Mon. Feb 1, 1999 8:33:50 EST

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Curt, I recieved the photos of "426" saturday, man was I shaking with anticipation. MAN, I never expected it too look like that, many memories came flooding back of that day, I thought about it all weekend. I showed them to my family and friends, they could not believe that Bruno Sanchez and myself survived that ordeal., again many thanks to you. Hey I really dug your pamplet and calender, you are one HELL OF A MAN, I'll be keeping in touch and also send you what I remember about that day, again thank you very much, those pictures cleared alot about the past. Later Brother

Mon. Feb 1, 1999 8:39:23 EST

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Howdy Mark Jackson, I recieved the pictures of the crash of "426" from Curt. I was wondering if you might like a copy of them? Let me know as I plan on making copies for my daughters and brother. Take care Mark.

Mon. Feb 1, 1999 18:54:46 EST

BERINE..Hey Man...sure I would love a copy of those pictures that Curt sent you. As soon as I get this Homepage stuff figured out, I'll put them on it...take care guys.

Mon. Feb 1, 1999 23:38:46 EST

roy (e ) from rood writes:
I am not the same roy rood that was in your outfit. (I am 62 but was never in the military: but I am so proud of your webpage and I am so proud of what you did to save America. I voted for Goldwater and I am sure if he had been elected things would have turned out different.
Anyway those who fought and died there did not do so in vain. America is what she is today because of the sacrifice of every military man who has served. respectfully roy rood


Tue. Feb 2, 1999 20:1:3 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ FREEDOM writes:
Hey 129th Guys???...did you see what ROY said above???? if that dont just put the iceing on the cake. you say so well .......IT WAS NOT IN VAIN.....and AMERICA is what she is because of all that served at all time.....very well said Mr ROY......I too was not in Viet Nam....but you could'nt of said it better for me. I'm sure the guys of the 129th read what you said and even as big and as bad as they were, and still are in my eyes, I bet a tear came to thier eyes when they read what you wrote. ROY...I SECOND THE MOTION.....God Bless you man!!!

Thu. Feb 4, 1999 21:56:40 EST

cpt. tony mcdermott ( from missoula, montana writes:
hey, here I am, I just found this web page and am ready to talk the talk and get on witth life with you all.....I am a real estate broker in western montana and will help any of you vn vets invest in your piece of the " BIG SKY COUNTRY " I was in the 129th from 1971-1972 and would like to here from any of you that were serving at that time. contact me via e:mail or phone this bad boy at 1-800-728-8220 and lets reminise about them there good old daays..................

Fri. Feb 5, 1999 12:27:21 EST

Nadine Desiree Bunge ( from West Germany writes:
Hello, i want to knew anything about Bob Mason. He was a Helycopterpilot in Vietnam during the Years 1965 to 1968 ( Ya Drang Valley ).

Fri. Feb 5, 1999 16:50:6 EST

Lonnie Nogle ( from WPB FL writes:
Mark: I have been going through a bunch pictures from Nam I'll have them in files here shortly. If you would like them for the record, let me know.
Keep em flying.
Bulldog 11
Snake Eyes

Sat. Feb 6, 1999 19:56:12 EST

art campbell ( from cardale pa. writes:
hey mark received the unsatisfactory report. the may of qui nhon brings back a lot of memeriors. thanks a lot. the guy that was crewchief on that flight sp/5 lee. i think is the same lee that has submitted messages on this homepage,

Sun. Feb 7, 1999 19:6:49 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Hey Lonnie....sure would like a copy of any pix of LANE and the 129th. I collect them all....and Author C......Glad the stuff got to you safe. Hope you enjoyed it. Interesting that the Lee, of the flight that day, has been in here too before. It is a honor and a pleasure to help you guys any way I can. Take care all.

Sun. Feb 7, 1999 22:37:41 EST

Ron Paye ( writes:
Have just read through all the nots on the 129th. Its just great. I flew guns in 72 & 73. Was there with Classon and McDermott. Have been in touch with Curt for a few years and recently with Tony McDermott. Both were great pilots. Someone you wanted to be there when the shit hit the fan, cause you could count on them to bail you out. Also they could handle a drink or two.
Its great to read about anyone with the 129th. Mark Jackson, where the hell is Coldwater Ohio. I live in Indy. and get to Ohio once and a while. I have quite a few pictures of Lane and the AO. Most are slides, would be glad to share with anyone. A buddy of mine was in the engineers in Nam and reciently got a video from a guy he served with and he had his slides put on video. turned out real nice. If I get a chance I will do that with mine, than let you all know. You all take care and love you all. Cobra 34.

Mon. Feb 8, 1999 10:12:31 EST

Curt Classen ( from Redmond WA writes:
Tony McDermott and Ron Paye.. The COBRA's are bck in wing positions. What a great heavy team. You guys are the best. Was great to fly with you in 72 and looking forward to our reunions in the hills of Montana.. Cobra 32 OVER

Mon. Feb 8, 1999 17:33:53 EST

Curt Classen ( from Redmond WAshington writes:
To Bernie Hernandez.. Sorry I missed you call my friend. Been waiting to talk with you person to person and hear your reflections. What did you think? Rather chilling huh? Now you can clear the air with that last vision of a skid in the air. Guess it was meant to be to hang onto those. Funny sometimes how the pieces of the past pull us together in the future. Did you see Tony McDermott sign in. He was my room mate with the Cobras and a good one at that. Ron Paye and I flew a lot of missions over in the Pleiku AO. Got into some AckAck in that neck of the woods that was interesting. WE almost became Tank aces on one mission but were held off from firing as intelligence had lost a patrol of ARVN tanks.. We tried to tell them that we flew over them at 50 feet and these weren't no ARVN tanks.. Long story. Anyway the Cobra Guns are rollin in,breakers in rockets hot.. Hot damn its great to have the 129th back again.. Great page for us to be sure.
Anyway I will try and reach you at home again as would like to link up with land line commo.

Cobra 32 Winchester..

Mon. Feb 8, 1999 21:20:37 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ PROUD writes:
Hey Curt Classen,Ron Paye, and Tony McDermott.... you guys make me laugh and cry in the same minute. It is such an honor to see you Cobras flyin' wing position together again after all these years. I just bet your guys ears still can hear the noises of that time. Ron...I laughed when you ask where Coldwater was?:-)..we have T-shirts for sale here that say the very same thing:-)))..Coldwater is located just 7 miles from the Indiana eastern line..Dead Nut, central Ohio. Ever here of Celina or Grand Lake. Big ole' time resevior for the Miama Erie canal back at the turn of the centery?. We live just 7 miles south of there. Better yet, Take I-70 easy outta Indy, then head north on ST RT 118.. 60 miles north. COLDWATER, Bingo. You come to ohio sometimes?..we will have to hook up brother. Ron I would love to look and see and save some of your slides of LANE. As I said..I collect them all..and as soon as I can, I'm gonna try to do a huge 129th Homepage with all stuff for you Guys.....I'm not a 129th Guy. My KIA brother was.... I took over his call sign as a CE, He was Pop-A-Top....I am known on the net as Pop-A-TopII....Plus My Softail carrys the plates with the Tailstock Number of his ship he went down in, DA "257".but I sure am proud to be able to have the oppertunity to commo with you all. You guys take care of your self. Crazy Bastards:-))))..ya had to be, to survive the Nam. I'm proud of you. WELCOME HOME!!!!.....Pop-A-TopII....."257"....OUT

Tue. Feb 9, 1999 19:50:8 EST

Benjamin Alvarez Jr. ( from Killeen, Texas writes:
COBRA KNAVE, Howdy to all of you from the state of Texas.

Thu. Feb 11, 1999 16:48:42 EST

Michael Brown ( from Kent, Ohio writes:
Looking for 213th BLACK CATS from PHU-LOI. If you know of a 213th ASHC man please pass on this note. Thank you Mike Brown A BLACK CAT FROM PHU-LOI 1967

Wed. Feb 17, 1999 7:22:59 EST

sylly ( from holland writes:
go on, with the good work

Fri. Feb 19, 1999 7:42:49 EST

tom hoggard (_rucool2) from writes:
i hve questions concerning the tactical specifications of the ah-1 huey bell 209 cobra please send me lots of information to above listed email or at
610 south first street lafayette indiana
thanks from a future marine

Fri. Feb 19, 1999 7:44:42 EST

tom hoggard (_rucool2) from writes:
i hve questions concerning the tactical specifications of the ah-1 huey bell 209 cobra please send me lots of information to above listed email or at
thanks from a future marine

Sun. Feb 21, 1999 17:14:16 EST

Mike Miller (CHPMILL@AOL.COM) from Dixon, Ca. writes:

BULLDOG 21 7/70-7/71

Tue. Feb 23, 1999 19:17:13 EST

Bill Melious ( from windsor, n.y. 13865 writes:
I worked in Opns during 1970-1971. I flew as gunner for cpt Hazzard and other opns officers. I sent you guys off every day and night out of the flight office. Then I joined you in the skys of VN. The rest of life seems a little dull....doesn't it. You're the best

Wed. Feb 24, 1999 12:40:0 EST


Wed. Feb 24, 1999 12:49:2 EST


Wed. Feb 24, 1999 16:39:16 EST


Wed. Feb 24, 1999 17:53:20 EST

Timothy Kuhn ( from Cincinnati, OH. writes:
I was assigned to the 129th at Ft Bragg in 1978, 79' before it was absorbed by the 82d CAB.

Thu. Feb 25, 1999 11:37:34 EST

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
This message is for Curt Classen /Mark Jackson/Bruno Sanchez. Curt and Mark I got a call last night from my crew chief of "426'. and what a rush I got talkin old times. I'm so very glad that I have finally contacted people that clears up that crash, I finally can put it somewhat behind me, but I know I never will. Curt again thanks for the pictures I'm gonna make Bruno some copies. GUESS WHAT? He also has my dog tags. Mark thanks again for all your info. and help. Bruno, you don't know how good I felt after talking to you last night 24 Feb 99, all of you keep in touch. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Thu. Feb 25, 1999 12:4:11 EST

BRUNO E SANCHEZ ( from laredo,texas writes:
for bernie,curt & mark-thanks to all for making it possible.curt for asking about the pilots;/bernie for answering.i would have never gotten hold of have my e-mail address.keep in touch.bernie,aas soon as as find the dog tags,i'll mail them to you.cant wait for the pictures & maps.

Thu. Feb 25, 1999 13:32:14 EST

Brian Rinehart ( from Houston Texas writes:
Assigned to 129th AHC 68-69

Thu. Feb 25, 1999 22:32:40 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Bruno,Bernie,Curt..............this is the only mission that I have ever flown.....never flew one in the Nam........believe me when I it a HONOR to be a part of all this.........and the pleasure has been all thanks nessarry......I owe it to you guys......WELCOME HOME!!!!

Thu. Feb 25, 1999 22:35:54 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Brain Rinehart!!!! your e-mial today....thanks.....As I said in a reply...would like to know if you knew Larry or recall the incident involving the "257"....your time frame is the same as Larry's.......WELCOME HOME brother!!!!!!!

Fri. Feb 26, 1999 7:54:19 EST

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Curt, where the hell are you? Bruno and Mark I'm working on getting copies of the crash of "426". Have a good weekend, Talk to you all later.