Thu. July 1, 1999 10:37:52 EDT

Bruno E Sanchez ( from Laredo, Texas writes:
Bernie- Buenos dias Hombre.Just checking in.How's the colt coming along?Grew a few inches & put on some pounds did she Man the heats on down here I bets the mountain are nice right about now.Anyway just a fes lines & a big Hello the rest of the BITE-N-STRIKERS.
E'NUFF SAID/I'M OTTA HERE...............

Thu. July 1, 1999 14:14:20 EDT

Mike Miles ( from Wash, DC writes:
Hello everyone:

Have a great 4th of July. Take care and be safe.

Mike Miles

Thu. July 1, 1999 20:25:54 EDT

bill shillito ( from sterling, Va writes:

sorry I missed your phone call. great to hear about the reunion. glad you had a great time.

mike (Frog) sorry we have missed each other so far, i am out of here headed for the mountains over the long weekend and all of next week. i still owe you the beer and will pay up soon.

the yearbook is still a work in progress. i owe you an update soon.

bill (Bulldog 21) love to be feet wet in 426

Fri. July 2, 1999 8:12:12 EDT

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Good morning crew, just a few things too say this morning. Bruno your commo line is always busy, I've been trying to call you since I've been back from the reunion. BOY did youy miss a hell of a great time, not only meeting new folks but whay made the whole reunion was meeting Jesse McLeod, he has helped me to turn some things in my life around, I can't say enough, Anyway Jesse if you read this sometime a bid THANK YOU from my heart. Curt good to hear from you again and take care when riding that beautiful Harley. Bill Shilleto how are you doing? I plan on going to next years reunion and hope more Bite and Strikers attend, wished I could have met up with Larry Buller. I think I'll try calling him this weekend. Alex my friend its people like you and Liz that make an event like the reunion worth going to, Thank You for the time we spent together, I would like your address so I can send you some pictures, I forgot to get it at the reunion, you can call me collect if you like 801-731-7958. Judith you beautiful person where are you , miss you comments. "426 is outta here till next time" have a good weekend and be safe.

Fri. July 2, 1999 14:36:47 EDT

Rick B (can"t use Email) from please post on site writes:
Why isn"t there any Unit history for 1969????????
Where any of your choppers mortored at Lz English
or Camp Radcliff in 69???????????????????????????

Sat. July 3, 1999 10:51:0 EDT

Alex Fernwalt from Memphis, TN writes:
Hello Flight:

Bernie glad that had a great time at the reunion. Jesse is a wonderful guy we enjoy seeing him and his wife at the reunion every year. I think you'll agree with me that once you go to one reunion, you are ready for another one. They become habit forming. It was a pleasure for Liz & I to have the opportunity of meeting you and Marcie and your daughter and nephew.
Bernie, please email me your email address or address and I will respond with our address.


Hope the 129th Home page is coming along. I have a picture that I want to send you. I will get this in the mail to you before too long. You missed a real good reunion. Next year in Charlotte, I believe there will be more from the 129th that will attend. I will try and help keep everybody posted with hotel and other information as it becomes available. The earlier you make your reservations, the more money you save especially if you are flying in.


Let me know if you need any help in setting up the mini for the 129th for Charlotte, please let me know. I will be happy to assist in any way I can.

To the rest of the flight, hope to see you all in Charlotte. We are all the 129th no matter what years.

Signing off for now,


Sat. July 3, 1999 12:30:58 EDT

Jim Westwang (Westwang@ from Sheridan,Wy. writes:
Good Morning 129th, I am about to go to the 11,000 ft. Big Horns for the weekend & do a little Fly fishing. Hope you all have a safe one. I wrote a separate message to Curt Classen & he goes to Sturgis & if anyone gets that way I am 200 mi west in Sheridan. Give a call, I am in the book. Also if you need assistance. To Bill Shillito, were you able to take your messages to the new address or did you lose them?? If you will send me your ground address, I have a couple picture for you. I wrote to Judith again but havn't heard from her.
Safe 4th with love & respect to all, Smitty

Sat. July 3, 1999 21:20:18 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
HEYEEEEEEEEEEE!!!...129th!!!!!.,so good ta see all the commo in here. You people are so wonderful. Sounds like those that went to Denver had a great time. I am about 99% sure that the 6 and I will be in NC for the one next year. Hope lots of Hiss and Pissers can make it.

RICK to your question about the history of 69 from the 129th............I recoverd all that I could from the National Archives in DC. For some reason,what ever that be, they did not have anymore. Were you there in 69?.....if you recall the "257" goin' down in Sept. of 69. Crew of De Santis,Hargrave,Sawran, and Jackson. Let me know PLEASE! far as more history???..well......with this new page that we have been working on for the 129th....we are hopeing that we can set it up so that you guys can add/rewrite the lost history time that we are looking for. With the page in mind, I am very sorry for it taking so long to come up with it. It is more or less a long distance set up with another guy that is helping me and corespondence is slow. I am sorry...but it is coming along.

Yo Alex!!!! send me pix brother. So good ta hear from you. I will try and work on that crash incident you spoke of in your e-mail to me. Gotta get this holiday over first:-)))).......doin a bits of partyin' man!:-)))))

CURT copies of the patches........sending them out to you Tuesday. ENJOY...will detail in an e-mail to you also. THANKS for your kind words to me brother!!!!

Jim " Smitty" Westwang......hey brother...seems you,me and Curt are on the same wave length here man..we all are thinnin' 129th patches for all.......great idea men..........and Smitty.........what ya trying ta do man?........make me cry my eyes out with that e-mail from you:-)))..just kiddin' brother....I'm a wuss anyways...THANK YOU also for your kind words to me.

Hey 129th.......listen up!!!! all have a very safe's your day...........because of all of you..........this has been one of the best years of my life......and I thank each and everyone of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GOD BLESS YA............lets rememeber to tell somebody tomorrow that independence and FREEDOM are not FREE. Somebody,including all of you,gave a part of yourselves for it.

Sun. July 4, 1999 20:32:54 EDT

Dan Hertlein ( from Sumner, WA. writes:
Note my new e-mail address. If someone has copies of the 129th patch I would be interested. I have my original and was thinking of having a local company remake them. If enough people are interested it would make it worthwhile. Also, who has the 129th shirts? I would be interested.

Mon. July 5, 1999 10:36:7 EDT

D.I. Smith ( from Ridgeland, MS writes:
Hey Flight...I just took time to read through the posts and thought I would jump in on the net. I was assigned to the 129th August 1972 until the end--March 1973. I flew a UH-1 in the last flight as the 129th vacated LANE AHP. We carried numerous pax Qui Nhon, and then flew as a flight of 12, or so, to Camp Holloway at Pleiku. We stood by there for a couple of weeks before flying the aircraft to Hotel 3 and transfering them to the VNAF, and we departed out of Camp ALPHA a few days later...around 13 March 1973.
I remember flying front seat with Curt Classen during December 1972 when we had to send two Cobras over to Camp Holloway. Ron Paye was AC of the other aircraft. Thanks for the memories, Curt and Ron!
I flew slicks in 2d Flight Platoon most of my tour. I was also the 129th Mess Officer and the 2d Flt Plt flight scheduling officer. I must have flown the "Chicken Wagon" mission a 100 times with Alan Cheshire.
I've remained on active duty and served in numerous Field Artillery and Army Aviation assignments over the last 30 years. During 1989-1991, I commanded the 1-228th Aviation Regt, Panama, which included Operation JUST CAUSE. After attending the Army War College in 1991-92, I was assigned as Director, Aviation Test Directorate, U.S. Army Test and Experimentation Command, from 1992-1996. Since then, I've been assigned as Inspector General, Mississippi National Guard. It is great being only 80 miles away from home after all these years.

Thanks Mark for all your efforts in keeping the Web site going.

Take care and have a great day....
D.I. Smith

Tue. July 6, 1999 13:54:7 EDT

Barry Swanson ( from Riverside, CA. writes:
D.I. Smith....I'm not sure if we flew together, but were there the same time. I had "Chicken Wagon" assignments a few times when we gave SP4 Stokes some time off. He was the CE for chicken wagon for most of the time I was there, have not seen him post a message here as of yet but would like to here from him. I have some great pictures of Alan Cheshire communicating in sign language back to me in the well. Glad to here everything is going well with you.

Hope you had a good 4th...

Wed. July 7, 1999 8:11:28 EDT

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Alex, heres my home address-1670 West 700 South-Ogden, Utah 84404. Looking forward to seeing you and Liz and all other Bite and Strikers next year. Please keep me posted on location. I won't be in town next week going to California and also to Arizona to see about bring more work load to Hill AFB. Bruno your land line is always busy can't get trough. I've also tried Larry Buller, same thing. Bill Shilleto whats up? "426 is outta here till next time". Everyone have a good weekend.

Wed. July 7, 1999 14:56:44 EDT

Bruno E Sanchez ( from Laredo,Texas writes:
Bernie, I really dont know why the land line is always busy.I can only gues thatmy son is on these "CHAT CHANNELS".Other than that i have no idea bro. I saw you're posting that you're going out of town.Well just be careful out on the road.....I'll call you next week sometime to check in.
BULLDOG 21....just to say hello
Curt,Ron, Mark, & the rest of tghe BITE - N- STRIKERS,how's everyone doing???

Thu. July 8, 1999 22:40:57 EDT

j. singer ( from titletown writes:
Hello everyone of you wonderful guys! Its been so long I had to think about what my e-mail address was. Thank you for all of the words of encouragement and concern-what a family of brothers I have. Mark-babe-I just got a beautiful package from you! You are too kind. And now that I have a photo of you it brings you closer to me. What can I say about the patches??? Phew! Wahta beautiful surprise! go to heaven!

I hope the gentleman who wrote me to, well you know, is still with us. We need never know who he is-we must continue to be there for him. I hope you are well, whoever you are, I hold no grudges. Please take of yourself and continue to be part of the wonderful 129th!

Now for the rest of you----I miss you and love you!

You know, since Viet Nam, the fourth of july celebration and fireworks have been a saddness for me. Welcome back. Gently- Judith

Fri. July 9, 1999 13:51:43 EDT

Michael Barrett ( from Philadelphiia Pa. writes:
High Guys, Just think'in (It hurt's). patch's and book (71-72) still in. Uncle Slick 1st flt plt(693-698). Call me Home 215-743-5093, work 215-697-1247. Call me on the later, let the squids bay for it.

Fri. July 9, 1999 22:57:52 EDT

D.I. Smith ( from Jackson, MS writes:
Barry, it was great hearing from you. I remember Stokes...the Chickwagon CE! I have several pictures of him one day at LZ English...we were playing with a "grease" gun that one of us was carrying on the mission. I nearly fired it into a grass hut...that we later found out contained a couple of young children. They came out minutes later begging us for some C-rats...As I broke into a cold sweat, I thanked the Lord that I didn't squeeze off a few rounds a minute or two earlier!
Do you remember how Stokes kept those skid cross tubes on Chickwagon polished up?
I arrived at Lane the afternoon before the XO was "fragged." What a welcome...CPT Sam Hurt and CPT Tom Garrett, Cobra Plt, arrived the same day. CPT Garrett later became the Company Property Book Officer(PBO), and was responsibile for the transfer of all the property as the U.S turned Lane over to the South Vietnamese Army. He is now a Major General and commands the U.S. Army Personnel Command (PERSCOM).
Sam Hurt retired in the last year or so, and is living in Florida, I believe.
Take care and have a great day...
D.I. Smith

Sun. July 11, 1999 11:33:40 EDT

Dan Hertlein ( from Sumner, WA writes:
I've tried to send Frenchie some photos without luck. E-mail comes back with subscriber unknown. Have not seen a recent posting with a new address for him. Anyone know what his new address is? If anyone else would like e-mailed photos of Lane 1968 let me know. Today is another beautiful day in the Northwest.

Sun. July 11, 1999 15:35:9 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Hey good to be here. Hey DAN H>....lastest address I have of Frenchie is this. Try it if it's not the same as you have been sending....see ya all later...goin' to a local Ice Cream Social near by. Have a good One..and gang..we will all have to get together and talk about patches for us all. Seems there is a request for them.....gotta go, see ya later....PEACE

Sun. July 11, 1999 15:35:51 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Hey good to be here. Hey DAN H>....lastest address I have of Frenchie is this. Try it if it's not the same as you have been sending....see ya all later...goin' to a local Ice Cream Social near by. Have a good One..and gang..we will all have to get together and talk about patches for us all. Seems there is a request for them.....gotta go, see ya later....PEACE

Sun. July 11, 1999 18:18:12 EDT

Frenchie ( from Marietta Ga writes:
Hi Gang,
Well Dan The reason that you can't find me is because I moved to bell South then after there teck support finished with me my system was toast.. I am now a proud member of mindspring. Lots better. New is some where I Have a old patch I haven't seen it in a while I would be interested in buying a few more of them. If there is a year book that can be bought I would be interested in that also.
Mark: I remeber De Sanits I think I have pix of him. I take it He was with your brother?
Looking forward to the next reunion. Out side guns hot.. see ya

Sun. July 11, 1999 22:1:7 EDT

Barry Swanson ( from Riverside, CA writes:
D.I. Smith....If I remember right the cross tubes were chromed. You mention the fragging incident, I was pulling guard duty and was down at the 129th hanger. It was real early in the morning and I heard the explosion, hell broke loose and they pulled formation out front of the CO bldg. Never heard if someone was caught. I can remember one chickenwagon assignment, we were up north at a location called Tam Quan, we were transporting captured NVA regulars. We landed at some ARVN HQ and everyone got off, we were waiting for the Col. to return. We shut down and as I was tying the rotor blade the pilot said not to worry, just then some VC started walking mortars towards us. I didn't know to run and cover or wait for the huey to spin up. We all waited and when the AC pulled pitch the torque made the engine whin. I know she was red lined and still picking up rpm's as we took off. I looked back and the third or forth mortar hit the pad. We still had to go back to pick up the Col. needless to say it was a hot land and go. Gotta go, dinner time.
Howdy to all the Bite N Strikers
Take care and good to hear from you.

Mon. July 12, 1999 21:56:3 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Evenin' 129th. Hope all is well with everybody. YO FRENCHIE!!!!.....Yes, My brother, Larry, was the CE of the "257" that Stephen De Santis was AC of that night. Sorry for your loss of your friend Stephen. I would very much love to have a picture of Stephen if you would be so kind ta forward one to me. I have a page elsewhere on the net that has the original Crash Summary for the whole crew of the "257". A picture can be added there. Would love to honor Stephen in that way.......which brings up a question that I would like to ask all of you. Do you think it would be "HEALING" in any way for all envoled, if I were to try and contact the families of the crew of the "257". Just to let them know that thier sons are not forgotten. Have struggled with this question for a few years now.

....Also see lots of talk in here about 129th Patches. Or at least havin' some reproduced. I do know this..........I inquired about such a thing about a year ago at a local grafic type store round here. Initial set up cost is the most expensive part of such an endevor. Then ,it was about $300.00....then after that.....every patch that was made only cost about $8.00 or $9.00..........It appears to me that we have enough bites on such a thing here, that maybe we all could pitch in and get it done. Any comments on such a thing??????

..........Hey Gently good ta see ya here babe..............Heygal???....did I put an "ETCHIN" in that envolope that I sent ya???....I sent out about 87 that day....and I sure hope I included an etchin' from the WALL in yours!!!!

...welp.....I rambled on long enough....ya all take care of yourselves.........thanks for bein' out there!!!!...............PEACE.................Jackson

Mon. July 12, 1999 22:52:56 EDT

bill shillito ( from sterling, VA writes:
Micael Barrett, I still have you down for a 71-72 yearbook. I know the gang an update.

Alex Fernwalt, thanks for the offer to help with the mini reunion........I will stay in touch with you on this.

Jim Westwang, I did lose my messages including the pictures you sent. Please re-send them if you will. Also, my snail mail address is 1501 Moran Road Sterling, VA. 20166. Phone number is 703-406-6525. Thanks Jim. I hope you caught a basket full of trout.

Bernie, I am hanging in there. Thanks for the land line the other day. I am glad you had a great time at the reunion. I am looking forward to the one in Charlotte, NC. I certainly plan to attend. We will pull together a mini (129th) get together during the reunion.......stay tuned.

Gently Judith........good to hear from you, no great to hear from you.

bill.......... Bulldog 21 a 426 fan.

Mon. July 12, 1999 23:8:53 EDT

bill shillito ( from sterling, va. writes:
Mark J,

Just read your latest. I think it would be terrific and poigant for the families to know that their sons live on in their comrades memories. What Judith did for the Shaw's was unbelievable. How they must have and still do cherish her visit. Healing? I don't know. Renewal of memories of their loved ones and some thoughts long left untouched should be very sweet for the crew's families. I try to place my self in their shoes and I cannot not help to think I much I would appreciate someone helping me share my memories of a lost son. Mark, Good luck with your quest of determining if you should and can make the contact. God bless you either way......I know it will be from the heart.......if you decide to make contact, it want take long for the families to see how sincere you are.


Tue. July 13, 1999 22:37:29 EDT

Barry Winkler Cobra wink from 1729 Maple ave. Peekskill N.Y. 914 962-2984 writes:
Evening all, its been awhile since Ived loged on. sometimes I cant get myself to do it. had a bad flash back in 97 . Iwas in the Montrose V.A. Hospital for nine months going throught varieous programs one being the Stress unit. did me good , never felt this good about myself.Im still attending after care programs, still not out of the woods yet but doing find, bad case of PTSD but ok with it.Mark I most likely knew your brother but my memory is not so good any more, burt too many brain cell.ButIremember his name.Thier where so many names an so many guys I flew with.I remember a lot of our polits call sigs, Baron Knight, Deadeye does anyone remember Capt Dead eye, and others.
But getting to the good part, you all remember our calling cards, well I had seven hundred cards printing so if anyone wants afew write me an Ill get them off to you all. My Address is 1729 Maple ave. Peekskill N.Y. 10566.
Bill Roberts got your E-mail, sorry I havent written back, but it was good to here from you.
And I like the idea of an reuion or at that fact any reunion,well Im going to sign off for now,hope your alldoing find ,God bless you all.

Wed. July 14, 1999 12:46:34 EDT

Barry Swanson ( from Riverside, CA writes:

I have a new e-mail address here, my e-mail at work was getting to much activity so for those making a list please update.

Mark J. ....I think making a unit patch would be great, I am willing to put in what ever you need. I had 2 nomex shirts with the Bite N Strike patch on the pocket, when I returned home I left all my stuff in my old closet at my parents. Over the years my dad decided that my shirts would be great for deer hunting, so he gave one to his buddy and kept the other. Never saw them again and they had the only patch I brought home.
Question I have is, the patch that is displayed when you first log onto the 129th page is different from the one on the guestbook sign in. My yearbook of 72/73 has the patch like the one displayed on the guestbook. Not that it matters, I just wondered if the original patch may have changed over the years. I also want to say "Thank You" to you for keeping this site alive.


Wed. July 14, 1999 13:20:56 EDT

Jim Westwang (Westwang @ from Sheridan,Wy. writes:
1st Mark Jackson: I thought i had an outlet for some patches to be mfg & maybe still do. Ther are a # of sites on the net & will surf some more. I am willing to share in cost of course if you want to do this.
2nd Bill Shillito- great to hear from you again & I am sending you a ground letter with some pics
3rd Judith, thanks for not leaving- I was a little worried
4th Barry Winkler, I sure hear you about the PTSD & work with vets with it every day here at the Sheridan VAMC. I have a touch myself as do we all in the Helicopter crew Business. This is according to the foremost authority in the NW whom I met personally at a seminar a few years ago. Hang in there & do the best you can. I would love to have a couple of those cards you have & am willing & hoping to talk anytime.

Jim Westwang RN
formerly "smitty" CE
"Bulldog 147"
869 Airport Road
Sheridan, Wy. 82801

Wed. July 14, 1999 14:54:44 EDT

Michael Barrett ( from Phila. Pa. writes:
Hi guys,
to Bill, thanks for touch'in base. If we can pull this off, without breaking the bank,let's do it.

Thu. July 15, 1999 0:42:56 EDT

Animal ( from Puna, Hawaii writes:
Hello Flight, My hard drive crashed and it took me a month to get back on line. It's been fun catching up ( 400 e-mails) I'm glad to hear the next reunion is in Charlotte as I lived there after RVN and it must have been fun cause I CRS. I might have to ride on the back of someone's Harley from the west coast. Hello to Smitty, Bill, Mark, Bernie, Mike, Judith and everyone else with the 129th...............G. Henkel

Thu. July 15, 1999 1:21:3 EDT

Bob Wilson ( from Guam writes:
I served with Recon, 1st/14th Infantry and am researching info for our website . Welcome Home to all, Golden Dragon.

Thu. July 15, 1999 8:8:1 EDT

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Good morning crew, sounds like everyone is doing great. Mark thank you for the rubbings of Mr Strother and Lt. Shaw, I sent one to Bruno along with a few pictures from the reunion. Barry Winkler I would really dig have a few calling cards from the Bite and Strike, my address is 1670 West 700 South, Ogden, Utah 84404, and Thank You Much. Jim Westwang how have you and the family been? I plan on giving you a call this weekend, hope you'll be around. Hello Animal good to see you back. "426 is outta here till later". BYE.

Thu. July 15, 1999 8:33:12 EDT

Jim Westwang ( from Sheridan,Wy writes:
Good AM folks, God, glad to hear you back Animal & hope all is well, lost my own hard drive for a short spell when I went to windows 98 so I know what a PIA that is. Bernie, good to hear from you & would like to once again reiterate what a lovely family you have! We are all fine here. I shall be here Saturday in & out getting my son ready for a week long Boy scout camp in Montana & then Sunday AM we send him off & then I must once again go to the Mountains & retrieve my trailer & bring it down & get it ready to go on Vacation in about 10 days. I sent a separate message to Mark Jackson & may have another outlet for some patches. Wish everyone well!!!!!

Thu. July 15, 1999 11:9:18 EDT

Alex Fernwalt ( from Memphis, Tennessee writes:
Hello Flight!
Mark: Let know about the 129th Patch. I am trying to find another place to get the shirts made. The company left state. I am trying to get a price through the company Charlie Rains uses. Trying to kept the cost down and still get a good quality shirt. I gave one to Bernie in Denver. And Glenn and you. What's your thoughts on keeping it the same?
Bernie: Well hope to get you some pictures in the mail in the next week or so. Hope you enjoyed the 129th shirt wear it proudly.
Bill: Yes! stay in touch. Anything you need on a mini reunion in charoltte i will be glad to assit you.
Judith: Welcome home to the 129th. And don't ever let anybody run you off!! The are the best group of men anywhere. You are part of our family!
And to the rest of the flight. Hope see as many as possible in Charoltte next June. Alex (65-66 & 67-68)

Thu. July 15, 1999 11:11:7 EDT

Mike Miles ( from Washington, DC writes:
Bill Shillito: I might be out of the loop for a few more weeks. Hang on to that beer for a little while longer. I broke my leg skydiving. Should get the cast off in about 3 more weeks.

Animal: I tried to e-mail you several times. Now I know why you 'dissed' me, as the IP's say here in DC. I will try you again. Nice to see you up on the web page again.

Jim Westwang: We need to talk about Boy Scouts. I have a son I will ship off to you next summer. Keep him for a few years, and if you can find me, call me and I will come get him.

Everyone, stay in touch. This is a great sevice and I would hate to see it go away. VHPA is having their reunion in DC next July 2000. Something to keep in mind. Keith Weisheit will be coming in and stay with me during the reunion. Anybody else?

Take care,

Mike Miles

Thu. July 15, 1999 20:46:26 EDT

Rick England ( from Phoenix AZ. writes:
I have my own computer now this is my e-mail.Hope everybody is fine.

Sat. July 17, 1999 10:36:33 EDT

Jim Westwang (westwang@ from Sheridan,Wy. writes:
Good morning folks, I recently sent a # on names that are on an award of the Air Medal I have to August Bailey. I had also sent it to Bill Knebusch. At any rate, I was asked by Augie to foward a bunch of cool pictures to the rest of you that I have Addresses for & I did that. Mike Miles, yours came back undeliverable because of too many attachments on GSA.GOV & Bernie, I don't have E-mail Address for. There are some pics in there from where the guy tried to steal the helicopter & crashed it over by the line shack.I hope everyone got them, I have a pretty good powerful Gateway BOX & it had to work like hell to forward all that. Some nice photos of LANE, A photo from atop the hootches. I was able to actually point out the one where I was ( I think). If anyone else would like this stuff, I'll try to pass it. It is from 71-72 period. Mike, I don't know what to do with yours except to try a few at a time. Do you know how many are allowed?? These type of things help a little so thanks go to Augie Bailey.


Sat. July 17, 1999 21:39:2 EDT

Curt Classen ( from Redmond WA writes:
To Bernie Hernandez and Mark Jackson:: Well you two have made my week with gifts and thoughts. Words cannot express my gratitude to you both for your continued actions and support. I sincerely appreciate that you both have taken the extra time to share some very special momento's with ole Cobra 32. Still gettin in touch with it all so short on words his sortie.. Have a great weekend.Good news on the painter I hired for airbrush.He turned out to be great and the chopper missions with Cobras, Slicks, and little birds has come out fantastic. I am very pumped. Looks like I will be able to pick them up 2 days before I leave for Sturgis so my dream has come true and will be ridin for Freedom and the 129th displayed proudly as well as the names of fellow friends.. See ya at Rolling Thunder sign in. Also thank you all for the forwards on photos. Many have not seen before. This email download is great for the sharing between buds. Its ironic to me that we were all on the same heliport, ate in the same mess hall, walked the same flight line and might have walked right by one another each doing their particular duty for the day. Thanks again to all. Your remain the best of the best. Appreciatively Cobra 32

Sun. July 18, 1999 12:53:53 EDT

Rick ( from Phoenix Az writes:
Good morning to all. How do do we order these shirts and patches? I have lots of pics from rvn and lane also movies of assault mission and other ships i don't have a scanner yet but I have friends that will help. Bulldog 431 jan 68 to jan69 see you latter

Sun. July 18, 1999 12:59:43 EDT

Jack Beller ( from Florida writes:
I flew with the 129th Cobras during Jan-Jun 1967. I was called the "Friar". As far as I know, I was the very first "Friar", mainly because it was the first handle we could think of that wasn't already being used! If there's any other Cobras from that time period out there, I'd like to hear from you. By the way, anyone remember a little drink called a "Green Gasser"?

Sun. July 18, 1999 15:23:30 EDT

G. Henkel ( from Hawaii writes:
Thanks for the great photos Smitty. I remember Augie very well. I don't know who he pissed off, but he was my pete when I was extremely short. Best wishes to all.......

Sun. July 18, 1999 17:8:42 EDT

ART CAMPBELL from cardale penn. writes:
Hello everyone. It's been awile since I posted a message. Don't have much time to use the computer other than for college work. I have been reading the messages. Something that makes my day. I read a message concerning August Bailey and the name sounded like I heard it before so I was looking throught some of my Vietnam flight paperwork and came across his name on my permissive orders for out of country travel dated 11 april 72 from Tan Son Nhut for R & R. On these orders with myself are Timothy McKenna and August A. Bailey. If you gays remember these orders let me know. Especially if you rode back to lane on an helocopter where i accidentally kicked out someones suitcase and we had to go down in the jungle to look for it. It was a samsonite but when we found it . It was scattered all over the place. Well that is all for now .Everyone take care.

Sun. July 18, 1999 17:58:45 EDT

Ron Paye ( from Indy. IN 46221 writes:
Hey! Everyone. Sorry it has been so long since i posted. No excuse. Just busy, but I do read most every day and get great and warm feelings whenever I read the nites. Even if I dint know you. So I will do better and try and post often. To all who have logged on since my last post I send a big hello and Welcome Aboard. I miss you guys.

Sun. July 18, 1999 17:59:28 EDT

Ron Paye ( from Indy. IN 46221 writes:
Hey! Everyone. Sorry it has been so long since i posted. No excuse. Just busy, but I do read most every day and get great and warm feelings whenever I read the nites. Even if I dint know you. So I will do better and try and post often. To all who have logged on since my last post I send a big hello and Welcome Aboard. I miss you guys.

Sun. July 18, 1999 18:25:31 EDT

Ron Paye ( from Indy. IN 46221 writes:
Hey! Everyone. Sorry it has been so long since I posted. No excuse. Just busy, but I do read most every day and get great and warm feelings whenever I read the notes, even if I dont know you. So I will do better and try and post often. To all who have logged on since my last post I send a big hello and Welcome Aboard. I miss you guys.

Art... You have got to tell us more about the suitcase. I laugh just to think about it and I don't even know what happened. There has to be a great story lurking in there some place. Fess-up buddy.

Rick... I was in Phoenia not long ago but it was before you posted on the net. Wish I had knowen, we could have gotten together. I may be back, if I do we will get together.

Mike... I am tossing around the idea of heading to DC for the 4th of July next year, If so, I'll buy.

Bernie... If I drive to Phoenix, I will make a side trip through Ogden. Damn Cobra pilots never were good at navagating.Also, I will buy.

G. Hinkle... My mind gives me a lot of problems anymore. I think I killed too many brain cells when I was younger. You sound very familiar, but my mind wants to put you at Ft Lewis in the 3/5 Cav after Nam. Tall guy heavy build, be that you? or am I just to burnt out?

Dan... Next time I visit Curt we will look you up.

Judith... I/we miss you. Please come back little sis.

Curt... Cant wait to see the new paint job. Miss ya brother.

Mark.. What can I say. I miss you like a brother. Thanks again for all you have done for the 129th. I will make a trip to Ohio the last weekend of July. If you will be home let me know and I will come with projector, slides, computed disk, pictures, and a bottle of whatever it is your thurst craves. Let me know, and I will be there.

To all you other bite and strikers. I love ya all. Instead of bitting and striking though, now days I'm doing more of the pissen and missen.
Cobra 34, OUT

Mon. July 19, 1999 8:43:55 EDT

Mike Miles ( from Washington, DC writes:
Jim Westwang - Please try again. My computer at work should take just about anything. Or, you could try my one at home Thanks for trying!

Ron - I hope you do make it to DC in July. I 've never gone to a VHPA, or any reunion. I don't know what to expect. I am sure it will be interesting!or m

Everyone - Take care.

Mike Miles

Mon. July 19, 1999 23:59:29 EDT

Rick ( from Phoenix Az. writes:
Hey Ron looking forward to seeing you I will buy the first one. What year were you there? I only remember bill French and Gustufson how you other guys from 68! My gunner was from N.M. some where I can't remember his name. John chaucey from mesa Az. which I can't find in the phone book. Vernon Clark who was in 394th. Bill whelan from chicago. John Hartwig from gardenia Cal. Galeggoes from cal. I remeber we got into a fight with dustoff nextdoor and then he got into a fight with someone from the 173 airborne it was messy. Lots of stories but nabody to tell them too. bulldog 431 the Ironbutterfly. Click Click be careful out there.

Tue. July 20, 1999 20:40:52 EDT

Bruno E. Sanchez ( from Larredo(HOT),Texas writes:
Bernie,How are you you .Thanks for the call the other day.& how the the game the she win?I sure hope so.I got the picture you sent form the reunion & the names.Say you look a lot skinnier in the pictures now then remember youse in the NAM..But you look in shape anyway.looks like it was a good 'un.I don't want to miss the next one in "N.C.".I was copying the mail & it just a pleasure to read ya'alls postings.KEEP GOING...Mr Miles sorry to hear about your leg man-Bernie & I should know.It's no fun.BULLDOG 21 Mr Miles could use that beer about now HUH.Well,LEFT CLEAR TO COME LEFT.E'NUFF SAID.LATER.

Tue. July 20, 1999 20:40:54 EDT

Bruno E. Sanchez ( from Larredo(HOT),Texas writes:
Bernie,How are you you .Thanks for the call the other day.& how the the game the she win?I sure hope so.I got the picture you sent form the reunion & the names.Say you look a lot skinnier in the pictures now then remember youse in the NAM..But you look in shape anyway.looks like it was a good 'un.I don't want to miss the next one in "N.C.".I was copying the mail & it just a pleasure to read ya'alls postings.KEEP GOING...Mr Miles sorry to hear about your leg man-Bernie & I should know.It's no fun.BULLDOG 21 Mr Miles could use that beer about now HUH.Well,LEFT CLEAR TO COME LEFT.E'NUFF SAID.LATER.

Tue. July 20, 1999 22:11:10 EDT

ART CAMPBELL ( from Cardale Penn 15420 writes:
Hi everyone this is art again. Was reading some of the messages. Most of all the last one I wrote. I see I hit the wrong key when I was spelling guy I put gay instead bad mistake I apologize. Ron the story behind the suitcase was that it was a samonite and during that time all the ads to buy one had a gorilla jumping up and down on one and saying the suitcase was very strong. I guess that one was a dud because it broke open and the guys shorts and t-shirt were all over the jungle. We retreived some of his clothes but not all.

Wed. July 21, 1999 10:53:53 EDT

Michael barrett ( from phila. pa. writes:
To who asked about the suitcase, we were coming back from Phu Cat at the end of the day and we were going thru that small pass right before Lane. The suitcase blew out the door and exploded when it hit. It still makes me laugh. I don't know if it's the story. CE 698,693 Uncle Slick. Fall of 72.

Wed. July 21, 1999 13:36:54 EDT

michael barrett ( from Phila. Pa. writes:
PS on last transmission. It might have been when I was with the 61st. October'71 on till spring of 72.

Thu. July 22, 1999 1:44:2 EDT

Ron (Paye) from Indy writes:
Flight, On July 22 1972 while on a flight near Twin-Bridges, north of LZ English, Cpt. Lee Billingsly, and WO1 Glenn Nowokowski were shot down and KIA. Lets all take a moment of silance to think about them and their families. But for some unknown reason it could have been any of us. So many things have happened to me over the last 27 years. Some good some bad, but even the bad ones can not compair to the loss their families must feel on what has to be a very sad day of rememberance for them. I will say a prayer of gratitude tonight, knowing that if it had been me that had not returned, not only would I not be here, but also my daughter who is the pride of my life would not exist. It pains me to know that these men did not have the oportunity to know the love of a child. May God be with them, their families, and with you all. I love you my Vietnam brothers, including those of you who I have not yet met. Take care my friends. Ron

Thu. July 22, 1999 8:8:14 EDT

Jim Westwang ( from Sheridan,Wy. writes:
What a wonderful sentiment Ron & thanks. it is 0605 7/22 & I am doing just that, saying a prayer & thanking God for the experience of my life & my family. As I read the list of KIA 129th that I have on the wall here Those 2 Men were the last of 30. Tail # AH-1G 66-15304. May God be with their families this day!! They are surely with HIM!

yours, Smitty

Thu. July 22, 1999 9:40:59 EDT

Alex Fernwalt ( from Memphis,Tenn. writes:
Goodmorning Flight:
Bernie & Mark got you all some pictures of the reunion in the mail. Hope you both enjoy them. I am glad to see more getting interested in next years reunion. Once you attend one you can't for the next. I was glad to have the opportunity to meet Bernie and Larry Buller. And. my partner Glenn Pearmain from the 65-66 years. I hope you will extend a big thanks to Mark Jackson about getting the KIA'S on this homepage. I emailed him about it and within weeks he had the list there. Thanks Mark. As members of the 129th we need to try to find more. If you have old orders. You can get the names and socials to track them down. We will be BRO'S forever. Take Care! Alex 65-66 & 67-68

Thu. July 22, 1999 23:23:4 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Hello everybody!!!!!......sorry to ya all for such a long absense. Been a busy very summer. Soon as I can get my brother-in-law outta the house tomorrow, I think that might be the end of the visits we had this year.:-)

Looks as if we have a lot to discuss in here now does'nt it?...patches, and where to get them made. Tee-shirts and where to get them made. Best I know some of us are checkin' into prices as I speak, about Patches that is.Me, Smitty, Curt C. BTW I think Alex F. has a handle on that. And the reunion in NC next year...we will surly have to gather our thoughts on that because it sounds as if a number of us will attend.

I thank all of you for the kind words to me about my mission to contact the families of the crew of the "257" is still in thought yet.

Curt C. that new paint job on that ride of yours sure sounds cool. You be careful on your trip to Sturgis. We know that you will represent the 129th well.

Gotta go gang....will write much more later..........Take care..........."257 inbound to the beacon!!!!!!!!

Sun. July 25, 1999 1:0:0 EDT

Barry Winkler from Peekskill ,N.Y. writes:
Bernie,Jim your Cobra cards are on there way.Just signed on to say Hi. I've got Polaroids 'think I spelled it right.and slides of the Company . I dont know if any of youguys remember the Bar we built in one of our empty hooches. We chirstin it one night . Had the Cobra Officers
down . boy did wedo some drinking that nightGot pictures of that night an the next few days. After the 3rd day we were ordered to tear down the bar , boy were we mad.We had 3 good days.well all just wanted to say Hi ,again if anyone wants some calling card just get me your addressan ill send them to you ,you to Juith. talk to you all in a few days Cobra Wink.

Sun. July 25, 1999 4:39:6 EDT

Kally Bergstrom ( from St. Joseph, MI writes:
I flew with 129th in 67/68. If this rings a bell... Drop m a line.. Kal...

Sun. July 25, 1999 19:48:16 EDT

Jim Westwang ( from Sheridan,Wy. writes:
Flight; I will be outbound for a short sortie but should return in a couple weeks. Barry, I think I rember that Bar deal. Lots of crazy stuff went on! Curt Classen, safe trip & I will return home by Aug 8th & Sturgis starts the 9th so I will surely be here as you come back through. Have a 22 foot Travel trailer here & it ain't the Taj Mahal but would be an overnight. If you lose info, I am in the phone book in Sheridan. I need this vacation.

Lane: Bulldog 147 is Whiskey 1, Request hover departure.

Sun. July 25, 1999 22:5:3 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Hey Bulldog 147 Whiskey 1.....all clear right...pull pitch brother.....have a good one......and will hear ya on the otherside.......take wishes for the rest of the 129th too.........

on a sad note....lost a co/worker/friend and biker brother today to a crash on his ride.....say a prayer for him......."257".....on the go!!!!

Mon. July 26, 1999 19:24:29 EDT

Donnie R. Purvis ( from lexington north carolina writes:
crewchief bulldog 682 from jul 71 til jul 72
bill long time not see, do you remember a night on
the town, and pissing off a mp col. and to judith
who ever sent you that e-mail is a asshole and tell
him to kiss your tail stinger. keep up the great
work little lady.

Mon. July 26, 1999 19:34:46 EDT

Donnie R. Purvis ( from lexington north carolina writes:
crewchief bulldog 682 from jul 71 til jul 72
bill long time no see, do you remember a night on
the town, and pissing off a mp col. and to judith
who ever sent you that e-mail is a asshole and tell
him to kiss your tail stinger. keep up the great
work little lady. bill would love a copy of the year
book. you can e-mail me at

Mon. July 26, 1999 22:39:11 EDT

Ron (Paye) from Indy, In. writes:
Hey Flight. Just wanted to post some sad news and some GREAT news. I dont want to be a downer but want to post this in honor and rememberance of a good friend of mine. WO1 Harold McCaslin Jr. was KIA on July 26 1972, while on a mission with H/10 CAV out of Lane AHP. Was also his birthday. Was a tough few weeks in 72.

The GREAT news is that this weekend I will finely get to meet the "GREAT" Mark Jackson. Yep! thats right, you heard it here first folks, eat your hearts out. I will drive out to vivit with Mark this Friday and Saturday. It is a trip I have been wanting to do since I first logged on the net and found out about Mark and his brother. We will be talking about ALL of you guys and gal(Judith) I am sure there will be a lot of laughter, some sad times but over all I know it will be a special weekend, and I cant wait for it to get here.

Take care all, and we will keep you posted.

Cobra 34, OUT

Mon. July 26, 1999 23:23:32 EDT

Jack Gilmore ( from Charlotte NC writes:
A very good Freind is Kin of KIA that was 129th Crewchief......
Thanks to all,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
and "Welcome Home" to those that can read this.
Great Page................

Tue. July 27, 1999 17:4:24 EDT

gerry rawles ( from indiana writes:
nice page,we were next door to each other.i was with the 498th(67-69)at lane.thank for the coverge you guys supplied for me on missons CHOW

Tue. July 27, 1999 17:13:28 EDT

gerry rawles ( from indiana writes:
nice page,we were next door to each other.i was with the 498th(67-69)at lane.thank for the coverge you guys supplied for me on missons CHOW

Thu. July 29, 1999 23:6:57 EDT

Ron Paye ( from Indy. IN. writes:
Flight, this is a post I wrote in answer to a question as to what our mission was when I was in the 129th. I thought you all might enjoy it.

We were an ARA unit. When I got to Lane the NVA had taken over most of the country. They had taken everything down to LZ English. Didn't mess with Phu Cat or with Lane. I think they stayed away from Lane because we were surrounded by the Korean Tiger Division, and they knew better than to mess with the Koreans. An Khe no longer existed other than the tower, and one hanger. The only sign that there ever was a base there was all the cement slabs from the tents and buildings. The Vietnamese had striped everything. An Khe pass ??? I don't remember if it had been overrun or not. CRS. I know there was a standing joke that they would have to renumber one of the peaks, as the Air Force and Navy had put so much ordinance on it that it had to be ten to fifteen feet lower. We lost one slick crew trying to retake it.

Our mission was supporting the Arvin's and the Korean's as they took the country back. By the time we stood down they had pushed their way back past the twin bridges north of LZ English, I think it was Bong Son bridges. We lost a Cobra and crew there. They got stitched by a pair of 51's. An Khe pass belonged to the Arvin's again.

Also got to fly out of Pleiku with the Pink Panthers a few times when they were short PIC's. Flew out as far as the border, and up past Kontum. Escorted a Hook up to Dak To a few times. One time out of Kontum we came across a group of tanks and the Lt. I was flying wing with, made a low level pass over them and wanted to shoot them up. He swore they were bad guys but control would not give us clearance to shoot. Missed our chance at hitting hard iron. The NVA had brought tanks with when they took over the country side.

There were two UH-1's that had Tow's on them and they had blasted quite a few tanks. I cant remember how many they had painted on their side but seems like it was around twenty-five or six. They had a civilian TECH rep flying with them as the TOW was just in its test stage. They didn't belong to any unit. Just flew wherever they had reports of tanks. They also had one island painted on the side next to the tanks. It seems one day west of Pleiku someone say an island in the river where they didn't remember on, so they dropped a couple of grenades down on it and it was a Russian tank that must have stalled while crossing the river. They scrambled the TOW UH-1's out and they blasted it. Well, a few days later the same little bird found another island that they thought did not belong there, so once again they scrambled the TOW birds out and they blasted it. But, it seems it really was an island, so they painted it on the Huey along side the pictures of the tanks.

The day after the Peace agreement was signed there were Viet Cong flags flying all over the place, I mean ALL OVER the place, there were thousands of them. Guess the Vietnamese wanted to cover all bets.

Now I have to cool down my fingers. This is the most I have typed in quite a while.

Take care everyone.

Ron Paye
Cobra 34, OUT

Fri. July 30, 1999 9:50:57 EDT

Leland Hendrix ( from El Paso, TX writes:
Just back checking in.

Fri. July 30, 1999 12:42:6 EDT

Leland (Lee) Hendrix ( from El Paso, TX writes:
I was with the 361st AWC, Pink Panthers, and helping out from Pleiku when we lost Billingsly/Nowakowski. Wasn't flying that day but remember the somber mood. I got to the 129th just a while later when the PP closed down. Initially assigned to 1st Lift Plt, then Cobra Plt in Jan, '73.

I remember Curt and have some pictures, I'm sure. Please get Ron Paye in touch with me. He and I were class mates and Harold was a very good friend of mine, too. Tony Kray was part of our group. Any idea where he is?
I was slightly wounded in the fragging that the XO got, as was CPT Dave Boostrom. CPT Denny Mulder(?) just missed being hurt very badly in that incident, too.

Great Page. Let's keep it up.
LHX (CW4 Leland (Lee) J. Hendrix)
Staff Safety Officer, Joint Task Force Six, Ft. Bliss, El Paso, TX 79918-0054
915.568.8653, 800.525.6864, DSN: 978.8653

Fri. July 30, 1999 16:16:26 EDT

Ron (Paye) from writes:
Hey Flight, In just a few I will be on my way to Ohio. The one and only, great, Mark Jackson and I will hoist a few in honor of all 129th Bite and Strikers this weekend. We might even lift more than a few. I'm sure we will talk about all of you, and will wish that you were there with us. I will let you know how it went.
Take care and have a great weekend.

Sat. July 31, 1999 11:16:7 EDT

Ed Rodriguez ( from Escondido,Ca. 92025 writes:
Was transfered in from the 1st Cav June72,
DEROS:11NOV72 assigned to maint., CE on 69-15517,
UH-1H, AKA: SNOWSNAKE, Had numerous Gunners
assigned (daily). Because most of you were
newbbies, I'm Sorry to say I didn't want to know
you, my prior losses-well I think you know why.
It was my honor to serve with you. I hope you
can understand?? WELCOME HOME!