Thu. Mar 2, 2000 18:12:17 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Hello Family of the 129th AHC.,
I am probably the one that is most guilty of not yackin’ in here. It has been a hell of a month. My mother had a total hip replacement done. She is 84. Full of spry, but her recovery has been slow and I am not sure whether she will ever be the same. The hip is doin’ good, but with her age, I feel that the surgery knocked a lil’ of her senses outta her. I have been told with age, that it takes longer to recover from that stuff mentally. So we are waiting it out. Coupled along with that, an excentric Ole’ man that tries to play the roll of a sincere husband for a few minutes a day, only to end up back in the arms of his fluzzie.......GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!...........coupled along with that, some sibs that have done very lil’ to help with the cituation.......and on top of it all.....I have learned that our Grandson will be moving in the near future 110 miles away, instead of just being 2 blocks away. I am heart sick over this and frankly have had lil’ to smile about lately. I know everybody has thier problems, but you would have to travel pretty far to compare to the family crap that I have had to go through. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to dump on you ‘all...........I know that I can come here and express myself and you will listen to me. I thank you for that. Shoot some folks are more my family then my real one. The wife and I and the girls are doing great. it’s the other crap that I have a hard time dealing with.........OK.....enuff of that bull.....again....sorry to dump on you all....

Dave Powers!!!..thanks for the heads up on the other place to order maps. I did not know that there was another place..........But I have some news on that subject..................
DO NOT!!!!...I REPEAT....DO NOT!!!! buy any maps from the USGS places.....unless you want some maps of the ones that WE do not have available. I have 12 maps of the Qui Nhon and surrounding AO’s and with the help of Bill “FRENCHIE” French from the 129th here, we will be able to provide colored copies of these maps. This is a list of the Provinces Maps that we will be able to supply;

Qui Nhon
Binh Khe
An Toc
Canh Tien
Phu My
Tam Quan
Kon Giong
Hoai An
Thach Khe
Tein Thuan
Plei Ajana
Bong Son

Frenchie told me he can have these maps copied in color by our TAX dollars at work..he,he,he,he!!!!:-))))

By the way....if you put the first 3 maps together, Qui Nhon , Binh Khe, An Toc, from right to can fly outta LANE, up through the pass just north of LANE, end up over Highway 19, head west, and fly all the way through the Ahn Khe Pass, and to the “GOLF COURSE” at Ahn Khe. According to my info. The Golf Course was the largest Helo Port in Nam........

Hope this will be of some help to you all..........
Thanks for all chatter in here friends........still good to see you all talking.

Remember.......these are the only maps that WE have available.......other AO’s can be still purchased from the USGS places..

God Bless you all, see some of ya in NC. The HAWG is ready for the flight.
"257" inbound to the beacon........... Later,

Thu. Mar 2, 2000 20:42:28 EST

Rick Gdog Gd from Wittmann AZ writes:
Hey Mark! Were with you brother and prayers are there for you and your Family. Be careful out there. Rick

Fri. Mar 3, 2000 8:23:4 EST

Ernie Gschwender ( from Lincoln Park, Michigan writes:
As soon as you get situated with the maps I would like to get 1 ea. thhe first 3 maps. Just let me no how much and where to send a check.
Prayers going out for you and your loved ones.
129th AHC 4/69-4/70

Fri. Mar 3, 2000 20:21:32 EST

Dave Powers ( from Montrose, Colorado writes:
Hey Flight... Mark, our prayers, likewise, are with you! Family things really suck sometimes! Wish the best for your mom, though! Yeah, I'm also interested in those first three maps, and glad you found a way to get them copied... good going, Frenchie! Let me know what I need to do to get them.

Sat. Mar 4, 2000 1:2:55 EST

Don Miller ( from Valley Farms, AZ writes:
WOW the memories all this brings back (good and bad)I know I should remember more names but 30 years makes it tough. I read the postings up thru march of last year and it sure makes me think. I was with the 129 th from Mar 69 to Mar 70 so Mark I remember 257 all too well. I have thought of that one and 808 many times. I wish I could find out more about 808 because 3 died and 1 was MIA but I can't find his name anywhere did he escape after I came home and make it back ? I sure would like to find Brooks made it home.
as for the deer ...... I thought Thompson killed it. must be the 30 year thing.
to the rest of you that have posted here welcome home I sure have missed you.
and mark thank you so very much for this place for us to get in touch with each other. Larry would be VERY proud of you. he was one hell of a guy.

Sat. Mar 4, 2000 12:11:16 EST

Jim Westwang ( from Sheridan, WY. writes:
First of all, i would like to welcome all the people who have found the site HOME!! Mark, God bless you for all your efforts & thanks you once again for what you do for us. Know that I am here as we all are for you any time, Just rave on brother, we've all got stuff. I lost both my parents over the last 9 years & it has not been an easy thing & some of the sibs did not do a lot in the way of help, visiting them etc. Feel good about what you do, try to remember that as hard as we might try, we can't control what others do & I pray that you will be able to let go of anger & resentment as they eat us alive. Sounds easy for me to say & not so easy for you to do. I have been a few of those miles in your shoes. Hang in there & I believe that a loving God will pay you off in SPADES!
Yours; Smitty

Sun. Mar 5, 2000 2:20:49 EST

Don Miller ( from Valley Farms, AZ writes:
Mark, all I can say is JOB WELL DONE !!! I have read most of the posts and it has jogged my memory about a lot of things (and that's not a bad thing ) I am upset with the news about Brooks, all these years I hoped he found his way out. and I don't have any idea how I "remembered" his tail ## as 808 instead of 399. from what I see 808 made it back home. I have a lot ( 300+) slides that I took while I was there and if I can figure out how to get them into my computer I will send you some. there are some of the deer and a lot of other fun stuff we did. I also have a lot of the crashes ( no 257 or 399 )I didn't go out on recoveries. my job while I was there was ground handleing. after our tug broke down we took two jeeps and made one out of them and I was the only one that was allowed drive it ( nothing like having your own car ha ha )I finally found someone that I knew while I was there and that is ALL thanks to you. I wish I had found this site long ago but now that I have I will keep coming back to see what is going on.
so Mark, thanks again and keep flying you have earned your wings

Sun. Mar 5, 2000 12:53:15 EST

Mike Miles writes:
Ron Payne posted this on Nov 17, 1999. It should be read by everyone who did not support the soldiers then or now. And should be cherished by the troops who were there.

Everyone take care,
Mike Miles

Wed. Nov 17, 1999 9:7:16 EST
Ron Paye ( from Indianapolis, IN. writes:
Flight, this was posted on another net. I thought it was too good not to post here. It was written for Marines, but fits all of you, just as well. Its kind of long, but worth it.

PS. You might want to have a hankie handy.

When The Lord Was Creating Vietnam Vets.

Nam Vets
When the Lord was creating Vietnam veterans, he was into His 6th day of
overtime when an angel appeared. "You're certainly doing a lot of fiddling
around on this one."
And God said, "Have you seen the specs on this order? A Nam vet has to
be able to run 5 miles through the bush with a full pack on, endure with
barely any sleep for days, enter tunnels his higher ups wouldn't consider
doing, and keep his weapons clean and operable. He has to be able to sit in
his hole all night during an attack, hold his buddies as they die, walk point
in unfamiliar territory known to be VC infested, and somehow keep his senses
alert for danger. He has to be in top physical condition, existing on c-rats
and very little rest. And he has to have 6 pairs of hands."
The angel shook his head slowly and said, "6 pair of hands ... no way."
"It's not the hands that are causing me problems ... it's the 3 pair of
eyes a Nam vet has to have."
"That's on the standard model?" asked the angel.
The Lord nodded. "One pair that sees through elephant grass, another
pair here in the side of his head for his buddies, another pair here in front
that can look reassuringly at his bleeding, fellow soldier and say, "You'll
make it ... ", when he knows he won't.
"Lord, rest, and work on this tomorrow."
"I can't," said the Lord. "I already have a model that can carry a
wounded soldier 1,000 yards during a firefight, calm the fears of the latest
FNG, and feed a family of 4 on a grunt's paycheck."
The angel walked around the model and said, "Can it think?"
"You bet," said the Lord. "It can quote much of the UCMJ, recite all his
general orders, and engage in a search and destroy mission in less time than
it takes for his fellow Americans back home to discuss the morality of the
War, and still keep his sense of humor."
"This Nam vet also has a phenomenal personal control. He can deal with
ambushes from hell, comfort a fallen soldier's family, and then read in his
hometown paper how Nam vets are baby killers, psychos, addicts, killers of
innocent civilians."
The Lord gazed into the future and said, "He will also endure being
vilified and spit on when he returns home, rejected and crucified by the very
ones he fought for."
Finally, the angel slowly ran his finger across the vet's cheek, and
said, "There's a leak ... I told you that you were trying to put too much
into this model."
"That's not a leak," said the Lord. "That's a tear."
"What's the tear for?" asked the angel.
"It's for bottled up emotions, for holding fallen soldiers as they die,
for commitment to that funny piece of cloth called the American flag, for the
terror of living with PTSD for decades after the war, alone with it's demons,
with no one to care or help."
"You're a genius," said the angel, casting a gaze at the tear.
The Lord looked very somber, as if seeing down eternity's distant shores
..." I didn't put it there," He said.
Cause for reflection ... God bless Nam vets.

And God bless the 129th.

Thank you again Ron.

Mike Miles

Sun. Mar 5, 2000 15:52:8 EST

Rick England ( from Wittmann AZ writes:
I am having troubles with the computer. I can't bring my outlook express for e-mail. I did get through on my favorites to here. Coul someone contact Don Johnson and ask if he could unsubscribe me till I get this straighten out. thanks. Rick

Sun. Mar 5, 2000 19:26:15 EST

Ernie Gschwender ( from Lincoln Park, MI. writes:
To Rick England,
Message sent to Don.

Mon. Mar 6, 2000 14:35:29 EST

GentlyJudith ( from Wisconsin writes:
Hello my brothers! I have finally cleaned out this IMAC enough to get back into/onto the 129th with you. I have missed not checking in everyday to find out how you are and to welcome home the new guys....Welcome home men! And so many of you! Yeah, the family grows!!

God its great to be back here-feels like home to me! To those of you who have been keeping me updated on the side---go to Heaven! So nice of you! Haven't gotten any tapes on the documentaries televised in February--I'm willing to purchase and pass them on-can anyone send them to me? I read "A Rumor of War" and am looking forward to the doc on it. Please cover me.

I put my patch in my car window-cool! And guess what shirt I have on Mark!

Ron-I better see you this weekend. We're to close to not make contact. You hear me?!

Banking left and otta here-with love-Gently

Tue. Mar 7, 2000 10:46:20 EST

Keith "Lurch" Weisheit ( writes:

Gooood Morrrrnnning Bulldogs and Cobras!

Haven't been around much or had much to say! I do believe I am still struggling with memories of the loneliness I knew when I first arrived at Lane on 19 Feb 71 -- these stupid anniveraries that I have been told about flow out of my memory banks. There was a period of time after Larry "Thor" Thies and I arrived at the 129th when, while I can't speak for Larry, I felt like an outsider -- a non-entity! I felt like a lowlife-rain-barrel-scum-sucking-crawling-on-his-belly-like-a-dog-faced-retile-boy! Sounds like one of two possibilities -- first, I suffered from an identity crisis (But then, there remains the question does anyone really know oneself? Or was that does anybody really know what time it is?) or second, I was an FNG!

The fact is that life is good here in my little slice! I have Lori, my wife of 31+ years, whose love I feel daily and who I still love very much! I have four healthy, reasonably happy, kind, and generous children and four beautiful grandchildren! Many, many men would envy me and most of the time I know how good I have it.

Plus, I have the memories of being around you lunatics. It is like Eddie Hokklotubbe, a Choctaw friend from my days in Oklahoma who served 18 months as a doorgunner in the 1st Cav, has always reminded me. "Hey Lurch, they didn't kill you when they got their shot and everything else is just gravy!" Today, on my youngest son's 20th birthday I know that there is great truth and significance in the words of my crazy Native American friend. My son, Seth, was born some nine plus years after I returned from Vietnam -- and I know the world is a better place because Seth is a part of it!

That's all for now -- verbosity is a bitch sometimes, well oftentimes, oh, allright all the time!

Hey boys, keep 'em in the green!

Lurch. Out.

Tue. Mar 7, 2000 19:24:54 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
DON MILLER!!!!!!!...I will e-mail you. We must talk, if I may ask sir?
Bless the rest of you all. take care of my man Ron Paye now:-)....what a great friend he has become. Hope you two meet up and have a good time this weekend.Can't wait till the ride to DC with him on the scooters.
LURCH!!!!..always good to see your commo in here.
I love the shit outta this place.:-))))
always a brother,

Wed. Mar 8, 2000 0:59:49 EST

william a. hewit iv ( from roseburg or writes:
i think i have been here before kind of wondered if anyone iknew 30 yaers ago had visited this site

Wed. Mar 8, 2000 1:13:21 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
William Hewit....YES.....YES my brother.....I knew that I had seen your name in here before.........Mr. Hewit.....I want to tell you that I DID receive a note book from you just the other week, that contained lots of photos from the 129th. I thank you for them. I will make copies of them and send the originals back to you. I am so gald that you have checked back in again. I was wondrin' how to get a hold of you. I tried to call you , but you have a unlisted number. I will write you by snail mail or if I may, get back in touch with you VIA your e-mail address???..if I good to see you check were there at the same time as my brother larry. I know because you have pictures of the DOG "RAT" that you guys used to keep.....I will be writing you through the e-mail Bill....take care brother.....and WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!......damn...the beat goes on...........
LOve to the rest of the Hiss and Piss..................
"257"..........inbound to the beacon

Wed. Mar 8, 2000 1:42:8 EST

william a. hewit iv ( from roseburg or writes:
mark jackson i hope you got pictures i sent you via snail mail & can take care of them

Wed. Mar 8, 2000 3:14:46 EST

william a. hewit iv ( from roseburg or writes:
glad you got photos maybe someone out there can put names to the faces i cant bill

Thu. Mar 9, 2000 19:21:14 EST

Keith "Lurch" Weisheit ( writes:

Bulldog and Cobra Flights . . . Lurch on Guard!

Need assistance . . . first can anyone provide spelling with ablsolute certainty for "Chou Hoi" the campaign to convince the Viet Cong to surrender . . . to come back into the fold . . . to quit trying to off our young asses! Please if you have an opinion post it here and then we'll have a consensus!

Second . . . out in the South China Sea SSE from Qui Nhon was an island, it was a fairly large island with a fishing village on southern edge, a lighthouse on the eastern tip, and was in very much saddle like in that there was high ground on both the western and eastern ends with open rice paddy in between. Here's what I need . . . what did we call this place? My memory is that we simply referred to it as __________ Mile Island, but I can't remember how far out to sea the island was. I am writing a story about a bonehead move I pulled out there one day when I had a "Chou Hoi" team on board!

You guys give me the data along with any memories you have of the island and flying to or from and I promise to provide some details as to my slight error in judgement!

That's all for now . . . oh, wait . . . Keep 'em in the green, boys!

Lurch. Out.

Thu. Mar 9, 2000 21:6:43 EST

Dave Powers ( from Montrose, Colorado writes:
Lurch... I think it's "Chieu Hoi"...?

Thu. Mar 9, 2000 21:8:6 EST

Frank Beall ( from Indialantic, FL writes:
Flying for H/10 CAV (formerly C/7/17 CAV) out of Lane AHP, AnSon, I was shot down by SA-7 in an OH-6A near PhuMy/Lz Crystal on 5JUN72. Our C & C made the initial rescue, but was shot down by small arms fire on departure. The two crews, two from the loach and four from the UH-1H were rescued around noon by a 129th AHC UH-1H. The 129th A/C was a major, I believe the CO at the time. Along with the pilot, crew chief and door gunner, there was a marine advisor on board. Numerous AH-1G and UH-1 gunships were providing cover along with USAF and NAVY fast- movers. The 129th aircraft made two attempts for the pick-up, but had to break-off due to small arms fire. On the third try, the 129th Huey landed in a rice paddy about 25 meters from the downed crewmembers. The door gunner on the left side provided suppressive fire as the crew sloshed their way through the paddy and boarded. Two Cobras hovered at low altitude firing rockets and minigun over our heads into the treeline. Enemy fire ricocheted off the paddy water and as we climbed out enemy rounds were hitting the gray interior insulation of the Huey. After mission report had U.S. KIA-0, WIA-3; confirmed enemy KIA-151. Thanks to the daring of all the services involved we all {Doug Hansen, Zane Brown, Ted Clymer, Denver Richards, Mark Ely, and Frank Beall} made it out to tell the tale. Hats off the 129th for this incredible rescue. If any of you are out there that were involved or recall this incident, please get in touch. Thanks. Scouts, Out. (Red 15) FB

Thu. Mar 9, 2000 21:31:35 EST

Greg Henkel ( from Hawaii writes:
Lurch, I think it's "Chu Hoi" Or " Chu Hoi Mother-F#*$!!" as "Rebel" Smith used to yell as he was going hot on the bad guys. Man, that story about the Cav Rescue gave me "chicken skin" (goose bumps) as they say in Hawaii. Was that Maj. Jones?
Rebel was with the 7/17 for awhile (Lom Son719) A friend of ours from flight school (Jim Lowe)was KIA'd in the front seat of a Cobra in that action. Rebel visited him in the hospital before he died. Thanks for the post Frank. Best to all, Animal

Thu. Mar 9, 2000 21:38:25 EST

Greg Henkel again ( from Hawaii writes:
Lurch, I forgot to mention the actual translation of "Chu Hoi" means " Open Arms". At least thats what my remaining Brain cells remember. Animal out

Thu. Mar 9, 2000 22:24:45 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
HI Gang,

Yea....that CAV story was chilling to the bone!!!!!!!!!...thanks for posting it.
Not to through a wrench into the Chu Hoi commo....but I knew I saw a word like that in the 82 pages of the crash investagition of the "257"..........because that is the reason they launched from LANE that night. Was to pick up a VC/POW on a rainy, late night mission.............I found the page that says what they where doin'......and it calls the VC/POW a "Rallier"...and a "Hoi Chanh".....I know that that is sota backwards as to what you men have been writing.........and possibly could be a type O by the man that typed the report....but thats what it says here..........

Thu. Mar 9, 2000 22:31:27 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
I hope somebody from the 129th can recall the incident that Mr. Frank Beall talks about above............come on guys.....clear the cob webs out and do the 129th thang......Lets Take The Call........
In memory the crew of the "257", forever young,

De Santis, Sawran, Hargrave, and Jackson


Thu. Mar 9, 2000 22:56:1 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
I hope somebody from the 129th can recall the incident that Mr. Frank Beall talks about above............come on guys.....clear the cob webs out and do the 129th thang......Lets Take The Call........
In memory the crew of the "257", forever young,

De Santis, Sawran, Hargrave, and Jackson


Fri. Mar 10, 2000 1:28:56 EST

w.hewit ( from roseburg or writes:
mark the night that 257 hit the mountain top hargrave came to the hooch we were having a beer we gave him one he never got to finish it carried that empty can for the longest time. when i etsd iwas on my way home -driving through texas when i rolled my car-had severe concussion for the longesti memories were gone like the wind that blew most all of the pictures i had the night i found this site they came back with avengance that is when i sent them to you idont sleep well or often now i do-- still have tears dont wish to be maudlin out

Sat. Mar 11, 2000 3:55:49 EST

w. hewit ( from roseburg or writes:
true story : we were on a chase mission for tiger wagon - weshut down on the plian between tiger town & lane - madam k. had an establishment there - we decided to pay a visit - i was last -no one else was there - heard my ship wind up - grabbed shoes & shirt & beat feet to the ship - dived in gunners side just as she was lifting off - couldnot figure what the peter pilot was laughing about - found out later that as i was running back to the bird he was taking pictures of the mad dash - sems that every stride i took socks got longer & longer - later told was the funniest thing h,d ever seen - the cloud of dust with these long socks flappig & beating me & growing longer with each stride & the panic on my face topped it off .

Sun. Mar 12, 2000 20:22:18 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Dear Mr. Hewit,
First of all, I am sorry for the loss of your friend Hargrave and the rest of the crew of the "257". I have always thought that the sting of these men's death was far more for you guys, then it was for me as a brother. Of course I was hurt, but Larry had been gone from here and in Nam for 9 months away from us. As for you guys, they were there just a few short minutes before they went down. As indecated about the beer can that you kept for so long, you felt the sting that night. It took me 30 years to have the sting of Larry's and the rest of the crews death to catch up with me. I am glad that we have met Mr. Hewit and hope all is well with you. If you wouldn't mind, I will send the ways to contact me at the end of this and would very much like to talk to you VIA land line. You can send me your phone number VIA e-mail if you like.
Also Mr. Hewit......I have read and reread the story you posted about the time you had to run to get on the chopper. Everytime I see the picture of your socks getting longer and longer and can only IMAGINE the look on your face. Not laughin' at you brother, laughin' along with you. Take care my new found friend. Gald you made it back to the 129th. WELCOME me sir, if you want to!!!!
The rest of ya all.........of course I love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! warm to be a small part of your lives...........
carry on,
HOME # 419-678-INXS (4697)
WORK # 419-586-1681
FAX # 419-586-6408
ICQ # 19550406
***************LETS GO HOME LARRY******************

Mon. Mar 13, 2000 1:49:15 EST

w. hewit ( from roseburg , or writes:
wonder if anyone remembers hearing the-- wheee i,m a ranger song onthe guard freq. ????

Mon. Mar 13, 2000 3:6:28 EST

Don Miller ( from Valley Farms, AZ writes:
Hello Flight, just a note to say today is my deros date + 30 years I arrived home at 2:00AM PST 13 Mar 70. I have one drink today it is for all that didn't make it home. and today will be even brighter for me this year because I have found the NEW home of the 129 AHC.

Mon. Mar 13, 2000 11:39:48 EST

mike teutschman ( from seattle area writes:
Lurch, Dave Powers is correct, its Chieu Hoi according to my MACV Phrase Book from 1967-1968....

Tue. Mar 14, 2000 10:49:33 EST

Alex Fernwalt ( from Memphis, Tn. writes:

Glad to see new personnel from the 129th finding our page. Some of you that I had your email. Was forward info about the reunion in June. Mostly a reminder. Mark has posted the info on the homepage. As I stated LZ Charlotte will be the first 129th reunion that I am aware of. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone. Plus, finding Rainer Bauer whom with me Got lucky and flew from Maxwell AFB Alabma to Saigon on a C-130 in Nov. 1965. Also found Don Cline, along with Glenn Pearmain is part of the first group of the 129th from Fort Rucker. The 129th orginated at Fort Campbell Ky. The went by ship. 20 something days. If You guys have any old orders you can get the service numbers or social's from them and we can try to track these guys down that we were with. While I was in Nam in 65-66 and 67-68. I thought more of going home that to really getting to know alot of guy's. The only names that I could remember was the first crew that was killed from the 129th. But, thanks to Mark and never ending work for us of the 129th. I have found a few from my first tour when i was a crewchief in the 1st flight platoon. My second tour at Lane 8/67-4/68 I did all the refueling on the flight line. Went up on a flare ship a few times. This, log has brought back some long lost memories. I have found new friends of the 129th here. and I hope as many that can make the Charlotte Reunion will be there. It don't make a difference what you did Pilot,crewchief,gunner, 394th maint. if you were part of the 129th operation you are welcome. I set this reunion up for us the 129th family. Spread the word. And Mark and Gently Judith glad that you all are going to be there. Take Care My Bro's!!! and sister. You can Email me at Alex

Tue. Mar 14, 2000 20:28:29 EST

Rick Gdog Gd from Wittmann AZ writes:
Thanks Ernie, sorry I am trying to get a friend, out to help soon. I miss everybody. Rick

Wed. Mar 15, 2000 10:20:43 EST

Mike Miles ( from Wash, DC writes:
Does anyone remember a CE by the name of Gary Felt? He was there some of 1070 and most of 1971. He was from California. He may have become a cop in the LA area.


Mike Miles

Wed. Mar 15, 2000 13:39:52 EST

Michael Barrett ( from Phila. Pa. writes:
Good Afernoon guys and girls,
Sorry I haven't checked in for a while,but s___ happens.
To Matthew Casey,the check will be in the mail 3/17/00. Put me down for four.
To Richard England,when the pins come in put me down for four.
To Paul Tenhet, I have a picture of the side of the 1st plt shack with snoppy on the dog house with a 60. It says one for all-all for one. If you want it to copy it i'll send it to you, but Iwant it back.
Happy St. Patrick's day to you all. May the sun be always at your back.

Wed. Mar 15, 2000 19:22:35 EST

Dan Hertlein ( from Sumner, WA writes:
I just got a letter requesting two patches from Bill Hardy. That leaves me with only 5 left. If you want to order one, e-mail me first to make sure I have enough. I am still holding a few for several people that have not sent checks. Take care you guys. I read the postings about once a week. Still out here lurking like a lot of others.

Wed. Mar 15,2000 22:58:7 EST

Paul "LOU" Tenhet ( from Tooele, Utah writes:
To Micheal Barrett, you bet, I sure would like to make a copy of the picture. If you could mail it to me I'll scann it and get it right back to you.
Paul Tenhet
843 West Vine St.
Tooele, Utah 84074

Thanks. Lou, out.

Thu. Mar 16, 2000 0:9:9 EST

Don Miller ( from Valley Farms, AZ writes:
I saw a post about 129 th window stickers. I would be interested in getting a few if they are still available. please let me know. I still have my original 1stAVN patch and my bite and strike patch. but I would like to have a window sticker.please e-mail me about the availability of them. Later, Don

Thu. Mar 16, 2000 18:48:40 EST

donnie r purvis ( from lexington north carolina writes:

hi flight its been a very long time. if any has
contact with lt trumbo aka festus, tell him i have
a great pic of him at the nco club with a kid we
called shakey, will be glad to up load if he would
like a copy. looking forward to seeing you guys in
june. boy time flys, my son is in bosnia with the
piece keeping force, but it only seems like yesterday
we were calling skids up at lane. take care and
god bless you all. bulldog 682.

Thu. Mar 16, 2000 19:18:43 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
YO DON MILLER!!!!!!!!...........Info on the 129th WINDOW STICKERS can be found at the bottom of the 1st page of the 129th AHC Home Page. Check it out.
clear left,

Fri. Mar 17, 2000 2:35:12 EST

Charles L. Gregory ( from Running Springs, Ca. writes:
I was looking on the internet and just found this website. I was Senior Crew Chief of gunships (Cobras)in 1970. Would love to hear from fellow pilots and gunners. Let me know if anyone knows of any planned reunions.

Fri. Mar 17, 2000 12:32:23 EST

Barry Swanson ( from Riverside, CA writes:
Donnie Purvis,

I have been in touch with Festus off and on, he has asked me several times if I knew Shaky, unfortunately it was before my arrival at Lane. If you would like to e-mail me the picture, I could print it and give it to him. I'm sure he would enjoy.

Well brothers, I am feeling the wind in my face as I type, exactly 60 days until we leave Ontario for DC with Run For The Wall. Looking forward to riding along side members of the 129th family. I will be proud to sport the efforts of many of you, my T-shirt, patch, pins, sticker etc. The 129th will be well represented by all of us.

Take Care...Tail Clear, and were Clear Up On The Left...


Sun. Mar 19, 2000 11:26:8 EST

Alex Fernwalt ( from Memphis, TN writes:
Good morning flight.

Trying to figure out what size of room we will need for our 129th reunion in Charlotte. If at all possible, please email me and let me know if you will be attending. This will help with deciding how big the room needs to be. All of you attending, don't forget your pictures, stories and memories. If you have any questions about the reunion, I'll be happy to respond to your email. Once again, my email is: Remember this is a family reunion, so please bring your spouses and children if you like. We plan to have a great reunion and a good time. Please pass the word along about the reunion if you chat with any other 129th members. I still have some X-Large and XX-Large 129th T-shirts left if anyone is interested. The price and where to send your check is listed on the 129th Homepage. See all of you in Charlotte, NC in June. Take care Bro's. Alex

Sun. Mar 19, 2000 21:31:54 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Evenin' Flight, best wishes to all,

Just relaying some commo from our buddie of the 129th that is doin' the HAT PIN deal, Rick England........the ETA for the pins has been set back a few weeks, 3 to 4....also.....due to a viris that Rick's puter got, his equipment has been RED X'ed fer a spell and in the engine room for some PM. If you have a request for a Hat Pin on the 129th that looks just like the New Generation 129th Patch. Divert the order to my e-mail addy and I will pass the order on to Rick.
Sorry bout the snafoo, but as you all know, Guns get jammed at times!!!!!!!!!!
God Bless you all, and want to write more, but the pillow calls my name..............I love all of you, and charrish your continued friendship. The thought of meeting some of you this year in June over in NC blows my mind......

Pop-A-TopII...inbound to the beacon................Jackson

Mon. Mar 20, 2000 12:35:25 EST

Gently ( from Wisconsin writes:
Well my friends, I no longer have to travel to Fon du Lac to visit with Tom Shaw. I visited the County Viet Nam Memorial today and found a brick there with his name on it. And though that brings sadness to my heart, my heart also skipped a beat knowing that I can now visit Tom every day if I wish. I can sit on the bench right next to his name and remember....

His birthday is next Tuesday so we'll have a beer and a the 129th of course! I'll say hi from all of you.

Lurch----was the island called Manhattan?

I'm still saving $$ for the re-union. I hope you really don't mind if I attend. If you have a problem with that please notify me at my e-mail addy-all comments and thoughts will be respected, and understood. With gentle thoughts-Gently

Mon. Mar 20, 2000 19:0:6 EST

Rev. Bill McDonald ( from Sacramento, CA writes:
I was with the 128th AHC in Phu Loi. (The Tomahawks) I guess we were brother units - I often wondered who the 129th were and where they where located at. Glad to see all of us make it back. I enjoyed your web site. Come visit "The Vietnam Experience" which features the 128th AHC with stories, photos and poems. It is at:
Welcome home and God bless you. Rev. Bill McDonald

Mon. Mar 20, 2000 19:4:54 EST

Rev. Bill McDonald ( from Sacramento, CA writes:
I was with the 128th AHC in Phu Loi. (The Tomahawks) I guess we were brother units - I often wondered who the 129th were and where they where located at. Glad to see all of us make it back. I enjoyed your web site. Come visit "The Vietnam Experience" which features the 128th AHC with stories, photos and poems. It is at:
Welcome home and God bless you. Rev. Bill McDonald

Tue. Mar 21, 2000 8:46:13 EST

TJ Stem ( from ingram tx writes:
1965-1966 home base dong ba thin looking for crews from that time i was crew chief gunner

Tue. Mar 21, 2000 10:28:48 EST

TJ Stem ( from ingram tx writes:
1965-1966 home base dong ba thin looking for crews from that time i was crew chief gunner my callsign was cobra 686 had a gunner named blake,sure would like to find him i just moved to tx about a year ago attempting to start up a vva chapter here when i first landed in dong ba thin there were no tents just a large field mud like you would'nt believe i guess you would say i was one of the first of the 129th alex i also had cpt wetzel as my a/c along w/lt dunn

Tue. Mar 21, 2000 10:32:53 EST

TJ Stem ( from ingram tx writes:
1965-1966 home base dong ba thin looking for crews from that time i was crew chief gunner my callsign was cobra 686 had a gunner named blake,sure would like to find him i just moved to tx about a year ago attempting to start up a vva chapter here when i first landed in dong ba thin there were no tents just a large field mud like you would'nt believe i guess you would say i was one of the first of the 129th alex i also had cpt wetzel as my a/c along w/lt dunn

Tue. Mar 21, 2000 10:39:32 EST

Alex Fernwalt ( from Memphis,Tn. writes:
Gently Judith:

I organized a 129th reunion for 129th members, family, and friends. As far as I am concern. You are a sister to the members of the 129th. People like you and mark have kept the memories of our fallen Brothers alive. If we don't keep the memory alive who will. So I am personally extending a invitation to the 129th reunion in

charlotte. My wife and I are looking forward to seeing everybody. We all have shared in the pain of the loss of our fallen Brothers! And you and Mark have been right there with us. This reunion is to bring Bro's together and to celebrate the memory of our fallen Brothers. Judith join us in our 1st ever 129th reunion. I know the rest of the 129th Flight agree!!! Your Bro Alex 129th 11/65-11/66 & 8/67-/68

Wed. Mar 22, 2000 13:35:0 EST

Michael Barrett ( from Phila. Pa. writes:
Good Day guys and girls,
To Matt Casey, The Check is being mailed today.
To Paul Tenhet,the picture is in the mail.
Sorry for the delay.
To all the boys ride'n in from the west. If you do not stop at the Harley plant at York Pa. it's your loss.It takes a little over a hour and it's free. I went last week. Michael Barrett Crewchief 698,693. (Uncle Slick)

Wed. Mar 22, 2000 17:43:47 EST

Matt Casey ( from Denver, CO writes:
Hi Flight,
The first window sticker are in the mail, hope all of you enjoy them. Just glad I could do a little something to keep the memories fresh. Wish I could attend the summer fun but I just switched jobs and won't have enought time saved up to make it. Sure is nice to have this sight to see how every one is doing. Well got to go.
Tais clear left.

Matt Casey
1st Slick Jan 70 - Dec 70

Thu. Mar 23, 2000 12:8:41 EST

mike teutschman ( from seattle area writes:
Matt, got the decals, thanks a lot, great job....

Fri. Mar 24, 2000 14:54:42 EST

Robbie ( from Rochester, NY writes:
Mark Jackson, hi how's everything going for you and your's? I have been monitoring all como through the site and will be at the reunion on for the 19th and the 20th, and hope to see you there. I was wondering if you happened across that final picture of Bulldog 465 sitting in Quih nhon airport. Not trying to rush you or anything, just trying to preserve memories scary though they might be. I've gotten my patches from alex and they are great. I have stickers coming from Matt and hope to get a couple of hat pins when they are available. I need to call Ray Smiley and see if he is going to the reunion. Sure will be great to see faces i haven't seen in over 30 years. Well, give me a shout if you run across that picture, and i'll see you in N.C. Robbie.

Fri. Mar 24, 2000 21:6:36 EST

Gently ( from WI writes:
Pop-a-Top----I re-visited the new 129th---wow! Gently

Fri. Mar 24, 2000 21:39:18 EST

Diana Dwan Poole ( from NC writes:
Welcome Home Brothers !

From a 67th Evac Nurse--Qui Nhon

Mon. Mar 27, 2000 10:4:12 EST

Don Miller ( from Valley Farms, AZ writes:
hello flight,
I had a very nice chat with Mark last night and while we were chatting I got a brainstorm ...... scary thought ...... I have tried to get into some of the chat rooms to find someone from the 129 th to chat with ..... I can't get in because I'm a puter dummy or something .... but I have a chat room that is easy to use and it is REAL easy to get in. so if ANY of you want to use it ... be my guest. I try to look in between 8:PM and 10:PM MST.
there is only one link to it, and that is from my web page. but the URL for the chat room is:
so now you don't have to go look at my web page to find a good easy chat room. but if you want to see it ( it is mostly genealogy, but I do have other links there too ) the URL for it is :
so enjoy the chat room if you care to use it.
and Mark ...... thanks for the chat, it was real nice talking to you.
Later Y'all, Don

Mon. Mar 27, 2000 22:6:33 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Guys and Gals of the 129th,

I need your help. Rick England, of the 129th, the man that is doing our 129th Hat Pin deal, his puter us down. I reported this justt ther other day. I ask all of you to divert your orders for 129th Hat Pins in my direction. I receive some orders, but since then, have lost them. I am sorry for this snafoo. As of now, all I have in a name for an order of some 129th Hat Pins is Dave Powers. If you would please, those that sent me an order before, Please resend to me. I am sorry for screwin' up like this. It will not happen again. As soon as Rick gets back on line. I will send the orders to him.
Take care all............doin the best I can here.........
"257" out..................... Jackson...............

Tue. Mar 28, 2000 18:33:23 EST

Dave Powers ( from Montrose, Colorado writes:
Lurch... are you still out there?

Tue. Mar 28, 2000 21:10:20 EST

Gently ( from Wi writes:
Today is Lt Tom Shaw's birthday-he would have been 52, but he died at An Khe Pass, South Viet Nam. A salute and beer are in order....(With love Tom)Gently

Wed. Mar 29, 2000 18:59:22 EST

william j mongeau jr ( from southern California writes:
Call sign cobra jester all of 1969, thank you for the page. touched my heart to read about marty van and bill dunlaps ac . Marty was my hooch mate and wonderful guy. You are doing a wonderful act by keeping the 129 alive on the net. if I can be of any service please let me know regards billy mongeau

Thu. Mar 30, 2000 22:54:47 EST

Gently ( from Wi writes:
Just a note to mention my address change to Please note and continue to drop in at my computer. Gently

Fri. Mar 31, 2000 2:38:0 EST

David M. Holt ( from Batesville, Ark. writes:
Looking for 162nd.VULTURES & COPPERHEADS. They have a web site Also looking for 67N20 class 69-210 members. They were Robert H. Frederick, Mark A. McNeal, Marvin Lee Morris, Tim Northcutt, Rodney L. Meier, David Jack Moses and Bill Mills.

Fri. Mar 31, 2000 11:48:57 EST

Alex Fernwalt ( from Memphis, Tn. writes:

Mark brought to my attention about the reunion dates. Some of get there early in the week. For sight-seeing or because it chaper flight wise to fly sun to sun. The main part of the reunion will be from weds.june 21st thru sat. june 24th. And we leave sunday mornings. I hope this clears up the dates. I sorry for any confusion on the reunion dates. Any more questions email me at Thanks Alex