glad your back up and running Kal.....see you in kokomo.
USA - Monday, July 31, 2006 at 10:23:24 (MDT)
Hello Bite and Strikers!!... Just returned from a bike ride to Iowa. Checking out the activity here, looks good.. Alex, Yes, those are the dates but it actually starts on the 14th. The address for info is... WWW.HCVVO.ORG/REUNION.HTM .. They have quite a bit of info there. Looks like there ought to be a pretty good 129th presence there. Mark, good to hear the "wood pile" is taking shape. I have seen a few of those "cabins" and they look pretty nice... Smitty, how are things your way? The ribs ought to feeling better now and heck, the bike ought to be too. Seems like it takes a long time to get it fixed..I hope you get it back and on the road soon. Art, boy, with all you put out in your last note I must say that I put a prayer in for you. I hope they can come up with a "fix" for your problems and you get better soon. All is well here as I am batchin it for a couple weeks. Oh, buy the way, I was wondering, hoping, that there may be someone of us that may have a couple of the Tiger Devision patches that they don't need. I have a couple of motorcycle jackets that have space reserved on them and would gladly pay any reasonable price and shipping for them. Take care all.... C U at Kokomo... Kal...>>>
Kal Bergstrom 67/68 <n8auu (at) email dot com>
Saint Joseph, MI USA - Monday, July 31, 2006 at 09:14:23 (MDT)
Mark good to hear the cabin is coming along. I know you will be glad to get move in. I talked to Larry Lackey for a few minutes on Sunday. He had heart bypass sugery in may. He is still having problems with his leg where the removed the vien. Will be calling him later today. Will hope everyone has a great day. Is the kokomo event the weekend of sept.15&16th. Always a Brother Alex
USA - Monday, July 31, 2006 at 06:43:26 (MDT)
Carolyn, Awesome for you to experience what Lee did. What a gal!.....The Sky Soldiers were at the reunion that was down in Atlanta a few years ago and most of the group flew with them then. I always want to go to that Dayton Air show but never see that it's going on until its over. Are the Sky Soldiers there every year?...always go out to the cabin site in the morning. Just got back from there. It is a great place to give thanks and worship out Lord. Many of his marvelous miricals are out there. Many Ash, Maple, Shaggy bark Hickory, Australian Pines, squirrels are barking, Red birds are singing, which reminds my of a Web Wilder song ; THERES A GLIMMER OF SUNSHINE, JUST OVER THE TREE LINE, SKY FULL OF STARLINGS, SCATTER AT RAIN SIGN. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE DAY WILL BRING, ASSUMING IT DOES COME, JUST KNOW THAT I NEED YOU, FOR EVER AND THEN SOME...............I need you guys.....always a and blessings to all today......
USA - Sunday, July 30, 2006 at 07:02:43 (MDT)
Hi flight the doc at the va told me this new drugs will help me sleep but it 4week & I am geting fedup with being up to 5 or 6 am then all day I got some good irish whiskey & my but hole need a tam pex now i know how some ladies feel & they cant take out much more i have ben cut from one end to the other told the wife rent a back hole & put me in the back yard & gont try to plant flowers becouse the agent oriang wont let them grow. got to go for them doc to look up my but hole again . well got to go got a sub game got to sink some japs ship.
Arthur E Foster <>
Hogansville, GA. USA - Sunday, July 30, 2006 at 01:19:38 (MDT)
Hi. Just thought everyone would like to know that at the Dayton Air Show this year the Sky Soldiers from Atlanta are performing. Nice write up in the paper about them also. I will always remember that thrilling ride. I grabed Lee and hung on for dear life. it was fabulous. Take care brothers and sisters. Carolyn Wood
Lee K. Wood
USA - Saturday, July 29, 2006 at 22:04:14 (MDT)
well flight,I wrote thursday to pommy phil (509 in england). Bill WOLF and I had discussed sending a copy of the CD to him. Among other things, i suggested that he could play it while sitting static at airshows,on the floor of the know,how it was,the birds in real time,the crews the birds carried back home,and a few that didnt . shrug,again,no response.Thats getting old.
USA - Saturday, July 29, 2006 at 15:22:57 (MDT)
hi flight does anyone remember charlie troop 7/17th cav. during christmas 1971 they were told they would be standing down and going home. can anyone remember the jingle we used when they got the news that the standown had been cancelled. oh charlie troop oh charlie troop we thought you had gone and left us here oh charlie troop oh charlie troop we hope you stay the whole damn year. we had some great times in the club. well i dont know about most of you but i loved flying on uh1's. i like the night flights the most just the nav lights and running lights on and only the sound of the engine and rotor blades. god bless each and everyone and a special prayer for those that did not come home. i know god has a special place in heaven for them.
donnie purvis <>
linwood, nc USA - Friday, July 28, 2006 at 20:50:41 (MDT)
Hey that class of 67 that remembered John Bender, that is a great thing for you to say. And the beat goes on..............Alex, the "Poor House" is coming along really well. Have had a couple of rainy spells in these parts which as hampered work just a little. Working on 2nd floor now and roof will be going on next week. Hit water at 140 feet when they dug the well. Wires are all run through the cabin, kitchen is being designed next week by a local cabinet maker and should be having the Geothermal drilling commence the first of the month. Hope to be in by to all of you. Always a brother.............
USA - Friday, July 28, 2006 at 19:40:21 (MDT)
hey guys,remember that guy that came in here and ask about a slick that was aquired up in peru indiana?.They are having an open house/benefit aug. 5th and 6th.Think i just might wonder up there and say hello from us.I believe it says 498 dustoff..wasnt that across the hill?
USA - Friday, July 28, 2006 at 16:06:18 (MDT)
Speaking of KIA's, does anyone out there have a photo I can have a copy of James Michael Young, KIA 26 June 1971?
Dave Powers
USA - Friday, July 28, 2006 at 09:20:34 (MDT)
Flight, thanks for all the offers for bunk space on our trip!!! My son has a list of sites to see, so I'm at his mercy!!! lol Have gotten all cd's out that have been requested and those that didn't get the 06 video and asked for it - they are going out today!!! Any one else wanting cd's or those who didn't get the 06 on theirs, email me with your snail mail address asap - I leave on my trip Sunday and won't be back at the desk for 3weeks - but will get any out then that I can't get to before I leave. Bill
Bill Wolf
USA - Friday, July 28, 2006 at 08:49:54 (MDT)
From Robert Story, a friend of our own John Bender: "John, we just had our class reunion and we, all of us, your classmates knew you well. You may be gone but not forgotten class of 67 GOD BLESS." Amen and thank you Robert. L-Gently
USA - Friday, July 28, 2006 at 07:01:32 (MDT)
Goodmorning Flight: Jim Oliver- I am still working on the project of getting David Stamper's name on the Memorial in west virginia. I still haven't loctated the excact location. I am glad to see all the posting. Mark how is the house coming? Bill have you planed your route back yet? Well have a MRI on my right knee this morning. Everyone have a safe day. Alex
USA - Friday, July 28, 2006 at 06:30:26 (MDT)
your right Donnie,heck ,we have 2 KIAs in april of 72 and one latter than that.I too was with the 129th in jan of 72,so i think he means 73.
USA - Thursday, July 27, 2006 at 21:07:58 (MDT)
hi joe not sure what you mean by departed in jan 30 1972, are yous saying that the 129th departed vietnam on that date. if so something is wrong, cause i was with the 129th until jul 19 1972. but as i remember and my memory is not that good any more old agesucks, but i thought we were part of the 7/17th cav in some way shape or form. take care and flight god bless.
donnie purvis <>
lexington, nc USA - Thursday, July 27, 2006 at 20:47:42 (MDT)
Warning...beware...VA is playing their paper games again.They are sending out forms to all vets getting service connected (25% or higher i think)benifits.If you do NOT answer their mailing ,they will reduce your benifets.I believe they are also reviewing 100% folks if you havent had it longer than 10 years. more info later,to clarify.The games never end with bean counters at VA.
USA - Thursday, July 27, 2006 at 08:08:56 (MDT)
Battle almost over for war veterans 23 July 2006 By JENNY MACINTYRE Vietnam war veterans are expected to be told on Friday that their exposure to Agent Orange and other herbicides might have damaged their DNA. The vets have been waiting 35 years to learn if they have suffered long-term genetic damage as the result of their service in Vietnam. A report due this week has researched the DNA of 25 Vietnam veterans. It is expected to conclude they have suffered long-term genetic damage as a result of their exposure to environmental toxins in the war. Dr Al Rowland, leader of the research team based at the Institute of Molecular BioSciences at Massey University in Palmerston North, will not discuss the findings of the research until the veterans have received the report. The research studied what is known as "sister chromatid exchange" in cells. This test analyses the way chromosomes reproduce themselves. It looks for clastogens, which are environmental agents that cause genetic damage and can cause cancer. The chromosomal reproduction of the 25 veterans has been compared with a control group of 25 former servicemen who did not serve there. The website of the Institute of Molecular BioSciences explains that each chromosome has an identical sister chromatid. Chromosomes tolerate a certain amount of exchange in their material but when the number of exchanges exceed a healthy limit, the number of exchanges indicate genetic damage which can lead to ill health. AdvertisementAdvertisementRowland said the sample was statistically small. "But if the results show significantly higher levels of sister chromatid exchange in the DNA of this sample of veterans, the research will show that this group has been exposed to a harmful environmental agent which may induce genetic damage," Rowland said. Veterans and their families who have battled with serious health problems and birth defects have argued for 30 years that the defoliant Agent Orange has had a genetic impact upon them and their children. These families hope the scientific evidence will strengthen the veterans' case when the compensation commission considers the health impact of Agent Orange upon the servicemen. Two years ago a select committee confirmed that Agent Orange was sprayed on New Zealand soldiers in Vietnam.
USA - Thursday, July 27, 2006 at 06:31:12 (MDT)
Bill,We live about 6 miles north of I-70/airport in Indianaoplis( the west).If you need a place to crash for the night,or just tpo relax for a bit,,,you and your son are most welcome.We havent put a bed in Tiffs room yet,but do have a couch (1).I believe we are about 11/12 hours from the east coast.
USA - Thursday, July 27, 2006 at 06:25:48 (MDT)
Roger that Bill W.....Take your time getting the 2006 CD out to us. You TCB out that way and Congrats to your son. Makes a daddy stick his chest out a lil', hey Bill!!!! Is a good reflection on you brother. God Bless you all................always a brother.....Oh, BTW, FYI, the "509" over in England now carries ALL the names of the POW/MIA/KIA of the 129th. I believe Matt Casey, or somebody brought it up in here that there were a couple names missing on her cargo door. Check her out at < > and see if it is complete now............
USA - Wednesday, July 26, 2006 at 20:44:39 (MDT)
Hey Rick. Did you win the golf tourney this year?
Harrell Guidry
Groves, Tx USA - Wednesday, July 26, 2006 at 20:12:14 (MDT)
Is that the one you passed out at the reunion? Bill if not I would like one. You can send anytime no rush. Thank you and give your son our best and be careful out there
Rick England
USA - Wednesday, July 26, 2006 at 18:49:18 (MDT)
ATTENTION ON DECK!!! Mark brought something to my attention. Those of you who requested a CD rom may not have had the 06 Reunion video included on it!! If you did not get the 06 Reunion video on your CD, let me know and I'll get it out to you. Please let me know before Saturday if possible (just leave me a note on the Log). I leave on Sunday to meet my Son Jim at Ft Bragg and we're driving cross country to CA where he'll start ROTC and College in the Army's "Green to Gold" program. If you haven't asked for a CD, please email me your snail mail address and I'll get it out. Thanks Mark for bringing that to my attention!!!! Bill
Bill Wolf <>
USA - Wednesday, July 26, 2006 at 15:33:26 (MDT)
Bil.......I got the cd you sent me but on it is the 2005 reunion, the Memorial, and the Look back at the 129th. No 2006 reunion footage on it. unless I'm looking in the wrong places. But I have played the whole CD all the way through and I havn't seen the 2006 footage yet. Can you advise?...............always a brother............
USA - Wednesday, July 26, 2006 at 15:12:02 (MDT)
Mark - YES! I've made a cd of this year's reunion and you should have received it by now. It has three videos: 1-2006 Reunion 2-A Look Back 3-Memorial. Anyone else wanting a copy of the cdrom only has to send me their snail mail address! Bill Wolf
Bill Wolf <>
USA - Wednesday, July 26, 2006 at 10:23:37 (MDT)
Bruce Graham, please check your e-mail address... I'm trying to send you a photo and it keeps getting bounced back. Thanks.
Dave Powers
USA - Wednesday, July 26, 2006 at 09:40:06 (MDT)
Subject: The Health Revenue Center has advised us of the following: Date: Jul 25, 2006 7:53 AM Hey everyone, just an alert that was sent to me at the office. The Health Revenue Center has advised us of the following: We have received credible information regarding a telephone scam whereby veterans are contacted and urged to call a 1-800 number. The pretext for this action is regarding the recent data loss by the VA and publicity generated from that event. The veteran is compelled to believe this is a resource to assist them. Once the veteran calls the 1-800 number, they are directed to call a 1-900 number where they incur a $9.99 per minute charge. So far, this scam has only been identified in VISN 16. Joe Little, UD F/75th As a human being, one has been endowed with just enough intelligence to be able to see clearly how utterly inadequate that intelligence is when confronted with what exists. If such humility could be conveyed to everybody, the world of human activities would be more appealing. E. 9.19.32
Rick England
USA - Wednesday, July 26, 2006 at 06:12:10 (MDT)
Hi Flight I would like to know how took over tiger wagon when i went home it was Aug 15 71 & has any one have some photo of T.W. in sides. Art
Arthur E Foster <>
Hogansville, GA. USA - Tuesday, July 25, 2006 at 10:00:36 (MDT)
Smitty, We were in the same AO at the same time. Had two of the grandkids to the Black Hills for a week. We went to the lighting of the Faces on Sunday nite. At the end they asked for veterans or any who have lost family to come to the stage. A group of boy scouts lowered the flag and 12 of us got to fold the flag. I was one of them. Brought a tear, but noticed there were several others. Impressed me how quiet the crowd was. Finally some respect. Went to School of Mines to the dinasaur museum. Kids really enjoyed that. Mines is a very good School. Your son must have very good grades. You know the Hills would really be a good place for a reunion!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lot of history and not 6million people. Glad you are getting well from your crash. Take care Flame
woonsocket, SD USA - Sunday, July 23, 2006 at 12:56:22 (MDT)
Hey Lee Wood, Donnie Purvis,Bill Whelan, Joe Nicolich and of course the rest of the regulars. So great to see all of your post in here. Smitty, yes sir, I got the photos of Phoenix. Thanks. I was kinda waiting on Bill W. to come up with a CD of this years reunion and have the webby out that on the page. Bill W. Are you making a CD of this years gatherin'?.................HEY STICKMAN;-)))).....I finally see that you info is up on the CONTACTS page. So sorry it took so long.......always a brother........
USA - Saturday, July 22, 2006 at 20:37:13 (MDT)
Ron Payne came by to see me at work...says he is looking forward to KoKOMO.
USA - Saturday, July 22, 2006 at 18:15:15 (MDT)
Gyes I hope this will help I found some stuf on the 129. The 129 Arived in Nom on Oct. 1965 the 129 was part of the 10 th from Oct of 65 to Sept.1967. Then went to the 268th. AML/AHC from Sept. 67 to July 71 then went to the 7th. sqdn 17th Cav from july 71 to Jan.72 Then Departed on Jan.30 of 72. I got this stuff from a book the name I think was Viet Nam order of Battle. Hope that is what you are looking forLet me Know OK. Bite & Strike
Joe Nicolich 745 <>
USA - Saturday, July 22, 2006 at 18:14:41 (MDT)
hi mark to answer you qestion about the 129th, when i returned to vietnam in aug 1971 i was told that the unit i hand requested the 92nd but that i would be assigned to the 129th another unit in the 10th aviation bn. if you go to ft rucker al the 1st aviation bde shows the 129th at dong bi tin but then moving to lane army airfield. its orginal location was with the 10th avn bn headquarters. hopes this helps some.
donnie purvis <>
linwood, nc USA - Saturday, July 22, 2006 at 17:51:24 (MDT)
Gently, Just reading the Posts. Sure I would like to help you with your project. You can reach me at or call me at 847-860-1920. Talk to you soon. Bill
Bill Whelan <>
Elk Grove Village, il USA - Saturday, July 22, 2006 at 13:30:37 (MDT)
Hi Art, In July of "67" to Aug of "68" the number for Tiger Wagon was 901. Frank Garlono and I crewed then. Our gunners were Willy Henton and Sarg. Johnson. When were you there? Lee K. Wood 67-68
Lee K. Wood
Dayton, OH USA - Saturday, July 22, 2006 at 10:35:02 (MDT)
Alex, Ref: the 10th avn/268th change. When I got there in Aug of 67 it was 129th, 10th avn bn. I think we moved to 268th later that year. I will check some of my old orders some time. Could narrow it down a bit. Gus
Ted (Gus) Gustafson
Grand Rapids, MN USA - Friday, July 21, 2006 at 22:05:06 (MDT)
Mark, i sent the pictures from Phoenix to you. Didn't you get them???>>>> Smitty
jim westwang 71-72
Sheridan, wy USA - Friday, July 21, 2006 at 21:57:26 (MDT)
If I can find out how to convert about 300 or so slide pictures from Dec.65 to Dec.66, please let me know so everyone can see what I have. I have some pictures of Shagnasty and Skiking, who flue on 745 they were great along with French, they were hard to beat. I know we are Prejudiced but thats what made our Co the 129 the best flight in Nam. we would never think of our selves to get some one out of troble. Dos ? aney rember the nick name we got from the Bn Co Gipseys, thats why we were not good bur great, and as a ragtime bunch we kicked but. I hope that some rembers me and French's first name it would be great I know he will no me because the time over the ochen our test fire, I never forgot we all had a great time despite the hard ships, God Bless the 129th. From Joe and Kristy Nicolich Bulldog & Cobra Bite & strike
Joe Nicolich <>
Eagle, ID USA - Friday, July 21, 2006 at 15:33:07 (MDT)
Dave - glad you enjoyed it! Anyone else wanting a copy, just send me your snail mail address! Bill
Bill Wolf <>
USA - Friday, July 21, 2006 at 09:46:04 (MDT)
Bill Wolf, received the CD, and it works great... good job!
Dave Powers
USA - Friday, July 21, 2006 at 07:34:14 (MDT)
Good morning flight, hope everyone is doing well. Gently was great talking with you and Ray got your message, will try and call you this weekend. Alex I really need to talk to you concerning the 129Th, something I happened accross while on vacation. You can reach me at 6555071. The area code is 912. Hope everyone is having a great summer, Wink looks like its in your backyard next year, take care brothers. Oh Art, when I used to crew tiger wagon on occassion in 71 the tail# was 600 don't remember the rest. Take care, da stickman is outta here.
joliver <>
pembroke, ga USA - Friday, July 21, 2006 at 06:43:42 (MDT)
thanks for the heads up alvis, i shred just about everything but never thouyght of the labels on med bottle. thaks again wink 3/69-10/70
lake wales, fl USA - Thursday, July 20, 2006 at 09:17:37 (MDT)
I checked out my "supply" and this is true!!!...copied from another site I go to(vietnam vets only).. You talk about your DD214, did you ever look at your drug labels? Look for you last 4 digits somewhere above your name. Instead of 4 digits there is now 6. They are using your middle 2 numbers and your last four. If you are in the state where you were born the VA has given more to a thief than the information on you DD214. When Social Security was created in 1935 they thought ahead and created a 9 digit number. The first three is the state code, the next two is the district code and the last four was a random code to Identify who you were in the district you live and the state you were born. By giving the six right side numbers and knowing you are from Hawaii, I can find an bottle in the dump. Each state was issued 6 state 3 digit codes. By fitting it all together they then can steal your ID for evil purpose. It happened to a vet in my PTSD group and they stripped him clean. Please, Please take heed and destroy all bottles and wrap which has your identification information on it.
USA - Thursday, July 20, 2006 at 06:05:39 (MDT)
evenin' email is in a shambles right now so I am not getting anything sent to me. This is my only way to have commo with you all.......Bill W. The HISTORY that we have on the page here is all that I was able to get out of the National Archives in DC. That is all they had. Unless you have different sources. Probably the best way to get the missing parts is from the guys here. I was disappointed when I received them all years ago due to the fact that the year Larry was there ( 69 ) was not in the papers. Bill, also, thanks for the Reunion CD but I didn't get any photos of this years gathering on it. Got all the rest. I cherish the MEMORY part. I plan to ask our church if they will play that part on Veterans week service...........I have gotten some email addresses in that I need to send off to the web master to make changes on the CONTACTS page. I haven't heard from him in a spell. I sometimes wish we could get somebody from the unit to take the editing over so it would stay up to date better. It would be nice to have a sign up sheet attached to the site so all personal info would be automatically sent in and affixed in a heart beat. I ask the webby about that a while back and have heard nothing. If anybody has any ideas on how to handle the web site in a more timely matter please contact me. The old webby is good and has done a wonderful job, but he is slow......and I apologize for that.........take care all..........always a brother, God Bless............I love you.............mark
USA - Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at 19:42:59 (MDT)
I believe Jay "Shakey Pete" Hillon was killed while in a Mustang in '74 or '75, according to Wes Griffith.
Dave Powers
USA - Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at 17:42:58 (MDT)
Yes, stretch McKinney, from Bakersville, NC. was killed in a jeep accident in Germany. As for Shakey Pete, my understanding is that he was killed by a drunk driver after he got out of the service. I don't know what kind of a vehicle he was driving.
Livermore, Me USA - Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at 12:28:07 (MDT)
Would our 129er from IL who owns a printing company please contact me. We met in TX and I have lost your business card. We are gathering the IL families who have lost a loved on in Iraq and Afghanistan together in Sept and we can use some help with the printing of things. I know you'll step up. Love-Gently
USA - Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at 10:50:51 (MDT)
Good Morning Flight. Just "copying the mail" & getting caught up. Sounds like the Reunion was a blast. Smitty; sorry to hear about your accident.Folks, please be careful out there.Been thru "too" much.Just found out that one of my Compadres from A co 158th - Ghostrider named Danny Murray from Georgia got killed in a car accident. He as driving some type of Jeep. Very sorry to hear that the " Shakey " also got killed in a jeep .If'in I recall , he used to crew Dawg 626. As a matter of fact I recall the day he had the nose art painted with the Roman numerals VI II VI. He got past the East Tide thing& got done in in a car accident. I believe that a 129'er survived the Easter tide. Went to do a tour in Germany & also got killed in a "jeep" accident. I believe that Sp/4 Mckinney. Well just be care.E'nuff said.Dawg 426 clear left - Otta here.
Bruno E Sanchez
Laredo, Tx USA - Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at 10:50:46 (MDT) mistake. The "donation" was actually a purchase for a video tape. Sorry CP. Bill
Bill Wolf
USA - Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at 09:07:54 (MDT)
Good Morning Flight! First, if you haven't requested your reunion / memorial cdrom, please send me an email with your snail mail address. For those who have received theirs, let me know if you have any problems with them - suggest playing them on Microsoft Media Player (be sure to have your speakers turned up!). Update on the book: I appologize for it taking so long on the book. There have been three issues: (1) I've been swamped with a major consulting project that has had me on the road from Colorado to California weekly since January 1st. But that is about to end this week!! Yes!!! (2) There are big gaps in the unit history that I've been having to dig for. (3) Finally, I didn't expect to have the emotions resurface like they did as I work on it. But the GOOD NEWS is, I'll now have the time to really get this book off the ground and am shoot for Christmas to be finished! Thanks for your patience!!!!! C.P. Bloomfield: Thanks for the generous donation to!!!! It really helps out with postage and supplies! Bill Wolf
Bill Wolf <>
USA - Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at 08:28:12 (MDT)
Art, I believe it was #67-17600. I know the number painted on her was simply "600", but the "Helicopters" section lists one as #67-17600 and that's probably her.
Dave Powers
USA - Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at 07:13:15 (MDT)
William D. Rewey is on the roster in the gallery 1967 section. We started out as the 129th airmoblie light Co. 10th avn. bn.apo 96312. And then in the summer of 66 we became the 129th Aslt. Hcptr. Co. at that time we were still in the 10th avn. bn. I think in 1967 we became part of the 268th avn. bn. Alex
USA - Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at 06:47:26 (MDT)
Flight Hi I nead to know the tail nunber of tiger wagon can some one help me out. Well after 3 years Glenda got to go in front of the ss board aug 7. Art
Arthur E Foster <>
Hogansville, GA. USA - Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at 04:58:19 (MDT)
if any of you decide to get a blow up doll,,,try and get one thats muslem,,,they blow thenselves up.
USA - Tuesday, July 18, 2006 at 19:42:34 (MDT)
when we were home based at Dong Da Thin we were in 10th Bn , 17th group in 1966 & 1967. It must have change to 268th after the move to Lane.
J.W. Wilson
USA - Tuesday, July 18, 2006 at 17:45:19 (MDT)
:>)))) I miss all of you! Life is moving so fast around here that Kokomo is already over! Mark, if you bring that dirty, smelly hot tub again this year, I'll make sure you get kicked out of the place! It's just a pig stye, literally. And how you guys can go in it and call it "relaxing" is beyound my wildest LSD flashback! And some of those flashbacks are from the times I climbed Mt Rushmore in Rapid City, Smitty. If you stop there, give it a smile for me..those were the days. Alex....thinking Kokomo? Very Cool. I'm working on the Hydingers to get there this year also. Joe and I will get there on the afternoon of the 15th ....what are you going to use as a marker for us this year? Susan's thong is not going to work 2 years in a row. Plus way too many strangers came to our area to "hang out"..literally. Lou great news on the PTSD claim!!!! Amen. Smitty...still got some hurtin' ribs? Pick up Rick in AZ and get to can use Mark's "hot tub" to help you you owe me a dance. Sticks, wonderful conversation with you..wonderful. C.P.!!!! DAmn! I have to sign off...I have to write my friend Ray. Love to all-think Kokomo! With a hug-Gently
USA - Tuesday, July 18, 2006 at 14:47:35 (MDT)
For those wanting to order of units for each year go to, they have a list of all units and organational charts for each year. They also have a good selection of Hawk Newspapers. Mark can you change my email address to Thanks, Rainer
Rainer Bauer
Indy, USA - Tuesday, July 18, 2006 at 07:33:24 (MDT)
Is this the Jim Hyringer I spoke with a few months ago? After more searching I found you guys have his name listed on the flight rosters from 66'-67'. His name was William Dennis Rewey from Detroit, MI. I now have some photos, awards and decs and his class A uniform sent from my sister. I will send you copies of the photos to post on the website while he was in the AOR. I tried the web master but got no reply as to how you you want them sent. The info the other fella a couple of lines before me rattled off regarding my first question, was that the correct order of units from the 129 AHC to the 1st AB for 66'-67'? Respectfully David
David Bertrand <>
RAFB, GA USA - Tuesday, July 18, 2006 at 05:13:59 (MDT)
David Bertrand - What was your Uncle's name and what did he do in the 129th? I was in '66 and maybe knew him. Jim H.
Jim H.
USA - Monday, July 17, 2006 at 21:12:37 (MDT)
.......or at least that wa the order as of 9-11-69.ALEX...I have a few changes that need to be made in the CONTACTS section but most of the bogus addys now are due to ones that have had theirs changed and have not sent the change to me yet.
USA - Monday, July 17, 2006 at 19:50:04 (MDT)
Correct me if I'm wrong flight, but is this not how the order went that David is asking for? The 129th AHC, was attached to the 268th Aviation battalion , which was attached to the 17th Air Group, which was attached to the 1st aviation brigade. Correct????
USA - Monday, July 17, 2006 at 19:23:37 (MDT)
Gentlemen, I am in the process of creating a shadow box for my uncle who was in the 129th in 66'to 67'. What is the title of the parent units above the 129th up to the 1st Avaition Brigade? If anyone has this info please reply.
David Bertrand <>
RAFB , GA USA - Monday, July 17, 2006 at 17:05:52 (MDT)
Hi flight went to see ava doc & I told him the hole story he change my med & it help a lot I am not going to tuch him it not a good thing to go to jail & lose my va. I hope Tammy see whot he is. I like to get a cd of the last get to gether.
Arthur E Foster <>
Hogansville, GA. USA - Monday, July 17, 2006 at 08:41:58 (MDT)
Fred: Tried to email Larry Lackey. But,his email came back. So I don't know what's happened to him. Will try and call him in the next few days. Quite a few emails are incorrect on the contact page. Smitty glad your doing OK!! Wink we missed you at the reunion. But, will be in your backyard next year. Everyone have a great day. Always A Brother Alex PS. Robbie thanks for the pictures of the grand kids. They are really growing up fast. Or were just getting older. Hope to see you at an reunion again.
USA - Monday, July 17, 2006 at 05:58:06 (MDT)
morning flight.well from the lack of chatter on the web site, you all must of had a good time. wish i was their with you all,i could of been.if what i stumble onto i could icould flown to the reunion for free.i could of flown on a military flight. i was told about a company, military publications Living. their are about a dozen books available for sale. one of the books which i have, gives the names an addy of military bases that have lodging for a decent price through out the if you are planning a road trip, you a can stay at any of the bases. the same thig works with military flight.but the only way to take advanage of this is you must be classifidy with the va 100% connected, and have a military id issued by the military,which i have.look into to it.the books if ordered from the company runs from $11 to $25. but you can also gets these books at the PX AT A CHEAPER PRICE, BUT HARDER TO GET.THE COMPANY PHONE# IS 703-237-0203 .so you all look into it . but you have get your military ID an with the id you can get onto any military base. oh we are intitled to the base sticker for your car so one can breeze on thoughm the chech point.if anyone wants, i can fax you a copy of the order form, just send your fax #. looking forward to next years reunion, an of coures soon can tate a free military flight to the reunion. wink 3/69-10/70
lake wales, fl USA - Sunday, July 16, 2006 at 10:20:17 (MDT)
Yes,twas Mr. Lackey i was refering to.Larry,where are you buddy? Thanks for the pic Smitty.That is the shakey i remember,A kind hearted,mild,good soul.he isnt the one killed in the jeep wreck is he? i also remember the pilot on the right side of him,but,alas,names evade me.Jim,still looking for the pic of us in indy.thanks buddy.
USA - Saturday, July 15, 2006 at 14:45:11 (MDT)
OK, i love you all then. Fred, I think it is Larry Lackey you are thinking of. Doc Reynolds just called & was still concerned about me, the bruises have all resolved but the ribs are more stubborn. However, mine is all done at home etc. My Harley is in the Hospital 14 weeks because it is a special edition but (oh well). To Rapid City tomorrow & then Monday my Son has his orientation to the School of Mines & Technology. Fred did you get the pic i sent with Griff in the middle???? Later>>>>>>>>>Smitty
jim westwang 71-72
Sheridan, wy USA - Saturday, July 15, 2006 at 13:21:42 (MDT)
lifes path... between the birth bed and the death bed,,, lifes path is to be found... Over hills,through dark forest,,, bumps,holes and sticker vines abound... a few ankle twist,a few pains,,, we sometimes wonder if anything is to be gained... bright eyes from a dark shadow do gleam,,, its called greed,selfishness,low self esteem... A sunbeam,a clearing,a sunny glade,,, is what we seek... A bit of rest for the weary,,, from the pain that makes us weak... A bit of love and kindness,,, brings sun onto that path... tell someone you love them today. What,you expected a poem?
USA - Saturday, July 15, 2006 at 12:40:29 (MDT)
Pilot larry from still with us? I missed you at the last reunion,your ther only other pilot i flew with.
USA - Saturday, July 15, 2006 at 06:26:18 (MDT)
USA - Friday, July 14, 2006 at 14:10:14 (MDT)
this is a very fun,th Pull up a cup of joe, and enjoy this film. It's about veterans; a Navy Chief and Army NCO veteran attempting to "out do" each other in a friendly way while carrying on the tradition of 'Morning Colors' in their civilian lifestyles and the respect that comes in the end. en touching video,about old vet farts like us. 11:30,worth watching.
USA - Friday, July 14, 2006 at 14:09:10 (MDT)
Alvis well he don it legal action.I think I beter go in the va befor I at the end of my stick & my daughter on his side. so she on her own with him so take care buddy. Art
Arthur E Foster <>
Hogansville, GA. USA - Thursday, July 13, 2006 at 13:10:43 (MDT)
Greetings, Just realized it's been a real long time since I made an entry here. Finally a Reunion I won't have an excuse for not coming. Wink, The sandwich shop is about to reopen so it's time to do lunch. also my Email and Messenger addy have changed, it's now My MSN Spaces is Can't wait for the Orlando Reunion. Also my wife works for Disney Travel Company if anyone needs more area information. Dennis
Dennis Fuerstenau <>
Haines City, FL USA - Thursday, July 13, 2006 at 07:30:01 (MDT)
Thanks Paul and mark.
USA - Thursday, July 13, 2006 at 03:13:15 (MDT)
Fred Alvis........on the vintage 1969 topo map that I have of the Qui Nhon AO there is a RR tracks that is located just about 1 mile east of Lane. It comes up from the south and where it parallels Highway 1 it appears that another track veers off to the east and heads to smack dab in the middle of Qui Nhon and stops. At the turn off back at highway 1 the rest of the track goes north to Phu Cat and then off the map. It kinda take the same route as highway 1 to the north. love to all.................the cabin is coming alone fine. Been a few hold ups due to rain, but things are happening.........we are very excited about it. have been spending 12 hours a day out in the words raking and picking up sticks. trimming trees and the such. I haven't worked this hard in 15 years. But I love it...................always a brother..........
USA - Wednesday, July 12, 2006 at 19:05:58 (MDT)
alvis: if i remember correctly there was a rail line that went into downtown qui nhon. don't know where it came from tho.a guy i know in az has a pic of it circa 1968
paul mcgrath
oglesby, il USA - Wednesday, July 12, 2006 at 15:39:11 (MDT)
anyone remember any railroad tracks in the quin hon ao?..not tuy hoa,but near lane.
USA - Wednesday, July 12, 2006 at 14:53:33 (MDT)
Art stay cool!! there is other ways to handle the situation. You are bound to have a good lawyer around. Or social service rep. Hope eveyone has a great day. Always A Brother Alex
USA - Wednesday, July 12, 2006 at 06:41:26 (MDT)
Well flight might not see me on the net my daughter husbon has don it Glenda & Me wont see the baby again so when I get my hands on him I wont kill him but he will wish he was dead it just the last thing I can take from him retard Tammy got to work to job so take care FLIGHT ART.
Arthur E Foster <>
Hogansville, GA. USA - Tuesday, July 11, 2006 at 22:24:49 (MDT)
Fred thats Dex-Cool antifreeze.. If it gets mixed with the regular antifreeze it will foam and become like sludge. Have to have the system back flushed out. Somee folks just do the radiator but, you still have it in the heater core and the bottom of the engine block. Hope everyone has a great day. Getting hot down this way. Been checking alot of the emails on the contact page. Eveyones needs to let us know when you change your email. Always A Brother Alex Mark hows the house coming?
Collierville, TN USA - Tuesday, July 11, 2006 at 06:09:48 (MDT)
My post of 7-9-06 was intended for Bruce Graham... sorry about that!
Dave Powers
USA - Monday, July 10, 2006 at 22:55:58 (MDT)
Hi flight, An elderly man in North Carolina had owned a large farm for several years. He had a large pond in the back, fixed up nice; picnic tables, horseshoe courts, and some apple and peach trees. The pond was properly shaped and fixed up for swimming when it was built. One evening the old farmer decided to go down to the pond, as he hadn't been there for a while, and look it over. He grabbed a five gallon bucket to bring back some fruit. As he neared the pond, he heard voices shouting and laughing with glee. As he came closer, he saw it was a bunch of young women skinny-dipping in his pond. He made the women aware of his presence and they all went to the deep end. One of the women shouted to him, "We're not coming out until you leave!" The old man frowned and replied, "I didn't come down here to watch you ladies swim naked or make you get out of the pond naked." Holding the bucket up he said, "I'm here to feed the alligator." Moral: Old men can still think fast
J.W. Wilson
USA - Monday, July 10, 2006 at 20:38:17 (MDT)
the stuff the factory put in it is called cooldex...mix it with the wrong antifreeze,or air,mud results.
USA - Monday, July 10, 2006 at 14:42:23 (MDT)
Hi on Sue car that stuf get some of it out but the best way is to have it taken to a radiator shop & they get it all out.
Arthur E Foster <>
Hogansville, GA. USA - Monday, July 10, 2006 at 10:11:47 (MDT)
Hi flight I like to have a cd to let me know how much & Glenda is going in for ss hearing it only took 3 years & two doc coud not see how come she had here back & neck cut for.
Arthur & Glenda Foster <>
Hogansville, GA. USA - Monday, July 10, 2006 at 09:59:36 (MDT)
Flight: Well Fred appreciate the invite. But, Rainer has already asked. But, what dates is the Kokomo reunion on? Need to try and get the time off. Robbie good to see you post. Everyone one have a good day. Always A Brother Alex
Collierville, TN USA - Monday, July 10, 2006 at 09:33:37 (MDT)
Robbie,that stuff even clogged up th radiator air return lines,that allow the radiator to fill completely.
USA - Sunday, July 09, 2006 at 19:09:27 (MDT)
I served in first platoon of the 129th from 2-71 to 1-72. I remember the guy we called "Rabbit". He (I think) was on his second tour when I was there. I have a photo of him somewhere. I'll scan it for you when I get a chance. I tried e-mailing you, and it bounced back... please check your eddress. Prayers going out for you...
Dave Powers
USA - Sunday, July 09, 2006 at 15:54:22 (MDT)
Forgot to give my email:
USA - Sunday, July 09, 2006 at 15:40:41 (MDT)
Hey Flight: For all who have requested the reunion cd's, they have been sent or are going out in tomorrow's mail. Mark - got one for you going out tomorrow. ANY ONE ELSE WHO WANTS THE CD, PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH YOUR SNAIL MAIL ADDRESS THIS WEEK. Bill
Bill Wolf
USA - Sunday, July 09, 2006 at 15:39:52 (MDT)
Hello Flight. Ray, I sent you an email earlier. Gently, I will try to contact Mr. Story as you suggested. Animal, I now have mozilla also, and it seems to work good for me. Fred, glad you found out what might be the problem with Susan's car. I'll have to check into my daughter's car. It's a 1998 Mazda Protege. They might have used the same additive. Hope everyone is doing good,. Robbie
Rochester, NY USA - Sunday, July 09, 2006 at 15:27:24 (MDT)
Bill,recieved CD today,Susan and I just viewed it together.Dang,you do a great job!For those not at the reunion but getting this CD, the drawing of the hands that Susan did,up for action,for the xmas fund,is in two scenes.Was great to see old friends (and new ones) in the video ,thanks again Bill.
USA - Saturday, July 08, 2006 at 14:00:43 (MDT)
Ray <>
MD USA - Saturday, July 08, 2006 at 09:59:20 (MDT)
Ray G. - your tapes and cd's are done and am sending them out to you today. They are coming in two separate envelopes. Enjoy! Bill W.
Bill Wolf
USA - Saturday, July 08, 2006 at 09:42:43 (MDT)
if alex comes here,he gets the bed,all others are welcome also,but couch or carpet awaits.
USA - Friday, July 07, 2006 at 06:27:27 (MDT)
alex,We live an hour,or hour and a half, south of kokomo.Easy drive there from here,all 4 lane.your welcome to stay here.
USA - Friday, July 07, 2006 at 06:24:56 (MDT)
Fred: get a radiator flush kit. It runs a few dollars and splices into your heater hose. Drain radiator and fill with water and either a radiator cleaner or flush. Follow the directions on the package. This will clean all the trash and rust from the complete cooling syste. Make sure you use the correct antifrezze. Mark appreciate the info. Will look into it. Kal, hooked up on google earth. Had fun checking out Nam. the clarity wasn't that good at times. But, London was good and clear. Everyone have a great day. Always A Brother Alex OH! Mark how is the house coming?
USA - Friday, July 07, 2006 at 05:10:35 (MDT)
Alex....the city of Kokomo is only about 10 miles from the abandend airport where all the Reunion activities are. Everytime I have been there they have a shuttle bus that picks people up from the hotels and takes them back about every hour. The bus goes to all the hotels in the town. As far as hotels, check with Gently. She dont do potta poties either.;-))))...........I would let you stay in my pup tent with me but by the time I get the kitchen, hot tub, and HD TV set up there aint much room in it. Alex....all info about the Kokomo gig can be found at this address. < >..................always a brother........
USA - Thursday, July 06, 2006 at 20:00:22 (MDT)
oh,by the way..after 5 weeks of spending EVERY day off working on her car,scratching my head,thinking i had lost it,doubting myself and my "handy man" find out its something I had never heard of...after flushing out the radiator and engine about 8 times..she drove her car to work today..whew,,,what an experience...i was ready to sell it or give it to a pro to figure out.who knew the owner had never changed the antifreeze in 11,to get the rest out...Susan is very happy to have her car back after 5 weeks of " beats me hon, lets try this".
USA - Thursday, July 06, 2006 at 18:05:57 (MDT)
ALEX.....I figured out what was wrong with Sue's car. Now I need your help on info. Seems GM sent these cars out with a coolent/antifreeze,that when exposed to air (such as changing the thermostat),a mud type sludge formed.That in turn,plugged all the air return lines as well as small passages ( in the head?) including the radiator passage coolent tines.It could form a layer of crap that coats the radiator,ect,that reduces the coolent capacity.Gm came out with a TSB (technical service bullitin) on how to remove this ,very hard to remove,stuff.Now Alex..can you find out what this tsb says and does auto zone sale the product to flush that crap out? thanks for the help guys.
USA - Thursday, July 06, 2006 at 17:57:08 (MDT)
Gently...that wasnt me hanging from an 8th story balcony...Susan saw that happen while she was in the pool..he was above her....and people were throwing wet toilet paper rolls at him from his room.
USA - Thursday, July 06, 2006 at 17:47:51 (MDT)
When is Kokomo? And is there a good hotel within 20 miles. These old bones ain't much on sleeping on the ground. Alex
Collierville, TN USA - Thursday, July 06, 2006 at 14:08:58 (MDT)
Yeah! Everyone is home safe! I worried everyday..and now hearing the Fred A hung out the window at 8 stories, I'm very happy i prayed! He He:>)) C.P...what's up with your email? I get everything I send you back. Alex!!!!!! How wonderful that you're the new Pres! We're all very proud of you and know that the job will be done the best it ever has been. Robbie, had you communicated with Mr. story? If you go to the Memorial i posted on the "VirtualWall" you'll find his email. I understand one of my Wisconsin friends stopped in the 129 room in PHX. I was so glad to hear that...he's a pretty great guy...kinda like all of you:>)) So, on to Kokomo!! And thoughts of our own mini in a cooler location next year:>) Susan Alvis has handdrawn 2 beautiful pictures of "hands holding dogtags" which will be put on the bidding block for Christmas fund raising....start saving your money...they're beautiful! I understand one is already at $100!! Think Kokomo!!!!! Love to all-Gently
USA - Thursday, July 06, 2006 at 13:23:05 (MDT)
Rick,will you be comming up indy way? The brickyard 400 is 6 or 7 miles from my house and the IRP ( drag and circle track) is about 3 miles away.
USA - Thursday, July 06, 2006 at 07:42:47 (MDT)
Welcome Home Bruce!! You have landed at LZ 129th. C.P. I understand about the computer. I haven't had one crash yet!! But, I am tired of all the trash that comes along with it. These companys sell our emails to these trashy sites or any other. I have your snail mail. Hope everyone had a safe 4th. Like Fred Alvis I am glad the fireworks are gone. Gently was good to hear from you. Will keep all informed on the Orlando reunion. A few Bro's contacted me stating the grand kids are ready to go. HA! HA! You all have a safe day. Always A Brother Alex
USA - Thursday, July 06, 2006 at 06:13:23 (MDT)
SOUTHSIDE, AL USA - Wednesday, July 05, 2006 at 20:54:11 (MDT)
CP brings up some valid points in the modern computer era. I've been using a new browser called "Mozilla Firefox" which has all but eliminated pop ups and that sort of rubbish. I like it a lot better than the old Internet explorer and its free. Just Google it for a down-load. They also have an E-mail provider that has all kinds of junk and porn filters built in.It's called "Firebird" and also free. Check it out if you're not happy with Internet Explorer...........Later, Greg
Puna, HI USA - Wednesday, July 05, 2006 at 18:30:07 (MDT)
Respects to all...... C.P. here..... My computor is DOWN..... I'm at the public library writing this..... We have decided to NOT renew our contract as it is at the present time...... If we ever get back up again, I will let you know.... Not to fret over it... Things are as they should be..... We have just gotten tired of the trash and porn that we've been getting, and our server said they couldn't seem to help, so we just said, "ENOUGH"...... I believe Gently, Mark, and Bill have our Snail mail address if you need any thing....... If anyone needs a VA letter, check with Alex or Ray and see if what I did for them will help you..... If so, please contact me and I'll try to do whatever I can for any of the 129thers....... Gently, I'll be in touch with you about the little project we talked about........ Mark, Thank you for what you've done...... GOD bless you all....... ktf, (keep the faith) p.s. I'll check in here at the library once in awhile to see how everyone is doing....... ktf.....
USA - Wednesday, July 05, 2006 at 12:29:24 (MDT)
Smitty.Doc reynolds contacted me to inquire about your health/ bike mishap. i sent him and you the reply.Figured since you were playing cards with him,its ok. fred
USA - Wednesday, July 05, 2006 at 11:18:38 (MDT)
be glad when all these darn fireworks are gone....just dont like the 4th of july anymore. Susan says i dont have anything to celebrate anyway..she was born in england and i am still under the heel of english oppression,chuckle/
USA - Tuesday, July 04, 2006 at 20:45:14 (MDT) interesting pics from vietnam present day with some links to the war.
USA - Tuesday, July 04, 2006 at 20:42:58 (MDT)
bruce,we arrived the same month.
USA - Tuesday, July 04, 2006 at 20:13:58 (MDT)
Bruce...WELCOME HOME and THANKS for serving. Let it be know brother that I love you!!!!!!!.......Smitty, Take care of yourself brother...........alway a brother.....
USA - Tuesday, July 04, 2006 at 14:06:04 (MDT)
Welcome home Bruce, and good luck fighting your cancer.
Puna, HI USA - Tuesday, July 04, 2006 at 12:43:12 (MDT)
Welcome home Bruce and good luck on your VA visit. As Alvis said, you've found a home here. You hang around here for a while and there will be somebody show up that knows you or you them.
Gale Beard 67-68
Clinton, In US of A - Tuesday, July 04, 2006 at 09:34:07 (MDT)
Everyone have a safe 4th of july!!
USA - Tuesday, July 04, 2006 at 08:53:49 (MDT)
dont remember the name but there are several brothers here from that time era.but first..welcome home and to the home site of the 129th ahc.I do remember some of the signs you spoke of,,,,and i owned that monkey...if its the one that got killed by dogs getting siced on it.Smitty( Jim Westwang,crewchief) Animal, (greg ,pilot),(larry beebe,pilot) Shadow,(Alton page,pilot) are just a few here from that time era.Good luck on your cancer op...glad you found your way home (here).
USA - Tuesday, July 04, 2006 at 08:34:01 (MDT)
Hey Brothers; I've been looking for you for 35 years. I just as of the last year figured out what bad ass company I was in at Nam.I was the door gunner and crew chife on the UH-1 tail # 68-15655 With a shoulder patch of the eagle&sord pocket patch of 129th ASO.Hel.Co. Bite and Strike other shoulder patch Bull Dogs,2nd Plt Aces Bud the Stud. I was there from Aug. 1971 until Oct. or Nov. 1972. I'm lost for brothers I served with. I can remember a person with the nike name of Rabbit & and the name of a 5th class Ron Sargent and I'm sure he was from Utah. Like so many of us I was a very young looking light brown hair and a thin bulid. HELP Does any one know me. As you walked up to the bearets right next to the Company Comanders we had a monkey on a chain hooked to the roof and a dog in the front the little ass hole of a monkey would from time to timeswing down and grab the dog by the ass and hump the shit out of the dog before the dog could grab the monkey. It was the baerects with the BullDogs 2nd ACESPLT> sign on the front as far as I can remember. Can any brothers HELP! me with information or pictures or any Help Happy 4th to all I go back in to the VA Hospital in Albuquerque tommmorr for mor nek @ cancer surgery Pray for me I Love You as family Brothers & sisters Welcome Home!!!!!
Graham, Howard "Bruce" <>
Estancia, New Mexico, USA - Tuesday, July 04, 2006 at 08:12:41 (MDT)
Hey Brothers; I've been looking for you for 35 years. I just as of the last year figured out what bad ass company I was in at Nam.I was the door gunner and crew chife on the UH-1 tail # 68-15655 With a shoulder patch of the eagle&sord pocket patch of 129th ASO.Hel.Co. Bite and Strike other shoulder patch Bull Dogs,2nd Plt Aces Bud the Stud. I was there from Aug. 1971 until Oct. or Nov. 1972. I'm lost for brothers I served with. I can remember a person with the nike name of Rabbit & and the name of a 5th class Ron Sargent and I'm sure he was from Utah. Like so many of us I was a very young looking light brown hair and a thin bulid. HELP Does any one know me. As you walked up to the bearets right next to the Company Comanders we had a monkey on a chain hooked to the roof and a dog in the front the little ass hole of a monkey would from time to timeswing down and grab the dog by the ass and hump the shit out of the dog before the dog could grab the monkey. It was the baerects with the BullDogs 2nd ACESPLT> sign on the front as far as I can remember. Can any brothers HELP! me with information or pictures or any Help
Graham, Howard "Bruce" <>
Estancia, New Mexico, USA - Tuesday, July 04, 2006 at 08:03:44 (MDT)
thanks for the memories mountians touching white sands while sky blue waters lapped in rising then falling waves of beauty.The crystal clear,cool air at 5,000 feet overlooking paddies that looked like jig saw puzzels.The excitement and thrill of low level,cyclic climbs over trees and river banks,while tree twigs dangled from the skids.The wopping of huey blades that will forever haunt my heart.The motorcycles carring 4 or 5 people while belching blue smoke.The beauty of grass and thistle roofed rural villages,surrounded by banana tree plantations.Roads looking like ribbons,disappearing into the hazy heat.All the ammo I could possably shoot and a machine gun to do it with,while watching tracer rounds curve in their graceful arcs,into whatever harmless target I had picked out.The fellowship and frienship of being with ,and part of,the baddest assed,bravest,and kindest, son of bitches on the face of the earth.
USA - Tuesday, July 04, 2006 at 06:15:48 (MDT)
Thanks for my FREEDOM gang................always a brother..............
USA - Monday, July 03, 2006 at 16:11:42 (MDT)
Ray - I'm working on your vacation videos....should have done by end of week. Bill
USA - Monday, July 03, 2006 at 15:51:06 (MDT)
FLIGHT: For everyone that has emailed me as of the 3rd for a copy of the videos, they will be going out to you on Wed (the 5th). Anyone else wanting a copy, please email me with your snail mail address to the email below or to Either one works. Bill
Bill Wolf <>
USA - Monday, July 03, 2006 at 13:58:31 (MDT)
Have a happy and safe 4th of July everyone!!!
Bill Wolf
USA - Monday, July 03, 2006 at 10:17:19 (MDT)
David, i have been in contact with highfill,fiefield,and mc quire.also with david stovers mom.will contact you back channel is whispering my name
USA - Monday, July 03, 2006 at 07:08:26 (MDT)
welcome back LOu,glad to se you posting again.It gives me hope evertime I see someone that has finally beat the VA papper shuffle..hope you are feeling better and will buy you a beer in fla next year.I have a uncle ,and my mom, that live fairly close to there so we will try and drive down next year.Its a double treat to meet 129thers that also post in here.Putting faCES with the names makes it more personel for me as well as making more friends that have something in common with me that means a lot.
USA - Monday, July 03, 2006 at 06:53:30 (MDT)
Hey Elvis I was also with the Ghostriders in 72. I was there when we turned the place over to the ARVN. I remember the the trucks and the first time I rode to Nha Trang.I always had a weapon. Thanks Dave. By the way we had to police the flight line before the ARVN would accept the transfer.
David Hughes <>
USA - Sunday, July 02, 2006 at 16:58:26 (MDT)
Hi flight, have'nt checked in for awhile, was hoping to get to reunion, but health is failing. VA finally gave me 100% and aknowledged my PTSD, better late than never, it was an uphill fight from the get-go. Hoping to get to fla next year, and if you have a mini-reunion will try to make it.
Lou Rags
Dover, De USA - Sunday, July 02, 2006 at 15:33:30 (MDT)
Smitty glad to hear your OK! Sorry to hrear about the bike and truck. But, they can be replaced, but you can't. I know you will be back riding in a few weeks. It was great seeing everyone whom attended LZ Phoenix. Just hated to see it end. Next year Orlando! Let's make plans now to attend. Hope we can get a record group from the 129th. We haven't touch the surface as to finding our 129th Brothers. And I encourage all the 129th Brothers whom read the log to sign in every now and then, so we know who's out there. I know it's hard for Mark to keep eveything updated. But, contact page needs updated. If you want you can send me your email, address, zip and phone number and I can start a list and try and keep it updated. Mark has his plate full and if I can be of some help I'm willing. Everyone have a safe 4th of July. Will be working as usual. Always A Brother Alex
Alex <>
Collierville, Tn. USA - Sunday, July 02, 2006 at 07:08:27 (MDT)
Smitty, Heal quick and jump back on the "Horse".........Greg
Puna, HI USA - Saturday, July 01, 2006 at 16:24:36 (MDT)
Alvis, just need your snail mail address......send it to me at this email instead:
Bill Wolf
USA - Saturday, July 01, 2006 at 15:56:08 (MDT)
Bill,cant email you,addy wont come up on my PC.Wouls love to have a copy tho.
USA - Saturday, July 01, 2006 at 15:47:03 (MDT)
FYI - the videos are for playing on a PC Computer.
Bill Wolf
USA - Saturday, July 01, 2006 at 15:25:42 (MDT)
ATTENTION ALL 129TH FOLKS: The 2006 VHCMA/129th Reunion video is completed. If you would like a copy, please send me an email with your snail mail address on it. It also includes the videos I produced for the reunion including "A Look Back" "Memorial" "2005 Reunion". There's no charge as always. Bill
Bill Wolf <>
USA - Saturday, July 01, 2006 at 15:25:08 (MDT)