Sun. May 2, 1999 16:4:41 EDT

Bill French ( from Marietta Ga writes:
Hi Gang .. BoB , Got in touch with Mugsy. Sent Him Som Pix of us , he sent me some back. Hope all is doing as well as can be expected. My Prayers are with you.
Any one got a rundown on C/C 's Tom Piazza Dettoit, Bill Wealand, John Hartwig(Cal) 68-69 Time frame??
Mark .. Are you colecting pix from people? Got a digital camera,can send what I have, cab't put names to all the faces, long time ago. Some were of the 394th Maintenance for the 129th I was in it half of the time I was over there. Crew Chief's would drop off a couple of cases of C's and we would pull all the inspection pannels for them. A great deal for all. Thats where a lot of Crew Chief's came from. Got my first Air Medal while still in the 394th. Taking up slack spaces with the two flight plt's. Mark I would like to put in my kind thoughts on what you have done for me It's been a long time since I have been able to "walk that walk". Now I don't know what took so long. This sight is truly a wonderfull thing ,and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart,which is just getting over 5 by-pass operation...
Thanks Frenchie745

Mon. May 3, 1999 8:27:38 EDT

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Good morning Crew, Jim it'll be a pleasure to have super with you and your wife. I'll be giving you a call sometime today or tomorrow evening, be careful on the drive down. Bruno, I'm going to need Noah's arc, there's alot of rain here, sucks bad.I'll be calling you also. "426" out.

Mon. May 3, 1999 10:8:40 EDT

Bruno E Sanchez ( from "DRY GULCH,TX" writes:
Bernie-CONGRATS on the colt.Sorry about all that rain you're gettin'.Send some down here.When i water the plants & grass it just gets sucked in the ground.I mostly do the waterin' in the evening.
MARK-thanks for the words.I appreciate it.I know you will be careful but just the same, be careful.
Judith-got your E-Mail.Again thanks for rembering.You got guts girl. E'NUFF SAID.LATER YOU ALL.

Mon. May 3, 1999 10:43:44 EDT

Alex Fernwalt ( writes:
Hello Crew
Just wanted to check in. (popII) Mark have a safe trip to the WALL!!!!! Been there twice. It's one of the hardest things I ever done. Because you can still put the face with the name. Plus appreciate all the info you get for everybody. Hope to see some of you guys in Denver,Colo. in June. Catch you all on the next flight in. Alex

Mon. May 3, 1999 20:35:9 EDT

gently judith ( from Wisconsin writes:
Bruno! What did I miss???!! After the crash of "426" you were in the hospital for over 4 months!! My god, I had no idea! What a story that must be-if you ever feel up to it, I'd be very interested in reading about it. You can e-mail me direct if you'd rather. But, please remember, only if you are up to it.

Bernie! A colt! To cool! How great to be around such beautiful creatures.

Mark, a trip to the Wall-be strong my friend. the tears falls freely. The "WALL" that travels is coming to Wisconsin in September and all the while it's here the names of the many who died in Nam will be read-Yes, you can bet I'll be a reader, I just hope I will be able to see through the tears. By the way, did you and Ron Paye get together? Ron, where are you?? Please be OK-all of you, be OK. gently, Judith

Mon. May 3, 1999 21:10:23 EDT

Gently judith ( from Wisc. writes:
Fellow Vet Manny Babbit dies 5/4 in California-write the Gov-now! Read his story about "post Stress", and the flashbacks that caused him to kill another person. the site already has a letter to the gov asking for clemency-all you have to do is sign it! Come on guys, he could die tomorrow. Gently, judith

Mon. May 3, 1999 21:11:15 EDT

Gently judith ( from Wisc. writes:
Fellow Vet Manny Babbit dies 5/4 in California-write the Gov-now! Read his story about "post Stress", and the flashbacks that caused him to kill another person. the site( already has a letter to the gov asking for clemency-all you have to do is sign it! Come on guys, he could die tomorrow. Gently, judith

Tue. May 4, 1999 10:5:19 EDT

Bruno E Sanchez ( from Laredo, Texas writes:
Judy-Yeah.I arrived @ Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio,Tx early May "72 & I left late ,late Sept '72 or early October '72.Thanks to medical personnel they did a great job on patching up this ole huey crewchief.I dont have any complaints. But the head nurse was glad to see me go back to active duty.YUK,YUK,YUK,YUK.
Bernie-I've been watching the weather channel & you're right.You better call Noah brother.E'NUFF SAID.LATER

Tue. May 4, 1999 15:55:40 EDT

Bernie Hernandez ( writes:
Bruno, Curt, Bill, heres my address if you would like it. Talk to you all later.

Tue. May 4, 1999 22:2:27 EDT

Gently Judith ( from WI writes:
Buenos Noches! Ron Paye hasn't been on the 129th because his CPU is having problems-but he can recieve E-mail, so......

Where in Wisconsin does "Pollock" live-perhaps I could look him up?

Bernie-may I use your E-mail address also, or is it a "work" situation?

Having gotten the word on a reprieve or execution of fellow vet Manny Babbitt today. I"ll let you know. The E-mail address for his story was listed in the repeat of the "call to action". Sorry for the confusion.

Mark-enjoy the wedding!!!

Be strong at the "Wall". Gently touch Tom's name for me. And give Larry a strong full hand for me. Thank you. I wish I was going. Gently Judith

And then get back to work on the new web site!!!!! If you need my gekp just type.

Thu. May 6, 1999 10:26:13 EDT

Bruno E Sanchez ( from Laredo(Dry Gulch),TX writes:
Bernie & the rest of the "GANG'!!!!
good morning people.Hey bernie did you check out the Kline art work, Its great.I just might order some.I E-mailed you but the 1st came came undeliverable.It could be that i sent it a 7am central time(6am You're time).Maybe your PC wasnt on yet.Did you name the colt yet?I'll be in & out of the BITE N STRIKE web.E'NUFF SAID-I'M OTTA HERE

Thu. May 6, 1999 10:55:47 EDT

Ted Buisker ( from Davis, IL. writes:
Hey all, been checking in and reading everything you guys have posted. Have located another 129th Vet in Brodhead, WI. Larry Ayres owns the GM dealership there. He was there in 1970 I beleive. I was there Oct. 67 to Sept 68, but spent three months away in the hospital for something they couldn't figure out. Lost 30 lbs in two weeks. (need that diet now). There's another one Gently can look up. Can't make Denver but I'll hoist a few of Jos Hubers finest for you that can make it. Too many irons in the fire. Bulldog 864 taking off south hotel.

Thu. May 6, 1999 17:48:22 EDT

Bruno E Sanchez ( from Laredo,Texas writes:
Hey Bernie-Check it out man- the Kline art work.Click on where it say other Kline artwork.thers one in ther of the gunner looing out @ about his 3 o'clock.At about his 5 o'clock there's a slick with the bulldog nose art & the
129th numbers on the door.Click on it to enlage.Check out what the gunner has written on his helmet. .

Thu. May 6, 1999 19:8:33 EDT

gently ( from Wisc writes:
Roger that on Larry Ayres, Ted. Banking Right on the "426"-gently Judith

Thu. May 6, 1999 21:20:18 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ WEDDING CENTRAL writes:
Evenin' Gang.....hey Bruno!!!!....I know that post of the Kline art work was fer Bernie...but I checked it out to see the 129th depicked in a painting of his. From what I gather, Kline was in the 101st. Just wondrin' why he used the 129th in a painting. Glad he did....everybody take care, talk later.

Fri. May 7, 1999 8:39:22 EDT

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Good morning brothers and sister Judith, its a fine morning here in Utah, just wanted to share with all of you about the visit with Jim and Linda Westwang this past wednesday. Hey it was great to see an old friend from the days of 129th. I can't tell you all how good it felt. Man I'm still in a daze. Jim thanks for stopping by and for the gift. Mark I got your E message, and Judith you also can send me a message, I'll answer using the 129th net. Bruno I checked out the painting, its cool, and yes I have named the philly, her name is Conrads Chick, I hope she inherited her fathers speed, cause she looks just like him. Any how I'm outta here, going to the fiesta today. "426 out".

Fri. May 7, 1999 10:35:27 EDT

Bruno E Sanchez ( from Laredo, Texas writes:
Mark-Hey I'm glad you check out the artwork.There's some cool stuff in there.I hope other website participants will go & check it out. I'll probably order some.
Bernie-good morning.I ws reading somebody post that they had E-mailed you .Patrtner I dont know,it might be me for all I know.I've sent you two E-Mail's but they've come back undeliverable.I'll keep trying.Did it stop raining & start dying out ? Bill S;Curt,Mac Mcdermott;Animal Where are you all ?????

Fri. May 7, 1999 11:6:8 EDT

Bruno E Sanchez ( from Laredo, Texas writes:
Mark-Roger on the Kline art work.I also wondered about it -Kline being w/ the 101st abn -I'm an ex Puke 'in Buzzard myself.I dont know exactly but the 101st did serve in the central highlands.That's probably when Mr Kline must have worked with or run into one of the Bite N Strike choppers.Bite N Strikers must have made an impression on him because he made a a painting of a Bulldog Slicks -

Sat. May 8, 1999 7:55:44 EDT

August Bailey ( from New Orleans, La. writes:
Hi, I was a member of the 129th in 1971-72 period. Found your page which brought back many memories. Do you have any history during the period I was assigned?

Mon. May 10, 1999 13:49:14 EDT

Bruno, Joe Kline has art of the Loh, Corba, Hook, B, C, D, H. He will customize it for you. He did mine, a "B" modle which he calls Have Guns Will Travel, with a Cobra on the nose, 129 on the door and the tail #007, the ship I flew the most. Check him out at (Baron is clear the pass Q.S.Y.)

Mon. May 10, 1999 15:8:35 EDT

Bruno E. Sanchez ( from Laredo, Texas writes:
Pete Nolen-
Man it's like a dream.I dont recall the date or the location but i dio recall seeing a ship like yours- the cobra nose art work,the "have guns will travel" the numbers 007 on the nose.It was a good lookin' ship.Thanks for the "comeback" on the Kline art work.I will probably order some..Hey man just a thought.-you might wnat to contact Mark to see id'in hteres a way to put a picture of it in the new 129th web that his working on.E'NUFF SAID.I'M O'TTA HERE.

Mon. May 10, 1999 19:27:47 EDT

Gently Judith ( from Wisc. writes:
The Apache helicopter (WO) pilot from Wisconsin who died in Kosovo last week is being buried Friday.

The family is going to have a private ceremony, or I would attend to represent all of us. Keith Reichert has now gone to "Hero's Heaven" to join many of our friends. My head bows in saddness for the youth that has been stripped away from him, and the heartache his family will always have to live with. Welcome back you guys! Gently Judith

Mon. May 10, 1999 20:44:8 EDT

Gently Judith ( from Heaven writes:
Gentlemen! The coolest thing has just happened and I owe it to this Web! A gentleman by the name of Bill Knebush, who served with the 129th, sent me a picture of Tom Shaw (over the Internet)

that he took in Nam. That picture is now the desktop on my blueberry Imac!! I feel so-o special, damn! Thanks Bill, Thanks Mark, Thanks Larry! It's very hard for me to believe!! Gently Judith

Mon. May 10, 1999 22:34:11 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
.....Gently Judith!!!!!!!!....that is oh so wonderful......I am very glad for you..........and proud that you and I stand with the best group of people I know in the world.......ask the man that sent you the pix if he wants to be included in the 129th e-mail list.....and now I am wonderin'...since he had a pix of Tom....I wonder if Bruno and Bernie recall his name???........take care all.....working still on the new 129th page, soon to be opened......I hope it all works smoothly..........carry on good people of the net!!!!!!...."257"...OUT

Tue. May 11, 1999 8:13:47 EDT

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Mark, I have talked to Bill Knebush, last year and we talked about the crash. I understand Mr Strother and him were good friends. Hey Bruno whats happening since we last talked? i'm starting to plan my trip to the reunion, I hear theres a race track there that I've got to go and visit, Araphoe Downs. Hey Jim Westwang are you home yet?Later "426 out"

Tue. May 11, 1999 14:55:54 EDT

Bruno E Sanchez ( from Laredo, Texas writes:
Bernie-There is a race track across the "river" in Nuevo Laredo,-that's on the Mexican Side.But it's not in use.So how's Conrad's Chick comin along? A big "HELLO" to the rest of the gang.E'NUFF SAID.LATER.

Wed. May 12, 1999 12:59:39 EDT

Nathan Charles"Chuck"SOLLISH ( from Oregon writes:
ain`t spoke to anyone in a long time.I arrived at Phu Loi Jan. 9,1968,and was there until the same a year later.I got all yer ammo on 13 and 1---armed it,issued it,sometimes flew gunner with you or Rebels(non-existing Co.A.)Miss yas.Even don`t mind hearing from "Top" orC.O., Piolets,Gunners,Air and ground crews of both 129ahc,but Co.A.,1st Avn., as well.write my e-mail.Chuck(NathanC.) Sollish

Wed. May 12, 1999 22:6:36 EDT

Michael Tindall ( from Plainsboro, NJ writes:
TO: COBRA KNAVE( benjamin alvarez) LITTLE JOHN and I want to know how your doing after all these years? " ROGER THAT CARDINAL"

Thu. May 13, 1999 14:27:27 EDT

Bruno E Sanchez ( from Laredo,Texas writes:
Yeah Animal-this is in reference to your 3/22/9 posting about the typhoon.I ws surfing the americal div web in particular the 174th ahc site.I found out after appx 27 yr s that the typhoons name was Hester.It hit chu Lai Oct 71.i ws a Puk'in Buzzard @ the time stationed @ Camp Evans.Theres some pic in the 174 AHC's web about the typhoon-it tore up the place bad.We were fuurther up north.Even though the wind was still pretty strong it took the tin sheets of the maintenance hanger ,flip over the out houses.It was still a "trip".Just for your info -E'NUFF SAID.I'M O'TTA HERE
Hey Bernie.What's Up dude?

Thu. May 13, 1999 20:53:6 EDT

richard england ( from peoria az writes:
i was crewchief on the ironbutterfly jan 68 to jan 69 bulldog 431 1 flt platoon

Thu. May 13, 1999 21:26:33 EDT

richard england ( from peoria az writes:
i was on the ironbutterfly bulldog 431 jan68 to jan69 does any body know what happened to my ship ?

Thu. May 13, 1999 23:4:23 EDT

Gently judith ( from WI writes:
Buenos Noches, Mis amigos(I love to practise my Spanish). I feel a need to premise my message with a short concern: I pray all is well with you and that you are sharing not only your happy times but your sad times with friends you have re-united with thru Mark's site.

Tonight I am able to put closure on the Manny Babbitt, unfortunately. He was executed by lethal injection 5/4, 38 minutes after his 50th birthday. He had been on Death Row 18 yrs. To the dismay of many he was given a full military honors burial. He recieved his Purple Heart several years ago while incarcerated. 75 people attended the service, including the police officer whose life he saved in Nam.

One of the comments made about Manny was that prior to his arrrest he could be seen crouching around buildings-flashbacks? The woman he killed was found with a leather strap around her ankle and the top half of her body covered. Manny's attorney(a Nam Vet also) compared this to tagging the dead in Nam-flashback?

My point, my dear friends, are loved, you are welcomed back, and you have friends. Please call on us. Some of us have very big shoulders.

Are any of our friends from the 129th in prison? If so, we should write them. I for one would be more than happy to do such. If you know of anyone let me know, I'll take it from there.

Sorry about the somber mood-but I worry for you, I worry with you. Gently, Judith

Fri. May 14, 1999 14:26:17 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Howdy all Bite and Strikers..........this is a 5 day late morning report :-)......Our wedding we had last week,...was beautiful,wonderful, perfect, and fun. To say the least, I tipped more then 1 up to the 129th!.....even as the night progressed, I danwned my Harley vest that carries the 129th Patch on it givin to me by the man that picked Larry up and put him in his body bag. Who incedently, attended the wedding also. That was a wonderful suprise!!!, it was a honor, and I felt the presence of all the unit there. Here now...... and departed.

Hey Richard England!!!!..WELCOME HOME BROTHER.........there is a way to find out what happend to the "431", if we have the complete tailstock number, and, if the VHPA has it on it's data base. That is a good possiblity. Do you recall the complete number? Also Richard, I have a picture of a friend of my brothers standing next to a ship with IRON BUTTERFLY on the nose painted in Yellow. This picture is vintage late 69. I am pretty sure ,this IRON BUTTERFLY, was a Slick tho......I could be wrong. The "431" is not in the list of crash summarys that I have for the 129th. Which is suppose to be complete. So maybe it went to another unit. Even so, with the complete tailstock number, we should be able to track it ......maybe. It's worth a try man.:-)

Gently Judith...hello dear heart.....thanks for refering to this as my site........but I am just the messenger.........I want to here and now ,stake a flag with the 129th patch on it to this place (where ever we are)..and proclaim it property of all of us!!!!.................we all share the same level of feeling here..........I call it PROUD!!!! my book...A MANS A MAN, THAT LOOKS A MAN, RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES.............we all are together is this flight..............

Yikes.....BREAK/LEFT...BREAK/LEFT................Jackson talked so much here the ship is leaning right to much................"257" ya all!!!!....GOD BLESS....and Thanks.....

Fri. May 14, 1999 16:25:26 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Gently unaware of any 129th men that are now or ever have been in prison,but here are some interesting facts that I have found. These and more interesting facts can be found at this address I will be using these stats in a some classes I have been ask to teach in our local high school soon.
Can ya IMAGINE that?....Larry quit school at 16, I never graduated. Now we teach classes together in High School.

Vietnam Vets are less likely to be in prison - only 1/2 of one percent of Vietnam Vets have been jailed for crimes. (Westmoreland)

97% were discharged under honorable conditions; the same percentage of honorable discharges as ten years prior to Vietnam. ( Westmoreland)

85% of Vietnam Vets made a successful transition to civillian life. ( McCaffrey )

Vietnam Vets' personal income exceeds that of our non-vets age group by more then 18%. (McCaffrey)

Vietnam Vets have a lower unemployment rate then our non-vet age group. (McCaffrey)

87% of the American people hold Vietnam Vets in high esteem. (McCaffrey)

[Westmoreland] Speech by General William C. Westmoreland before the Third Annual Reunion of the Vietnam
Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) at the Washington, DC Hilton Hotel on July 5th, 1986 (reproduced in a Vietnam
Helicopter Pilots Association Historical Reference Directory Volume 2A)

[McCaffrey] Speech by Lt. Gen. Barry R. McCaffrey, (reproduced in the Pentagram, June 4, 1993) assistant to the
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to Vietnam veterans and visitors gathered at "The Wall", Memorial Day 1993.

Later all!!!!

Fri. May 14, 1999 16:31:14 EDT

Mark Jackson from LZ HOME writes:
OK..just one more thing...that Web addy for the stats did'nt show up in my last post. The stats can be found on the VHFCN Homepage by the History Channel connection.


Fri. May 14, 1999 21:52:17 EDT

Jim Westwang ( from Sheridan, Wy. writes:
Bernie, I have been doing a lot of traveling & just got home this evening. You have a lovely family & are a lucky man as am I. It was wonderful seeing you & talking & stuff & thanks for the picture. I will cherish it. I talked with Cpt. Tony Mcdermott on the phone this am but he had a bunch of business to do & I get through Missoula a lot so will see him another time, sounded fine though. I am truly sorry to hear about Mr. Babbit., As a VA Nurse, I see a lot of the aftermath of this stuff & over 14 years there, I have seen a lot lost to suicide, drug abuse etc. (it continues folks). Mark, I'm very happy for you at this time. To address some of what Bob Heidenriech had been saying, it is indeed time for people of the Vietnam group to get checked out> PSA (prostate specific antigen), complete blood profile, colonoscopy etc. Go to your nearest VA or vets center.

Later, Smitty

Sat. May 15, 1999 1:3:0 EDT

SOLLISH ( from OR writes:
Co A 1st Avn B 1st Inf Div Phu Loi to LongBinh and back ammo run.1/68-1/69 Hiways 13and 1.Flew with a bunch of you guys in 129 as well...Wild times. Write

Sat. May 15, 1999 1:3:25 EDT

SOLLISH ( from OR writes:
Co A 1st Avn B 1st Inf Div Phu Loi to LongBinh and back ammo run.1/68-1/69 Hiways 13and 1.Flew with a bunch of you guys in 129 as well...Wild times. Write

Sat. May 15, 1999 1:10:51 EDT

SOLLISH ( from OR writes:
Co A 1st Avn B 1st Inf Div Phu Loi to LongBinh and back ammo run.1/68-1/69 Hiways 13and 1.Flew with a bunch of you guys in 129 as well...Wild times. Write

Sat. May 15, 1999 1:24:11 EDT

SOLLISH ( from OR writes:
Co A 1st Avn B 1st Inf Div Phu Loi to LongBinh and
back ammo run.1/68-1/69 Hiways 13and 1.What happened to the latest submissions?

Sun. May 16, 1999 22:57:0 EDT

Rick Yesenosky ( from Pine Grove, PA writes:
Jan 69-Jan 70 Man you bring back memories. 2nd Flt gunner and Crew chief, Then moved into UH-1B Cobras. Crewed 046 for most of my tour.

Mon. May 17, 1999 0:6:58 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Hey RICK Y......WELCOME HOME BROTHER.........hey Rick.. I see that your tour time and flight platoon is the same as my brothers. Did you know of him??...Larry Jackson, Jackson, Jack,also known as Pop-A-Top...was a CE with the 2nd platoon in 69...till KIA..SEpt. of 69.........he is a KIA of the 129th...went down on a rainy night in Sept. 69. Sept 12th to be of fact.....just wondrin if ya knew him..and if so......if ya recall anytimes with him, or, if ya might have any photos of him............he was the CE of the "257"..that went down pickijn' up a VC/POW on the other side of the toe of the mountains just west of Lane at the 11th Cav reg..........hit the side of a mountain and burned......all, aboard parrished......AC was Stephen De Santis, Peter pilot was Richard Sawran, Gunner was Stephen Hargrave...and CE was my brother,Larry Jackson.

Mon. May 17, 1999 17:4:28 EDT

Judith-not so gently! ( from Hell! writes:
Friends, and brothers: I have just received an E-mail that really pissed me off! his real address) wrote me to say, not verbatim,...we are re-uniting, so keep your entries short so that WE do not have to read YOU to get to Us!!

Well guys-he made me feel like I was out of place and out of line. What an ass-! Boy am I angry! It's that kind of attitude that pushes people away from YOU-it's that kind of attitude that creates a wall, opposite the meaning behind the Wall in Washington! If you guys feel this way also, write me individually and let me know-I can certainly move elsewhere. Previously, that was not my impression. Have I been naive? Are WE not able to communicate with YOU?

"I wasn't there, but I still care."

Not so gently-in fact, hurt! Judith

Mon. May 17, 1999 20:21:21 EDT

bill shillito ( from Sterling, Va. writes:
Hello Bernie and Bruno. Missed you. Bruno (from your April 26 entry) where are you??. I am here, and thanks for asking.

I just took a new position in Sterling, Va. Lots has happened over the last several weeks.

I am proud to see that Tom and Claude were well remember on the 27th. I think of them often as I do you, Bernie and Bruno.

Just been catching up on the past three or four weeks site guys are good.

Let me hit this one first............To Judith, from your 5/17/99 entry. I don't speak for all of us, but I have no problem with your good words. As a matter of fact I look forward to your kind thoughts. In this hurried world it is sometimes difficult to find someone who has both the energy and the kindness to send good thoughts. Try to have good thoughts even for those that do not understand what you bring to the world.

Bob Heidenriech: Thanks. Great advice and good info. Jim Westwang (Viet Vet Helicopter crew and now RN extraordinare) has some additional info on the subject. Thanks Jim and Bob.

Yearbook update: It all came north with me and I have a great person working on it. She is a graphic artist specialist in our company. She is good. I will keep you posted.

Mark J.........great idea on the etchings...Judith does Tom's parents have an etching? If not, perhaps we can send them one with our rememberences.....unless of course you already took care of that.

Bernie, Thanks for the email address. Expect a note soon.

Mark J... will you post the email addresses or would you prefer to send them out only to individual email addresses. If the latter please forward me the list.

I said it has been a bit is the short version: First grand baby May fourth, (little girl) spent her first week on a ventilator now is fine. My favorite neice married May 15. Took new position (General Manager) with my company, April 14. Notice, I put the granddaughter first.

Stay in touch, stay healthly, stay strong in your faith and trust of each other.

miss you. bulldog 21...proud to fly 426.

Tue. May 18, 1999 7:9:16 EDT

Mike Miles writes:
Hello everyone. Just stopped by to review comments.

Tue. May 18, 1999 8:10:6 EDT

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Judith, keep up the good commo, people like you that care are hard to come by, I enjoy reading everything you write.(is this person some kind of ass? Bill Shillito good to hear from you again, and congratulations on the new grandbaby, I have a grandson thats going to be 2 years old in July and also have another one due in October. Talk with you later and good luck on the new job. Bruno what can I say, we finally got some sunshine so i'm out playing in the barnyard. i'll give you a call real soon. Jim Westwang i'm glad you made it home safe. i enjoyed the time spent with you and your wife. i'll be talking to you also real soon. '426 out'.

Tue. May 18, 1999 10:5:26 EDT

Bruno E Sanchez ( from Laredo, Texas writes:
Bernie good tho here your're drying out.Gues what man.My brother lives out of Laredo about 23 miles out of Laredo.He's got a 4/5 yr old female boxer.She got bit on the left side of the snoot by a 30 in. baby brother was able to take to the vet in time-she almost went to the big dawg poundin in the sky.
Bill, It's good to see you log back on.'DOUBLE CONGRATS"-for the promotion & the grand baby.Maybe we cant get up on a slic k on a low level run. How about it Bill? Well maybe a "few" years later Huh?

Tue. May 18, 1999 10:15:57 EDT

Bruno E Sanchez ( from Laredo,Texas writes:
Judith-I 'm sorry I mispelled your name. Log in any time..Mark.Sounds like it was a great reception.& everyone had a good time. E'NUFF SAID.LATER.I'M O'TTA HERE.

Tue. May 18, 1999 19:22:29 EDT

bill shillito writes:

good to see lots of activity on the site.

Judith, I hope that you know that we (99%) of us appreciate what you do on this site. Keep it up and don't sweat the small folks.

Mike Miles, good to see your name. I am now working out of our Sterling, Va. office. My phone number is 703-406-6525. I would like to touch base, maybe meet for dinner or just a drink.

Bill Knebush, that name sounds so familiar. I believe he was a first platoon jock. Bill K check in we would really like to hear from you and especially some good stories about Claude and Tom.

Jim Westwang (Smitty), it is great to hear that you met up with Bernie and his family. I cannot wait to have the opportunity to see Bernie and Bruno again. Glad that you had the chance and took it. Thanks for the medical advice. Perhaps you can share a few of your stories that you spoke to me about. Sometimes we need the reality check to prompt us to get the check ups we need. I am proud of what you do. Did the pictures come through ok attached to the email.

Mark J.......thanks for all you do. Last night I checked out your poems and songs. Larry must be very proud.

bill (bulldog 21) proud to fly 426.

Wed. May 19, 1999 6:59:32 EDT

Mike Miles ( from Wash,DC writes:

I will give you a call this week. By the way, Keith Weisheit (Lurch) says 'hello' to everyone. Bill, you need to visit the 'Eastern Shore'. The seafood is fantastic. How does your schedule look for June? I could meet you in Sterling after work. Does anyone remember Gary Felt, CE from 1970? Bill, my number at work (DC) is 202 219-1356.
Mike Miles Bulldog/Frog

Wed. May 19, 1999 18:38:17 EDT

bill shillito writes:
Mike Miles (Frog). Thanks for the phone number again. I have not transfered my files from Prodelin to RSI yet. I am pretty open for Jun. I travel only 5 thru 12 so far. I will call you tomorrow. I certainly remember (Lurch). Say hello to Keith from all of his former peter petes. Tell him that I remember him as a minor god only and that he did not quite reach your lofty hieghts........but still high on the tokem. teach him how to log on and keep us up to date on his sit rep.

Hey Guys, this off line commo to Judith has really shaken her. Let's let her know how we feel about her contribution to the site. I look forward to her words of encouragement. I am sorry she feels that the rest of us might have similar feelings to what the off line commo she received expressed. I don't think so, and I tried to tell her so, I think she would appreciate hearing it from more of us. thanks.

Bernie, thanks on the congrats for the grand baby. She is precious.

Bruno.........amigo...we need some more hot pepper stories. that was great. see ya

Mark J......thanks.

bulldog 21, proud to drive 426

Wed. May 19, 1999 22:19:47 EDT

art campbell ( from cardale penn. writes:
Hi Guys Its been some time since I have posted a message but I do read the comments every day. Bill I read that you are getting the album ready I hope that everyone who gets one enjoys it. The album is the only way I can revisit the people I once knew. Judith I know you were not there but, then there werea lot of people that weren't. but, they don't care to communicate with us likeyou do. I agree with Bill and the others that we look forward to your kind thoughts. So I say the heck with what others say. Keep on saying what you want to. so long for now. Art from Pa.

Wed. May 19, 1999 23:6:27 EDT

Jim Westwang ( from Sheridan,Wy. writes:
Good to hear from you again Bill Shillito on here. After I got the pictures you attached, I can see them ok. I sent you a seperate e-mail. I tried to have hard copies made from them after I transferred them to disc & the photo guy said it wouldn't work cause they were to "pixeled". I do have a couple hard copies I would like to send you if you will send your mailing address. Congrats on what I assume is a promotion & that is probably why you didn't get the e-mail. I also sent a separate message to Judith & am with the 99%ers. When you get a new e-mail send it as well please.

Later, Smitty

Thu. May 20, 1999 0:34:14 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Hi gang.............sorry for not posting in a burnin' the candle at both ends I IMAGINE all of us are...

Judith!!! I keep your feet planted right here on the flight line with the rest of us babe...........the warmth of your heart is felt by all of us here....hope ya read this babe......BTW....E-mail me your phone number if you can, or if ya dont mind ,....would love to talk to you someday.........

...BILL trying to compile a e-mail address list to send to you.....but need to set it up so guys, full names, show up so ya know who the addys belong to.

....I must apoligize to ya all....I have been harpin' bout a new homepage for the 129th, and believe me, it is in the works....but I am my worst cridict..........need to rearrange some pix and text and stuff like sorry for the delay........
.......I must say am sorry...........I sometimes feel, I have bittin' off more then I can chew.........but will remain on the mission, and skids on the bottom side...............the forever "257"............
DC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....Here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thu. May 20, 1999 8:30:25 EDT

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Good morning crew, glad to be back to work, so I can get some rest, it's pretty busy around the ranch these days. Hey Bill got your E-mail, thank you much. yes I remember Jim, he is one good Hombre I was very glad to see him again. I haven't seen Bruno since the day we left Saigon 3rd Field Hospital, and yes I would like to see him and you someday, you never know might happen soon. So, you got a new job, huh? My grandson sure means alot to me, he's learning how not to be afraid of the farm animals at home right now, he's learning fast, hope that your grandbabies are doing well. Thanks again for the message. "426 OUT".

Fri. May 21, 1999 9:42:2 EDT

Bruno E Sanchez ( ) from Laredo,Texas writes:
Bernie-Buenos dias Hombre.-I wrote down the wrong E-mail for Y-O-U!!!Please post it up iI can write down correctly.
Arty Campbell its good to see you log in man.
A "BIG HELLO"to the rest of the Platoon.Hope everyone's OK.

Fri. May 21, 1999 12:19:44 EDT

Bruno E Sanchez ( from Laredo,Texas writes:
Bill Shillito-Glad you like the "hot peper" story.

Sat. May 22, 1999 21:9:48 EDT

ric england ( from phoenix az writes:
mark ironbutterfly full no. is 6717431 also gus you were covering my ass while macaddo was ac and i was chief picking up wounded south phu cats i knew somebody had thier tail shot up we had radios shot and one through cowling above tail shaft. i remember fying snoopie and you shot that deer. do you remember vernon clarke he was our maint. chief at the 394. i have pictures to contribute to the album. thanks for these memories.

Sat. May 22, 1999 22:24:54 EDT

Jim Claeys ( from Akron, Ohio writes:
Very nice site! I was in Pleiku-An Khe in 1969-70. WANTED: Audiotapes of Vietnam radio traffic, fire missions, firefights, cockpit tapes,
AFVN, etc. Also Vietnam home movies on video, documentaries, and camcorder footage of revisits.
Have MUCH of same to trade.

Sun. May 23, 1999 12:29:43 EDT

Bruno E Sanchez ( from Lared,Texas writes:
JIM CLAES(hope I spelled it right Jimmy) I you're looking for audio tapes go to the VHFCN home page, scroll down to the 174th AHC & click on it. Thers some actual real deal neal audio stuff of the actual "CA's" of LAM SON 719.Ther sis also a lot of pictures that are excelent. Especially of LZ Lolo-a lot of slicks got shot down @ that LZ.Any way check it out.

Sun. May 23, 1999 22:35:47 EDT

Potter, Larry ( from Cheyenne, Wy writes:
Just a note. I was in Headquaters Co Mar-67 thru May-68. At Dong Ba Thin and An Son. Does anyone know Tim Gerber, Chuck Yeo, other names have left me. Welcome home.

Sun. May 23, 1999 22:37:31 EDT

Potter, Larry ( from Cheyenne, Wy writes:
Just a note. I was in Headquaters Co Mar-67 thru May-68. At Dong Ba Thin and An Son. Does anyone know Tim Gerber, Chuck Yeo, other names have left me. Welcome home.

Tue. May 25, 1999 0:7:1 EDT

Ron Paye ( from Indy. writes:
Hey! Everyone, sorry it has been a while since I have logged on but my computer has been giving me fits. Lets see if I can get through a message with out it dumping.

Judith, I am sorry that some one out there has given you a hard time. Please do not let it affect you. I have really enjoyed every thing you have said in your messages. You have not been a bother to us, so please do not let one stranger turn you from so many friends. I have no idea who he is. I can only say (not in his defense) that we do not know what he went through, or what is bothering him. We all cary our crosses in diferent ways. He may have been hurt by someone and this is his way of striking back. I know that a few years ago I would not have been so open to you. That would have been my loss. I tell my daughter that when she comes across people like that to not let them bother her, and to be glad she does not live in their world. So, Judith let me offer you the same advice, just be glad you do not exist in his world. Also be sorry for him as he will never know the kind and caring person that you are. I have met you and know it is a great loss for him. It will also be an even greater loss for the 129th if you let one misguided individule keep you from all the friends and brothers you can have here in the 129th. If he does not want you on his net I say good. That will give you more time to spend with us. So! Sister Judith, if I do not see you on the net soon I guess I am just going to have to make a trip back to Wisconsin and see if I can "Welcome you home" to the 129th net.

To everyone else, I hope all is well and take care.


Tue. May 25, 1999 13:18:30 EDT

Rick England from Phoenix Az. writes:
to Mark thanks for the data on the ironbutter fly bulldog 431. Ido not have a computer so i have been using friend's computers.If there is anything Ican do to help anybody else i will. Thanks again.

Tue. May 25, 1999 17:49:25 EDT

bill shillito ( from sterling, va writes:
Hi gang,

Ron, nice words to Judith. I hope she sees it soon, I think it will help her a lot.

Art, good to hear from you. Thanks again for loaning me your yearbook. I have a total of 7 people who have logged on(or sent individual email)to say they want one as soon as they are available. My first run of 10 may not last long. I will certainly go for another printing if needed.

Bernie and Bruno.......where are you............?

Mark's the email list coming... is there anything we (I) can do to help?

Mike Miles (Frog)......are you in town, or are you on a long sortie?

see ya soon, bill (bulldog 21) proud to hover 426

Wed. May 26, 1999 8:10:55 EDT

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Good Morning everyone. Mr Shillito whats going on my friend, hows the new job coming? Bruno I tried calling you over the weekend but it seems your commo line was always busy. Que Pasa, Dude. This weekend I'm headed to the mountains for some R & R with my kids and wife, maybe do a little fishing, and tip a few cans. Judith where are you, I've missed your comments. Everyone have a safe holiday weekend. "426 Out for the count, talk at ya next week.

Wed. May 26, 1999 8:43:2 EDT

Mike Miles (Frog) ( from Wash,DC writes:

I was attending an aviation safety meeting out of the office. I'am back. When can we get together? I want (need) to be out your way on Friday. Maybe I can stop by for lunch then. Keith Weisheit (Lurch) and I plan to attend the VHPA in Washington, DC next year. He and the family will be staying at my house. Any thoughts on getting the 129th together for a mini reunion? I promise I will give you a call today. Did you ever track down Lt. Dave Wood?
Talk to you soon,
Mike Miles

Wed. May 26, 1999 10:7:26 EDT

Bruno E Sanchez ( from Laredo, Texas writes:
Bernie,good to hear from ya.I'm sorry the landline was busy-probably my son on one ooof those extended phone calls I was watching the Jazz playoff games last week-the comentators were out side the building where the game was to be played-the camera was panned & showed the mountains.Man they're beautiful.Tthats why they're called the pourple mounted majesties.They hit the nail on the head.I sure wish I went with to tag along.Say Man what about posting your E-mail addy again for me.I messed up & wrote down the wrong one & I cant E-mail YA..
BULLDOG 21: It's always good to see you log on & see that your doing good.Just for the heck. just which year book are you exactly talking about? is it a different one than the one I Have ? I have the Blue one. Let me know. I used to have two but i gave one to Sp/5 Joe Flores-he used to be a "T.I." with the 129th. He lives in Port Isabel,Texas on South Padre Island about 18 mile from Brownville.Any good to see you log on .
Good Morning to the rest of the PLT.
E'nuff Said,.Left clear to come left-Later.

Wed. May 26, 1999 18:6:38 EDT

bill shillito ( from Sterling, Va. writes:
Bernie, good to hear from you. The new job is great. lots of great folks to work with, they have a great attitude (no prima-donnas)at all. the business is hurting however, so i will have to make some tough decisions over the next several months. hope you enjoy mountains, catch lots of trout and cherish the time with the kids.

Frog, let's shoot for next week getting together. I usually fly out back to carolina on friday's around noon. A mini-reunion during the VHPA sounds great. do you know the dates? I got your voice mail, but had a crazy day. No contact with Woody yet. By the way for those who ever flew with Lt Wood (last time i saw him he was Col wood), he was absolutely the best training pilot i ever flew with. he was good, and he was patient. I learned how to fly in country with him as AC. he made me a better AC for having flown with him. i hope to make contact again soon.

Bruno, the yearbook that Art Campbell sent me is the blue 1972 yearbook. for some reason i only had the 1971 yearbook that was red in color. I can have copies made of red 1971 if anyone wishes to have one. The people in the 71 book are the people i listed in my entry several months ago. it included Mike Miles (Frog) and many more. The book Art send me are the guys that I flew with for most of my tour. i remember Joe Flores. hope he is doing well.

i am winchester on words, west bound for fuel and ammo.

bulldog 21, proud to put 426 in a steep left. bank

Wed. May 26, 1999 22:0:45 EDT

Bill Knebusch ( from Amarillo, Texas writes:
Guess it has been a while since I have posted anything
here and I do apologize for that. But I have good
reason to do so now. Whoever it was who came down
on Judith for posting on this net then let me say here
and now you owe her a tremendous apology. I have
already sent her my response and basically here it
is again. We should never forget that Judith and
millions like her were the reason we went to Vietnam
in the first place. We went to defend our way of
life of which she more that represents that. Like
it or not that's the bottom line. I will even go
so far as to say she not only has a right to be
considered as 129th family, she has every right to
be here as much as any one of us. One Big Question,
now that that is out of the way. My memory, having
just turned 47, is infected with that terrible CRS
disease. Does anyone have a listing of the 129th
personnel from December,71 through April,72. I don't
even remember what flight platoon I was in. Help.
You all have a good day.

Thu. May 27, 1999 7:12:48 EDT

Miike Miles ( from Wash, DC writes:
I took next week off to paint my house. But, if I have to break away for a morning or afternoon to meet you, well, I guess I will just have to lay down my paint brush and let my wife continue on without me. I will get the dates for the VHPA Convention in DC next year. Yeah, a 129th mini reunion does sound like a plan, doesn't it? I probably flew with Dave Wood (AKA 'Woody' or 'Tadpole') more than anyone else. He was a great person, a great pilot, a calming influence on my life, and a great friend. He was always a pleasure to be around. I hope we can locate him. Again, does anyone remember a CE named Gary Felt (sp?). He was there in 1970 and part of 1971.

Bill, give me a call and we will set up a time for you to buy me a beer. Yes, I am still cheap.

Take care,

Mike Miles

Thu. May 27, 1999 10:4:9 EDT

Alex Fernwalt ( from Memphis,Tn. writes:
It's been a while since I checked in . To Judith You are always welcome on this sight. The 129th is made up of a great bunch of guys. And don't let one person destroy the friendships you have made at this sight. And the members are glad to have you onboard. Mark(POP-TOPII) As soon as I get my scanner working will scan the platoon patches. And hope the new page is coming along. And to the rest of the flight. This Memorial Day take a few seconds to remember our 129th guys . Mark has them at the bottom of the page. Take care my Bro's Am Denver bound in few weeks. ALEX 129th 11/65-11/66 & 8/67 to 4/68

Thu. May 27, 1999 14:56:41 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Hey Crew,
Been a few since I been in here and only got a minute to say boo to you all. The wife and I roll out in a few minutes headed for DC and the Rolling Thunder Rally next 6 days..will be riding with the Pres. of the Ohio Chapter, Pete Rhome, ( A 129th guy also ).......will have a full report when we return next Tuesday.

Judith....I am OK babe........just been burnin' the candle at both ends and in the middle too....hope all is well with you darlin'. We need to see a report from you in here babe....OH,.......will be collecting etchings of Shaw and Strothers for as many as I can...

\Bill S....sorry for not comin' up with that e-mail list can scroll back all the way and make it themselves if you wish....just have been really busy round here..again....sorry.

Take care all....."257" LZ DC bound...have a great holiday all!!!!

..................and VETS........THANKS....and WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!

Thu. May 27, 1999 15:8:36 EDT

Michael Barrett ( from Phila. Pa. writes:
Just check'in. Enjoy the weekend and never forget.

Thu. May 27, 1999 22:41:54 EDT

Judith ( from Wisconsin writes:
My prayers are with all of you this weekend because I know where your thoughts will be. Mine will be there also. It's too bad it's considered to be a holiday. Gently-Judith

Fri. May 28, 1999 0:42:4 EDT

Rick Bornheim (P.O. BOX 1022) from COL , OHIO 43216 writes:
I was stationed at LZ English and An Khe Jan 15 to
March 23rd 1969 left the Nam via 67 Evc Qui Nhon back
to the world.Does anyone know what happened to
Witmer,Goonan,Stowe when they left us May 13,1969.
My they rest in peace

Fri. May 28, 1999 0:58:23 EDT

Rick Bornheim (P.O. BOX 1022) from COL , OHIO 43216 writes:
I was stationed at LZ English and An Khe Jan 15 to
March 23rd 1969 left the Nam via 67 Evc Qui Nhon back
to the world.Does anyone know what happened to
Witmer,Goonan,Stowe when they left us May 13,1969.
May they rest in peace. GOD BLESS YOU GUY'S

Fri. May 28, 1999 16:51:4 EDT

Ron Paye ( from Indy. writes:
Flight. I just wanted to wish everyone the very best on this special weekend. I will be thinking about you and our fellow crew members who are no longer with us. Words can not fully express my thoughts and feelings. You are all very special to me. If I have never met you, you are still my brothers. Sister Judith, that also goes for you. May everyone have the peace you all deserve.

Fri. May 28, 1999 16:56:50 EDT

Mike Teutschman ( from Lynnwood, WA writes:
Hello 129th. I posted here once quite awhile ago. I stop by and read when I can. I met Curt
thru this site. We are planning to do some ridin soon.
I was with the 268th Pathfinders, May 67 Apr 68 out of Phu Hiep. I worked with you guys a ot.
I also flew gunner with you around Jan-Feb 68 for a short while. Dont remember any names tho.
I just got back from Vietnam. When with the sister of a guy from my unit who is MIA. We met the
JTF-FA team in Dong Ha who are investigating the case. Major Royalty and his team were great. Unfortunately
no clues or remains where found. They did find part of the main rotor blade holding up the roof of a farmers
pigpen. We got the blade and shipped it home. I got to spend one nite in Qui Nhon, and the next morning we tried
to find Lane Field. We got directions to AnSon, but as far as we can figure out, if we were in the right place, it is
now a Vietnamese Military base. I was hoping to find the stone church, but no luck. There were a lot of low clouds covering the hills.
It was an emotional trip, but was glad I went. We did have some fun also. Sure glad I learned how to order french fries in
Vietnamese, or I might have starved. Take care 129th.

P.S. Judith, I have read your posting, and I personally appreciate your input. Don't stop.

Fri. May 28, 1999 19:20:2 EDT

Curt Classen (curtclassen@email.msn,com) from Redmond WA writes:
Mike T... Thanks buddy for even trying to get a pic of Lane current day.. I know you were on a mission for your bud and just wanted to truly thank you for taking the extra time to giver our ole heliport a look see. Interesting that it is still be operated as a base.. I think we all remember the stone church. The Cobras were just behind it so always a good land mark.. WEll will call you for a ride over the pass this weekend. Lots of memories and feelings this weekend. Its our weekend friends and a time to remember our buds that gave their all. Tough times for us. Support that we get from the 129th pages and friends we will always have for life are important. Would be tough for me without you guys. Do some ridin for Freedom. Will be interesting to hear about the Rolling Thunder trip. Mike, Ron, Curt and a few others still are planning a 129th link up for that one someday. Have a good Memorial Day my friends. I miss you. Sincerely Curt Classen..

Fri. May 28, 1999 21:18:13 EDT

Ted Gustafson ( from Brainerd, MN writes:
Rick England yes I remember Clarke. I started out in the
394 and we where on the same team. He got paint in his eyes
one time and had to have patches on both eyes for a time and
I was his seeing eye dog for a few days :-) Mark I have to send that
tape back to you there was nothing one it by the time it got
here. I will be thinking of all of you this weekend. Glad to have
this place. Yes we need a reunion for the 129th. I have been thinking
myself about going back for a trip and trying to find Lane.
Judith stick around from me you are more than welcome.

Fri. May 28, 1999 23:59:23 EDT

Jim Westwang ( from Sheridan,Wy. writes:
First of all Thanks Judith for the lovely cards & stay with us. Bill Knebusch, I'm glad I was able to jog your memory a little. Now, thanks to all of you as i continue to do my work at the psych unit of the VA. Your words & support are invaluable (another died out in the community 2 days ago-- OD of drugs). I have a little anger at the Govt. I work for as I see them continue to whittle away at vets benefits. The DAV & American legion will be holding some Rallies concerning this at VA Hospitals all over the country. They could use your support. Bet I will be at the one here representing the VFW/US Army/1st Avn Bde/129th AHC. Sorry, I'm getting a little carried away. On this Memorial Day I wish you all PEACE-LOVE-& HAPPINESS. I saw Bernie Hernandez awhile back & he gave me a picture. In the background is the wall & in front of it is a family with a father (who appears to be a Vietnam Vet) holding his daughter about 20+ years old & she is crying on his shoulder & the Caption says in large bold letters "AND WE REMEMBER"

yours, Smitty

Sun. May 30, 1999 21:41:4 EDT

Donald L. Corkran, Sr. ( from Sunset, Louisiana writes:
"Abbot" 1967

Sun. May 30, 1999 23:2:26 EDT

Tom Shanahan ( from Phoenix, AZ writes:
This would be the same Abbot that came to the 129th after a two night tour on the ground in the Au Shau(sp) Valley?
Suspect it is. Very good to see your name and your post.
Soothsayer 67-68.

Tue. June 1, 1999 8:41:49 EDT

Bernie Hernandez (hernandb@HILLWPOS,Hill,AF.MIL) from Ogden, Utah writes:
Morning Flight, hope you all had a good weekend. Bruno I included my E-mail address this time. Jim I got your letter last week thank you much. Bill how are you this fine new week? I got alot of work to do this morning so "426" is outta here till later.

Tue. June 1, 1999 17:53:24 EDT

aisha ( from san francisco writes:
Looking for anyone who has pics of the 129th from 1970 to 1972.

Also still looking for anyone who even recongizes my fathers name: Tom A. Leitz. huey pilot in 129th and 92nd 1970 - 1972. He died in a civial heli crash. i never got to meet him. I would love talking/emailing you if you knew him or can help me out.

thank you to all my vets.
--a proud daughter