work and home. DA!! You All have a great day. Always a Brother Alex
Collierville, TN USA - Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 07:02:02 (MDT)
evening flight well I have most of the pic's I took posted, click on my name below and it will take you to the page. sorry for the way I did it but I can't do the thumbnail thingy yet so this is the easiest way to do it. otherwise it would take forever for the page to load. (yes I am thinking dial up). anyway ........ enjoy the pic's gload to see everyone is making it home safe and sound. Later, Don
Don Miller
Valley Farms, AZ USA - Tuesday, June 27, 2006 at 23:51:21 (MDT)
Does anyone have an e-mail address for Dirty George?? If so please let me know. Haven't seen the old Dirty since sometime in the late 70s at Mother Rucker. Thanks and am glad everyone had a good reunion. Still hope to make one before long. Thanks again-Snapper.
Jeff Sauers
Lake Norman, NC USA - Tuesday, June 27, 2006 at 20:02:17 (MDT)
Rhonda, Alvis is correct. Been down that rode. Been there, done that and bought the t/shirt. I started my research to find out more about my brothers crash and the men he served with and, well, it has turned into annual reunions. I never dreamed it would. I don't know why I have been so blessed to find so much out about Larry and to meet so many of the men that served with him. I know others that have come up with absolutely nothing.........Rhonda, email me at < > or call me any time at 419-678-4697(home) 419-733-3154 (cell).....let me know what your questions are and hopefully I can steer you in a direction that maybe you may be able to come up with more info. Have you contacted Ft Rucker for the Official Army Crash Report? I received 82 page of info from them, but the cause of the crash of the "257" was all black out with a marker. I appealed the black outs but they told me that they never over turn them. Call me dear. I will do what I can to help you, but in some cases, such as mine, to much info can be detrimental to ones health. I deal with it now, but went through some deep bouts of depression. I received to much info in to little of time and it was over whelming. I never took time to grieve over Larry deaths back in 69. We were close and it hurt to much. When I started to get info about him in the early 90's I was a mess. I have enough info from the Army and first hand accounts from witnesses of that night that I can relive the hours before the "257" launched and in my head I can fly the mission up until the finale seconds that they hit the mountain. Now I dream about it and have the nightmares. BUT, that is the mission I embarked on. Just as these great men did for us so long ago, I do for them, "I TAKE THE CALL" I don't want to discourage you, but just want you to be prepared for some things that you may have a hard time with afterwards. Just an example, I have a first hand, eyewitness account of what Larry looked like in his body bag upon identification at Graves Registration in Qui Nhon.In no way do I blame any of these fine men that have informed of such things of ruff times I have had after hearing such things. As a matter of fact I hope that I have done them no harm by having them go back to those moments for me. ..........Call me Rhonda.............Love to you all...........always a brother..........
USA - Tuesday, June 27, 2006 at 19:41:50 (MDT)
WOW.......Sounds like a great gathering in AZ....Job well done gang..........and am gald to hear that all have made it home. ALVIS, did I see you post in here that J.W. actually talked????.WOW.....Just kidding ya J.W ;-))))..........I also see that Sam and Sharon Hennessee made it. I haven't heard from them in a couple of years and I went to thier home town web page to see if I could get a hold of them. I found out that the POW/MIA web page of thiers with the Horse " Liberty " was not working about a month ago. I am very glad that they made it. And the new guys Jack N, Rodney B, Charles G, and Dirty George was there again and Alton. And Frenchie, glad you made it. Did you have your dread locks on????;-))))....along with the regs..........awesome gang, absolutly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love to all......
USA - Tuesday, June 27, 2006 at 19:19:27 (MDT)
Rhonda hon,contact your congress person...they WILL get you those medals.
USA - Tuesday, June 27, 2006 at 16:18:51 (MDT)
Rhonda, the mom of one of my KIA buddies,didnt have a clue.Telegram and a priest,sorry about your luck Mrs Stover,your son is a crispy critter.That was it till a few weeks later when she recieved his belonging.Nothing else was forth comming...ever.All she knew was her son was dead.I had a couple of talks with her...Davids last morning and the few days before...where and how and when he died,ect.She can now look at a map and kniow where her sons last moments where.all she knew was, he died in vietnam...its a big country when looking for a death site.Rhonda,if anyone can relate to you and yours,its MARK.He has traveled that lonesome,painful,bloody road.My heart goes out to you,as well as mark.I truely hope someone comes in here with the answers you seek,to lay to rest, a few of the burdens, you have carried your entire life. God Bless,alvis
USA - Tuesday, June 27, 2006 at 16:14:27 (MDT)
Alvis- great poem. It is so true. The children of those who died don't know the story. I am trying so hard to get the true story. I am scrapbooking stuff about daddy. I have received daddys papers from the military. Although I believe a lot has been left out. On some of the people that died in that helicopter crash the have MIA-Missing in action. Isn't that right? But they were not missing for very long. The paper work also says that they were flying in to pick up some of the 101st wounded. The paper work doesn't say that the reason for the crash was because someone that was tired? decided they wanted on the helicopter and raced over, grabbing the skid as the helicopter was in the lifting off and caused the helicopter to over extend hitting the trees causing the crash. I still haven't received daddy's medals, although I know that he does not receive a purple medal. It seems that in todays war they are giving out the purple medal for every little thing. I am attempting to fight for more information on the crash. I doubt I ever get it but I am going to try. Has anyone heard from Max lately? Man the stuff that you guys have had to go through and then medical won't even give what meds are needed. Again if anyone has anymore info about daddy that maybe you recall please please let me know. I appreciate all that you have done for our freedom.
Rhonda (Walker) Jordan Mike's Daughter <>
USA - Tuesday, June 27, 2006 at 09:46:32 (MDT)
Goodmorning 129th: Glad to see everyone is making it home ok. J.W. glad you finally made it home. I remember seeing the rain on east coast. But,didn't know it was trying to wash everthing away. But, glad you made it home safe. Sunday is my worst day of the reunion. Thats seeing everyone heading home and having to wait until next year to see them. Fred Alvis put his feelings about these reunion's in an earlier post. I have to agree. We have lost alot of Vietnam Brothers in the last few weeks and months. That's why the reunions are so important. I hope everyone trys to make Orlando. When I started these mini 129th reunions I never expected the turnouts that we have had. The purpose was to reunite 129th Brothers whom served together. I appreciate the help that Mark Jackson has given with posting the reunion information on the website. If it wasn't for the VHCMA I wouln't have found Mark when I did. Gentle Judith what can I say. A wonderfull lady whom has headed the 129th fund raisers to help our Brothers whom need assistance get to the reunions. Tom Pedersen sent out letters to pilots. I would like to personally thank these people for their help and dedication to the 129th. The 129th will continue to grow. We need to also keep our emails and other info updated. Always A Brother Alex Atending LZ Phooenix 2006 were Jim westwang,Ray & Gail Gagner,Bill Wolf,Rodney Beebe,Jack Newton & wife,Frenchie,J.W. Wilson,George Deserres,Charles Gregory,fred & Susan Alvis,Sam & Sharon Hennessee,Don & Donna Miller,Matt Casey,Alton Page, Rick Enland,Bill Whelan and Alex Fernwalt
Collierville , TN. USA - Tuesday, June 27, 2006 at 09:05:53 (MDT)
Hello to all we made it home ok i think we were the last plane they let land they made some go back to clevland. the weather was real bad for days. on our way in i see the clouds going in 2 directions , i knew then it was bad we got in a hour late then they closed the air port/ its been raing since. iam still having the shakes at n9ght like an eplice trying to see the dr soon. i hope all made it home safe.GENTLY HOW ARE YOU DOING AND rOB HOW ARE YOU AND YOUR BROTHER DOING, I CALL YA.I SAY HELLO TO ALL OF YOU A BROTHER ALWAYS RAY YOU ALL TAKE CARE
MD USA - Tuesday, June 27, 2006 at 06:35:07 (MDT)
Fred that was mike Kendall from the 175th AHC the Mavricks there AO was the delta. They were the red hankies areound there neck. Mike was killed in a motercycle accident. I alwys think about everyone making it home safe. Its good to hear that you made it home ok. Flight be careful out there.
\Rick England
USA - Tuesday, June 27, 2006 at 04:56:59 (MDT)
At the reunion in 05 (san antonio) , I met a fellow again,that i usually see at the reunions.Most hotels dont let you smoke inside the lobby,so many of the crewmen gather out side the front door to smoke,BS,and drink a beer.This goes on into the wee hours of the morn.The fellow I met,from N. dakoda,named Mike,was a really good guy.many a night,he and i sat outside on the bench together,talking old times,guns,new times and ,of course,how to fix the worlds problems.Sometimes his wife would vist with us,sometimes mine,sometimes they both would.Many a warm nights spent in pleasent company and conversation.Mike died last month,5 weeks before the reunion.He had more medals than you could throw a stick at( i found this out reading his obits).Fellows, please try and attend a reunion before we read about you,we are fast becoming a smaller group.The first reunion is hard ,but good,they get great the more you attend.I have made many a good friend in here,its even better to meet them ( Don and Casey,its a great pleasure to have met you two).oopps,its time fro me to go to work...anyway, a slow hand salute to Mike,who will be missed.
USA - Tuesday, June 27, 2006 at 03:21:22 (MDT)
Glad you made it home ok JW. They over booked our flight from Denver to Indy,2 people got left behind..sure glad it wasnt us.Now,hope Smitty ,Ray and Gail made it home ok.
USA - Tuesday, June 27, 2006 at 03:10:09 (MDT)
Hi flight, I had a great time at the Reunion where I was able to meet some more guys and Ladies of the 129th. My flight from Atlanta to Kinston was canceled and rescheduled for 24 hours later. I Found a flight to Raleigh where I rented a car and drove a 130 miles to get home at 2 A.M.
J. W. Wilson
USA - Monday, June 26, 2006 at 20:59:38 (MDT)
Morning Flight…………I too had a great time at CA Phoenix…..Was in the company of a friend that I meet in Germany after our tours in Nam……. He was a door gunner in a hook (213th Black Cats)…..So each of us would check out our own group then mix with the others……..Did my best to keep spirits up at the big dinner and raffle……Its was really great to see to of our former “TI’s” make it to the reunion Newman and Bebe……Ray and I were both new to our cameras so we tried to help each other out the best we could………Speaking of cameras…..where in the past one our two would have a camera……dam if most every one had one this time………….I’ll post more when the senses have had more time to organize….Tails Clear Left……..Matt Casey
Matt Casey
Hemet, CA USA - Monday, June 26, 2006 at 12:47:21 (MDT)
Good afternoon Flight. Trying to rest up from the past few days at LZ Phoenix. Fred Skaggs, I myself would also like to see the reunion in a much cooler climate. What few hairs I had on top of my head when I left Tennessee on Thursday no longer exist! I believe the 110' temps (with no humidity per Don Miller) actually fried the few strands that I had and they broke off in the shower!!! Liz was not available to super glue them back on for me!! HEEEEEEEEEE!!! I am one vote out of 6 Board Members and I will definitely vote my one vote for a COOLER Place. The reunion for Orlando was already voted on before I took office. We'll see what we can do for the reunion in 2008. It was nice to see everyone at LZ Phoenix and I missed the ones that were absent. Hopefully everyone can attend next year. Fred Alvis, got the pictures and they were great. Thanks for sharing. Smitty are you home yet? Mark if we decide to have a mini reunion and since everyone is looking for cooler temps, can we do it in October and have it on Fri, Sat & Sun. Another note, over the last 2 weeks I have made contact with two 129th brothers, Gerald Morgan and Joe Nicolich. Joe was in Nam in 65/66 and Gerald in 66/67. I hope everyone that attended are now home safe. Ray and Gail let us hear from you as I see you received a lot of rain in the past few days. Always a brother, Alex.
Alex Fernwalt <>
Collierville, TN USA - Monday, June 26, 2006 at 12:27:51 (MDT)
during the vhcma meeting,there was a motion introduced to "allow crewmembers from wars after ours to join".Some said the vhmca would die when we die. This,of course,would entail a name change.It could no longer be called vhcma. The reactions, and points made , were as different as the thoughts on the subject.The main points/options put forth were; A..let them in and change the name. B..let them in and dont change the name, C..dont let them in,let them start their own org.D..let the vhmca die with us.. After pondering the matter,this is how I,and I alone feel. While welcoming home our "brothers" and thinking they are certianly welcome to the reunions,I feel it should die with us.As vietnam veterans,we have been alone for 30 plus years with no one to turn to but ourselves.Societial dogs have nipped at our heels,others turned their backs on us or downright scorned us.Employers penalized us ,the news media pigeon holed was a long and lonley fight for many of us,to many still havent come out of their shells or tore down the walls they erected in phycologial defense.we are a proud bunch,a strong bunch,but we were hurt,most times the hurt didnt show.I feel that this org is us,for us,by us and belongs to us and us only.Some things have to be kept close to heart ,no others can understand,i dont care where they been or what they have done...helicopter veterans of the vietnam war,all 60 thousand of us( thats all) ,are a very unique band,no outsiders can understand.This isnt meant to insult anyone,nor downplay,in any way,what they themselves,have done.We are a special group of men that did our jobs,dispite the cost..paid then,or since.It always just been us,alone in so many ways.I feel that it should die when the last man dies.its our legecy.
USA - Monday, June 26, 2006 at 11:11:36 (MDT)
Mark, June and September are out. Basically leaves May, July and August for summer..!?
USA - Monday, June 26, 2006 at 08:26:51 (MDT)
Good mornin' Flight.....sounds like it was a blast out in LZ AZ. Glad to hear that. I missed being there. Robbie and Kal, yes the hammers should be a poundin' today on the "POOR HOUSE" (cabin).......starting on putting the first floor in today. Leach bed and sceptic being put in today and drillin' for a well also. Wouldn't it be nice if we struck oil first, then water?........Yeah Robbie, that's Roger Austin that lives in Maine.###############################. Now that AZ LZ is over, it is time to start to talk about a separate 129th gathering in Ohio next year. First thing is to come up with what tine of the year would be the best for the most to be able to make it? Suggestions please!!!!.............WHEN? HOTEL? CAMP? GOLF? SWIM? WEEKEND LONG? WEEK LONG? I can make all the arrangements here. Camping is near by or can camp on our acres. All close to town. Fishing, boating, swimming, car race in the summer near by. Eldora Speedway. Owned by NASCAR's Tony Stewart. 1/2 mile dirt track. either open wheel sprints, (outlaws) or modifieds. Good racing and big time drivers..............FIRST MUST KNOW when would be the best time of the summer?..............I love you guys........all have a safe trip home from AZ I pray.................take care and God Bless.........always a brother.........
USA - Monday, June 26, 2006 at 06:41:45 (MDT)
I have mailed out pics to those ,to few 129thers, on my mailing list. For some reason,"hotmail" ,doesnt like to forward stuff from me ( they were downloaded off Susan's pc).Let me know if they came thru or not...looking forward to seeing pics others took.There is one 129ther,seated with his very nice wife,I cant remember his name.I am truely sorry...i really do have trouble remembering names.
USA - Monday, June 26, 2006 at 06:38:20 (MDT)
evening flight, well another reunion is over (weekend was WAY TOO SHORT ) it was great seeing everyone again, and meeting new friends, we all had a great time, but we missed everyone that didn't make it out here this year. over the past few years I have read stories about this person or that one and I figured there was a little streatching of the truth going on. ................ WRONG (he he ) Fred and Susan are nicer and crazier than the stories could ever tell. you should have seen the smile on her face when she came back from her first ride on a "Hawley" :-D .......... I am working on the pictures I took and should have them ready to post in a couple days. to ALL that were there this weekend, THANK YOU for the great weekend Donna and I had. to the ones that were not there, you missed a wonderful get together and were sorely missed. so now in the worda of a "new" friend ........... G'day ..... Y'all ;-) Don
Don Miller
Valley Farms, AZ USA - Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 23:35:17 (MDT)
Man did I have a senior moment. Steve Austin is the 6 million dollar man. I meant Roger Austin....Wow do I hate getting old....Rob
Rochester, NY USA - Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 18:04:08 (MDT)
Sounds like a great reunion..............wish we coulda been there. I hope all 129thers got home safely. Congratulations Alex!!!
Gale 67-68
USA - Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 16:59:42 (MDT)
seen and heards from the reunion. Someone hanging off ( by their hands) an 8th floor balcony,getting wet toilet paper thrown at them...Popeyes wife,Stef...Susan Alvis with hair..$7.oo dollar a pack cigs....Matt casey smoothly avoiding a very drunken guest( thanks Matt)..a boss hog bike ( bike with a corvette engine)...Rick englands arm getting tired from lifting it while saying " I won",again and again...most of the 129th sitting at the table,saying i didnt....Jim ( smitty) westwang riding Susan alvis around on his harley...Alton page ( shadow) comparing bellies with Smitty ( smitty won)..Ray trying to explain how to opperate his, very nice camera,to his wife,Gail,while all pre 129th members stood against wall...while matt casey tried to pick fred Alvis's pocket( not really)..Don Miller trying to explaine why 112 isnt hot cause there isnt any humidity..Jw acutally talking...Bill Wolfs and fred Alvis 10 dollar gambling voucher making a big "woosh" sound as it gets sucked in the 1 armed bandits...Alex wearing a Indian blanket...Smitty winning the first nights poker tournament...Frency,smiling,laughing,and being frenchy,comparing scars with Smitty...Jack, explaing how to safty wire 12 bolts with one wire (whew) and how proud he was/is of his 129th hot,we saw a dog chasing a cat and both were walking...harleys,56 and 7 chevys,vetts,free beer for 4 days,24/7...and lots and lots of fellowship.i think 489 vets showed this time..not bad,i believe there was an even dozen from the 129th,plus their lovey wives.
USA - Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 15:47:44 (MDT)
Alex,Ray,Bill and everyone else at the reunion. Hope you're having a good time. Fred S. I with you brother. Ya gotta go north if'n ya want to keep cool at a reunion in June...A north east reunion would be good. Rode up to Bar Harbor a few years back with a couple of good friends. Had a good time. I hear Steve Austin lives in Maine. That right Mark?....Hope everyone is ok...Rob
Rochester, NY USA - Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 14:18:03 (MDT)
My first thoughts about the 129th......the hootch next to HQ had blast damage, I asked where the crater was from the rocket, got told the damage was from an attempt to frag the 1st Sargeant. Really nice place.
USA - Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 12:44:53 (MDT)
Jesus.....I know that the VHCMA try to pick a spot for the reunion, so everyone can have a chance of getting there. But WHY do they always pick a place that`s "Hotter than Hell" in June? Alex......You da man now(and again),always glad to see a Ohio guy in a position of power.....Man, couldn`t the VHCMA do a reunion in Maine, or the mountains of Pennslyvania, upstate New York.....even Ohio is nice and cool in June up by Cleveland.....Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is there......Nam and Rock and Roll kinda go together......I`m not telling anyone what to do......just a thought. I`m a Viking, and I like cool weather......The weather in Nam messed with me more than anything......I`ll hear about this little rant.
Fred Skaggs
Summit, NJ USA - Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 09:33:05 (MDT)
Great reunion!!! Was great to see many old friends and enjoy the old memories. Alex is now VHCMA President (Charlie Raines is VP). Next year's reunion is tentatively going to be at Orlando Florida. Everyone seemed to enjoy the videos. If you couldn't attend and would like me to mail you one, please send me an email at: I get back next Friday and will try to get them out that weekend. These are video files (not DVD) so you'll need a computer to play them on. Will be working on a video of the 06 reunion over the next few weeks and will see if I can get it put up on my website for easy viewing. Take care all!
Bill Wolf
USA - Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 08:53:08 (MDT)
hey liz, sounds like everyone is having a good time. orlando for next years reunion that graet. ist PIZZA PARTY at my place on friday afternoon. of crouse no pizza. we can do a few things her. cook out at my home with all the fixins or pool party at the club house. but either way all the 129ers are ordered to attend,heeeeeeeeeeeeeee. also , alex depending on how far the hotel is from me we could hold the golf tourement here. a secound golf course in being built here an by next we'll have golf with the snow birds gone for the summer there would be no problem having the tie off times starting at 10 fees are about 25 dollars per guest of mine so let me know what the asso. wants to do.oh and the club house has a four lane bowling alley, a card room a poolroom for those who dont like water sports. so everyone to come. wink 3/69-10/70
lake wales, fl USA - Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 08:50:47 (MDT)
My first night at the 129th: I got put into a hootch that had been abandoned and looted. there was a window next to my bunk with no screen. I felt a little uneasy being at a strange place and finally got to sleep, but when that cat jumped thru the window onto my chest you could hear me screamin a mile away...........gimme three steps..............
Puna, HI USA - Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 00:59:03 (MDT)
Careful guys....I was told on this site that the explosion never happened. it was my imagination that nearly knocked me out of the guard tower that night!!!!! I had the advantage of being stationed at Ft. Stewart before going to nam. The returnees had all kinds of good advice, still, it took a while to bring everything into focus....Fred, I can't find your phone #, I'll call as soon as I do. I went swimming while at Cam Ranh, Qui Nohn...mosquito's, steam and cream....not much else
USA - Saturday, June 24, 2006 at 19:14:59 (MDT)
HEY FLIGHT: Words from the Reunion!!! Alex is the new VHCMA President by a wide margin. Congrats Alex!!! Everyone here is having a great time, but wish more of you were here!!! Dinner is in a few hours. I'm taking lots of photos and video and will put something together for everyone when I get back (have to fly to Sacramento tomorrow for a class but will be back home next Friday). Take care all! Bill Wolf
Bill Wolf
USA - Saturday, June 24, 2006 at 16:28:31 (MDT)
Hi Dave I was at lain that night I wounder if we got hit that night walk out side what a fire worh show I was on my 2st time over there I was in the 68 top tigers when we got hit by a 122 rocker the line shack got hit. The one of a lot of time I was shaking in pants. I was a grunt with the 1st div we were with 11th armed cav I was on pc with my legs hanging off the back we were in some thick jungle when a thing that was green look like a long A 1000 pounder jump up out from under the pc I holleer out a bomb the tank that was in back of us looked like it was pick up & turend on it center to the left.
Arthur E Foster <>
Hogansville, ga. USA - Saturday, June 24, 2006 at 12:30:09 (MDT)
Good afternoon Flight. I just got off the phone with Alex and he wanted me to post for him today. He said the reunion was going good and there are some newcomers to the 129th. Everyone is missing each and every one of you that are not there and say that is not the same with you guys not being there. Alex wants everyone to start saving for next year as it may be in Orlando, FL, but of course we can all stay at Wink's. Barry I do hope you start adding on now to make room for all of us!!!! Just kidding. It is about 110' degrees but no humidity in Phoenix per Alex. Like each of you I miss being there also. I know between Smitty, Ray and Alex there will definitely be some good pictures to post. Take care we love you all. Liz
Alex Fernwalt <>
Collierville, TN USA - Saturday, June 24, 2006 at 12:05:30 (MDT)
Kim....My wife just hired a lady named McKenna LaVoie, east coast for sure. But said she is real smart person......I was lucky, when I came into Nam...One of my neighborhood buddies was station in Na Trang, Bob Gentile, his family owned the local carry-out in our hood. Bob was with the First Field Force, he was Infantry, so he kinda knew the ropes. Bob knew where some other guys from the neighborhood was station, and called them and they came down and up too meet with me.....Paul Brice, Robin White was with the 101st Airborne, Donnie Holland and John Reed were with 25th Infantry down in Ty Ninh(sp) Paul and John were Artillery units, Donnie was a supply clerk, Robin was a grunt......Kinda ease my pain of being alone......Bob had been working out of Phu Hiep and Toy Hoa so he knew the area...They just couldn`t figure out why, with a 05B...MOS, I was going to a Aviation Unit......Bob said he had worked with the 7/17 Cav and a good chance I was going to a Airmoble grunt unit...being a radio operator. I was scared to death.....But then I got orders for the 355th Heavy Helicopter unit in Phu I didn`t know what I was gonna do. Before I went to Nam, I had went to Leadership Prep Course in Ft. Belvoir, Va.......I got SP/4 after school and became Permanent Party Cadre at the OCS school there....all I did was drive Lt. Col. and Captains around.......Then November of 1969, I came down on a levied list for Nam......I was pre- assigned to the 91st Combat Engineer Brigade...18th Engineers...But things change when I got to Nam....I spent my first two months...doing "shit details" like filling sand bags, and running errands around Phu Hiep.....Then in February of 1970, they told me I was being assigned to the 129th AHC in An a door-gunner.......I about shit my pants...the rest is history. BTW.....John Reed(heart attack),Paul Brice(Pancreas Cancer), Donnie Holland(Scuba Diving Accident) are all dead now.....Bob took over the family business and turned it into a speciality imported expensive wine business, and Robin just retired from the Post Office.......
Fred Skaggs
Summit, NJ USA - Saturday, June 24, 2006 at 11:41:38 (MDT)
Kim, while in transit to Lane myself, I watched some movie, whose name escapes me at the outdoor "walk-in" theatre in Qui Nhon. I had to leave because the mosquitos were so thick! That night Charlie blew up the ammo dump on the Lane side of the mountain west of Qui Nhon, causing an Air Force scramble of F4's and several frightened "newbies" to crowd into the bunkers outside. I still remember the laughter of the old timers among us watching us quaking in fear! Howard Boling, please call again... I lost your phone number.
Dave Powers
USA - Saturday, June 24, 2006 at 10:08:36 (MDT)
I was reading a book last night, and got to thinking about the sensory overload that occurred when I first went in country. My first stop was Tan Sa Nhut, Long Binh, Cam Ranh Bay, Qui Nhohn, then Lane. Landing, getting off the plane, listening to all the DEROSing hooting and hollering, the heat, the busses with the rpg screens, Long Binh...I think I watched 'The Wild One' one many blanks to fill in.
Livermore, Me USA - Friday, June 23, 2006 at 14:56:27 (MDT)
a poem i wrote tonight in answer to someone that says to live in the past is foolish... we are what we were, we were what we are. memories are were, its not very far. today is now, yesterday is too. fallen brothers, hearts askew. you cant forget, friends of old. brothers of the gun, souls were sold. gunsmoke obscures, time does too. today is past, memories of those few. I wont foget, friends of mine. those that died, before their time. to do otherwise, would be a cold heart. brothers of the gun, we were a part. closer than brothers, were a few, you dont forget, the bond stays new. others say forget, all that has happened. gunsmoke and brass, deaths do sadden. never shall i forget, those crashed and burnt. i truely wish, those memories werent. I live today, in todays world. but I remember, burnt bodies curled. no one remembers, no one cares. I remember, those devil may cares. call me stupid, call me a fool. The doc says write, its a healing tool. touch those places, that have a scab. touch those places, where the pain is bad. I shant forget, my friends i had. today is today, but cant forget the bad. I am what i am, past is today. yesterday is gone, but it doesnt fade away. Yet i live in today, with all its strife. But i wonder, what happened to their wifes. does their kids, know the story. how their dads died, is it a worry. can i give peace, to an ending. of a family, with out bending. I have talked to one mom, we cried together. where are the others, my search goes on forever. War is hell, to a certan few. I cant forget, what about you?
USA - Wednesday, June 21, 2006 at 22:51:01 (MDT)
sorry its so long,but dont it just take you back?
USA - Wednesday, June 21, 2006 at 20:47:25 (MDT)
I am posting this without permission of the author.I cant contact him at this time.thos guy (crash coe) writes some really good stuff,and most of it is about his experience as a helicopter pilot in vietnam.enjoy this very excellent " TINS"....>Blackhawks > >Tay Ninh > > > Did I sleep last night? I must have. I am here on my cot under the >mosquito net. Wide-awake at 0400, I know it is flying time again. I can >hear all six Warrant Officers farting and moving around in my GP medium >tent mounted precariously on a plywood platform. Time for the morning >shit, the line forms quickly at the 4 holler near the showers---funny >they would call it a shower, when all it was, was a tank with cold water >running out through some shower heads mounted on a crossbeam. The >Blackhawks even get some adrenaline in the shower when the cold water >hits your grimy skin. > Sure enough, there is a fucking line at the shitter. I grab my >copy of the Stars and Stripes, always liked to see how much they would >lie about the war statistics, and run for the 4 hole wooden shitter, one >of the few wooden construction items in our company area. > The prevailing wind in our area came from over the jungle to the >West and East of Tay Ninh. I was up wind of the JP-4 powered shitters. >This particular shitter had a plume of stink that came off of it that >was identifiable over a half mile away out on the flight line. When it >was my turn to enter the torture chamber, I first took several deep >breaths of the perfumed air coming from the Jungle. Then as my father >had instructed me years ago when learning to free dive, I entered the >mental state of a deep diver holding my breath. All this extra pressure >from my diaphragm, a careful aim, the paperwork, out of the chamber >to the sweet air outside. Total time on target less than two minutes. I >managed to not inhale any of the air, therefore eliminating a major >source of nausea in the early morning. > I have a pile of clothing, clean, washed by the Vietnamese down at >the river. I pull on the jungle fatigues and the smell of the brown >slimy river is all over the shirt. I liked the smell of body odor >better, the river washed shirts always itched my skin, I would take the >whole pile to the hospital and have it cleaned there. One of the side >benefits of having a Nurse girlfriend, and flying so much medivac for >the 45th MUST hospital right next door. > Any meal in Tay Ninh was an experience. Breakfast was particularly >nauseating. My shirt smells like a duck pond, and the smell being pumped >out of the mess hall by the big electric fan in the door strikes my >olfactory senses like a mallet. The slightly sour smell of the garbage, >body odor, cigarettes, and coffee---no way---I make a 180° and head back >to the tent for my flying gear. C-rats for breakfast---no problem. > I looked for my maps and notes from last nights briefing in the >dark of my tent. I grab my clean guns and my camera, time to go to the >flight line, Captain Lungarella would be at the aircraft ready to go >right now. He loved to fly and would never be late. > On the way to the helicopter I stop at the Operations tent to pick >up my survival radio. I am home again, the smell of the radios and >batteries, is just like the radio shop my father worked in. The smell of >the hot lead solder is unmistakable. I sign for the survival radio say >hi to the radio tech, and I am off to the flight line. > Captain Rock Lungarella was untied and starting to light the fire; >always impatient, I loved to fly with the Ranger Rock. I am barely >plugged in to the intercom and Rock is picking up to a hover and calling >for takeoff. Full power South departure we are off Tay Ninh at 0450 out >into the beginning day---hell, it is still dark. I get my shoulder >harness and lap belts hooked up and the plate on the seat moved forward, >and look over at Rock; he is laughing at me. "So, what took you so >long?"--he was always fucking with my mind. We were airborne 10 minutes >early, I was not late---he was early. > Rock's first command of the day: "Lets get some tunes on the ADF, >see if you can get Armed Forces Radio from here." Rock pulls some pitch >and we go up in search of a clear signal. The sun is just coloring the >horizon, its sixty five degrees outside of the cockpit at 2000 feet AGL, >and we are rocking and rolling singing along with the radio---life was >good when you were a helicopter pilot. > Our first mission of the day was in support of an ARVN unit south >and east of Saigon. In an area Captain Lungarella had worked in many >times before. We neared Saigon as the sun was just coming over the >horizon, illuminating the plumes of smoke coming off of the cooking >fires in the thousands of small grass houses that dotted the country >side. The air was still, no movement. > One of the Fire Support Bases was firing our direction, we either >had to go to 16,000 feet or low level. Low level---my favorite. >Streaking along at over 100 knots, cyclic climbing over the trees, every >garden had its own perfume, its own beautiful smell. Some smelled like >Jasmine, and some smelled like Gardenia, some just smelled new and >exotic. A Vietnamese villager spends his whole life growing a beautiful >garden to surround his home and we fly through at 100 knots sniffing and >singing on the radio. I am getting paid to do this. > The smell starts to change as we near the built up areas. No more >perfumed gardens in the countryside, now it is pigs, people, and black >rivers. The stench of garbage and sewage brings us up a few hundred feet >as we cross over into the Delta south of Saigon. Rock is on the Radio, >doing all the flying and I am left with my own thoughts as we streak >south in the morning calm, gaining altitude as we head out into the Viet >Cong held Mekong Delta. > "Pop smoke," Rock calls on the FM radio to the US Advisors on the >ground. I can't see a thing. It all looks dark to me. We are 1,500 feet >in the air with the breaking day flooding in the windshield, I can't see >a fucking thing. Rock, keys his mike, "Tally ho. Goofy Grape" and starts >a screaming freefall approach to the black void as they roger our >identification. I can just make out the camp and can see the smoke >coming up. We make our approach to the smoke grenade. The purple smoke >is choking and it swirls around the helicopter and covers everything >with its acrid thick purple smoke dust. Smells like sulfur everywhere. > Rock lights up a smoke and turns to me, "Shut her down." Rock >jumps out shaking hands and patting every one on the back wearing his >big smile, He finds out just what they wanted us to do today over a cup >of coffee and another cigarette sitting with friends in the middle of >nowhere. Watching Rock work made it enjoyable just being out there. > Quiet takes on a new meaning out in the Mekong Delta early in the >morning. I pull my helmet off and get out of the helicopter, we have >landed in the middle of an ARVN night defensive position, and they are >all up and cooking breakfast. Their food smells good mingled with the >smell of tobacco and cooking fires. I am offered a bowl of rice, I >accept, handing over a box of C-rations in trade. Just before the little >Vietnamese cook handed me the bowl, he gave it a small shot of Nuck Malm >from an old black bottle. Fermented Herring Sauce tastes salty and good, >but it smells worse than any thing else in Vietnam. They claim >that the buzzards drop dead when they fly over the factory on the coast >just from the smell. Vietnamese layer salt and herrings in layers until >they fill a silo, and leave the whole thing in the sun until black juice >drips out of the bottom. I eat my rice holding my nose, and in a few >minutes we light up the chopper and haul troops and supplies around for >most of the morning, only taking time out to refuel. > We get released early from the ARVN advisors and Rock heads for >Saigon. Lunch in Saigon with Rock is a real experience. He knows all the >good places to go. Within minutes of leaving Hotel-3 in a Reaunalt Taxi >cab, we are at a Cholon Chinese Restaurant sitting down to a feast. Rock >orders seafood. "Just keep it coming," Rock calls into the kitchen. They >bring us huge tiger shrimps on a stick, and soup with unidentifiable sea >creatures---all smelling so good and tasting wonderful. I think my >favorite is the coconut milk and curry cooked shrimp, with the Jasmine >scented rice, smells like flowers tastes like >Rice. I have eaten enough to feed a small family. > My belly is so full I can hardly take a breath. We are packed into >a little taxi and head off full speed to the airbase, we could hardly >see where we were going the air was full of blue smoke from all of he >two cycle engines running wide open all around us. Fires burning, people >cooking, three wheeled Lambretta Scooters belching smoke and enough >Honda 50-cc motorcycles to make the roads impassable and unbreathable. > It was fun tearing across town in a taxi, Rock telling stories and >smoking cigarettes out in the blue smoky air of the city streets. I >would be happy to be airborne and breathing clear clean air again. > Traffic in and out of Hotel-3 is always heavy, we were running on >the refueling pad waiting our turn for take off. Everywhere around us >were helicopters landing, taking off, and hovering around. The smell of >burning jet fuel from all the turbine engines gave an overpowering smell >of JP-4---and it was wonderful. It seemed I had always wanted to be a >helicopter pilot, I had dreamed about this moment. We are holding short >next to go after an H-34 on short final. Just as the rotor wash hits our >helicopter, I can smell the distinctive smell of 115/145-octane gasoline >feeding that old round engine. Gasoline, another of my favorite smells >from the flight school days, only months in the past seemed like forever >ago. > "Blackhawk 69 Tan Son Nhut tower, say again your destination." >Rock picked his own number, "Ton Son Nhut tower Blackhawk 69, we are >enroute Tay Ninh, over." "Roger Blackhawk 69 hover to the VIP pad and >hold, how much room do you have? We have the new Donut Dollies fresh >from the world needing a ride to Cu Chi." Rock does not skip a beat and >answers the tower "Blackhawk 69 has room for all of them, send them >out." We set down on the VIP pad and went to flight idle. > Out of the operations building came 10 round-eye women each >carrying identical luggage and dressed the same light blue dress. They >all had wide eyes and had never been on a helicopter before---and their >smell. I could smell them through the rotorwash and the JP-4. I could >smell them almost before I could see them. Rock had sent the Crew Chief >and Gunner to assist the girls, but they came with handlers and we >loaded them with no problem, just a few blown up skirts from Rock >holding a little pitch in the blades to help circulate the air. > The big sliding doors slammed shut and for the first time in the >whole day Rock stepped on the floor button and says, "You got it." My >turn to fly, I call the tower, and make a smooth full power take off and >start up the right side of the highway climbing fast to get to cool air. >Rock already knows all of their names and hometowns. I love working with >Rock he is relentless. One of the Donut Dollies is from New York; Rock >is out of the seat and in the back, holding her close screaming in her >ear. I ask him once why he did not give her a helmet to wear, he grinned >as he answered, "It is my only excuse to hold her close and smell her >smell." I will probably never see her again, but I will remember what >she feels and smells like forever. Instruction on life from the master >himself. > "Blackhawk 69 Cu Chi tower on Guard." I switched to Guard and >answered for Rock, still in the back. "Ah, Blackhawk 69 go ahead." >"Blackhawk 69 change frequency to Cu Chi tower frequency and contact Cu >Chi tower immediately." I have the Cu Chi tower in a preset channel and >switch to them immediately, and key the mike. "Blackhawk 69, Cu Chi >tower," and I get an animated voice on the radio inquiring about how >many girls are on board and how many seconds until we would be landing. >Then they made sure I knew where to land and Major Somthinaruter was >there to greet them. I turned to Rock and gave him my best-puzzled look, >he climbed back into his seat bucked up and said, "Have fun" in the >back, the one from New York needs a flying lesson. I helped her get in >the seat, threaded up the shoulder straps, and the smell of the perfume >and the big smile reaching to help with the lap belt had to be >experienced to be believed. > Rock drops the nose and we free fall down to extreme low level we >are going like a rocket, I am in the middle of 9 Pastry Pigs all holding >on to me (thanks Rock) as he flies between the trees sideways and >generally lets it all hang out. The girls scream, I am trying to figure >out which one is from California, while they are all hanging on to me >for dear life, their terror plainly visible on contorted faces. Rock >made sure their first flight in a helicopter was a memorable one. I >could not see a thing in the back. A huge flair and we are there, Rock >sets the helicopter down and we are besieged by all the special services >REMF and in one fast movement we were empty and on our way to Tay Ninh. >Rock was laughing, the girls were so glad to be away from the helicopter >insanity; they did not even look back. > Cu Chi to Tay Ninh was a short hop. Rock had flown it so many >times before he let me practice flying low level, directing me left and >right as we went from rice paddies to banana trees to the triple canopy >jungle. The smell went from mud to perfume as we neared our Area of >Operation. Rock is talking to the crew; I am madly flying along. Rock >keys his mike, "I've got it," and we cyclic climb up, up, up, and he >calls for smoke. I hear both smoke grenade caps pop. Rock is lined up >with the Cau Dai temple and does a mock strafing run on the temple, >having to pull up to go over the top of the building. Life is good when >you are the top link in the food chain. > Bad news on the tower frequency, "Blackhawk 69 go to POL top off >and report to Blackhawk 6 on company push for further instructions clear >to land POL." My afternoon off shot to shit, we call the Commanding >Officer, he is airborne and heading south, "Six Niner, we lost a bird to >maintenance, we need you to fill in, call inbound to Fire Support Base >Burt, Six out." Rock and I looked at each other and keyed the mike >together. Fucking bodybags---first time today Rock was unhappy. We had >volunteered to fly the ARVN missions just so we did not have to clean up >the mess after the huge firefight at Burt---now we were trapped. Rock >keys the intercom, "I told you we should have stayed in Saigon." What >could I say? > Making our approach into Burt we flew upwind, into the smoke and >dust, landing into the wind. As we went from base to final approach the >smell of death was overpowering. It had been several days since some of >the Viet Cong had been killed and the smell was grotesque. Sure enough, >our timing had been the shits. We are guided in to the lined up black >body bags, gently aligned into rows . . . neat and tidy in death, each >one with a tag, each one starting to swell in the sun. They put six body >bags on >our chopper---no one speaks. We pull pitch for the ride to Long Binh. >Not a word is spoken. Rock makes a screaming approach to Graves >Registration, we gently offload our cargo by its built in handholds, but >they leak and they slosh and our helicopter is a mess. The intense smell >of death everywhere---Please pull pitch Rock, I can't take it here any >more! Doors open, full power takeoff, low level to Burt. We haul our >share of the carnage of war. My senses have been traumatized. We fly >toward home in silence. Lost in our own thoughts. Dodging the >thunderstorms that have grown to monstrous proportions in the last few >hours. > "Can you believe it" snarls Rock, "they have the fucking nerve to >see if we will fly an Insert for the Special Forces---they better have >something good to trade for the mess hall or I am going home." Rock >takes no prisoners, he is the mess hall officer, and is on the prowl for >beefsteak, or frozen chickens at all times. > Rock "Rogers" the transmission from Operations and looks up the >frequency for the Special Forces. Rock soon finds out it is one of his >Ranger buddies and we are hauling Cambodians to reinforce an A-team way >the fuck up north. Rock turns to me an says, "This will be fun." I doubt >it. > We land at the B-36 compound in Tay Ninh and shut down. The crew >refuels the helicopter while Rock and I enter the Operations bunker. The >smell of Cigars and chordate mingling with the light machine oil used on >all the guns. Smells great. I look around at all the war trophies and >round Cambodian faces. What a different war they were fighting compared >to the one I was fighting. Our ten Cambodian fighters were packed and >ready to go. We loaded them in the helicopter with a replacement E-6; we >pulled pitch for what was a one-hour trip to the camp up north. > The turbulence was extreme, as we tried to stay VFR in blinding >rain storms---we went up and down and it was hard to just stay on >course. We would get forced down to the trees and then up in cooler and >safer air, then the rock and roll ride down to the tree tops to get >under a huge rainstorm with huge raindrops that go splat when they hit >the windscreen. > The smell of Ozone from the lightning is everywhere in the wind. >Rock was getting a long-count to home in on, and I was flying when the >first one puked. It set off a chain reaction and all ten of our >Cambodian passengers hurled their last dinner of fish heads and rice. We >almost crashed---Rock and I with our heads out in the wind, the crew >chief and gunner pulling open the sliding doors, and the rain flying >everywhere outside. Inside the chopper the contents of all ten bellies >were now being diluted by Mother Nature and sloshing out the doors. Rock >was flying out of trim trying to keep his face in the wind. > We called inbound to the Special Forces camp and they popped >smoke. We landed in a driving rain and the Cambodian passengers were as >glad to leave as we were to have them gone. We flew home with the doors >open in the fading sunlight. Our poor crew, they would be working late >tonight to try and clean up the Cambodians' mess. > We put the helicopter in the revetment and Rock heads for the Mess >Hall full speed with me in tow. Yes I can smell it, it is getting >stronger, definitely stronger, that's it, the smell of grease smeared on >white bread. Grease soaked into the tent and ground, and gallons of >coagulated-grease scuming in the hot tropical climate---splattered >everywhere. A blind man could follow the scent to the mess hall. Like >they say, once you are past the smell, you have it licked. I was in line >for Grey meat, congealed gravy, and vegetables with the consistency of >whipped potatoes. Lunch seemed a lifetime ago. > All briefings were held in the Officer's Club. Fine by me, after a >cold shower, and small talk with the men in my tent, we all walked over >to the briefing for tomorrow's mission. Blackhawk Six was standing in >the front, with a full drink in one hand and a pointer in the other. 50 >Warrants, 5 or 6 RLO's with half a pallet of beer in their bellies, and >everyone smoking at once---I could barely breath. Even the streets of >Saigon did not have this much smoke. I am sure the smell of >semi-intoxicated men burping, farting and smoking, is an acquired taste, >which most of our company must have had as they spent long hours in the >Club which had a distinct smell of its own---even when empty. > In the corner of my eye I could see Rock sneaking out of the Club. >He's not drunk, but he's feeling no pain. I followed his broad shoulders >outside, he was acting suspicious. Rock never leaves a party in >progress---and that's suspicious. > "OK Kid, I'm going to town for a steam-job and a blow-bath---and >some real food too. Major Bauman will roast my nuts if he catches me. I >have things worked out with the Filipinos across the runway---they have >a regular taxi service to town and are probably getting a kickback. >Let's go." > We were off to town in the back of an old jeep. Steam bath in the >tropics. Gets all the grime off of your skin and makes it feel cool >outside after you are finished. The little girls scrub with big sponges >in each hand and make mounds of soapsuds, then they put us in a steam >room smelling of mildew and hot pipes until we melted. Then they put us >in the private massage rooms and two or three little naked girls gave a >pretty convincing massage---what did I know, it was my first one, and I >was only 19, and just a few years older than the working girls. > The smell of the women mingled with the mildew and oil they were >rubbing on my body was an exotic blend not found anywhere else in the >world. > We finished our few hours of freedom eating skinny chickens cooked >in front of us on a grill. The smoke stinging our eyes while we watched >Tay Ninh slow from its frantic daytime congestion, to the peaceful >evenings when Charlie controlled everything but the airbases. Our pickup >was right on time; we snuck in through the perimeter and walked across >the runway. It was a little after midnight, the Club was in full swing, >but we both passed it up and went home for some sleep. We were never >missed in the compound. > I throw the tent flap back and the smell of the dark green canvas >heated all day by the sun is so familiar. I turn on my fan, turn out >John Jordan's light---the smell of Johnny Walker Red hanging in the air. > >Another smelly day in Vietnam comes to an end. > >Wayne R. "Crash" Coe >187th Assault Helicopter Company 67-8 >
USA - Wednesday, June 21, 2006 at 20:45:40 (MDT)
Evening flight.. Hey Robbie, good to see you post. The Victory is pretty much back to normal as I am too.. I find some of the small stuff on EBay and almost have everything replaced now. You'd have to look pretty close and know it had been down to tell. I have been on a few local rides here and it is keepin up with traffic. Well, I'd bet a lot of the guys are at the reunion now and hopefully having a good time for us. I hope to make up for missing it next year.. Mark, how is the new place coming along U keepin the hammer pounding? Fred Alvis, did you find the problem with the car? I had a like problem that was caused by a air lock in the system. I hope you get it fixed as it sounds like it could be any number of things.. Summer is off and running now and is starting off with a bang. Lots of storms and a tornado watch out there today. It looks like the weather is going to be a bit on the rough side this year. Art, how is Scooter doing? Sounds like a tough thing for one so small. I hope the docs get him all fixed up. Hey, ya'll take care... Later... Kal...>>>
Kal Bergstrom 67/68 <n8auu (at) email dot com>
Saint Joseph, MI USA - Wednesday, June 21, 2006 at 20:22:37 (MDT)
not sure Mark, but think my nephew will paly against Celina in an up comming game this summer.If he does..lets go watch the game together,
USA - Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 17:36:19 (MDT)
Animal, Ernie was no where to be found. I didn't check with the town marshal, however. We rode the gondola up onto Mountain Village (it's FREE!). Had a good visit, and the reunion group should look for Smitty on Wednesday. He's spending the night in Flagstaff tonight.
Dave Powers
USA - Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 12:48:33 (MDT)
HEY FLIGHT - Looking forward to seeing all of you this week. Will be arriving around 3pm tomorrow. Bill
Bill Wolf
USA - Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 12:15:57 (MDT)
Hi scooter went to have test run just waiting for the doc got to tell us when he do it. We had him for a week when Tammy & the but hole came to get Scooter he was holding Scooter & he baled so Glenda he coud be wet as soon as she got him like turning off the light not a sound & that night I told her it is somthing when B.T. hold him like he dont like him holding him .I lost when he not here & the wife you more of troble than he is to get you to do thing the next day. Hope you get the car fixed. when I get the 57 international pickup on the road it will be good no computer & all that other junk under the hood.
Arthur E Foster <>
Hogansville, GA. USA - Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 08:38:57 (MDT)
Fred Alvis: 1st you need to see if the water is circulating through the radiator. On the Quad engine the heads can crack easily or blow the head gasket. Need to run a pressure test on the cooling system. That should pin point your problem. You can take out the thermostat if you want. I had a customer whom had put his in wrong. Also a radiator cap will cause it to over heat. Robbie good to see you post. How is those grand kids doing. Art hope Scooter is getting better, he is in our thoughts and prayers. Well 1 day and a wake up and I will be in Phoenix. Looking forward to seeing all whom are attending. Always A Brother Alex
Collierville, TN USA - Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 06:25:28 (MDT)
I would check the compression test first & if it has a bad head gasket have the head checked to see if it ok.
Arthur E Foster <>
Hogansville, GA. USA - Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 01:55:24 (MDT)
FRED; do a pressure test on the cooling system. if it loses pressure just sitting then you have a bad head gasket or a cracked head. if you pull the heads make sure to check for warpage that would cause bad head gasket.
paul mcgrath
oglesby, il USA - Monday, June 19, 2006 at 22:43:46 (MDT)
this poem was posted by popeye in helivets,RIP... Date: Sun, May 25, 2003 11:04 Gardens of Stones A Garden of Stones Is what they are called. Many a caisson and the dead The horses have hauled. Young boys, old men, And women, Soldiers all. They died in the answer To America's call. Unknown soldiers to most Even though they have names Fighting soldiers from all wars Death all around, no they were not games. Too many of ours are in the Garden of Stones Heroes all now, even though now just bones. The Ardennes, the Bulge, Frozen Chosin, and Khe Sanh. So many, too many, and now they are gone. The Garden of Stones will continue to grow New wars, young men and women, will be ordered to go. None want to die or kill but they will, and their haunting will show If only their luck keeps them from the Garden of Stones Simple Stones with engravings telling all who will see The Stones scream out, "Please, I did what I did; I was all I could be!" Thousands of Gardens and thousands of Stones Hundreds of thousands of stories untold. The power of the Garden full of those Stones If you are not touched and your heart is not broken Never a Veteran have you ever spoken. Simple people like you and me, But strike at America and you will be broken. I beg some day all Americans will see A Garden of Stones full of American's bones. Heroes from our wars long gone and future will come. Don't let them go forgotten, for you they are there. Our heroes in the Gardens of Stones Only because these heroes they did care. Jimmie "Popeye" Sanders Memorial Day 2003
USA - Monday, June 19, 2006 at 20:06:55 (MDT)
(((((( RICK)))),hope the beer is on ice,will be there thursday night.
USA - Monday, June 19, 2006 at 18:46:56 (MDT)
Robbie,if we cant find something to trade it in on,i will start striping down the engine next monday.Its all thats left that i havent done to that car.Told Susan that the trade in value of her car ( 95 grand am) is only about $850,shop wants about 13/15 hundred to change head gaskets.Thats a no brainer.Sigh,time to get the wrenches out and get greasy again ,starting monday maybe.
USA - Monday, June 19, 2006 at 18:43:23 (MDT)
Hello Flight. Took me awhile to get caught back up on the flight log. Gently, do you have an email address for Robert Story? do you think he would know someone in the family that might like the rock I have for John Bender? Oh Happy B-day too. Happy B-day to CP also. Did you bring your helmet home with you? Fred A. I cant think of anything that hasn't already been suggested. My daughter is having a similar problem with her car. Let me know if you find an answer. Ray Gagner how you doing Brother? I hope you're not having so many nightmares now. Kal, how are you doing? How's the Victory these days? did it need much repair after the accident, or did you get a new one. I'm sure you haven't quit riding. I need to replace the valve cover gasket on mine. The right side is leaking into the plug wells. Not fouling them out yet, but getting the engine messy. Alex I hope you have a good time at Az and Happy B-day to you too. Art, I hope Scooter is doing ok. Will keep a good thought for him. Smitty, I hope you have a safe ride out to Az. Mark, how's that shack of yours coming along? Hope everyone else is doing ok. Robbie
Rochester, NY USA - Monday, June 19, 2006 at 17:46:07 (MDT)
Dave and Smitty, Have a great time and say howdy to Ernie for me. Just don't believe everything he says about me!............Greg
Puna, HI USA - Monday, June 19, 2006 at 13:13:06 (MDT)
HI Elvis how it start little at a time or all of as sudden try this when it cold take the radiator cap off drain a little of coolent out so you can see the tubs in the radiator & start it up with a lite when it starts warming up you should be able to see the collent coming out of them if not much come out you a radiator plug up some & if it does take it out & to a radiator shop.
Arthur E Foster <>
Hogansville, GA USA - Monday, June 19, 2006 at 11:14:34 (MDT)
Fred, it sounds like an air lock thing happening there to me too. Here in the mountains we use the topography to help it "burp". I do like the SKS idea, too though. I think those are part of any good mechanic's tool box. Hope to hook up with Jim Westwang this afternoon. Think I'll take him up to Telluride and see Animal's taxi cab buddy.
Dave Powers
USA - Monday, June 19, 2006 at 07:28:46 (MDT)
Alvis, my photos were taken from May '68 to Oct.'68. Hope that does not dissapoint you guys that were there early and late.
Dan Hertlein <>
Bonney Lake, WA USA - Sunday, June 18, 2006 at 20:37:52 (MDT)
ok,you ohio college baseball/sports fans..I have something to brag nephew,Jordon Alvis just pitched his first game for the Southern Ohio copperheads. The kids pretty good.Unfortunetly after summer,he returns home to birmingham ala..i brother mike says 5 schools have called already..keeping fingers crossed for luck for a nice kid...
USA - Sunday, June 18, 2006 at 18:46:35 (MDT)
its a 1956 Russian SKS. mark had it hanging from the Pop A Top cealing for a while,next to the rotor blade with fake bullet holes (good one Mark).
USA - Sunday, June 18, 2006 at 17:43:48 (MDT)
Hi the car coud have a flap in the hose a part of the rubber hose came down & stop the water from flowing.
Arthur E Foster <>
Hogansville, GA USA - Sunday, June 18, 2006 at 17:02:58 (MDT)
Animal.........the last time I had a Ti leaf, I could of cared less if I even had a car.I could float ....Wait a minute, that was some of that Ty Stick I smoked........wrong story
USA - Sunday, June 18, 2006 at 15:38:37 (MDT)
Alvis, Here in Hawaii we might try placing a Ti leaf on the dashboard. This summons "Mana" (power) from the "akua" (Gods) and transfers it to the cooling system. If this doesn't work, go back to the AK 47. .......Greg
Puna, HI USA - Sunday, June 18, 2006 at 15:15:24 (MDT)
Just proves the old adage: "If it has boobs or tires, your gonna have problems!"
Bill Wolf
USA - Sunday, June 18, 2006 at 15:15:21 (MDT)
You still got that A.K.47????? teach it a REAL lesson!!!!!
USA - Sunday, June 18, 2006 at 14:18:29 (MDT)
done it. also removed the thermo again,its good.
USA - Sunday, June 18, 2006 at 12:40:52 (MDT)
Fred.....ok, here is a plan. drive the car to the local junk yard, pull up next to the car crusher, park it there and walk away. It may scare it into acting correctly......seriously though folks, take my wife, please.......sorry.........Fred, wink has an idea there, maybe that thermostat you put in is junk. You say the borrom hose was warm? As far as bleeding the sysyem of air, and you probably know this, but take the cap off and rev the engine several times. Kinda to try and make it take a "GULP"
USA - Sunday, June 18, 2006 at 11:58:32 (MDT)
fred check the timing an heating core for leaks. thats about all i can think of.oh it could be a defective thermostat. you can check it by putting it in a pot of boiling water. if thermostat is no good the bottom plate under the spring will not open or lift up. bill as you may already know i won't be at the reunion this year, just to far to travel. so if you will send me a copy of the dvd youve made for this year. thanks oh, fred if you have any of the 129th white decales left would you send me a few. i'll be getting another in the next few months, thanks. well you all have a good time at the reunion wish i could be there but just can't make the trip. wink 3/69--10/70
lake wales, fl USA - Sunday, June 18, 2006 at 09:23:47 (MDT)
nope,felt it yesterday while it was warm and running.
USA - Sunday, June 18, 2006 at 07:17:15 (MDT)
is the bottom hose collapsing? That's the only other thing I can think of. You covered all the other bases.
USA - Sunday, June 18, 2006 at 06:04:31 (MDT)
clean fluids,no leaks nor smells,no "white" smoke out the exhaust.when this first started,it acted like a frozen thermo..increase speeds for cooling,30mph+,,,now,you start it.gauge simply and slowly climbs toward the "red zone" without pausing at "normal".Its not the gauge or sender,the fans come on along with other small signs of over heating.I WAS sure it wasnt the head gasket...but thats about all thats left,sigh.
USA - Sunday, June 18, 2006 at 05:22:18 (MDT)
Yeah Kim, that was my next question. Fred, do you have to keep adding coolant? If so and you don't see any spots on the ground it could be leaking through the blown head gasket into a cylinder and out the exhaust pipe. Can you smell antifreeze or see fluid at the tail pipe?
USA - Saturday, June 17, 2006 at 22:48:13 (MDT)
When does it overheat, idling, or when running down the road. Just wondering about a leaking head gasket.
USA - Saturday, June 17, 2006 at 20:44:54 (MDT)
pretty sure mark,tho the heater still blows cool air. there isnt a bleeder valve for a dry lock bleeder at all in fact.this is really got me beat.Spent last 5 days off working on the car,nothing helps and now sue really needs her car..really hate to shop for one..really bad timming.
USA - Saturday, June 17, 2006 at 19:50:59 (MDT)
Fred A .......are you sure that you have all the air blead out of the cooling system?
USA - Saturday, June 17, 2006 at 19:30:15 (MDT)
ok gear heads,i need help. Susans car is overheating.95,grand am,quad 4 (2.3L) engine.I have changed the thermo,water pump,flushed the rad,new coolent and the darn thing is still overheating.I need ideas.I am ready to trade it off and really cant at this time.
USA - Saturday, June 17, 2006 at 18:49:00 (MDT)
Bill, the web site is: Then you can look around and find what you want....... ktf,
USA - Saturday, June 17, 2006 at 15:20:48 (MDT)
Mark - or any one else - does anyone have the address for the musueum where our 129th stuff from Mark's tavern went for display? If so, please let me know. Thanks and see you all next week!
Bill Wolf <>
USA - Saturday, June 17, 2006 at 14:50:18 (MDT)
A;you still aint getting my buidwiser and B; we still aint taking warm showers together.
USA - Saturday, June 17, 2006 at 14:15:05 (MDT)
I love you guys................
USA - Friday, June 16, 2006 at 21:24:24 (MDT)
Lou, how you getting along?I hope everything is getting/going smooth for you buddy.Hang in there.
USA - Friday, June 16, 2006 at 17:28:10 (MDT)
Jim, I'm bringing back my laptop and possibly an lcd projector so if you want to show pics we can. I have three videos for the group to watch 1-2005 Reunion 2-A Look Back at the 129th and 3-Memorial to the Fallen. I'll have copies for everyone. Can't wait to see you all there!!!!! Bill
Bill Wolf
USA - Friday, June 16, 2006 at 13:15:17 (MDT)
Hey Smitty... Have a great, safe and fun ride!! I wish I was going too but you know how that goes.. Art, Scooter has been in my thoughts and prayer has been said. I hope he is doing well!!.. Axex, no problem on the letter. I just hope it helps. I find it hard to believe the the VA would question a vet that has pulled multiple tours in a combat zone...Oh well.. Yes, as Alex mentioned, I am "retired" now. I just finnished mowing the lawn, so it is not work free.. I must say that it is everything I heard it was cracked up to be and not too hard to get into. The only hard thing is getting all the finances straight.... Well, here is hoping everyone is having a great summer and a big "Happy Birthday!!!" to all of the BD people out there, sounds like there are quite a few. Take care, have fun and whatever it is, do it with care.. C U L8r... Kal...>>>
Kal Bergstrom 67/68 <n8auu (at) email dot com>
Saint Joseph, Mich USA - Friday, June 16, 2006 at 12:04:27 (MDT)
Well, I am probably off Sunday or Monday Am, will be riding the back roads * thru Montrose, co so expect a Call Dave. It would be nice if someone had a laptop , i have a lot of the pics From San Antonio on a CD. Safety for all on the trip. Rest assured that little scooter has been in my thoughts & prayers>>>>>>>Respects, Smitty
jim westwang 71-72
Sheridan, wy USA - Friday, June 16, 2006 at 11:32:37 (MDT)
Goodmorning Flight: Well work the next 6 days then off to Phoenix. The excitement is approaching a new level every day that pass. Will try and keep everyone informed if we can find a computer. Ray and Gail are aready in AZ. They will be sightseeing with Gail's sister and family. Kal was great talking to you. Glad retirement is agreeing with you. A thanks for the letter you wrote for me. Jw. and Jim Hydinger do you remember Gerald Morgan? He has a bunch of pictures from 1966 Tuy Hoa and Dak To. Take Care. Always A Brother. Alex
Collierville , TN USA - Friday, June 16, 2006 at 07:15:31 (MDT)
Opps the spell check in my brain must have been turned off. ...........Mark....any more info on posting pictures???????????????? Matt Casey
Matt Casey
Hemet , CA USA - Thursday, June 15, 2006 at 18:20:43 (MDT)
Happy Belated Birthday Gently, looking for ward to the reunion, Fire whis you could be there..........Matt Casey
Matt Casey
Hemet, CA USA - Thursday, June 15, 2006 at 18:13:18 (MDT)
Well next thurs. at time should be arriving in Phoenix. Looking forward to seeing everyone whom is attending. Ray Gagner will doing the honor of taking the pictures at the reunion. Always A Brother Alex
Collierville, TN USA - Thursday, June 15, 2006 at 10:06:40 (MDT)
Happy Birthday Gently!! May it be the best ever!!!! Bill W.
Bill Wolf <>
USA - Thursday, June 15, 2006 at 10:05:19 (MDT)
Rick, I exchanged email with Johnson, a few years ago. He was a first shirt, stationed at Fort Campbell, I think. If I ever run across his addy, I'll send it along. You might try the post locator to see if he's still there..... Fred Skaggs, I'm in the middle of the state tournaments in softball right now. I'll call as soon as I get a free (early) evening...... I checked out the mini photo's, did anybody propose?
Livermore, Me USA - Wednesday, June 14, 2006 at 19:06:27 (MDT)
Happy B/day CP/////////////
USA - Wednesday, June 14, 2006 at 15:05:28 (MDT)
Happy Birthday Gently
USA - Wednesday, June 14, 2006 at 11:23:55 (MDT)
Happy Birthday CP and also a belated Birthday to Gently. See all attending the reunion next week. Always A Brother Alex
USA - Wednesday, June 14, 2006 at 10:44:43 (MDT)
happy birthday CP
USA - Wednesday, June 14, 2006 at 09:08:45 (MDT)
Hi Brother & sister I got only one thing to ask you to do for SCOOTER he got to have surgery on his head the soft spot was not soft & his head is not shaped wright but it can be fixed but it risky so PLEASE PRAY for HIM I give my life so he will come out ok he got his hole life to live I lived mine I asked GOD not to take him but me I am 61 SCOOTER 5 weeks old he just started his. thank ARTHUR
Arthur E Foster <>
Hogansville, GA. USA - Wednesday, June 14, 2006 at 09:02:42 (MDT)
Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays! What a month! But every month we have birthdays to celebrate...every day we have life to celebrate. Having said that, I'm going to start the "129th Birthday Book." Send me your birthday( and I'll remind you of it every year:>)) LOL! Actually, I mean I'll let your other brothers and friends know so we can all spend a little time thinking about you on your special day. Please don't be shy...and if you know of a birthday belonging to another 129er, please let me know that also(I can cross-reference, or add it to our Book). OK? Let the emails begin! I gotta look at those Mini photos! Think kokomo! Think Marks' next year and PA the next:>)) Love to all-Gently
USA - Wednesday, June 14, 2006 at 07:37:02 (MDT)
By the way, GENTLY.....I understand that last saturday was "YOUR" birtday......Happy belated birthday to you angel!!!!!!!!!!!!
USA - Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 22:20:25 (MDT)
This may have been mentioned in here before , but at this address ################## ######### < > ########### about half way down the page there is a photo of a 129th bird with two men with it. You may reconize them. If you do sound off in here...........Hey Rick Stevenson, I was watching the race this weekend and saw #16 in the pit. Do you work on the car during stops? If so, you should have a 129th patch on your suit so we can reconise you? Just a suggestion brother..Happy B/day Alex. Gently let the cat out of the bag on ya.;-)))) Take care all.........always a brother......
USA - Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 22:18:04 (MDT)
SOUTHSIDE, AL USA - Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 19:47:08 (MDT)
Hippo-birdie-2-ewe, Alex!!!!
Bill Wolf <>
USA - Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 16:40:40 (MDT)
Happy birthday old fart
USA - Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 15:27:12 (MDT)
Alex, I was helped in my case when I went to the local Congress person (U.S. not state), most can be quite valuable when it comes to the VA. Mine had a rep that worked at the Regional VA center and would make sure certain cases were seen by the right people. I plan to see you at the reunion, but I wouldn’t wait, find out who is the Senator and Congress person in your area and go pay them a visit. Most don’t like vets getting screwed over. Be sure to take all your paper work………Hope this helps…Matt Casey
Matt Casey <>
Hemet, CA USA - Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 14:05:50 (MDT)
Alex, I got my flight records by filling out and submitting the form that requests records from the VA. It should be available at your Vet Center, and they should know the Name/Number of the form. Keep trying. Greg
Puna, HI USA - Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 12:02:54 (MDT)
Alex,that really pisses me off....i was told the same thing,only differently,by the federal claims taker ...said i didnt have a "combat " MOS. I told him,"tell that to my two dead roomies" and " 1 in 10 people killed in Vietnam was a helicopter crewman." he told me not to get an "attitude".I know where your coming from bro.Oh yea, then i was declined ptsd even tho " i have some symthoms". go figure that one.
USA - Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 09:33:21 (MDT)
This email is from a friend of John Bendor's. If you knew John please contact Robert to say "thanks for remembering your bother, John. L-Gently From: Robert Story To: Subject: Via John Bendor's Memorial on john was in my class in high school i knw john well and i sure will miss him grest web site thanks for remebering john he was a very dear friend and he is gone but not forgotten by all the classes of vanden high school thanks bob story in mobile alabama
USA - Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 08:09:04 (MDT)
Good Morning 129th. Got an email mail from Gerald Morgan. He sent me a picture of a group 129th in 1966 which I was in it. All my pictures but, a few were destroyed in 1969. When a fire broke out in the attic while home in ohio. It was great to hear from him. At least I know that we have guy's visiting the log even if they don't post. I was denied for ptsd and hearing loss. The said I was 37 years too late. Always an excuse. My DD214, and Air Medal orders along with a copy of the air medal didn't prove that I ever seen combat in Vietnam. To me it was a slap in the face. But, I am going to get a a review. I am diagnosis with ptsd. through the Vet Center and Va Hospital. And couldn't prove that we were used as medivac to transport our wouned and kia's or flying CA's under hostile fire. When we left Vietnam know told us to get a copy of our flight records. My undrstanding is flight records were destoryed after 7 years. But, I haven't given in to the VA. Now it the principle. Well next Thursday I fly to Phoenix for the 129th reunion. Will miss those of you whom won't make this year. But,you'll be there in our hearts and minds. Take Care 129th family. Thank you for those whom donated to the MDA to bail me out. If anyone still wants to make a donation email me and I will send my address Monday June 19th is the deadline. Always A Brother Alex. Turn 60 today. But still feel 25. HA! HA!
Alex Fernwalt
Collierville, TN. USA - Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 07:38:36 (MDT)
This was posted on the virtualwall for Paul Nolan. I thought maybe someone would like to contact this nurse who triesd to save Paul. Love to all-Gently 27 May 2006 I was one of Paul's nurses at the 67th Evac in Qui Nhon. We took very good care of him, but his injuries were so severe we couldn't save him, but we tried, and he knew we cared... Colleen H
USA - Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 07:24:52 (MDT)
Bill, add my name to thoughs that are comming out of our shells, and might have a few more stories ( I don't like that term I prefer accounts or recounts) to add to another book......Tails clear left..... Matt Casey
Matt Caset
Hemet, CA USA - Monday, June 12, 2006 at 21:23:39 (MDT)
i have been thinking....(no Gale,not about buying me a dress even tho i was the best looking one)...A phrase has stuck in my head about our jobs as helicopter flight crewmen. its not about combat assaults or resupply,,,its about those times when we went off on those little tangents all of us know,,hunting deer or peacocks,tigers,whatever,perhaps more on the snoopy missions line.I keep picturing the one i was on,,and the phrase "birds of prey" come to mind.I kinda like that phrase...gonna have to do something with it. Bill,we ready for another book?
USA - Monday, June 12, 2006 at 20:25:15 (MDT)
trying to remember,,,on snoopy low/highs...wasnt it 2 slicks with one or two gun ships?
USA - Monday, June 12, 2006 at 20:10:25 (MDT)
Hi 129th I got a letter from the secretary of va affairs dc. Theygot a web site on the data on vet you might want to look into it. Art
Arthur E Foster <>
Hogansville, GA. USA - Monday, June 12, 2006 at 18:24:35 (MDT)
if effects ONLY service people from 1975 and also includes anyone who has ever filed a claim with VA,went to a VA hospitial,used school bennies or bought a house thru VA i understand it.
USA - Monday, June 12, 2006 at 15:26:35 (MDT)
Hello everybody.........hey gang, got a note from the VA today about the missing ss numbers and to be sure and check into it. Plus there was an update about it in the news the other day. Can anybody out there tell me just exactly who does this affect? Are you at risk? Am I at risk? I was in the same time some of you guy were 70/72. Just would like to know what to do. I already told my bank to "NOT" cash or withdraw anything without me personally verifying it. Small town bank, can do such here. Any heads up on this?........always a brother..............
- Monday, June 12, 2006 at 15:19:22 (MDT)
Gun Truck "Tins"... In early 72,I was transfered to a sleepy little village named Ninh Hoa. Home of the Whitehorse ROK. Div. headquarters and a tiny American outfit known as the 60th ahc,Ghostriders.We had replaced the 48th ahc (Bluestars) when they went north to a battle called Lam son 714. Now Ninh Hoa was located on Hwy 1, about 20 miles north of Nha Trang,seperated by the mountians the reached into the sea there. Hwy 1 curved around,following the sea coast with dropoffs on one side and steep hills on the other side.We usually followed the hwy when going to Nha Trang,a short flight. On days off,we had to take the daily mail truck into Nha Trang if we had doctors appt, Dentist appt. ect.This truck was driven by REMFS and always had a bed full of Remfs in the back.These remfs,always were armed to the teeth,guns bristling out the sides, cherry boys ever vigilant for Mr. Victor Charles. At one point in this road trip,the hwy passed very close to the South China Sea. At this point,the young American GIs would open up towards the sea, getting the fun of firing their latest toys of death. Now this day,as usual in Vietnam,was hot and sleepy. I had been flying alot lately,was tired,my day off to vist the dentist.So off we go,in the truck. Surrounded by these gun bearing,ever alert remfs,I fell asleep,sitting on my ass,as comfy as one could get in the back of a duce and a half. Suddenly,gun fire erupted all around me. It sounded like a full on ambush and like a dumb ass,I was the only one unarmed.The sudden gunfire awoke me from my very deep,pleasent sleep.Instantly throwing myself on the bed of the truck,covering my head,I quickly attuned my senses figureing out what was going on. I heard sounds of loud laughter....the SOBs had gone hot into the bay while i was sleeping.Angerly sitting up,I soon found the humor in my situation...I felt like a complete ass..but at the same time I felt good as to how i had reacted...espically in front of cherry boys.Them boys sure were killers of waves and fishes
USA - Sunday, June 11, 2006 at 05:49:39 (MDT)
Welcome back Lou,hope this finds you doing much better.Sometimes I think that if V.A. were a human,and that human had a nail driven thru his hand,that same human would deny that a hammer did it.Also,it might be a nail,or perhaps not.But if it is a nail thru the hand,,then its the nails fault.Chuckle, i know that doesnt make much sense,,but the very best wishes to your quick recovery.
USA - Sunday, June 11, 2006 at 03:44:54 (MDT)
Hi Flight,just released from acute care for the unstable, had a giant meltdown last week, put me in the intense program to get back on track, have to go back tomorrow. Now let the VA say I don't have PTSD.
dover, de USA - Saturday, June 10, 2006 at 21:52:41 (MDT)
Hi Ray I still have them to the worst time is Christmas I hope it get beter for you I take a lot of med but it helps Tell your beter half to put boxing gloves on you at night. She a verry good WIFE to stay with you she know what you went throw over there & there love for you what GOD put you two to gether. I know my WIFE still with me from the time she Married me & know the first year I had a problem. I hated when some one tell some one I was crazy & my WIFE would jump in there case & tell them you coud not go throw what he went throw & all the other nam vet went throw & we say a PRAY for you. ART & GLENDA
Arthur E Foster <>
Hogansville, GA. USA - Saturday, June 10, 2006 at 13:48:26 (MDT)
Ray, good to see your post. Sorry to hear you're having nightmares. Gail might have to start wearing a catcher's mask to bed to be on the safe side. Just kidding with you brother. I went to a psychologist when the 2nd wife and I were having problems. She told me how I could tell when I'm dreaming, and from there I could direct the dream however I wanted. I can't do it for all dreams, but I have in quite a few. I had a nightmare the other night where I was Angelina Jolie's new born baby girl, and she was bottle feeding me. Of course that's just my weird dreams. Congrats to your son Bill. Glad to see he won't have to go where the action is for now. Hope everyone is doing well.....Rob
Rochester, NY USA - Saturday, June 10, 2006 at 07:56:43 (MDT)
Good morning flight. I hope this finds everyone doing well on this wonderful Saturday. Alex has plans to be at the reunion and is suppose to leave the morning of the 22nd, however it has come to my attention that our small police department will be picking him up the day before on the 21st! My first question was "Who did you punch out?" Now don't panic he will be released if we can raise the bail money of $750.00 before that day. OK you got me, this is for charity, yes MDA is the reason he is being arrested and will spend time in our local small town police department. Seriously, if you would like to help/donate, please send your checks made payable to "MDA" (Muscular Dystrophy Association) to our address and I will make sure they are delivered so he can be at the reunion and have a good time with the rest of you guys. Please email us and I will send you our address. Thanks and God Bless. known to Alex as "Command Sargent Major Liz" Thanks again!!!
Alex Fernwalt <>
Collierville, TN USA - Saturday, June 10, 2006 at 06:28:35 (MDT)
Kim, Thanks for the info! I should have looked on our site for the numbers but I have so many tail numbers floating through my head after 27 years that I can't keep them straight. Baron called me the night I posted and we had a great talk. Hard to believe it has been 35 years since I was his PP. His brother Rick and I were flight school classmates; both were great guys. Baron told me about Shakey Pete. What a loss, guy was the smoothest guy I have ever seen with a '60 in his lap but a basket case without it. I remember Wes and Shorty very well. Wes and I flew together a lot after Schmidt and Clark left. Sure would like to hear from them and know they are well. Mark, thanks for the site!! Vic
Alemaster <>
USA - Friday, June 09, 2006 at 07:22:56 (MDT)
Kim you were right Don McCort was the last crew chief on 632. I spoke with him on the phone 3-4 weeks ago. Any chance you could hook me up with the others you mentioned. Thanks Don
Don Reed <>
Temperance, Mi USA - Thursday, June 08, 2006 at 17:59:42 (MDT)
MD USA - Thursday, June 08, 2006 at 14:23:42 (MDT)
GREAT NEWS!! My son, Spec4 James Wolf who is a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne at Ft Bragg just called and has been accepted to the Army's "Green to Gold" program. That means he'll be going to Cal State Northridge and ROTC for 4 years and then get his BS degree and a commission as a 2nd Lt.!!!! I'm double glad because he was scheduled to go to the "sand box" soon and now won't have to go!!!!! He was going to try and join us at the reunion in Phoenix, but has his orientation at that time. If you'd like to send him a "Congrats" his email is: I know he'd appreciate it!!! Just call me "Proud Dad"!!!! Bill
Bill Wolf <>
USA - Thursday, June 08, 2006 at 13:33:56 (MDT)
RAY <>
MD USA - Thursday, June 08, 2006 at 12:34:57 (MDT)
Gary/ Baron.............great to see you post also brother.........`
USA - Thursday, June 08, 2006 at 11:15:42 (MDT)
Vic,,,,,is good to see that you are reading the FLIGHT LOG BOOK. Thanks brother..........
USA - Thursday, June 08, 2006 at 11:13:55 (MDT)
Ditto Robbie........The guy was evil............sure is good to see then FLIGHT LOG BOOK so active.............thanks guys and gals..............Love to all of you.........update on the "Poor House".I mean the log cabin. I call it the poor house cause we will be very poor by the time it is finished..........Basement walls are poured and now we are waiting on the log guy to start stacking logs. Dee and I have spent the last 5 days out there pullin' stumps and burning them. The old campfire spots were a mess and we have them both cleaned up and logs stacked near by for easy access. It is absolutely beautiful out in the woods we have and I cant wait to make it our permanent home. We hope to be in a finished cabin by Thanksgiving. Praise the Lord he has given us a abundant dream that we have had for a very long time.........most of the gig next year in Ohio for the 129th can be held right on the land we have. Camping will be available. Electric also. and lots of rooms for tents and campers. Hotels are near by in Celina. Soon as this years gig is over in LZ AZ we have to start talking about a "DATE" to have the gig here next year. Then the following year, if Rick Benedict is still offering his place in PA we will have it there. That still is an open invite, right Rick? Picking up the grandsons from INDY tonight and bringing them back here after their ball games over there. They will be staying here for 5 days. Got the pool up at Stephi and Jed's house so if your lookin' for me next week, I'll be poolside!!!!..........I love all you guys and gals...........take care and God Bless...........always a brother.......
USA - Thursday, June 08, 2006 at 11:12:57 (MDT)
Griff was from California. He lives in Clatskanie Oregon now. Last time I called, I spoke with his wife for a while. He's listed in the contact section.
USA - Thursday, June 08, 2006 at 09:57:51 (MDT)
Glad to see that we finally dumped a bomb on someone that really deserved it. Good ridance Abu Al Z......Robbie
Rochester, NY USA - Thursday, June 08, 2006 at 08:57:37 (MDT)
Kim,you have any idea where Wes was from? I thought he was from indiana.I remember him very well,
USA - Thursday, June 08, 2006 at 05:02:07 (MDT)
Hobie,..... I bow in deep acknoligment, dam does this mean my wife is right after all, This might cause serious issues at home. ...But thanks for clearing that up.... Any chance you will be at the reunion????????????Tails clear left Matt Casey
Matt Casey
Hemet , CA USA - Wednesday, June 07, 2006 at 23:30:33 (MDT)
Alemaster, I understand that Shakey Pete was killed in a car crash, quite a few years ago, in Seattle. I know that all of us from that time have a Shakey Pete story. He was quite a guy. While I was there, 643 was crewed by Wes Griffith, 649 was Shorty's. I think Don McCort had 632 after Stevenson..... Baron, you still hanging out in the north woods?
Livermore, Me. USA - Wednesday, June 07, 2006 at 21:02:50 (MDT)
I remember 632 as a Heavy, as Kim said, 740 as a Hog-Frog ( the Slicks loved that ), 532 as Warren Schmidt's a/c and "Flick" Clark as gunner ( my primary a/c ), and 212 as Kim's a/c. Any help? Vic
Alemaster <>
USA - Wednesday, June 07, 2006 at 15:23:54 (MDT)
Hey, Baron, glad to hear you are up and well. Saw Smitty when the VHCMA had a meeting in S.A. last year. Told me about the site. Got in touch with Kim who crewed 212 when I crashed it via the site. Tried to contact Shakey Pete but no return call. How you doing? How about your brother? Rick, I think. He was a classmate of mine. Hope he is well too. Get in touch sometime as I really owe you. Learned an awful lot about being a gunship pilot from you, Regent, and Duke. Probably owe you all more than I can repay. See Animal on the site too but don't hear from him. 210 496 9440. Vic
Alemaster <>
San Antonio, TX USA - Wednesday, June 07, 2006 at 14:41:36 (MDT)
DAN H., when were your pictures taken?
USA - Wednesday, June 07, 2006 at 09:24:45 (MDT)
Hi All..........since we went to a PC here instead of the MAC I have recollected 120 names and addresses of 129th members............last count before on the MAC was over 200. I sure hope I can gather all those lost names. The names are all on the CONTACTS section of the web page , but lots of them must have changed addresses and stuff........ .......Hope this day brings blessings to all. Please travel carefully to the LZ in AZ. I love you all..................always a brother.............
USA - Wednesday, June 07, 2006 at 08:09:38 (MDT)
Hey Matt Casey...Hobie that pic is not of me. I think that is Mr. Shepard...not sure. See Bill Wolf's page three, middle pic...the really, really skinny dude is me (not so skinny now...).
Hobie (Jim Jobe)
Clinton, UT USA - Wednesday, June 07, 2006 at 07:54:32 (MDT)
Mark.....Mr. Rusk inquiry about another AHC Unit, that could have been the 48th AHC, Bluestar slicks, Joker gunships. As I recall they were TDY in that area...they were station down in Hau Bon(Cheo Reo). They stayed in some empty 129th hooches, down by the showers, almost right next to Dust-Off. They were there about a month. Reason I remember is because, Albert Sanchez(Sancho) had graduated from HS in Texas with one of the crewmembers from the 48th....and of course, a certain percentage were "counter-culture" guys and hung out with us over at the "Dust-Off Cafe".....And they worked out of the 129th flight operations, so it might have been the 48th......if not....for "gun cover" it could have been 238th Gunrunners or 134th Demons.....
Fred Skaggs
Summit, NJ USA - Wednesday, June 07, 2006 at 04:25:49 (MDT) is info for gig in Phoenix################################################################################## The site for the 2006 VHCMA reunion is... Phoenix, AZ June 21-25, 2006 NOTE: As some of you know, 2006 will be our 20th anniversary of the VHCMA. For that reason, we will return to our birth place for our 2006 reunion. That will be in Phoenix, AZ. The following is the information for the 2006 VHCMA Reunion to be held in Phoenix, AZ on June 21-25. Phoenix Airport Marriott 1101 North 44th Street Phoenix, AZ 85008 Reservations can be made after Friday, Feb 3 by calling: National Reservations 800 228-9290 Hotel direct 602 273-7373 Group Code:(TBA) Room Rate is $85 (inclusive of tax) Here is the booking code/instructions for reserving your rooms online: Go to Enter the dates you are staying and put in the Group Code VHCVHCA. The correct rate will show and you can continue with the reservation
USA - Tuesday, June 06, 2006 at 19:33:25 (MDT)
When is the reunion in Phoenix? Dates and Location.
John L. Christenson <>
Pacifica, Ca USA - Tuesday, June 06, 2006 at 18:57:39 (MDT)
When is the reunion in Phoenix? Dates and Location.
John L. Christenson <>
Pacifica, Ca USA - Tuesday, June 06, 2006 at 18:57:25 (MDT)
HEY 129TH, i GOT THIS EMAIL. CAN ANY OF YOU HELP WITH THIS?######################################################################################### Hi Mark, My name is Bill Rusk. I was with the 498th Dustoff at Lane AHP from June 1970 to June 1971, call sign Dustoff 32. I just found your website and would like to say that it's really great, and a welcome home to all the guys. Your picture pages really brought back a lot of memories. Your guys really saved our bacon on a lot of those missions we flew and I know a lot of us "Old" Dustoffers wouldn't be here today if it hadn't been for your friendship and support. The reason I'm writing is to try and help one of my crewmembers. Unfortunately he is one of the walking wounded from our experiences over there and has a really hard time remembering some events. What he is trying to remember is this. He seems to recall sometime during his tour (Jun 70-Jun 71) that the 129th aircraft at Lane were grounded for some reason, and another unit was brought in to cover until your aircraft were released to return to duty. It was a relatively short period of time as he remembers it but he became really good friends with a couple of the guys that we in the unit that was covering the missions for the 129th at Lane. He can't remember what that unit was. I was just wondering if any of your guys that were there during that time period might remember and if so would they mind contacting me. It would sure be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any assistance. Bill Rusk Dustoff 32 ( ) ########################################################################################
USA - Tuesday, June 06, 2006 at 07:51:34 (MDT)
Gale sorry to miss your mini reunion, but after seeing your reunion pictures. I don't think I will miss another HA! Need to post that one. Well a few weeks till the reunion at LZ phoenix. Matt we will have one huge Birthday party for all of us having June Brithdays. I will be 60 on June 13th. I will be arriving on thursday the 22nd. Sounds like the 129th will have a good group as usual. Bill Wolf haw's your sonsdoing in the military? Always A Brother Alex
Collierville , TN USA - Tuesday, June 06, 2006 at 06:49:29 (MDT)
Hey there Bro's speaking of birthdays, mine is the 23 of this month......Please feel free to keep me enjoying the moment at LZ Phenoix, OK so I can't spell.... I'll be there....Love you all.............Matt Casey.....Tails clear left....PS.....Mark How do we post a picture????????????
Matt Casey <All of 70>
Hemet, Ca USA - Monday, June 05, 2006 at 22:43:30 (MDT)
Hey.,…..there Hobie,……..Is that your picture on the 13th group of my pictures “Matt Casey” right next to “Cups” could be wrong but that rarely happens…………Please don’t ask my wife to confirm……She could open a can of worms that I don’t want to tread into……Do the name Ruby Begonia strike a familiar note. … That was sent care of Fred Scaggs. ……Getting back…to motorcycles …..I road from Denver CO, to Louisville Kt for one of the reunions , Mileage was 1156 one way took me 18 hours non stop……Got there at 5pm just in time for the partering to start…..At midnight I said I was tired and needed some sleep…..This was done on a BMW K1200LT….. Now I’ve been riding since the 50cc rentals as well….all I can say is take your time…… A few manufactures will allow you to ride the bike for a few hours……. Any that will allow you to …..go for it…… make sure it feels right to you………and if you haven’t ridden in a while take one of the schools that is offered in your area…….Enjoy…. For that is the key….Tails clear Left…..Matt Casey….All of 70
Matt Casey
Hemet, CA USA - Monday, June 05, 2006 at 22:36:13 (MDT)
Baron, good to see you post again, happy birthday, you are 13 days older than I am, I will probably leave for phoenix the day after mine. I am still Wearing the Beret your Mom made & think of you every time i see it>>>Fred you have gone absolutely insane but its funny>>>>>>>>>>>>Smitty
jim westwang 71-72
Sheridan, wy USA - Monday, June 05, 2006 at 21:06:41 (MDT)
Warning From Pakistan This morning, from a cave somewhere in Pakistan, Taliban Minister of Migration, Mohammed Omar, warned the United States that if military action against Iraq continues, Taliban authorities will cut off America's supply of convenience store managers. And if this action does not yield sufficient results, cab drivers will be next, followed by Dell customer service reps. It's getting ugly
USA - Monday, June 05, 2006 at 20:53:47 (MDT)
Hello everyone. Just wanted to say hello and pray everyone is doing well. Have been on vacation on San Padre Island, TX for a month and when we returned just finished getting caught up on the yard work when my son was offered a job in Denver, CO. So we packed up his car and filled my truck ( towed his car) and moved him up to Denver, CO. Have a couple of VA Appointments coming up and Cerise and I will celebrate our anniversary on the 22nd of June. Wish everyone the best. God Bless you all. God, Country, and Honor.
Rick Jensen <>
Clovis, NM USA - Monday, June 05, 2006 at 19:37:02 (MDT)
gale you know i thought i felt a draft on the way home and then had a hell of a time explaining the crotchless panties
paul mcgath
oglesby, il USA - Monday, June 05, 2006 at 18:09:56 (MDT)
Anyone ready to sign up for the next "mini"?? Do your shopping now,,,,,,,,,,,LOL Gale
Gale 67-68
USA - Monday, June 05, 2006 at 17:47:14 (MDT)
.......The Mini/Mini photo.....I cant stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
USA - Monday, June 05, 2006 at 16:21:26 (MDT)
PLEEEEAAASSEEEE.....Check, out the "GREAT" photo ( in the GALLERY ) of the "MINI"/"MINI" at Gale and Debbie' wont believe your eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
USA - Monday, June 05, 2006 at 16:19:00 (MDT)
Gary Carlson please contact me if you remember 632. 734-847-1767 Thanks Don. PS Hope no one minds me sticking my nose in here on your site.
Don Reed <>
Temperance, Mi USA - Monday, June 05, 2006 at 10:27:17 (MDT)
-Subject: Very Sad News Sad News With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment, it is worth reflecting on the death of a very important person, which almost went unnoticed last week. Larry LaPrise, the man that wrote "The Hokey Pokey" died peacefully at the age of 93. The most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin. They put his left leg in. And then the trouble started. Shut up. You know it's funny.
USA - Monday, June 05, 2006 at 07:58:21 (MDT)
HAPPY BELATED BRITHDAY, Gary......I didn`t even catch that.
Fred Skaggs
Summit, NJ USA - Monday, June 05, 2006 at 05:41:09 (MDT)
Hobie, Good to see you post. Have been meaning to call you for about the past year or so. Not very reliable of me. I have I am to old for a Bike but I think my first one was even smaller than yours albiet the same year ( A Honda 50 )... Those Viet kids didn't have anything on me and you did they? Spent last 2 days on our boat and I am about beat. Somehow everytime we return to our dock the wife has to go up to the house so there I am with all the post cruise stuff to do. Happens top all my friends as well. We are just the drivers of the mobile tanning beds. Everyone take care and enjoy the reunion.
Snapper (Jeff Sauers)
Lake Norman, NC USA - Sunday, June 04, 2006 at 21:07:54 (MDT)
Hello my good friends. Thanks for the input on the motorcycles…now it is decision time. (Funny, my first bike was a ’65 Suzuki 80! It was a rental bike (popular in those days) and it cost $300.00…my, have things changed in 40 years!) I don’t write to the flight log very often and appreciate your responses…but let me add that not a day goes by where I do think of you guys. Despite my 17 years in the Air Force I often look back with a smile and a little tear and think about the 129th. The missions, the craziness, the fun, the hardships, the long days…and I’m proud to say I was with you and that together we made a difference. Peace and Happiness...
Hobie (Jim Jobe) <>
Clinton, UT United States - Sunday, June 04, 2006 at 18:53:23 (MDT)
Gary Carlson.....I can still remember that "baby faced" kid from Michigan, first day in the 129th.....Young PP with the 2nd Platoon.....You like those slicks.....LOL....Oh yea Spud, Witch, crazy Joey Pribe,....Shep, we would say....."There It Is"...What a crew we made up.....Gary, I`ll NEVER forget, you looking for a stereo, to play a new group called The Allman Brothers..... Plus we "flew" a few missions together at the "Dust-Off Cafe"...LOL..Great to see your post Bro......"Charlie" Brown sent me some 1970 Cobra Calling Cards, gonna try to get up and see him.....I`ll call you soon...
Fred Skaggs
Summit, NJ USA - Sunday, June 04, 2006 at 14:26:09 (MDT)
Gary Carlson, D.O.B. 6-4-51. 129th. Nov. 70-71 . I saw 632 down in Monroe about ten years ago but had no idea that it was one of our aircraft. I flew with all the best, Hobie, Cherry, Spud, Mac, Witcher, Regent, Squire, Alemaster, Shadow, Smitty, Ron, Baby Boy, Mushmouth, Shorty, Rick Stevenson and Junior Johnson just to name a few. Chances are I flew on "632" with Rick and Junior while it was set up as a light ship as it is now displayd . All of our Mike models had plenty of power and the best crews and armament people in the business. Beautyful day here in Michigan, Baron "71"
Gary Carlson
Jenison , Mi. USA - Sunday, June 04, 2006 at 07:23:26 (MDT)
VA warns veterans who had biopsies Saturday, June 03, 2006 BY DINESH RAMDE Associated Press MILWAUKEE -- More than 22,000 veterans who underwent prostate biopsies at veterans' hospitals across the country are being warned that improperly sterilized equipment may have exposed them to deadly viruses. Officials said yesterday it was unlikely someone could get in fected by the equipment, and no patient is known to have been sickened. Still, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs decided to offer free blood tests as a precaution after officials in Maine questioned whether the cleaning procedure was thorough enough, said VA spokesman Jim Benson. The prostate biopsy equipment includes a probe that, if improperly cleaned, could retain traces of body fluids containing the viruses that cause hepatitis or AIDS. Since April, the VA has alerted patients of potential inadequacies with the biopsy cleaning procedure at 21 medical centers in 18 states, plus Puerto Rico. So far, about 7,000 vets contacted the VA after receiving the letter and about 2,000 have been tested, Benson said. "It's too soon to have any information on their test results be cause each of the potential diseases we might be worried about require not only initial tests but confirmatory tests as well," Benson said. "Right now our first priority is getting information out to every veteran." Dennis Maki, an infectious disease expert at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said the prostate examination technique involves inserting a stainless steel scope about the diameter of a pen cil into the rectum. Then doctors use a hollow needle to draw a sample from the prostate gland. The standard sterilizing proce dure called for the equipment to be flushed with a disinfecting solution, but officials grew concerned that blood and fecal residue might re main unless the tube were physically scrubbed as well. It's possible but unlikely that someone could get infected that way, said Michael Erdmann, chief of staff of the Milwaukee VA Medical Center. "We're concerned for the safety of our patients, but really, the odds are really quite low," he said. The problem wasn't manpower so much as cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer that didn't specify the need for a brush, Erdmann said. The equipment was made by B- K Medical Systems in Denmark. Company officials from neither B-K nor its Massachusetts-based parent company, Analogic, immediately returned phone calls by The Associated Press on Friday. Michael O'Rourke, a spokesman for the Veterans of Foreign Wars, said he was satisfied with the VA's response. "I don't know what more they can do," he said. Peter Gaytan, the director of veterans affairs for the American Legion, said his group is reaching out to veterans to make sure the VA has addressed their concerns. "What the American Legion wants to make sure is that this mistake isn't the responsibility of overworked VA staff, and if it is, they need to hire more people," he said.
Fred Skaggs
Summit, NJ USA - Saturday, June 03, 2006 at 21:10:58 (MDT)
Hobie, Mr.Jobe, guys that is and was a great pilot.....I did a few sorties with him and Ron Ingermunson(CE).....Ron had did his first tour with 1st a 67N20..and had come back to Nam as a CE for 129th. He was the best CE as far knowledge.... And Hobie flew for 18 months for the 129th.......But Dick Wightman(Roman) was the me in my time......He could flat fly.....he did exciting stuff.....We took fire on a resupply mission in the Sui Caw valley, Dick come up out of there and "low-leveled" down the river bed and was out of there....I didn`t have time to be scared.....God he was great....from Worchester, Mass. And you rarely would see Roman after he would leave the flight line........ Dick Muirhead(Cherry) was another really good pilot, very safe, but crazy safe and in tight situation, he could put her on the deck. There also was a IP from 1st Platoon...McClullife or something like that, Irish name....He was great....but only flew with him on "check rides"....PP becoming a AC.....really cool guy. Cups replaced him.......another damn good pilot.....Cups was a IP!!!!!
Fred Skaggs
Summit, NJ USA - Saturday, June 03, 2006 at 15:31:32 (MDT)
First i agree about the best damn pilots in the Nam. Secondly i looked at the snapfish slideshow & it was nice Gale. Now Hobe, I ride an 03 Electra-Glide classic, great for long distance, i am riding it to Phoenix. On the way back from INDY, i rode from Ames Iowa to Deadwood, SD about 800 miles in a day. Kal Bergstrom will Say Victory is where its at & a good argument, less Expensive & All American, They will let you have a free test drive, in the end its what you want best>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Smitty
jim westwang 71-72
Sheridan, wy USA - Friday, June 02, 2006 at 20:10:28 (MDT)
Hobie,I cant say what to buy but can saywhat to stay away from...I rode a 51 panhead,hard tail back a few years ago.Had it a year,maybe two...after 100 miles, you WELCOME a break.looks great,but brother let me tell you..they dont go over bumps very well.
USA - Friday, June 02, 2006 at 19:43:43 (MDT)
HI Brother Well I think I put a point to my daughter worst half we pick up scooter & Tammy had all new clouse on so when he does not doo what I like The I will let him know about the books & I am loving it just to have some on him I make him work his but off. Talking about rain if it keep up I will get a air boat. Well larry going to the va with a chip on his sholder or like a BULL in a glass shop he get in for shore with a shot of thor in the but I know that for it hapen to me back in 82 or 83 after that I was A goog boy some time the va would tell you had to make a level 3 to get off the floor I sead is that like whot you give a little boy make him be good they told me that how it work on this floor well you dont know me verry well you & your level & stick them because I no little boy I am man & I leav this floor & go out side when I want to.If I do will you give me a pice of candy
Arthur E Foster <>
Hogansville, GA. USA - Friday, June 02, 2006 at 19:31:43 (MDT)
Hey Flight! Hobie, I rode an 89 Sportster for 8 years and loved the handling/hated the vibration. I did put a larger tank on it the second year cuz 90 miles and I was looking for another gas station. I took a lot of ribbing from fellow riders for that. You can put bob tanks on them too. Mark, don't worry about that pond you got in your basement, they'll pump it over into your neighbors yard and it will go into their basement... just joking. Fred A. and Art Foster, thanks for the prayers. It's a switch for me having to be strong for my Big Brother. He was always there for me.. Rob
Rochester, NY USA - Friday, June 02, 2006 at 14:58:19 (MDT)
Bill W............address is < >..........glad you had a great mini Gale..........Hobie, Good to see your post. We ride a 03 Heritage Softail Classic. Sweet ride I think. Depends on what style you like and the ride.......Check a few of them out and let us know what you get.....God Bless you all'''''''got 3" of rain here last night. The basement they dug the other day has turned into a square 4' deep pond...always a brother......
USA - Friday, June 02, 2006 at 10:32:14 (MDT)
Good Morning Flight!! Mark - need your email address!!! If anyone else has it, please let me know. Thanks. Bill (Can't wait to see you all at the reunion!)
Bill Wolf <>
USA - Friday, June 02, 2006 at 09:34:53 (MDT)
Dropped by to say hello and to ask if anyone can offer an opinion regarding a Harley-Davidson "Street Bob." This "Boomer" needs to trade the Kawasaki in for an All American street machine...Thanks!
Hobie (J. Jobe) <>
Clinton, UT USA - Friday, June 02, 2006 at 08:32:40 (MDT)
Alvis, Rainer, Paul........thanks guys for making the 1st 129th "mini" a success. Turned out good for a "spur of the moment"! Ron Paye, what happened to ya? Would've been on here sooner,but, after that busy weekend we had to run to Evansville on Tuesday to be with Debbie's sister. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, but, got it all removed with no complications and no spreading.....thank God. Some of you have met her husband Dennis at Kokomo. Check out a few of my "mini" pics at "Snapfish".....anyone that did'nt get them let me know.
Gale 67-68
Clinton, In US of A - Friday, June 02, 2006 at 08:24:00 (MDT)
I got 1/2 right.can you do better?Its about all phases of the vietnam war.
USA - Friday, June 02, 2006 at 06:58:52 (MDT)
Damn Robbie,thats got to be tough on you brother,as well as the rest of the family. Prayers sent on your behalf.
USA - Thursday, June 01, 2006 at 21:06:50 (MDT)
Hi Brother dont giv up on your Brother just let GOD know that he will make it that whot he need to hear glenda & me are pray for him & I know all the BROTHER & SISTER are to we not going to giv up at all. Art & Glenda.
Arthur & Glenda Foster <>
Hogansville, GA. USA - Thursday, June 01, 2006 at 15:16:31 (MDT)
Hi flight. Been awhile since my last post here. I talked to my sister in law yesterday, and she said my Brother is still hanging in there, but is sleeping a lot more now (probably due to his meds) and the tumor is getting more noticable now. I call every couple of days to check in with him and I can notice his speech slowing down. I keep hoping that something will happen to make it disappear, but I really don't think that will happen. Mark, thanks for helping me get back on here. I agree with Donnie Purvis that we had the best damn pilots in the world while we were there. After the crash of 465, I was always happy to get the A.C. from that day (WO Rau) whom the army blamed for the crash. It was like having two A.C.'s when he flew with us. Ray, glad to see your post in here, and I hope you're feeling better. Tell Gail I said hi Brother. CP, thanks for getting back to me so soon about my 257 question....Rob
Rochester, NY USA - Thursday, June 01, 2006 at 11:04:56 (MDT)
Hi Brother & sister I had work 23 hours got home & sat at the table what to eat some thing good i hope well she put a tuner fish sandwich in front of me & then went back to what she was doing & I pick it up and humed it at here it hit her in the back of here head I head to the bed room when she stufed it down my shirt & slaped it 7 what a thing not todo because man how fight with wife day time dont get a peace at night you sleep on couch NO FUN AT ALL. Art
Arthur & Glenda Foster <>
Hogansville, GA. USA - Thursday, June 01, 2006 at 08:13:18 (MDT)
Morning flight.............Donnie Purvis, good to see your post. Sue H. Geezzzz.....Dee just started her vacation from school. Let's not get the wimmin' riled here so early in the summer. ;-))))....HEY, my wife might wear the pants in this family, but I, ( a man ), make dang sure that they are ironed before she puts them on. So there ladies!!!!;-)))) has started on log home. Basement hole was dug yesterday, hopefully forms will be set for the walls today. Logs arrived on site also yesterday. Where did I put my hammer????
USA - Thursday, June 01, 2006 at 04:20:04 (MDT)