Tue. June 1, 1999 23:11:3 EDT

joseph kennedy (jkenned4@san.rr.com) writes:
Looking for anyone who served with and/or remembers Major Richard Schaefer of the 162nd Assault Helicopter Group, Phuoc Vinh, Viet Nam 1966-1967.

Specifically, looking for anyone who can tell his family about the circumstances regarding his DFC which is believed to be related to the extraction of a Green Beret Unit under Heavy Fire.

Major Schaefer died in a stateside car accident in 1969 and his adult children would like to share info with the men he served with.

Wed. June 2, 1999 19:16:55 EDT

Rick England (pookie@inficad.com) from Phoenix writes:
To whom it may concern my son recieved the pictures but I haven't got over to his house to see them yet. Like I said before I dio not Have a computer yet so I am relying on my son and friends. I will i.d. pictures asap. Thanks have a good day.

Fri. June 4, 1999 5:46:43 EDT

steven k.tolan (salvagetemp@webtv.net) from louisiana writes:
a member of the 129th 72-73

Fri. June 4, 1999 9:46:15 EDT

p sullivan (sullybunch@webtv,net) from wvc,ut writes:
my grandfather, george a hardy served in this unit

Fri. June 4, 1999 22:18:37 EDT

Dan Hertlein (hert@serv.net) from Sumner, WA writes:
A long time ago I came across a quote written I think by Robert Douglas Mead in the book Ultimate North. He was talking about another subject but it seemed to apply to me when friends would ask me about what it was like in Nam. Perhaps you can relate to it also. "It is almost impossible to talk to someone about what we have seen and done. People ask questions as they can best answer thenselves, from whatever they already know. But even the simplest question is answerable only with the entire experience: It is a connected whole, a web in which you cannot take one strand between your fingers without drawing out the whole.." I hope others can record incidents that some day our grandchildren can remember what we went through and the friends we left behind.

Sun. June 6, 1999 23:2:41 EDT

Jerry Sovich from Economy PA writes:
I was a pilot from Feb to Jul 1966 out of Qui Nhon. Also spent 8 yrs flyimg UH-1H in the 104th Cav of the PANG.

Mon. June 7, 1999 15:29:33 EDT

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Bruno, whats going on, I've been trying to call you a couple of times but the commo line is busy. How have you been? I'm still on planning the reunion, right now the floor that the crews and or pilots are full, anyway give me some commo. "426" is going in hot, I'm going to the gym.

Tue. June 8, 1999 9:38:38 EDT

Bruno E Sanchez (rauls@icsi.net) from Laredo,Texas writes:
Bernie, good morning.Sorry I aont called myself.I've just got done doing the 25 yr anniversery this past Saturday .I'm still eating stale cake.
Man I'm dragging my rump roast. I haven't made reservations-airline or hotel.Ibetter get a move on,fast pront quick huh.I was also thinking about you becasue of the horse race-it's a shame he lost.Man when he came out of turn # 4 he was "smokin'".you could tell that the jockey was very sad becasue he jumped of & right away he went to check the ankle.
this iis my last month-I'll be retiring-"FINALLY'.June 30th is the last day of work-I got the short timer blues bad.Anyway I'll be getting on the phone & start making some reservation.

Fri. June 11, 1999 13:11:41 EDT

michael_barrett (michael_barrett@icpphil.navy.mil) from Phila. Pa. writes:
I just try'd to get in and I might have sent it to the MIR space station. Still interested in the yearbook project (71-72).Dear Judith, the light is always on in my house if you come this way.

Sun. June 13, 1999 11:5:29 EDT

August Bailey (baileya@cnrf.nola.navy.mil) from Mandeville, La. writes:
Hi, I have written once on your web requesting anyone who may have served with me during 71-72 period. I attempted to re construct some of the members I served with. My I shared living quarters with WO1 Dave Bramel. I found an award from the South Vietnam 22th infantry division which reconized members of the 129th who participated in a 72 summer offensive. Some of the names on this order are 1Lt Elton Elkins, WO1 Dana Amos, CPT Richard ferguson, CW2 Michael Fannon, WO1Robert Guffery, CW2 Michael Ledbetter, WO1 Thomas Broullard ( believe we called tom Babyson), WO1 James lawrence, SP4 Richard Hollis, SP4 Phillip Kehler, SP4 Kenneth Barrow, SFC Eugene Schultz, SP4James Johnson. SP5 james Raggs, SP4 Wendell Hepa, SP4William Cass, SP4Randall Thompson, PFC Robert Breuer, PFCAuther Douglas, PFC Wayne Vance, PFC jeffery carpenter and SFC David Murphy. I have also discovered a number of pictures from this time period. Hope to hear from someone who remembers me. My call sign was ironman. Most called me Augie. I flew slicks and sometime scouts. Please advise how and who I may transmitte these pictures. Also, I believe Animal and I flew together for a brief period. ( may be another animal but kind of remember the story being told of the Air Force Club inicident). Hope this info helps. R/August Bailey

Mon. June 14, 1999 11:5:8 EDT

Bruno E Sanchez (rauls@icsi.netaii) from Laredo, Texas writes:
Mr Bailey- are you the "chicken wagon driver? If'in you are I sure remember you......Hope your doing fine & everything is Ten Two double plus wall tree top tall. I sure remember most of the names you mentioned.. I hope you find a way to get the picture in the webb.I t would really be great.I know the rest of the of would really enjoy it. It great to see you log on .
Bernie. Buenos dias dude . How are you doing? I'll be giving you a land line partner.
"Bulldog 21" hope you're doing fine & Mrs 21 & the kiddies are doing fine.It's that time of year "summer" & the heat is on.Anyway just a few lines & hope the rest of the Bite N stikers are OK.. ,

Tue. June 15, 1999 8:8:17 EDT

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Good morning crews, been awhile since i've logged on, Bruno and Jim I've been trying to call your homes but I keep getting a busy signal. I'm headed for the Mile High City next week with the family, hoping I see you there. "426" will be represented there. Have a good one.

Tue. June 15, 1999 21:13:54 EDT

Mark Jackson (fourfour@bright.net) from LZ HOME writes:
HOWDYYYYYYYY...129th......sure been a while since I checked in here. Made it back from DC in one piece. To tell ya all the truth, the weekend that my wife and I spent riddin' and doin' stuff for the POW/MIA issue in DC, was the most awesome and emotional event that we have particapated with in our lives. Besides bein' the best 6 days that Dee and I have ever spent together........I am very proud to be associated with all Vets. The here, and gone. Thank you all...........

As promised to some of you, my mission was to collect a few etchins' of Tom Shaw and Claud Strother's names from the WALL.....glad to report that mission was accomplished. I have, for a first come,first served bassis, 5 etchins' of the boys names of separate pieces of paper. I know that Bernie,Bruno and Gently Judith want one, so that leaves 2 more.........anybody else wants one, you can e-mail me your postal addy and I will send ya one. I am sorry I was only able to get 5. It was early Memorial day when Dee and I went to get them, and the WALL was quite busy already. Tom and Claud are way at the top of the panal and due to insurance reasons we had to have a volunteer get them for us. I hated to ask the man to get more then that.

.....all is well here piss and hissers....hope all is well where ya'all are at.

to the man that said the video I sent him had nothing on it..can you e-mail me and I will remindy that.

....and to who ever I promised an e-mail list to, I appoligize for bein' so slow on it all.......my lovely 6 ( God Bless her ) has had me doin' " honey do" jobs ever since we got back from DC.....along with a quick jaunt to KC in the middle of it all. Cant complain bout that after askin her ta ride 1,200 miles with me to DC and back.;-))))

.........Judith???..get your commo back in here babe......Please..........

....the "257" is turning inbound to the beacon, and climbing to 6,000ft. Lets go home Larry!!!!.."257"..out!!!!

Tue. June 15, 1999 23:21:42 EDT

bill shillito (bill.shillito@rsicom.com) from sterling, Va. writes:

Bernie and Bruno, Good to see you logging on and keeping "426" flying high. Sorry, I missed your phone call.........

Mark, great to have you back from DC and proud of what you and the missus do for us.

Mr. Bailey (Augie Dog) we flew close to the same time. Bulldog 21.......I taught Jim Lawrence how to fly....just kidding.....he was one of the best, I ever saw. I believe he returned to Rucker and soon became their SIP. He was good and I miss him....have not heard from him since 72 or 73.

Mike Fannon was with me when we got our hydraulics shot out on short final to an LZ just west of the An Khe pass. He keep his cool good and we recovered the aircraft......slid it on at Phu Cat and was back in the fray in about an hour. I haven't seen hide or hair of Mr. Fannon sense 72........any ideas?? Famous Amos........he sure did like the bands at the O'club.

Just a few of my faulty memories.....I am willing to be corrected on any above statments.

Judith!!!! were are you??

Mike (Froggy) we still got to put a few beers down together......hows the honey do list?

Bulldog 21, proud to have 2 turning and 1 burning on "426".

Wed. June 16, 1999 9:59:2 EDT

Alex Fernwalt (alfern@bellsouth.net) from memphis,tenn writes:
Bernie: Will be in Denver next week. Were staying at the Marriott southeast 6363 east hampton ave. Glenn Pearmain from fairview, utah will be in on weds. We were together in 65-66. I think Glenn is bringing some of his pictures and slides. We fly in Sunday. But, the 6 has business the first few days. Mark: Appreciate the package. Plan on coming to Ohio in Oct. will try to stop for a hour or so. will keep you posted. Made another connection from the 65-66 group. Max Whittington. sent some good pictures. To the rest of the flight. The 129th has come home at last. Glad to see so many finding the Bro's we served with. Well, 3 days and a wakeup to Denver. Oh! does anybody know where we can find a short-timers calender. Alex

Thu. June 17, 1999 8:5:57 EDT

Mike Miles (michael.miles@gsa.gov) from Wash DC writes:
The house is painted and I am anxiously awaiting that long promised beverage. I was flying a UH-60 last Saturday and thinking about you guys. My life has certainly been blessed, to be associated with all of you. Bill, I still want that beer.
Take care,
Mike Miles

Thu. June 17, 1999 10:0:58 EDT

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Hey good morning everyone, 6 days more and I'll be in Denver, Got some big time buttterflys. Bruno I hope you'll be there and i will be giving you a call. Alex it will be a pleasure to meet you, I have talked to Glen before. Mr Shilleto I wish that you where going to be at the reunion. Mark thank you for the etching, how do you want to get it to me? "426' is headed for Denver.

Thu. June 17, 1999 11:13:46 EDT

Bruno E Sanchez (rauls@icsi.net ) from Laredo, Texas writes:
Bernie. good morning.I seen you log in early. I called last nite but I missd you. I'll try again tonite.
And a good morning to the rest of the flight.Hope everyone's doing ok.

Thu. June 17, 1999 14:41:15 EDT

Jim Westwang (westwang@cyberhighway.net) from Sheridan, Wy. writes:
I'm Sorry I won't be able to make the reunion as we are too short staffed here at the VA. My Thoughts are with you all. Keep fighting for vets benefits. I saw some of the rally of Rolling Thunder on TV & liked some of the comments & thanks to those who went & especially you Mark again for all you do!! Be safe & have a great time. Smitty

Fri. June 18, 1999 19:30:5 EDT

Rick England (pookie@inficad.com) from Phoenix AZ. writes:
Keep hearing about this reunion could I find out where this is at and when this will happen?

Fri. June 18, 1999 20:20:33 EDT

Mark Jackson (fourfour@bright.net) from LZ Home writes:
Hey 129th.......hope all are well. Rick England, the reunion info can be found at this web address web2.airmail.net/vhcma/VHCMAreunion.htm it is in Denver, and it is this weekend. Hope you are near enough to attend. I will not be there, but nezt year would like to be able to attend the one in Charlott, NC.

Later gang........"257" out.....have a good one...oh yeah.......happy fathers day dads!!!!

Tue. June 22, 1999 19:24:33 EDT

bill shillito (bill.shillito@rsicom.com) from sterling, va writes:
hello, Bernie and Bruno. Bernie sure wish I could attend as well. I will be thinking of you. Hope you will toast one for me.

From what Mark J says next year it is in Charlotte, NC.........that is in my backyard. I will plan to host a ""129th Special"" just for the Bite and Strikers. More to follow as I learn more.

Mark J......what are your thoughts on a special in conjunction with the full re-union? will the organizers feel slighted or offended??

Frog.........(Mike Miles) good to hear that you still strap on the equipment and go flinging through the air........boy do I miss it.

You will collect on that beer very soon.


bulldog 21........happy to help PM 426......

Fri. June 25, 1999 12:5:55 EDT

Jester (ron@kku1.kku.ac.th) from Thailand writes:
To all the 129th Cobras going to the reunion...I'm with ya'll.

Sun. June 27, 1999 21:34:50 EDT

I have been toying with the idea of going to the wall. I was in DC about 7 years ago, was
taking a bus around and at a certain point I got the weirdest feeling. That night at the
Hotel I as looking at the map an found out that I was about 3 blocks from the wall at the
time I felt it. Those of you that have made it. I need some insight. I don’t know If I can do
it . Is it best to take someone, should they be a loved one or a Viet Nam Buddy or is it
better left to ones self. I think that this something I must do. Might just make it to
Rolling Thunder next year. Thoughts> Suggestions>Help>..

Sun. June 27, 1999 21:37:51 EDT

Bill French (Wfrench7@bellsouth.net) from Marietta Ga. writes:
I have been toying with the idea of going to the wall. I was in DC about 7 years ago, was
taking a bus around and at a certain point I got the weirdest feeling. That night at the
Hotel I as looking at the map an found out that I was about 3 blocks from the wall at the
time I felt it. Those of you that have made it. I need some insight. I don’t know If I can do
it . Is it best to take someone, should they be a loved one or a Viet Nam Buddy or is it
better left to ones self. I think that this something I must do. Might just make it to
Rolling Thunder next year. Thoughts> Suggestions>Help>..

Sun. June 27, 1999 21:52:38 EDT

Bill French (Wfrench7@bellsouth.net) from Marietta Ga. writes:
Gang ,
1967 Me and 12 other started the first Attack Helicopter Company Provincial. It was at
Hunter Army Air field. We lived in the Molehole on the old SAC Quarters at the end of
the flight line. was there 10 months and was crewing up to 5 aircraft at a time. Any one
out there remember WO-4 Slavens . Rousky, Bob Barker, Basteen, Smitty, Just a bunch
of kids that were to young to go to Viet Nam.


Sun. June 27, 1999 22:33:22 EDT

Mark Jackson (fourfour@bright.net) from LZ HOME writes:
Hello 129th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....man oh man oh man oh man!!!....is summer a busy time , or what?????....besides runnin' meself ragged. I am sure all of you are in the same mode. It is always very good to stop in here and read up on you guys......I wonder how it went for the ones that went to the gatherin' in Denver?....would be great to hear a report from some. Burnie, and Bruno, Alex...did'nt you guys go???.....would like to know if ya ran into any 129th guys out there.

Yo Frenchie.........best advice I can give ya bout the WALL is this.."GO".........as far as a companion........take that loved one, be they wife, girlfriend,Vet Buddy,.....or just take yourself..........the WALL ..it seems to me....touches each of us in a different way. That feeling you had just 3 blocks away?.......felt it myself.....the boys do reach out to us, and when we get close, their souls brush our faces......."GO"......as far as "Rolling Thunder"....the 6 and I are all ready making plans to attend next year. Would love to be at the WALL with you then, if ya wanna wait to visit it. The WALL was real spooky to me at first too. Everybody said that I would have a hard time approaching it. Turns out, I had a harder time turning my back on it and not being able to pull my brother out of it and bring him home with me. Ends up brother....he did come home with me that day..and stands by my side daily...............I would love to stand at the WALL with you and all the 129th guys...........if ya like.......stay in touch with me and I will advise you of our plans for next years trip on Memorial Day with the THUNDER...that goes for all of you Hiss and Pissers;-))))

...Hey gang.........anybody that has Gently Judith's addy.....lets send her some e-mail and get her butt back in the flightbook....I miss her........think she needs a lil' boost back on the flight. I believe she took a hit in here, if I am not mistakin' by some inconsiderate jerk.......

....filled enough lines this time...you guys......PLEASE....all take care.........will talk later......and THANKS.....just THANKS....for being out there................Jackson

Mon. June 28, 1999 11:18:20 EDT

A;lex fernwalt (alfern@bellsouth.net) from memphis, Tn. writes:
Hello Flight!!
Well back from Denver and the reunion. Had the pleasure of meeting Bernie and His wonderful family. Your really blessed Bernie. Also glad you had time with Jesse and that you got a signed copy of his book the CREWCHIEF. Also Glenn Pearmain was in the first few days. He gave the wife and I a tour of the area. Of coarse Glenn has become a part of the family. Also, had the pleasure of meeting Larry Buller. He was passing through for a few hours. In all it was a great reunion. The 129th was represented with 4 this year. And hope to see more next year in North Carolina. We could sent up a mini reunion there. All I would have to do is let Charlie Rains know and he could get us a meeting room like the other do. The Vietnam Crewmember Asso. encourages mini reunions. Mark hope you can make to next years. You are the back bone for all of us . You have put your heart and soul into this page. And you give to all of us when we are looking for info. You are a true bro of the 129th. And you will always be my Bro!!!! And to Judith you are a part of this flight of the 129th. Don't let anybody run you off. The real men of the 129th will always welcome you here to our homepage. To the rest of the flight. may God bless everyone of you. You all are my Bro's even though we may not have been in Nam together. But we are the 129th. Alex (11/65-11/66) (6/67-4/68)

Mon. June 28, 1999 11:35:1 EDT

Barry Swanson (barry_swanson@milgo.com) from Riverside, CA writes:

I would agree with Mark, you need to just GO. I visited the scaled version of the "Traveling Wall", years ago, it was just as difficult just knowing what it represented. I have had the same feeling about wanting to go to DC to visit the actual wall, but mixed emotions make it hard to get there.

Mark.....was thinking about you during the Memorial weekend, CSPAN was covering the Rolling Thunder at the starting point of the ride, was hoping they would catch you. They did interview a guy who organizes a ride from Ontario, CA to DC. He is from Chicago and gathers a lot of riders from the West Coast for the trip. I have been working the wife for sometime to buy a Harley, had one after I got out of he Army but sold it before I was married in '76. Have told her when the kids are grown I want to get another. Watching the coverage of Rolling Thunder was really a help. If any of the 129th wants to plan a reunion that weekend I would be ready to ride.

Tue. June 29, 1999 9:59:3 EDT

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Hello crew, you cannot believe the great time myself and family had at our reunion, met some new people. Alex, and Liz thanks for the hospitality you showed us. I'm looking forward to next year. Bruno you missed a good time. I'll talk at you later. "426 out".

Tue. June 29, 1999 15:50:4 EDT

Leonard Robbins (italy44@swbell.net) from Houston, Texas writes:
April 68,Jan. 69, Cobra, Jester.

Tue. June 29, 1999 17:2:20 EDT

Bruno E Sanchez (rauls@icsi.net) from rauls@icsi.net writes:
Bernie-I'm kicking myself .I 'm sorry I didn't make it. I tried calling to let you know But missed you.Anyway I'm glad that you were abl;e to go.I see from Alex's posting that Larry Buller was able to go even if it was just passing thru.What other units were there? AW HELL,it dont matter.I'll give you a land line.
Bulldog 21 A big hello & to the rest of the 129th out there.
Lost Alaskan & the rest of the Snake drivers - Where are you???????????
Larry Buller great you made it to the reunion.
E'NUFF SAID.LATER .I'M OTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tue. June 29, 1999 18:16:30 EDT


Wed. June 30, 1999 11:5:20 EDT

Alex Fernwalt (alfern@bellsouth.net) from memphis,Tenn. writes:
Goodmorning Flight
Bernie glad to see you made it home safely. Was a real pleasure meeting you and the family. We have started saving for next years reunion in North Carolina. Hopefully more can make it. Bernie if you can email a few of your pictures I will put them in the scrap book I am working on. Take care. Bruno sorry you missed the reunion . But there is always next year. I will keeping the flight informed. To answer your question the is quite a few units in the VIETNAM CREW MEMBERS ASSO. Also, some pilots are joining and coming to the reunions. I am hoping more of the 129th start finding this page. I am hoping we can double the number of guys on this page in 99. If anybody wants to email me it's alfern@bellsouth.net Mark: haven't heard from you in a while. hope everything is going good for you. Well catch you all on the next flight in. Alex

Wed. June 30, 1999 20:19:14 EDT

Curt Classen (curtclassen@email.msn.com) from Redmond, WA writes:
Heaaaaa Bernie Hernandiez.. Was super great to receive your voice mail message today. Sure does mean a lot that you take the time to think of me. Thanks for the thoughts at your reunion.. That once again just goes to show what an increadible human being you are as we all already know. If you happen to run into any 129th Patches or something close could use one for my Harley Jacket. Update on my Cobra Nam paint job for the bike is that "Its being worked on".. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt, after all hes an artist so will see how the tribute on the scoot comes out. Maybe this week. Sure would be nice to ride it to Sturgis with the Cobra paint job. Will keep you posted. Thanks again bud for the voice mail. Made my day.. Cobra 32 Winchester.. CC