Tue. Feb 1, 2000 10:17:21 EST

Robert Lee (leerober@aol.com) from Raleigh, NC writes:
Ok, I have been playing around with a web page so that I could put some pictures on the web. Mark has done a good job with his and hope to complement it with my little piece of the web. You can fine my web page at http://www.freeyellow.com/members7/ophrahoak/ I have about 300 slides of the time. I plan to go to the VHCMA reunion in Charlotte, NC. In June, 2000. I have seen names in the guest book that I remember and been reminded of some I have for gotten. It will be interesting to see everybody.

Robert Lee, Raleigh, NC, 129th 11/71 / 9-72 http://www.freeyellow.com/members7/ophrahoak/

Thu. Feb 3, 2000 1:2:48 EST

Richard Sibley (dimase@swbell.net) from San Antonio, Texas writes:
I was with the 394th from oct 66 to nov 67. AKA Big Tex I was one of many that tried to keep those UH1 in the air. Thank God for 100mph green tape.
I do remember you Gus. I also have pics of you.
Richard Sibley aka Big Tex

Thu. Feb 3, 2000 9:41:39 EST

Matthew Casey (mcasey@rjrinc.com) from Denver, CO writes:
It has taken me a while to get my new e-mail address and to wait for the final information on the window sticker. The iformation is as follows:

The image is the same color artwork as the new cloth patch. The size would be 5 x 3 5/8 inch.
It is planned to be made on exterior grade white vinyl. Using a full color dital printer. It is estimated they would last 3 years outside. My wife once worked for this company and their quality has always been first rate. That is why I was willing to wait to get a quote from them. Cost would be between 5 and 6 dollars.

I wasn't sure how many to order, so if you can e-mail me with an idea of how many you might like I'll get the order placed.

Mark - if you want to send this out to all on you list please feel free.

Got to go for now, Tails clear left.

Matt Casey
Jan 70 - Dec 70
1st Flight Platoon
Buldog 147

Fri. Feb 4, 2000 16:29:11 EST

Dave Powers (powers@montrose.net) from Montrose, Colorado writes:
Tony Vega... please e-mail me. Thanks.

Mon. Feb 7, 2000 14:47:57 EST

Joe Gossett (goldman3@louisiana-internet.net) from PO Box 397 Newellton, LA 71357 writes:
Vietnam, July 1966 to July 1967.

Mon. Feb 7, 2000 16:54:11 EST

Tom Pedersen (safetyshark@aol.com ) from Lawrenceville, Georgia writes:
Great to see all these great guys names again. Many memories, Bless you all. Bulldog 17, March72 to February 73.

Mon. Feb 7, 2000 18:15:31 EST

Keith "Lurch" Weisheit (kweishei@gibsoncounty.net) from 201 S. Willard, Ft. Branch, IN 47648 - 812-753-4466 writes:

Hey Bulldogs and Cobras I need your help on some things. Take a look at the list and see if you can provide any information, contacts, memories, etc. regarding the following:

Flight times and distances:

Lane Army Heliport to An Khe Pass & An Khe

" " " " to Mang Yang Pass & Pleiku

" " " " to LZ Casper, LZ Uplift, LZ English, Phu Cat AFB, other points of interest north from Lane along Highway 1

Lane Army Heliport south along Highway 1 to the Korean base we referred to as "Miami Beach" and the unit that was there, was it a regiment?

Pleiku to Kontum and Dak To

Kontum to LZ English. Was the ville close to English called Bong Song?

Qui Nhon to Lane and Qui Nhon to Cambodian border.

Operating airspeeds:
What did we normally cruise at?
What was maximum?

Baccer and JJ took me "deer hunting" one day and I believe we were to the southeast of An Khe, does anyone have a name for that area?

I remember calling the area North-Northeast, North, and North-Northwest of An Khe many things including: Happy Valley. Injun Country. The Badlands. Has anyone got anyother names for that wonderful area of our slice of paradise?

Come on guys, give me some help on these and comments on any other areas, distances, etc. you may want to talk about!

Thanks. Keep 'em in the green boys!

Lurch. Out.

Tue. Feb 8, 2000 5:37:0 EST

Doug Iverson (deiverson@webtv.net ) from Sturgis So Dak writes:
Thanks for your 129th page, it's great. I'm looking for people that served with 61AHC need your help. Want to welcome you all back to the world, and thank's for a job well done. Doug

Tue. Feb 8, 2000 7:36:7 EST

Mike Miles from Easton, MD writes:

How I wish I had kept my AO map. That's what you need. Maybe I can go up on the internet and download a map of, was it "Bin Dihn Provence"? That was the basic AO. We flew everywhere at 80 Kts., as I recall. Top was around 120 kts. In fact, since you are a couple of hours behind EST, and since it is early in the morning, I think I will call you at home with this info! Sleep tight, for awhile.

Mike Miles

Tue. Feb 8, 200011:1:52 EST

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Scott Iverson, I was with the 61st from 5 Oct 72 till they went home, then went to the 129th. Welcome Home.

Wed. Feb 9, 2000 15:46:3 EST

Paul Tenhet (pqt2@trilobyte.net) from Tooele, Utah writes:
Lurch, here are some of the distances you requested. They are approximate air clicks. I would have given you more but 32 years have faded my memory of the 173d locations even though I have maps of the area and I lost all my maps of the area West/North of Pleiku.
Lane to LZ English- 68k
Lane to AnKhe Pass-41k
Lane to AnKhe-56k
Lane to Mang Yang Pass-90k
Lane to Pleiku-120k
Lane to Phu Cat- 22k
Lane to QuiNhon-13k
Lane to Miami Beach-(if I remembered the exact location)-50k

Here is another name for you 'The Crows Foot" SW of English if I remember correctly.
Hope this helps. "Lou"

Wed. Feb 9, 2000 19:23:17 EST

Gently Judith (xsinr68491@aol.com) from Milwaukee writes:
Hi everyone-I can't get onto the site but I wanted you all to know I think of you often, and try everyday.

I didn't get to see the programs on Nam Monday...if anyone taped them I would love to see them. Meanwhile, stay healthy, and take care-Gently

Wed. Feb 9, 2000 21:39:41 EST

Mike Kiefer (Kiefmo@aol.com) from St. Pete, Fl writes:
Been on the internet for years and just now found this site. Blows me away. Flew slicks and guns from 7/70-8/71. Call sign Cobra Friar. When I left country we were flying "Mike" models which were "Charley" models with the L-13 engine. It was supposed to make it easier to hover but we just piled on more ammo. At that time there were only to AC's in the gun platoon, me and Gary Jones (Cobra Squire). If you're out there Jonesy, Hey!

Saw names of some our the "old guys" who were AC's
when I was just a newbie sh*t peter pilot. Knave, Cardinal and Littlejohn, its good to see your still alive and well.

Take Care!

Wed. Feb 9, 2000 21:58:57 EST

Mark Jackson (fourfour@bright.net) from LZ HOME writes:
Hey Tom Pedersen and Mike Kiefer........WELCOME HOME BROTHERS AND BACK TO THE 129TH. .................post as often as you like. THANKS for a job well done so long ago.

Thu. Feb 10, 2000 9:15:54 EST

michael barrett (michael_barrett@icpphil.navy.mil) from phila. pa. writes:
To Matthew Casey,I'm in for four. Just put in the details and I'll send the money. Take care.

Thu. Feb 10, 2000 22:8:56 EST

Keith "Lurch" Weisheit (kweishei@gibsoncounty.net) from 201 S. Willard, Ft. Branch, IN 47648 -- 812-753-4466 writes:

Just a note of thanks to Paul Tenhet for responding to my requests for distances to various points. Paul, I sincerely appreciate your help.

Dave Powers has called saying he might be able to provide me with an A/O Map and I would appreciate any of you guys who have a map or info on how to get one to please contact me.

One other request -- I for one would love to hear some memories from you all regarding various experiences in working the A/O -- ARVN and ROK unit designations and locations -- 173rd Airborne firebase and outpost names -- any memories of Dak Sei Ang -- Firebase 6 out near tri-border!

Thanks to all of you! Keep 'em in the green boys!

Lurch. Out.

Fri. Feb 11, 2000 10:55:34 EST

Alex fernwalt (alfern@bellsouth.net) from Memphis, Tn. writes:

Looks like we are going to have a great turn out at the reunion in Charlotte in June. I will have our own meeting room. If thereis any pilot's visiting this page. You our more and welcome to attend. I set this up for all 129th and their wives and children. I am glad that the executive dir. of vhcam Charlie Rains offered the space for us. I will try to keep everyone informed about the reunion. I look forward to seeing my fellow members of the 129th family there. Take care bro's!!! Alex 11/65-11/66 & 8/67-4/68

Fri. Feb 11, 2000 15:11:31 EST

Dave Powers (powers@montrose.net) from Montrose, Colorado writes:
Hello, Flight... Today marks the 29th anniversary of my stepping aboard a MAC flight to Cam Rhan Bay, via Anchorage, AK and Yokota AFB, Japan. I liked the DEROS flight much better! Hope all is well with you all.

Sun. Feb 13, 2000 18:29:11 EST

Bill Carlisle (Catfish3@warwick.net) from NY writes:
I was with the 61st Assualt Hel on the other side of
the "hill" at An Son.
Served there from 10/70 - 10/71...Slicks and Guns
We shared the camp, fuel site and the club
(among other things)
"at the top of the hill"...nice to find this site.
Retired Army Reserve in 1996 with the
336th Med. Det. Hel Amb, Army Reserve,
Stewart Field at Newburgh,NY.
Completed 27 years service.
Went to flight school with one of the 129th...Micky

Mon. Feb 14, 2000 22:48:39 EST

Lowell "Okie" Bass (tgb6@Juno.com) from Greeley Colo, writes:
JUst found this site. I saw mail from Friar and Squire. I was a gunner for you,Duke Scotty Bell knave. Can't remember all.door gunners Larry smidt eric Brown ,Griff.Shakey pete.clark can'tremember all I'm old now. would like to hear from someone I nearly died with. Friar rmember "NAVEL NAVEL"

Mon. Feb 14, 2000 23:15:20 EST

Mark Jackson (fourfour@bright.net) from LZ HOME writes:
Good evenin' Flight.....so nice to be here........hope all is well with you guys. All is as well as can be expected here.............
Just stopin' in to say. WELCOME HOME and a GOOD JOB DONE so many years ago to "Lowell "Okie" Bass"..............Lowell "OKIE"....post in here as much, and as often that you like. Welcome back to the 129th Hiss and Piss................God Bless you all..........see ya sooner or later!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark ( Pop-A-TopII )

Tue. Feb 15, 2000 0:5:28 EST

Donnelly J. Smith (Donnelly6@hotmail.com) from Lansing, Michigan writes:
Prayer for Peter Krutschewski, God Bless You.


Tue. Feb 15, 2000 0:14:56 EST

Donnelly J. Smith (Donnelly6@hotmail.com) from Lansing, Michigan writes:
Dear Gentleman, I am starting a book about Mr. Peter L. Krutschewski. If anyone would be willing to share information, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Tue. Feb 15, 2000 8:29:49 EST

Mike Kiefer (kiefmo@aol.com) from St. Pete, Fl writes:
How the hell are you? Talk about a blast from the past. We sure flew some hairy ones didn't we? Seems to me I remember once during a CA into the Crow's Foot you got a little excited just because we were taking fire on your side and I had turned off the intercom and couldn't hear the rest of the crew. Seems to me someone got my attention with a "tap" on the helmet. Yes sir those were interesting times alright.

I'm glad you made it home, Okie. You were one of the best door gunners I ever flew with and we always had a good time. I won't remind you of the many clever "Okie" jokes you had to endure. In fact, I am pretty sure that I am the one that first started calling you Okie. In any case, glad to hear from you and keep in touch. Friar out.

Tue. Feb 15, 2000 20:11:8 EST

Mark Jackson (fourfour@bright.net) from LZ HOME writes:


Mark ( Pop-A-TopII ) here. I want to pass this information on to you all. Maps of the Qui Nhon and Lane AO can be found at this address;

P.O. BOX 25286

Dial this number 1-888-275-8747 and ask for John McCammon. Each map is $7.00 plus handling. The map of the LANE AO is number 6836 IV. You can ask John to send you a grid map of all of South Vietnam and then you can order the map of any AO that you wish.

SPECIAL NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
.............sorry to say men, I bought the last 10 they had. As of 2/15/00 I have 5 left. I want to keep one for myself. I am in the process of trying to find a COPY CENTER that can do a color copy of a map of this size. They are 23”X29”. So far I have only been able to find a place that will do that size in black and white. A color copy can be made at KINKOS, but it would run $12.00 per square foot.
In due time the USGS will have more maps, and also hopefully I will be able to find a joint to make a color copy. That way, if anybody wants one, I will have one made and send it to them.
take care my brothers,

Tue. Feb 15, 2000 20:12:16 EST

Mark Jackson (fourfour@bright.net) from LZ HOME writes:

I am just passing this on to you all. In conjunction with the local Park, I have applied for, and recieved comformation that the MOVING WALL will be in Coldwater Ohio ( My Home Town ) during the week of September 16th through the 22nd of 2,000. Mark your calenders. I am cordially inviting all of you to attend if you can. Opening day will be the 16th. Hopefully I can succure a UH-1H either for a static display or to offer rides.

Mark ( Pop-A-TopII )

Thu. Feb 17, 2000 0:58:45 EST

Don Johnson (sheridon1@prodigy.net) from Edmond, OK writes:
Have a request for a mini-reunion in the Dallas area. Any takers. If so let Pete Nolen or me know. Haven't posted in a while. Hope all are doing well. Chip, Gus, and Joe Johnson, great visiting with you guys. Hope we can all get together soon. Mark, great having you and others at vnheli-gunners. It has finally quited down and not so many posts. At least it is manageable now and I have a way of people being members without having to download on their servers. Makes it a little more enjoyable. Later all, and let me know about any interest in a Dallas mini.
Don Johnson
Cobra010, Door-gunner, 1968-69

Thu. Feb 17, 2000 4:43:17 EST

Dave Powers (powers@montrose.net) from Montrose, Colorado writes:
Flight... Mark, have you tried going to USGS in Reston, VA for the maps? I think that's their national headquarters, and they might have the master, or more copies. I have no idea who to contact, though. To Lowell "Okie" Bass... From the Western Slope, welcome home! I have photos of Griff, Shakey Pete, Clark, Mike Friar, Leroy Arroyo, Bill Lupo, Stanley Roberts, and some group photos of many I don't remember... perhaps you're there? Mark, how can I post a couple photos for the gallery?

Thu. Feb 17, 2000 16:55:42 EST

hartson gleason (anthony161st@yahoo.com) from up state ny writes:
great job with this site i was with 161stahc Scorpions 65 - 66 hope you guys keep our hooches in good shape thanks again for your hard work on this site Scorpion 5

Thu. Feb 17, 2000 16:56:4 EST

hartson gleason (anthony161st@yahoo.com) from up state ny writes:
great job with this site i was with 161stahc Scorpions 65 - 66 hope you guys keep our hooches in good shape thanks again for your hard work on this site Scorpion 5

Thu. Feb 17, 2000 16:58:34 EST

hartson gleason (anthony161st@yahoo.com) from up state ny writes:
great job with this site i was with 161stahc Scorpions 65 - 66 hope you guys keep our hooches in good shape thanks again for your hard work on this site Scorpion 5

Thu. Feb 17, 2000 19:5:48 EST

Rick Benedict (stij@mail.sunlink.net) from Allenwood Pa writes:
Evening Gents, Glad to see that Friar and Bass
are still around. Talk about pucker factor, Keifer
remember the night I gave you a demonstation
of vertigo flight in ,thru, and around LZ English.
I'm glad you saw the radio tower. Anybody got
aline on Shakey Pete? LJ

Thu. Feb 17, 2000 19:22:12 EST

Rick Benedict (stij@mail.sunlink.net) from Allenwood Pa writes:
For Donnelly J Smith
You can contact me at my email or at 570-547-2482. I probably flew with Pete more
than anyone else and was associated with him
until his death. LJ

Sat. Feb 19, 2000 0:45:40 EST

Keith "Lurch" Weisheit (kweishei@gibsoncounty. net) from 201 S. Willard, Ft. Branch, IN 47648 -- 812-753-4466 writes:

Hey Flight!

Saw Dave Powers entry from last week -- for me I arrived at 90th Replacement Battlion on
16 Feb 71, 29 years ago this past Wednesday. Once again this year, as in the past, I felt a build-up of the loneliness I felt back in 1971. It was difficult back then for me to leave Lori, my wife, and Shawn, my young son. I spent the last two weeks of my leave after flight school just getting ready to say good-bye. It was like I was gone before I left.

Graduation exercises for WOC Flight Class
70-41/70-43 could have been held that day at Long Bihn. Most of my flight class was there, it is the last time I saw all but six of them. I traveled north with Larry Thies, Mike Wilson, and Larry Green. Larry Thies and I were assigned to and flew with the 129th, while Mike and Larry Green flew with the 61st Aviation Company.
Mike was killed on 25 June 71 in a substantial operation up in Happy Valley. The next day Jimmy Young of the 129th was killed. Memories flood back throughout the year, I am convinced that everything that happened to us is somehow stored computer-like in our sub-conscious and floats up toward the surface when these "anniversaries" come around. Anyway, its been 29 years now and I still remember those three friends and all the rest of you crazies as slender, flat-bellied, beer-swilling youngsters without wrinkles and sporting full heads of hair!

Don't really have much else on my mind, Frog would allow that nothing has changed much in that arena.

Keep 'em in the green boys!

Lurch. Out!

Tue. Feb 22, 2000 9:39:8 EST

Keith "Lurch" Weisheit (kweishei@gibsoncounty. net) writes:

I just checked the page -- what's up? No entries
of any kind for several days now. The guys I knew in the 129th always had something to say, some story, some line, some lie to tell. So, let's hear it! Frog, Baccer, Animal, Shadow -- I know you guys are out there, I can hear the church keys opening Budweisers, I can hear smart mouthed insults flying freely through the air, I can hear laughter, and I beleive I can hear loneliness! Do not despair -- Bulldogs and Cobras are waiting to hear -- to hear your stories, memories, worries, and just to listen to whatever you have to say!

Let's break radio silence and fill the airwaves with that jazzy repartee we were once noted for, took pride in, and participated in with great zeal.

I'm listening, meanwhile, do what you can to --
Keep 'em in the green boys!

Lurch -- Out.

Wed. Feb 23, 2000 0:14:33 EST

Larry Kwiatkowski aka Scooter (chrger66@aol.com) from Simi Valley, Ca. writes:
Just checkin in to see if anybody I know or who knows me has been around.
1st Platoon Dec.69-Dec.70
Tiger Wagon thru the pass, headin'for gas.

Wed. Feb 23, 2000 0:44:10 EST

Barry Swanson (Bulldog910@hotmail.com) from Riverside, CA writes:

I couldn't agree with you more, it is so quite it's like being a bull in a china shop, afraid to move for having the fear of breaking something, silence I guess. I've also checked in often not seeing any new post and going about my business. I am guilty also. I have been touching base with Ron Paye on the side channel. Ron, Curt Classen and a couple of Curt's friends are planning their trip to Ontario, CA where I am hooking up with them to Run For The Wall, Memorial weekend and the Rolling Thunder Parade in Washington DC. It should be a real experience riding 10 days to DC. We will be meeting others on the way, and I am looking forward to meeting Mark Jackson in West Virginia. I am going to try to get Festus to follow along in his truck behind the pack if he can escape from Las Vegas for a few weeks.
Oh well, time to turn in. Hope to hear from you all.


Wed. Feb 23, 2000 18:23:27 EST

donnie r purvis (dpurvis@lexcominc.com) from lexington N.C. writes:

It been a very long time, hope everyone is fine
and look forward to seeing everyone in charlotte.
mark you guys have done a great job with the new
web site.

Wed. Feb 23, 2000 20:32:51 EST

Rick Gdog Gd from Phoenix Az. writes:
Thanks Mark for putting the Hat Pins on the home page. They should be in about 1 week hopeing. I look forward to meeting all that attend the reunion in Charlotte N.C. It might good idea to bring a pic of yourself from the past. Be careful out there. Rick

Wed. Feb 23, 2000 21:59:57 EST

bill hewit (wahiv@wizzards.net) from roseburg or writes:
served 01/69 to 08/70 1st flt plt . crewchief .

Thu. Feb 24, 2000 9:53:4 EST

Dave Powers (powers@montrose.net) from Montrose, Colorado writes:
Hey Flight... Thought I'd break radio silence. To Rick Benedict: I was thumbing through a Seattle phone book a couple years ago, and found a listing for Jay Hillon (aka "Shakey Pete"). I've looked again recently, have done searches online, and have not found his name again. Has anyone had contact with him?

Thu. Feb 24, 2000 10:21:2 EST

Alex Fernwalt (alfern@bellsouth.net) from Memphis,Tn. writes:

Well just checking in. Everyone is probably as busy as I am. between my 65 hours a week at Auto Zone and trying to get everything ready for the Charlotte reunion. This will be the first ever reunion for the 129th, that iam aware of. I am glad that I will be able to put faces with names. Bring your pictures. I will have some T-Shirts at the reunion also. If any of you are in contact with the pilots make sure you let them know there welcome. I wanted this reunion for every one from the 129th including family members amd family members of our KIA's. Have agood one BRO'S! Alex 129th 11/65-11/66 & 08/67-04/68

Thu. Feb 24, 2000 15:47:17 EST

Jim Westwang (westwang@cyberhighway.net) from Sheridan,Wy. writes:
Hi Folks: I am also guilty of not putting anything on here for some time. Would like to say to Bob Hiedenreich, Hope you are doing as well as you can be with the CA, as an RN, I am all too familiar with what all that involves (God love you & be with you in your fight). Unfortunately, I will probably not be able to get time off enough to come to Charlotte,NC although I would give the left cheek of my ass to, or the run to the wall for that matter. I had another one die the other day. He was out of the hospital & out of town & don't know the exact circumstances but a suicide, I think. Vietnam Vet 11b10. He had, over the years, become estranged from all family & was ostensibly alone. I sometimes want to feel sorry for myself but whats up with that! I see a psychiatrist sometimes & he tells me that. I have a wonderful family, a small circle of friends, & all of you!!! What more could a man ask for. I have become a little depressed & disenchanted lately with what the Govt. has been doing to the VA & i'm sorry if i sound like I am on a pulpit but i have spent more than 15 years in this hospital trying to help vets. They are your benefits, my benefits, & the benefits of of all who had the jazzbo to put on the uniform & go. They were earned by you in all the fields & lZ's from then to now & especially by those who GAVE IT ALL of whom we are so proud. Don't let them take it away. For those of you making the run to the Wall (please carry that message), be safe & my heart is with you. For Alex Fernwalt ( God bless you for your tireless effort in setting up that reunion. I can't remember if I sent you the 1 picture I have of me there (lane) but I will send it again to you for that. I have been writing some e-mails to congressmen & lately John McCain. If he does get in, I hope he does not forget vets but I could not figure how someone who went through what he did could. I told my psychiatrist ( who is 75 years old, a ww2 vet & a very wise man, about this page.) he cautioned me saying that it can be a very sharply honed, double edged sword as far as your feelings go. I came to the 129th in 71 having already served part of a tour in 1969 with another outfit & then being med-evaced to the states. We lost 5 guys in a crash the 2nd day i was there & some after. I went back to Travis & the VFW put a medallion in my hand that said " welcome home, your country is grateful" later, I was wheeled on a gurney outside to a plane that took me to 4 months in Fitsimmons hospital in Denver.On the way outside, protesters spit, called names & all the rest of that BS. The reason I am telling you this is because I came to the 129th very cynical about the war, very hurt, angry, & I think had already learned that you Don't make friends. But I came back because I owed to you who were still there. I don't know what I have expected from this page but have certainly recieved more that that. I open the page every day, sometimes i feel fairly good & sometimes, I feel very,very bad. I think you, & probably only you can understand that.

Sorry for not writing more often, Smitty

Fri. Feb 25, 2000 11:52:18 EST

Mike McNeely (mmcn661524@aol.com) from Kentucky writes:
I grabbed it up as soon as you sent it to Liz,Great site brother. Just keep going and going like the energizer bunny and add a little at a time and your in business. Great Job , Mac

Sat. Feb 26, 2000 21:42:25 EST

jim Westwang (westwang@cyberhighway.net) from sheridan,Wy. writes:
a lot of you probably got a recent e-mail with an attachment that says c:/coolprogs/prettypark.exe, it came to me from one of our members. If you havn't opened it, delete it. It is a Virus (worm type). If you have, go to a search engine, get into getvirushelp.com & on the left side, there is a place to install & run a cleaner for the pretty park virus. I have sent out mass mailings to you all & I have most of you on my address book but in case you didn't recieve it, here is the fix.
As always, smitty

Sun. Feb 27, 2000 0:19:54 EST

Paul Tenhet (pqt2@trilobyte.net) from Tooele, Utah writes:
Hello flight, ever thought of showing your colors to the whole world by placing the 129th patch on your mail envelopes. I didn't come up with this novel idea but got it from Dan Hertlein. When I recieved 2 of the few remaining patches from him he had the 129th patch integrated into his return address. I suggested that we encourage all of you to do the same and he agreed.
He sent me the artwork for the patches and I've been working with it for a couple of days. The art work is much better than using a scan of the patch because it can be sized much smaller without loosing defination. Anyway, I have worked with making envelopes with return address and various labels with both "jpg" and "gif" formats with MS Word 97, MS Publisher 97, MS Gretings Workshop, Corel Print House 4 and Sierra Print Artist 4.5. With the exception of Greetings Workshop each of these programs can print envelopes and labels(some of the programs are more robust than others and I sure that other popular programs will do the same)Workshop does not have an envelope template that I could find. I also tried making fliers , signs, and such with these programs and found that you place the patch on many projects and if the program could fully handle "gif" files you could place the patch on any color background or object and patch background would be transparent, otherwise the patch would have a small white background. Using the "jpg" format you will always have a white background( as best as I could determine) which is not a problem when you copy the patch on a white object(envelope or label). Print Artist will not handle "gif" at all and only Word and Print House would fully utilize "gif" transparency capabilities.
I know this is getting long but thought I might just give you a little background information (even though it might be worthless)I'm no expert so if some of the above is not 100% accurate I apologize.
I just want to encourage the flight to place the 129th patch some where on all their mail, even packages. If you are interested both Dan and I would be more than happy to email you the patch. Dan has it in "jpg"(DHert10408@aol.com) and I can send both "jpg" and "gif".
Mark, do you have the capability to put the patch file on your site so it could be downloaded? Thought it might be easier for people to get a copy in the future. "LOU", out.

Sun. Feb 27, 2000 13:35:34 EST

Keith "Lurch" Weisheit (kweishei@gibsoncounty.net) writes:

To Barry Swanson/Swanny,

Saw your mention of Festus and I believe this to be my friend Lt. Richard Trumbo, at least I think his mama called him Richard, with that grizzled mustache we had to peg him with Festus! I believe it was Jim Westwang who provided me with an address for Festus, but as of yet I have found the courage to write to him. Hopefully I will be able to do so soon. When you speak to him tell him I think of him often, with great fondness, and best wishes. Also, I have pictures of him taking pictures of me taking pictures of him (resd that passage carefully guys and the pronouns will help you see the picture) as I sat on the Huey that ferried me from Lane to Cam Rahn. This means he might still have pictures of me taking pictures of him taking pictures of me, get's just a wee bit confusing -- don't it boys! But then remember we are talking about Vietnam!

Anyway, Swanny please give him my best when you speak to him. My phone number is 812-753-4466, the Festus I remember was a courageous guy, perhaps he can reestablish communications between us.

For Jim Westwang, thank you for you compassion, your concern, your courage, and the care you provide to our fellow veterans. Know this Jim -- when you need to off-load a part of your burden we are out hear and we will listen!

Hey Frog, its been a while again. I still don't comprehend why we don't talk more often. I think of you everyday. Ribbitt -- Ribbitt!

That's all for now, save this one thing -- do your level best to keep 'em in the green, boys!

Lurch. Out.

Mon. Feb 28, 2000 13:6:10 EST

Mike Miles (michael.miles@gsa.gov) from Easton, MD writes:

I to, think of all of you and the 129th. Hardly a day goes by that I don't think about someone from the unit. Lurch, Gary Felt, Tadpole, I think of them all. My memories are always fond memories. I can download and erase any bad ones. I guess it keeps me sane. Jim Westwang, God bless you. We are always here for you. Lurch, call me you cheapskate. You always reverse the charges anyway! No word from Tadpole or Gary Felt yet.

Take care,

Mike Miles

Mon. Feb 28, 2000 19:5:24 EST

Dave Powers (powers@montrose.net) from Montrose, Colorado writes:
For Rick Benedict: Did I miss something, or were you talking about Shakey Pete's death? If so, what happened?

Tue. Feb 29, 2000 16:16:3 EST

Shanna Wilson (dspence@esn.net) from Kinston, NC writes:
My father was in the 129th AHC he was a medic from 1966-1967. He wanted me to look up everything I could.

Wed. Mar 1, 2000 0:0:4 EST

Barry Swanson (Bulldog910@Hotmail.com) from Riverside, CA writes:

I was referring to the one and only Lt. Richard Trumbo aka Festus. I know exactly how you feel, it took me 26 years to break the barrier of feelings I had stored deep away to make the call and reunite myself with Festus. I hold him in my highest regards. He was the best of the best sitting in the AC seat of any ship I crewed. I will pass along your phone number, I encourage you to call him as well. I see many posts about Shaky Pete, Festus has mentioned Shaky many times but it was before my time and I don't have any info on him. I am also looking for another pilot Lt. Roth aka Hippo. I have not seen him post a message here, but was wondering if anyone has any knowledge.

Smitty, hang in there Bro. I know it must be extremely tuff for you to help out so many vets that are so unfortunate. Only a few people could cope with the environment you work in daily, and with as many years you have put in, I have to hand it to you man.

Oh well, its time to Punch Off
Our Tail is clear and were up on the Left.....

Take Care