Fri. Jan 1, 1999 12:53:54 EST

campbell arthur ( from uniontown pa. writes:
want to wish all a happy new year. looking through my 129th aslt hel co album of 1972 brings back a lot of membores of my time spent at lane . the mark jackson i read on the guestbook. were you a 1st sgt in 72?

Fri. Jan 1, 1999 13:48:50 EST

Douglas MacPetrie ( from Waterford, Michigan writes:

2920 LOLA CT
(248) 673-7344

Sun. Jan 3, 1999 18:43:18 EST

campbell arthur ( from uniontown pa writes:
have not seen, heard or met anyone from the 129th since i left in 72. i see by the kia list that two officers that i knew for a short time . cpt billingsly and wo1 nowakowski. this muet have hqppen a short time after i left country. if anyone knows what happen please let me know.

Sun. Jan 3, 1999 20:58:27 EST

Mark Jackson ( from Here writes:
Hey Arthur???...did you get my e-mail????.......I have all the crash summarys of the KIA of the 129th.......will look up what happened to the men you mention above....and forward to you VIA e-mail if I have any......WELCOME HOME!!!!!

Sun. Jan 3, 1999 21:15:19 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ JACKSON writes:
Arthur Campbell!!!!.....the info I have on the ship that Billingsly and Nowakowski went down in ( The 16-15304 ) this.....SUMMARY; STARTING ACFT FOR T/O FRONT CROSSTUBE FAILED 3 INCHES ABOVE THE ATTACHING POINT TO RT SKID, ICDT DAM TO ACFT......( This is how it is on the Armys report )....also says....SHORT SUMMARY;....WENT INTO SLOW SPIRAL AND CRASHED.SUSPECTED HOSTILE FIRE......seems both of these men were listed as MIA'a for awhile....but then list them as Battle dead....can forward this report to you Arthur....can you open an attachment???....

Mon. Jan 4, 1999 22:51:42 EST

Bill French ( from Marietta, Ga writes:
Gus... I remember you. I belive I have pix of you with that big deer ya shot and were in the procsess of gutting. Can you tel me how to get in touch with John Hardwig. He was from Cal. I almost shot him by accident once I don't think I ever apologized properly. Happy New Year everyone.... And a BIG HI to Bob H... Hissen and Pissen all the way to Y2K...
Frenchie 68=69

Tue. Jan 5, 1999 13:47:7 EST

Lloyd Robinson AKA ROBBIE ( from Rochester N.Y. writes:
I was in the 129th from apr 69 to apr 70. Crewchief on Bulldog 265. I am looking for anyone who might know where my door gunner Ray Gagner is. If you know him or where he is please have him email me at Thanks and welcome back everyone. Hey mark, thanks again for the christmas present. talk to you soon....Robbie

Tue. Jan 5, 1999 21:6:1 EST

Mark Jackson ( from Here writes:
HEY ROBBIE....bout that Christmas present??? was all my pleasure.........about that doorgunner of yours you are lookin' for????.Gagner....seems I have heard that name mentioned somewhere in my research...I will have to check my files and get back with you.......I know I have that name somewhere in the pile of paper mess I have:-))))

Wed. Jan 6, 1999 7:55:42 EST

Bill French ( from Marietta< ga writes:
Hi everyone. Happy New Year. I wonder if I could get some info. It seems like some where in the last 30 years I have forgotten what ship I had. is there a way for me to find out?

Thu. Jan 7, 1999 20:8:42 EST

Harold Brown ( from Michigan writes:
Glad I finally found this place.....Thanks Joyce Was In V.N.from 1967 to 68, door gunner
AKA "Swifty".....129th ( bull dogs)

Fri. Jan 8, 1999 5:40:0 EST

donnie r. purvis ( from lexington n.c. writes:
with the 1295h from spet 71 thru jul 72, crewed
bulldog 682. a happy new year to all.

Fri. Jan 8, 1999 22:44:46 EST

J.W. KING ( from KANSAS CITY writes:



Sat. Jan 9, 1999 10:21:59 EST

Alex Fernwalt ( from Memphis, Tn. writes:
Just wanted to say welcome home to everybody who visits this page. Had two tours with the 129th. Nov.65 to dec.66. and aug.67 to apr.68. This year had the opportunity of meeting Glenn Pearmain at the Vietnam Helicopter Crewmembers reunion in Texas. He had alot of pictures and slides of Dong Ba Thin and other areas. Well Brothers I Hope we can one day find a LZ we can all meet. I see alot of years covered here. Thanks Alex

Sun. Jan 10, 1999 22:47:6 EST

Dan Hertlein ( from Sumner, Wn writes:
I was a 67N20 assigned to the ground crew in 1968

Mon. Jan 11, 1999 3:11:37 EST

Cobra Knave ( from in the rain/grey in Oregon writes:
Does anyone know if the 1966 and/or 67 unit history can be viewed anywhere?

Mon. Jan 11, 1999 21:4:16 EST

Pop-A-TopII ( from Da " 257" writes:
Evenin' Bulldogs and Cobras.......Hey Cobra Knave????..I am holdin' the Unit history for the 129th of 1966 in my hand......when I originally uncovered the history out of the National Achives in DC....all they had there were 3 years......the ones you see on the 129th I have the 66 is to be submitted to the 129th page sometime...but I understand that the webby for the VHFCN is a very busy man........presently I am workin' on the idea of makin' my on 129th Homepage for you guys......if you like...I can send you a copy of the History for 66 VIA Postal mail......I am a Brother of Larry jackson..KIA of the 129th......related to the cost of FREEDOM you, might say.....take care guys!!!!....Rock and Roll!

Wed. Jan 13, 1999 20:28:18 EST

R N "Pete" Nolen Jr ( from Maurice La. writes:
Saturday Jan. 2nd I had the pleasure of visiting Randell Whitehouse (Soothsayer 68/69) at his home in Ala. Raymond Collies (Soothsayer 7o) and Ron Smith (Jester 69/70) were also at our minireunion. We had a great time and made plains to be in Tenn. on the 4th. I hope to see all of the 129th there. Thinks again Sooth!!!

Lane Tower...BARON...Heavy Gun Team.....Right Base P..O..L....GUNS COLD!!!!!!

Thu. Jan 14, 1999 6:59:7 EST

Robert Lee ( from Raleigh, NC writes:
This is a good web page, but what happen to all the comments between Aug 1997 thru this date. Can we get an archive of the these past comments. Served in the 129th Nov. 1971 to Sep 1972.

Fri. Jan 15, 1999 11:1:55 EST

arthur campbell ( from uniontown pa writes:
Thanks M ark for the information on Cpt Billingsly and wo1 Nowakowski.

Sat. Jan 16, 1999 10:42:26 EST

JIM SCOTT (iscott) from Washington state writes:
Robert Lee I know you don`t remember me cause I was in the 1st flt., but I came to the 129th with Robert Carrizals from Pleiku. I ran into another from your flight while I ETS`ing from Ft. Benning in 73 and he told me about Carrizles. I was on my extension so I left in July. I often wondered what happened to him and how he was doing. These years seem to slide by pretty damm fast anymore

Sat. Jan 16, 1999 15:8:8 EST

1LT Curt Classen ( from Redmond, WA writes:
The "Lost Alaskan" Cobra 32 Feb72-Feb73

Sun. Jan 17, 1999 11:34:41 EST

LT Curtis Classen ( from Redmond, WA writes:
COBRA 32.. The Lost Alaskan.. With the 129th from Feb 1972- Feb 14, 1973.. Miss all of you guys and love ya.. CC

Sun. Jan 17, 1999 12:0:13 EST

LT Curtis Classen ( from Redmond, WA writes:
COBRA 32.. The Lost Alaskan.. With the 129th from Feb 1972- Feb 14, 1973..
To Henkel and Hernandez.. I have a few photos of the crash scene if you want.. Would be interested is hearing what the "Offical" report had to say.. Those were bad times in AnKhe Pass.. Only resupply that hill was getting was from the brave pilots of the 129th.

Arthur Campbell.. Ref Billingsly/Nowakowski.. Very sad day.. They had been flying Cobra support for days straight. I saw them at the flight line on their last take off. They were wanting a break and I had just got back from Saigon with a new gunship and told Nowakowski that I would have a replacement team ready for them on the new ship by the time they got back.. From what I heard from Cpt. Powell or CO they were hit by cross fire 51's. CPT Powell would have the details as I believe they were flying same mission. I can do some checking as my ole wing man Ron Paye and I are in communication every month. He came out to vist this summer so we were trying to put together pieces about our time at Lane..One of his best friends with the H/10 CAV was Harold McCaslin kia 7-26-72.. All this stuff gets foggy after all these years so its buds when they get together that fill in the missing pieces.. Thats what Ron and I have been doing these past few years.. Just happened to see this web site.. Thanks for having a place for the 129th..

Best way to get ahold of me is email address.


Sun. Jan 17, 1999 19:20:40 EST

Mark Jackson ( Pop-A-TopII ) ( from On the everlasting final mission of the "257" writes:
THIS MESSAGE GOES OUT TO C.CLASSEN...DONNIE PURVIS...AND AURTHOR CAMPBELL.......I knew I had seen you guys name some where..........I have some paper work that I aquired from the National Archives out of DC that has your names on it......some things called "unsatisfactory mission reports"......not much.....but surly a day in your lives that mean loads......can make copies and send to you....or what dont know me.....I never was at the 129th or LANE.....I am the brother of a KIA of the 129th that just happens to hold all the info that the GOV. had on the Unit.......why???...just because my KIA brother wants me to.....and wants me to do all I can for you guys......and for's the least I can do for ya'all...........let me know ifin' ya want paper work......I can be reached at hell.....just call me collect at 1-419-678-4697..........WELCOME HOME brothers.....and THANKS for the job well done...........the "257" RTB.......PEACE

Wed. Jan 20, 1999 8:9:44 EST

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Lt. Curtis Classen I would like to have a copy of the pictures you have on the crah of 426. I don't have a E-mail address, but you can call me collect if you like. My phone number is 801-731-7958. A brother Mark Jackson sent me the after action report on the crash and also a map of the AO 426 went down in, please call me .Mark Jackson again thank you for the report and maps.

Wed. Jan 20, 1999 22:32:12 EST

mc gregor ( from North Idaho writes:
was a member of the 129th from sept 1966 until june1969 both in the slicks and the guns seems like a like a life time ago but only yesterday.

Thu. Jan 21, 1999 22:4:56 EST

Stacy McLain ( from Flagstaff AZ writes:
Good to hear you all are still out there and dont forget the guys lost then or since...Had Larry Kucalacks phone # but computer crashed and lost it. Was there in '71-a gunner- and would like to here from anyone there @ that time or anytime...take guys

Thu. Jan 21, 1999 22:5:51 EST

Stacy McLain ( from Flagstaff AZ writes:
Good to hear you all are still out there and dont forget the guys lost then or since...Had Larry Kucalacks phone # but computer crashed and lost it. Was there in '71-a gunner- and would like to here from anyone there @ that time or anytime...take guys

Thu. Jan 21, 1999 22:5:55 EST

Stacy McLain ( from Flagstaff AZ writes:
Good to hear you all are still out there and dont forget the guys lost then or since...Had Larry Kucalacks phone # but computer crashed and lost it. Was there in '71-a gunner- and would like to here from anyone there @ that time or anytime...take guys

Thu. Jan 21, 1999 22:46:11 EST

Curt Classen ( from Redmond WA writes:
Mr Bernie Hernandez.. Received your request and did out the photos and get some copies made for you. I am sure they would mean a lot to you if not to run chills through you.I would love the report that was done and any map copy. All my AO maps were lost going through Saigon as I was given my last mission to DEROS flying one of the last Cobras out of II corps.. Had to do it WITHOUT any guns. Flew over the water. The cease fire had just been signed and everyone that had a rocket or 51 was shootin at anything that moved. My wing man was Ron Paye. WE did a lot of flying in An Khe pass together. LZ English and the twin bridge Bon Song area.. All hot and we were getting American advisors out under the wire before everything fell. Was a crazy time but that was our story at the time.. If you would send report to my home address of:
Curt Classen
6107 147th Court NE
Redmond, WA 98052

I should have photos complete by then and will then have your address to send them to you.

WElcome home.. Sincerely CC

Thu. Jan 21, 1999 22:55:50 EST

curt classen ( from Redmond WA writes:
Bernie Hernandez.. Would you be so kind as to tell me your story when you write.. How the hell you made it out alive is a miracle.. If you feel like it.. Just very interested as this crash happened while I was just two months in country and I was very close to the support of the hill as we all had been flying every day. They had run out of everything. Mortars, ammo, food and water, medical supplies. They needed it all and for the battle they were fighting we were barely keeping up with the resupply.. Many times the fire was so hot the top of the hill was getting missed on drops which made things even worse as some troops would run down the hill after supplies and you know what happened from that point. Did you get picked up on that side of the hill? How long were you done before cover arrived? As I said I was running finals on the other side of the hill. As you know we were trying to take various routes to the top of the hill from many directions.. Every ship was flying long hours of very stressfull missions..Your a hell of a man. I congradulate you. CC

Fri. Jan 22, 1999 22:4:12 EST

Curt Classen ( from Redmond WA writes:
Bernie Hernandez.. Heaaa Bernie.. LT Classen here. I found the photos today and went down and had them reprinted for you. Also 2 shots of An Son, even has the HQ in the background so thought you would enjoy them.. Was great talking with you today. Man if you were on the right side of this slick and lived you are one hell of a lucky fella. The right side hit the dirt. Did you know that. Lucky you were rolled on, not to mention fire. Let me know what you think of the photos after you get them. Need to be framed for sure cuz you lived through it.. You will be impressed to say the least..Thanks for the call and filling in the blanks of that day. Sure does help a lot. Hope we meet at one of the reunions some day. Would be very nice indeed..Friends forever.. CC.

Sat. Jan 23, 1999 10:11:38 EST

Jim Scottcame ( from Marysville, Washington writes:
Curt Classen-- I was with the 129th for my last three months in country with 1st plt. Have several photo albums. I was there Mar of 72 to June of that same year,but finished out my time at Ft. Benning with the 498th Medivac. Sometime when your not doing anything we can swap stories and photos sence we live this close. WELCOME HOME.

Sat. Jan 23, 1999 13:40:22 EST

Paul A. Eis ( from Southern Idaho writes:
I spent Aug 69-Aug 70 with the 61st at lane army air field. knew some pilots from the 129th at that time. Thanks for an interesting sight.would like to know if there is information out there for the 61st

Sat. Jan 23, 1999 18:20:10 EST

Curt Classen ( from Redmond WA writes:
To Bernie Hernandez.. Your photos are in the mail. You should receive them sometime next week. Very happy that I kept them and could give them to you. Stay in touch.. will see you at a reunion someday, not sure when. In between Harley rides I am sure.. Cobra 32.. Winchester..

Sun. Jan 24, 1999 22:1:10 EST

Larry N. Gravely ( from Augusta, Ga writes:
Flew with the 498th Med Co (AA) at Lane Army Heliport at Anson s.vietnam. 129th was next door. Thanks for the gun support on hot missons.

Sun. Jan 24, 1999 23:7:14 EST

Paul Mc Gregor ( from North Idaho writes:
James King(SSG) this is a short back up to the e-mail I sent you. The last contact with Sid was Feb 78 He was in Sparks N.V an I was on my way overseas again. Last contact with Ron is when we shared a house at Fort Bragg N.C From there I went back to vietnam for my fourth any last tour I didnt return to the states until 1976 as you can see I wasnt state side long. But I am hame now in North Idaho. If I can be any futher help let me know (Chip)

Mon. Jan 25, 1999 8:26:26 EST

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Curt, It was great talking to last friday night, I will be getting a copy of the after action report and also the maps. I think of that crash often and wonder how I made it out. I wish the pilots and the Korean observers could have made out alive also, anyway Welcome Home and I will stay in touch. Later Bro.

Tue. Jan 26, 1999 15:18:33 EST

Bernie Hernandez (Ogden, Utah) writes:
Hello to Mark Jackson, so how have you been since we talked last? I just thought I'd check in.
Later on Brother.

Tue. Jan 26, 1999 22:15:39 EST

Mark Jackson ( from Ohio writes:
Hey Bernie Hernandez!!!!......I be doin' just fine man. Thanks for askin'.....Hope all is well for you and your loved ones.... been somewhat busy with helpin' some 6th graders with a social studies report about Viet Nam. and the 129th . It has been ever so nice to see you and Curt hook up in here. Makes my mission all the more complete.......currently I am working on sponsoring one of the MOVING WALLS to come to our lil' burg.....just a pipe dream right now...but have been met with well wishes....and some " GO FOR IT"S.....put the Battery back in the Softail today, and saddled her up.....sposed ta be in the 60's here tomorrow. Gonna ride to work and then some. take care all you Hiss & Piss guys....and THANKS!!!

Wed. Jan 27, 1999 9:16:58 EST

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Mark Jackson, read your message, and things are going real well at this time. Keep up the good work that you are doing sounds like your keeping pretty busy, sommeone needs to teach the youngsters about THE NAM. Lt Classen is cool people, but then all soldiers from THE NAM ARE COOL PEOPLE. The weather here in Utah is wintery at this time, must be nice to have some warm weather to ride that fine harley you own. Anyhow take care and its good to hear from you. Later on Brother.

Wed. Jan 27, 1999 23:21:55 EST

Mark Jackson ( from Hoverin' writes:

Wed. Jan 27, 1999 23:23:27 EST

Mark Jackson ( from Hoverin' writes:
Brenie!!!!:-))))>you NAM guys are the coolest!!!!......THANKS!!!!!!

Thu. Jan 28, 1999 10:18:45 EST

Richard Boles ( from Siloam Springs, AR writes:
Served with the 129th in "72". I was a door gunner on the Bn, Com. slick. Patton from Georgia was the crew chief. Anybody remember?

Thu. Jan 28, 1999 14:53:24 EST

zack ( writes:
ya I want to know how do helicopters work

Thu. Jan 28, 1999 17:28:20 EST

Curt Classen ( from Redmond WA writes:
To Mark Jackson.. Wow and you ride Harleys also.. I do Sturgis every year. Usually stay in Rapid City when I go around the Harley staff. Will be there first week of August again. WE should link up at the Rolling Thunder booth. Someday I want to make the ride from California to Wash DC for the Vietnam memorial ride with the Rolling Thunder group.. I keep my membership with them current just for the opportuntiy of doing that for our fallen commrades someday. Anyway if you head that way in August please let me know on email address. Headed down to BAja in Febuary. Got to get out of this rain.. We do a rather yuppie trip, they ship the bikes to San Diego and then we ride like hell for a week and come homewith sun burns. Kinda fun and like I say ridin with the buds in the sun is something a fella just has got to do. So my ride these days is a custom Dyna. I did put in a 107 S and S motor last year so she goes like a gunship should. Catch ya on the road someday.. CC

Thu. Jan 28, 1999 19:13:14 EST

art campbell ( from cardale pa writes:
Hey Mark. It was great talking to you the other night. my address is p.o. box 83 cardale pa. 15420.

Thu. Jan 28, 1999 21:32:11 EST

mcgregor ( from North Idaho writes:
to webmaster great job I know it takes dollars for a web site let me know if I can help in addition I have additional information on the 129th starting in sept 66 I found alot of old orders with individual awards etc,.

Sat. Jan 30, 1999 13:13:16 EST

Alan R Schnittker ( from Federal Way, Wa writes:

Sept 69 to July 70 Avionics Just heard about this page form kin and have been reading for the last hour Great page and it will be visited weekly and hope to hear from other 129th Bulldogs in the future.

Sat. Jan 30, 1999 15:22:30 EST

Mark Jackson ( from :-) writes:
Hey CURT!.....Ride Loud,Ride Proud!!!!......ya...I ride a 98 Softail. Had her out this afternoon. Bits just went once round the lake. Had to see how she rode with all the new chrome I got on her. I just got my Rolling Thunder back pacth last week. Got it sewed on my vest the next day. ..Dig this guys.... The Pres. of the Ohio Chapter of Rolling Thunder is a 129th guy from 69/70. He got to LANE the month Larry went down,sept 69.Knew many men that knew Larry. We are planning to hook up in DC come this May.....Sturgis?????...Wow wee man......I hear tell thats one heck of a wild party. I dont think a heartland, flatlander from a clodhoppin' town like me would survive it. I hear tell that wimmin' walk round without thier tops on there.....GOOOLLLLYYY!!!!...Hey 129th guys!!!!...I could of just wrote to Curt via e-mail....but I really like the fact that the 129th has a guestbook and that all of you guys can come back in and read whats going on with everybody else. As for now, this is kinda like a 129th reunion room, now aint it??? You guys all take care. Gods speed to you and your loved ones. It is an honor to sit amungst you!

Sat. Jan 30, 1999 15:28:54 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Hey Author Campbell......Thanks for the address.....the pleasure was all mine talking to you the other night man. Thanks for the call:-) I will send that Unsatisfactory Mission report to you and some......Take care man

Sat. Jan 30, 1999 15:55:27 EST

Mark Jackson ( writes:
Hey mcgregor......neat thing bout this site dont cost a thing. I'm no computer guru, so I dont know how they do it. In the past. I have just sent stuff to the webmaster of the VHFCN and he puts in on. It's been a while since the last stuff I sent him has been put up, but I understand he is a very busy man. You could send copies of the materail to him. I would like a copy of it myself, if ya dont mind. 816 East Vine Street,Coldwater Ohio,45828.... I collect all about the 129th AHC......Nice to meet you....... take care

Sat. Jan 30, 1999 16:1:48 EST

Curt Classen ( from Redmond WA writes:
Bernie Hernandez.. REceived the action report.. Clears up a lot. Thank you for that. Much appreciated. So haven't heard from you as I assume you have now also received the crash photos. Kinda scary huh.. As I said you are a very very lucky man.. Will stay in touch buddy.. CC

Sat. Jan 30, 1999 16:12:42 EST

Curt Classen ( from Redmond WA writes:
Mark Jackson.. Welcome to Rolling Thunder.. Great organization. I cannot make Wash trip this year however it is my goal. Maybe when I do that ride we can link up and make it together. Should get all our fellow Harley riders and do a 129th trip together.. Anyway as I said will be in Sturgis first week. We can sign in at the Rolling Thunder booth. They usually have it set up just as you get off the freeway so very visable location. And yes you can get into as much trouble as one wants during Sturgis. Im to old for that myself and actually prefer more of the rides through the Black Hills and badlands. Great weather and great places to ride to. Lots to see and do..Girls in leathers always look good especially when on their own scoots.
Been waiting to hear what Bernie thought of his pics.. I bet he never expected what I sent to him. On that day I was determined to capture that event because I was right next to it. Didn't know the reason until I packed them up for Bernie..Still rather emotional for me and I can imagine how Bernie feels..

Love you guys of the 129th.. No matter what year.

Cobra 32 "Winchester"

Sat. Jan 30, 1999 17:7:45 EST

Mark Jackson ( writes:
ALAN nice to hear from you.....I was able to open the picture of the patch you sent me. Thanks a bunch man. ...did'nt know that such a thing was out there. I dont mean to sound stupid here....but just what did the Avionics of the 129th do????....also.... I noticed that you said you were at LANE in Sept. 69......Larry ( My brother ) went down on Sept. 12th of you recall the crash of the "257" late that rainy night. Happened only a mile and a half to the west of LANE in the range that was directly west. Around 11:30PM. They were out picking up a VC/POW that wondered into the 11th CAV. Reg., just over the toe of the mountains...........Thanks again for the patch......Ifin' I ever figure out how to make a Homepage.....I'm gonna put all the 129th stuff out there for the world ta see!!!!!

Sat. Jan 30, 1999 17:24:23 EST

Mark Jackson ( writes:
CURT....You raise a very interesting point there buddy as to all this conseption of the inter net and all of you guys finding each other after all these years. guys please be careful and take your time with all this, and take your time. You all are bringing things up from the past that you all probably surpressed for some time.....the last thing I would want to see is one of ya'all ta wig out on me:-)))) Bernie!!!!....after ya gather yourself....give us a full report on the pixs ya got from Curt!....Hey 129th guys!!!!......ifin' ya ever wanna talk with other chopper guys you should go the the BUNKER on the at the bottom of the page. Things git a goin' round 9:00 EST.....I sometimes hang there....Take care guys.......

Sun. Jan 31, 1999 15:32:41 EST

Larry Buller ( writes:
Hi guys. I was crew chief of Snow Snake Jan72 to Jul72. Has anyone had contact with sp4 Richard Stevens, sp4 Dennis Showalter, sgt Paul Nicholls, sfc James D Smith, cw2 William Craig, or cpt William Ganter.
Does anyone have the history of Snow Snake #740? I just know that it got retired after getting shot up north of Pleiku. We transfered the nose art to #910.

Sun. Jan 31, 1999 19:0:58 EST

Al (Schnittker) from writes:
Mark I entered the country sept 9 and it took 2 weeks to get to Lane. I heard about your brother but never knew him. Avionics is the radio systems on the heuys navigation and communication. We changed the radios when the crews came in with problems. Who is the home page address of this site I am looking to contribute pictures.
Later Al Schnittker

Sun. Jan 31, 1999 20:28:1 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
LARRY BULLER.........If you know the complete tailstock number of the "740" can e-mail Gary Roush at < > with out the < >....he is the head of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots asso...and has a very large data bae of info about choppers that were in Viet Nam.......give him a try...he has never not, come up with info for me.

Sun. Jan 31, 1999 20:35:48 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
AL Schnittker.....Hey AL..........the webmaster that put the stuff on the 129th page that I sent him is Larry Russell and he can be reached at <,lrussell >.....without the < >......but he maintains most of the sights on the vhfcn.....and I think he is a very busy person......I just hooked up with a person from the Netherlands today thats wants to help us with a 129th page.....dont think it will cost a hang onto them pix ya got......gonna see how this works out with the Netherlands and will report back......I also have tons of pix that should be up for all you guys to you heard of Larry huh???!!!!