Mon. Aug 2, 1999 20:14:0 EDT

Barry Swanson ( from Riverside, CA writes:

I remember one night coming off the flight line after post flight and seeing the same Huey with the TOW System mounted on the sides. It had a camouflage paint scheme, thought it was really cool. I took a few pictures of it sitting in one of our revetments. We invited the CE up to the NCO club after he was finished. They were working our AO and decided to hang out at Lane for the night. I came across the same ship in a book about Vietnam and Helicopters, I think only 2 of them existed.
We were mounting the TOW subsystem to Huey's when I returned to the 101st at Ft. Campbell.

Take care and have a great week,


Mon. Aug 2, 1999 21:56:5 EDT

Rick ( from Phoenix Az writes:
So Ron Paye how was your trip to Ohio to see Mark? It would be great to see everybody together no matter what tour you had we could put together some history. Good day and be careful.

Mon. Aug 2, 1999 23:6:22 EDT

Ron (Paye) from Indy, In. writes:
Hey! Flight, This is Cobra 34, back at Fire Base Indy. Everyone!!! I want to tell you what a super time I had with Mark Jackson and his family. I want you all to know what really nice people Mark and his wife Dee are. This past weekend was one of the most memorable I have had in a looooong time. Mark is the kind of guy you would like to have for a neighbor, friend, brother, father, or a son. I am honored to call him my friend.

We spent a lot of time talking about the 129th, and all the guys. We looked at slides and pictures, and talked into the wee hours of the morning, and yes we did hoist a few. We also went out and visit Larry at his place. A sacred honor for me, and one I will never forget.

I did allmost get into trouble with him though. I spent the night at his house Friday night and then had to go to Columbus Saturday morning. When I returned in the afternoon I knocked on the kitchen door and Dee let me in. Later that evening I found out I had broken a cardenal rule at his house. You only Knock the first time you come, after that you just walk in. His house is open to all friends and when you walk around town you quickly realize everyone is his friend. Everyone says hi. and talks with him. Flight! I know you are all his friends and I am sure would be as welcome as they made me feel.

Mark and Dee! I wish I was better at putting my feelings into words so I could tell you how truly great you made me feel this weekend. You reminded me why I was willing to serve my country and put my life at risk. It was for people like you. People who are good and decent. My world is a nicer place now, because I know you are there.
I thank you for the weekend, I thank you for being the nice people you are, and I thank you for being an important part of my life.

Your friend, Ron Paye

Tue. Aug 3, 1999 18:0:12 EDT

Leland Hendrix ( from El Paso, TX writes:
Logging on again to check messages. Ron Paye, it was great to hear from you. A real blast from the past. Hope to find a lot more old pals.

Tue. Aug 3, 1999 21:29:4 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Ron Paye ,and all our dear friends of the 129th. To spend just one moment any of you would be a special moment in our lives. To us, you are the part of my brother that came home. I know each and every one of you have him in your hearts. That makes him a part of us all. Our visit with Ron Paye????......Awesome....simply Awesome.....hey Pilots listen to this....and not to make any fun of Ron...but I gotta tell ya this.........We were lookin' at slides saturday night....and Ron would say...OK Mark....this is a pix of a Cobra in a WING OVER on it's way down to a I would start to ask Ron some actual physic questions as to how the Cobra could do such a thang as a Wing Over???? guys should of saw Ron settin' on our foot stoll...movin' his arms and legs and even at one we looked at rockets in thier pods..and I asked the question.......How did ya make them leave the ship......I could see Ron'strigger figer movin''s a s if his was flyin' COBRA 34 all over again right in our front room of our house..........awsome sight ta see Ron....really was.........Ron...and all of meet my wife and get what ya see......but...I can tell you all have givin' us....more then we will every be able to give to you!!!!....thanks......Mark

Hey Ron....sorry for all confusion in our house this last weekend.......but you can see......we open that none knockin' back door to shoulda stayed one more night brother..we went out with BRENDA and some friends.....and did 3/4 of a gallon of Home Made wine at the Picnic........ Ron....and all of you.........if ever in the AO.........dont knock.......just walk in..........I love ya all very much..........and We thank you for thoughts and emotions of Larry in every word that you all say...........with people like you checkin' in often.......surely his spirit lives......Thanks...........

Mark and CO.

Wed. Aug 4, 1999 8:38:53 EDT

Alex Fernwalt ( from Memphis,Tennessee writes:
Goodmorning Flight:
Mark & Bernie hope you all recieved the pictures I sent. And they got there in good shape? I am still working on a vendor who can reproduce the t-shirts at reasonable price. This time of the year most places are high unless a large quanity is purchased. Take my Bro's. Alex 65-68

Thu. Aug 5, 1999 6:21:55 EDT

Don Johnson ( from Edmond, Oklahoma writes:
I really don't know what to say, speechless, after all these years to come across this. I flew guns from around 1/68 and derossed in 6/69. Gunned with Chip McGregor in 010. Entire life has been bogged w/memories. Anyone with the Cobras during that period can e-mail me at
Thanks, whoever, for giving the opportunity to come home. Don Johnson
Edmond, OK

Thu. Aug 5, 1999 9:3:9 EDT

Ron Paye ( from Indy. writes:
Hey! Flight. Good morning to all. Don Johnson, I was not there during your time frame but welcome home, and welcome aboard. We have a great bunch of 129th guys here. Post any time, we would love to hear your stories.

Flight...I had a great talk with Mark again last night. He is such a nice, sincere man. If you ever get the chance to meet him, go out of your way to get there.

Everyone have a great day.


Thu. Aug 5, 1999 17:19:56 EDT

John H. McGuffin ( from Santa Rosa, Ca writes:
Assigned to 129th in 6/69.
WIA 11/20/69 near LZ English in support of 4th Div
Member of Cobra Gun platoon - callsign Falstaff

Fri. Aug 6, 1999 0:1:17 EDT

Don Johnson ( from Edmond, OK writes:
Thanks for the welcome, Ron Paye. Feels good communicating w/anyone from the bite n' strikers! e-mailed "Chip" MacGregor, Joe Johnson, & Ted "Gus" Gufstavson, after going through the flight log last nite, (this a.m., I should say). And lo and behold had a phone call this morning from "Gus" when I got to work this morning! Was really great talkin w/him. Like most, we had little to no contact w/our brothers from Nam'since we left. After going back through the log again tonight, recognized James King sign in. Great to know all you guys survived the war after Nam'. Am very interested in a 129th reunion! Also, would like to here from guys I served with. Contact me on e'mail. Later and thanks again, whoever.

Fri. Aug 6, 1999 10:31:1 EDT

Alex Fernwalt ( from Memphis,Tennessee writes:
Good Morning Flight
Just checking in. Looking for info on how to obtain flight logs or personel rosters. I would appreciate the help. I hope to have the opportunity to met some of you in Charoltte next year. I am hoping more and more find this homepage. I noticed over the last year an increase of 129th memebers. Even though I didn't crew at lane in 67/68. I still crossed paths with some of you. Since they had me refueling on the flight line. After talking to Bernie. Lane got bigger after I left in apirl 68. Well you all take care. Alex 65-68

Sun. Aug 8, 1999 11:29:13 EDT

Paul Hintermeier ( from West Seneca,NY writes:
Drove for 19s & delevered the cobra juice.

Sun. Aug 8, 1999 17:55:28 EDT

Jim Westwang ( from Sheridan,Wy. writes:
My Family & I made it back in one piece but we had a pretty good time.Mark,sorry about your friend & the prayer is said. Ron , sorry about your friend WO McCaslin but was sure glad to see you were able to get together with Mark/family & nice to see some of the new people sign on & glad to see Don Purvis get on there again & hope you're doing well. Another kind of sad piece of news is that 25 people were laid off at the VA Hospital here while I was gone. Makes it harder for us to treat vets. Sturgis Rally starts tomorrow & the Harleys are rolling through here like thunder today as every year. Curt Classen & others on their way there & hope they are safe as are you all.
(Bulldog 147 base to final weapons safe)

Sun. Aug 8, 1999 18:18:17 EDT

T.R. Robinson ( from Iredell, Texas writes:
member of 129th from June '69 to June '70

Mon. Aug 9, 1999 8:29:40 EDT

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Good Morning Crew, back to work again, I've been TDY to Sacremento Calif. and also tucson Arizona, good trip. Alex I got the pictures, they sure turned out good, thank you. I will be sending you a letter. Mr Shilleto how have you been? Bruno good talking to you last evening. "426 is out of here I've got to catch up on my work.

Tue. Aug 10, 1999 1:6:26 EDT

mcgregr CHIP (mcgregor @ televar . com) from North Idaho writes:
Don goodevening it was great seeing your name pop up on the screen. I have been off line for a few days so just a quick note this evening will try an get a land line into you tomorrow evening . our number is 1-208-266-1285 fax 1-208-266-0265 again it was great hearing from you . will be in touch take care an keep your powder dry. chip

Tue. Aug 10, 1999 14:24:25 EDT

bill shillito (Bulldog 21) ( from Gastonia, N.C. writes:
Hi gang,

Great reading......lot's going on, thanks for taking the time to share your activities and thoughts.

Bernie......thanks for asking, I am doing fine. You may have noticed the new email addy...... still the same company just a new position. I finished my assignment in Sterling.

Mike Meyers.......sorry to hear of your skydiving injury (maybe when I finally buy you that beer you can tell me more about your adventures/misadventure.........hope it heals quickly. I do still owe you a cold one. I will still travel to Va and D.C. a lot so we will hook up soon after you are healed. Mike, I believe you told us that you were a St. Georges County Police you know a Frank Severin??

Bernie and Bruno.......are you traveling to Charlotte next year for the reunion?? I hope so.

Here is the update on the 71/72 yearbook. It is in print now. The printer (in Virgina) will mail them out to me this week. I will post a notice when I mail them.

hope to see ya soon.

bill Bulldog 21 Hover check complete 426 on the go............

Tue. Aug 10, 1999 15:28:37 EDT

Michael Barrett ( from Phila. Pa. writes:
Just checkin' in. The book deal sounds good. Patches, whatever we can do, we will. I'm not hard to find (just ask Kathy).

Tue. Aug 10, 1999 19:20:0 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
HEYEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!....WOW, ever so nice to see so many of you guys keepin' the commo up and so many new men checkin' in. In my wildest dreams I never thought that this would grow into such a hugh thang. It warms my heart to be a friend of all of you guys and Gal...Judith?..where have you been babe?????

Well ......I finally got a lil' over the hump of loosin' my buddy to a bike crash..that was a tuff one and it gave me a lil' inklin' of what it must of felt like for you men to loose your buddies in the Nam....hard for them to be there one sec and gone the next....not trying to compare my loss to yours in no way....but my resent loss.... it just made me think about you all....

..HEY CURT....Ron tells me that your bike took a dump on ya man, on the way to Stugis...sorry to here bout that....maybe it happened fer a reason and it just was'nt ment to be that you went this year.....hope ya get it up and runnin' does that paint job look on it??.beautiful I bet cha..cant wait to see it....

..Hey guys....I all ready talked to Charlie Rains. The grand pupa of the VHCMA......the 129th AHC. all ready has a room reserved for a mini reunion in conjunction with the big thang at Charlette,NC next year......hope lots of you guys can make it...the 6 and I are palnnin' ta be there so far!!!!!

129th.......I have been told by many how much this place meens so much to you all..and have been told by you'all findin' it, that it has brought some of you full circle and home sayin' heart fills with warmth just knowin' that I could of been just a small part of something that ment so much to you guys such a long time ago.....for all the very kind words that many of you have said to me....I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.........truely...this is a HOME....WELCOME ALL!!!!!!

Wed. Aug 11, 1999 1:40:56 EDT

Don Johnson ( from Edmond, OK writes:
Chip, got your message, took down phone numbers, need to give my home # (405) 341-7289. You won't believe it but I had dinner and conversation w/Cobra Duke, Doug Marr tonight. Found out from this site that he lives in Guymon, OK. Called him 2 days ago. Had some great conversation and will be with him again tomorrow evening. Am very much looking forward to talking w/you. Later. Don

Wed. Aug 11, 1999 12:31:44 EDT

hartson gleason (anthony161st) from gardiner ny writes:
was with 161st ahc scorpions 65-66 thanks for your site it keeps us guys busy and thankfull for people like you thanks again scorpion 5

Wed. Aug 11, 1999 12:42:25 EDT

hartson gleason ( from gardiner ny writes:
161st scorpions 65-66

Fri. Aug 13, 1999 10:56:24 EDT

Nice web page

Sun. Aug 15, 1999 0:23:29 EDT

Allen Lambert ( from Roanoke, VA. writes:
I use the free e-mail as a permanent address, it will not accept attached files or real long messages. Hit this site looking for old friends from the war during 66-67.

Mon. Aug 16, 1999 0:49:49 EDT

Terry W. Strong ( from Gilbert AZ writes:
I was in the 129th from Jan 68 to Jan 69. Would like to receive email from anybody that I knew during that year.

Mon. Aug 16, 1999 11:37:28 EDT

Mike Miles ( from Wash, DC writes:
Just checking in. I was in Maine for awhile.

Bill S. - The leg is healing. I had a cast for 4 weeks and thought I would finally get it off last week. Wrong, 4 more weeks. Old bones heal slowly. Maybe if I hadn't walked on it for 2 days trying to pretend it wasn't broken. I have a 'walking air cast' on now. It's like a plastic ankle strap. Not too bad. We will have that beer soon. I was a Prince Georges County Police Officer from 72 to 92. That name does sound familiar. I will ask around. There are usually 1,200 active police officers at any one time. Hard to know them all.

See you all later,

Mike Miles
129th 70-71

Wed. Aug 18, 1999 14:41:17 EDT

Michael Barrett ( from Phila. Pa. writes:
Just checking in. The book and the patches I'm still in. What happen to our girl?

Thu. Aug 19, 1999 22:47:54 EDT

Don McCort ( from Seminole Fla. writes:
Do a little browsing then BAM 129th AHC Iam taken back. I c/e A/C 741 1st Plt & 632 Guns Feb 71 to Jan 72 Mark Jackson great job sorry for your loss Iam sure your brother is proud WELCOMEHOME EVERYBODY Don 632

Sat. Aug 21, 1999 4:48:12 EDT

Larry Kwiatkowski (Scooter) ( from Simi Valley, Ca. writes:
Just checkin in. What's this about t-shirts? Hopefully I havn't missed it, but do we have a unit history for DEC.69-DEC.70? That's when I was there. Did we have a yearbook for that time frame? Any Hiss & Pissers living around the Los Angeles area? Brakin'right for short final. Out.

Sun. Aug 22, 1999 12:33:42 EDT

Alex Fernwalt ( from Memphis,Tennessee writes:
Just checking in. Everybody must be as busy as I am. Still Working on the T Shirts. Hope to find something out in the next few weeks. They will be the same as the ones I had made before. Mark glad you had a chance to talk to Charlie Rains about the Charlotte reunion. I think there will be quite a few show, since we get the information early enough. Bernie hope you and the family or doing ok. Jessie always ask about you. Well will check in later. Alex 65-68 BITE & STRIKE.

Sun. Aug 22, 1999 15:55:45 EDT

Larry Buller ( from Bismarck, ND writes:
Hi guys. Just after I got to Lane, a UH1 crashed near the 1st platoon ops shack. This happened Dec 1, 71 aprox 0230. The info I have is that a SP5 got fired up on drugs and didn't remove the engine plugs. Is this the same incident that I've seen mentioned that the tail rotor pedals were chained to the KY28? I've got a picture if any one would like me to email it to them.

Sun. Aug 22, 1999 16:33:40 EDT

judithsinger ( from Green bay writes:
Hi guys! Been busy, real busy: Working at the Packers' training camp, looking for a place to live, a new job, and getting into the mood to start my dating sabbatical....but you are on my mind at all times!

Ron and Mark, I'm so happy you guys got together. I hope i can join you at the shin-dig in September-barring a Packer Game I should be ablt to. Can't wait!

Bill S-Boy did you move on the year books-make sure you let me know the cost-i can't wait to add pixs to names(how many of you look the samw these days???!!!). And it sounds like you jobs have been keeping you on the move-take care my friend and remember to play.

Curt-my heart is broken! you took a spill and didn't make Sturgis!!! Tell me it's not true. But as Ron commented, perhaps it was not meant for you to be in Sturgis this year. But damn...

Alex-cool on the shirts.

Ron-hope to see you again in Sept-i still have the flad bottom for you.

and to those new on the 129th-Welcome home-and know you are loved.

charlotte? I'm there!

Gently judith


Sun. Aug 22, 1999 22:12:21 EDT

Ron Paye ( from Indy, IN writes:
HEY!!!! Everyone, A big HI. from Indy. To all the guys who just logged on, welcome aboard and "Welcome Home". Please log on often and talk about anything you want. I think most of us enjoy everything anyone has to say, no mater if we where there at the time or not.

Judith, What can I say...GREAT to have you back on board. Please don't stay away so long next time. I think the Packers are playing in Detroit that weekend so really hope you can make it down. FLIGHT; Let me envite anyone else to a Viet Vets reunion at Kokomo IN. on Sept 17-19. I have been going for about 12 years now and it is a special time. I look forward to it every year. You will be with hundreds of Viet Vets and their famlies, good rock and roll music, just a great time. If you go once, you will be back. Mark...I sure hope you and Dee can make it out. Everyone take care and have a great week. Ron Paye, Out

Mon. Aug 23, 1999 21:3:23 EDT

Barry Swanson ( from Riverside, CA writes:
Larry were looking for any Hiss & Pissers in the L.A. area, well I live in Riverside and my office is in Placentia. I was close to your area last week, I was in Calabasas. My time with the 129th was 6/72 - 3/73 was pretty much close to shutting off the lights for good at Lane.
Got to run, keep hitting the "Enter Key"

Tail Clear.....Were clear up on the Left


Thu. Aug 26, 1999 9:57:53 EDT

Donald Jones ( from Strasburg, Ohio writes:
Nice web site. I was a neighbor of you guys at Lane. Was a crewchief with the 498th Dustoff from 3/69 to 2/71. You guys covered our butts more than once! Keep up the good work.

Thu. Aug 26, 1999 9:58:32 EDT

Donald Jones ( from Strasburg, Ohio writes:
Nice web site. I was a neighbor of you guys at Lane. Was a crewchief with the 498th Dustoff from 3/69 to 2/71. You guys covered our butts more than once! Keep up the good work.

Thu. Aug 26, 1999 19:14:52 EDT

bruno E. Sanchez (rauls from Laredo, Texas writes:
Bernie, Hppy Birthday man. Hope you had a few. Sorry hombre. I forgot which date it was. Just in case I had tilted & bended the ole elbow with a few barley pops with some salt & lemon on them. I saw Bill's posting & I must say that I will make a real honest effor to go to
Charolette next year. I sure like to try some of that South Carolina Barbecue. I know those boys know how to put those steaks on the grill .
I stay in tune & keep an eye ball for the details as they are posted . A big hello to everyone & stay in touch.E'NUFF SAID . LATER

Thu. Aug 26, 1999 21:22:36 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Helllllooooooooo...everybody.....hope all are well...all is well here gang....gently good to see ya again....Ron and I had a Blast, did'nt we Ron???......Judith??.hope you and lots of the 129th can make it to Kokomo in Sept...gig is from the 17th to the 20th....right RON PAYE????.......plannin' on being there with Ron.......RON???.ya got any info on a camp site there yet man????...gotta give me there will be lots of OD color ,boonie hat wearin' GI's there....might be hard ta find ya man.:-))))

....HEY BILL PECKNOLD????????????????? the brother of JAMES PECKNOLD of the 129th???....and you brothers were there, in the 129th, at the same time???????????...if so...WELCOME HOME BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!
....God Bless ya glad to see ya all HOME again..............take care........had a grunt friend of mine sign off this way.....Mark,keep your head and ass down...:-)))))......sorta the same as,.........keep the skids on the downside.....later friends,

.............THANKS FOR THE TIME,

Thu. Aug 26, 1999 23:43:46 EDT

Ron Paye ( from Indy, IN. writes:
Hey! Flight, Greetings to all, from Indy. Mark, GREAT, to hear you will make it to Kokomo. I guarantee you will come back every year. It is really a special time. The opening Ceremonies start at 11:00 on Friday Sept 17 and the bands start at 12:45AM. Something is going on till around 11:00PM. Then it is sit around the camp fire and tall tail time. Same schedule on Saturday. On Sunday at 10:00AM there is a service by John Steer, Viet Vet that is always very special. I will introduce you to Mom, a sweet lady who lost two son's in Vietnam. Send me your address, and a fax no and I will get you the info you need. I have two 20x40 foot camp sites reserved. Site 193 & 194. So there should be plenty of room. GREAT, GREAT, GREAT.

Judith, Now you just gata make it down.......Meet the GREAT Mark Jackson....and Dee.

Flight, again let me invite any and all to the reunion. It is one of the originial, and one of the biggest. Has been going on for a loooooong time. Started way back, when it wasnt cool to be a viet vet. We were like a band of outlaws. Now you will see a lot of kids and grand kids, and it will warm your hearts to feel the brotherhood. I get tears just thinking about it. If any one else can make it, please come. Just let me know and you will be welcomed like the long lost brothers you are. My friend across the street was in the engineers and last year two of his friends from Wisconsin came down. They are comming back this year and have talked others into comming with them. The same will happen to you if you come. You also will, try and bring others next year. It is one of the most healing things you can do. SO!!! all you bite and strikers, get off your butts, pack up the wife and kids, and come on out. Hell, you all were just going to sit around and cut the grass and do crappy things like that anyhow. You can do that the week after. I do hope others can make it.

This Week I will fly out to seattle and check out Curts new paint job and motor, on his bike so that will be a nice time.

Dan, If you will be around, I will be coming in late on wed. and leaving on monday morning. It would be great to meet you. Keep me posted on your schedule.

Best to everyone. Mark, you got me pumped.

Ron Paye, COBRA 34, OUT

Sun. Aug 29, 1999 19:20:5 EDT

Larry Potter ( from Cheyenne, Wy writes:
Great Site. Just wish I could find old friends.

Sun. Aug 29, 1999 22:28:22 EDT

Rick ( from Phoenix Az writes:
I just spent some time with Dan Hertlin we were at lane in 68. Shared some pictures and stories, it was exciting to see someone after 31 years. Terry Stone wish you could have made it, maybe next time we don't live that far from each other. Dan said I have some good slides, I am going to get a scanner so I can share them with everybody. Thanks for this page Mark Jackson. Be careful out there

Sun. Aug 29, 1999 23:53:54 EDT

Rainer Bauer ( from Indianapolis writes:
Was with the 129th from 12/65 to 6/67, I cant believe I found this site, its great. I have a picture of Glen standing in front of 878 which he backed into sometime in 66.

Mon. Aug 30, 1999 22:44:50 EDT

Larry Buller ( from LZ Bismarck writes:
Hey guys; I just ran into Alan Jones, 129th CO till Oct 72? He is in El Paso

Tue. Aug 31, 1999 10:0:31 EDT

Alex Fernwalt ( from Memphis, Tenn. writes:
Good Morning Flight
Just got with Charlie Rains and I am on my way to his supplier for the cost on the 129th T-Shirts. The ones I had made before were black on a light grey shirt. The replica of the 129th patch for the homepage. Mark Jackson,Bernie, Glenn all have them. Glad to see Bauer found our page. And hope more from the 65-66 era also find it. Bauer welcome home it's been 34 years. Called Glenn in Utah. And let him know you found the homepage. Judith glad you are still on board. Charlie Rains is on his way to Charlotte to finalize everything for the VHCMA reunion. Will keep everybody posted. Will be on a later flight. ALEX 65-68

Tue. Aug 31, 1999 23:19:3 EDT

Don Johnson ( from Edmond, OK writes:
Just checking in, had great conversation with Paul "chip" McGregor, Doug Marr, and Ted Gustavson. Am finally feeling like I have made it back. Also, getting some good conversation out of Heli-vets. Still trying to get a response from Joe Johnson and anyone else from this time period. Enjoy reading all the entries.
Don Johnson, Gunner, Cobra 010, 1968-69