Mon. Jan 3, 2000 7:23:5 EST

Mike Miles ( from Washington, DC writes:
Dave Wood! Great to hear from you! What a great Christmas present! I wish I had checked this site earlier last week. Give me an e-mail or I will do the same to you. Are you in North Cartolina? Ever get married? Tons of questions. The memories come flooding back. Of course I remember that LRRP pick-up. You were cool as a cumcumber. I'll be your CP any day! I just wish Miss America could have seen us that day. Too much to write here. Lurch and I got together a few years ago. We are planning to go to the VHPA in DC, the dinner on the last night. It gives me an excuse to get Lurch to Maryland for a visit. Sure would like to see you as well.
Stay in touch,

Mike Miles
Aviator formally known as 'Frog'

Mon. Jan 3, 2000 9:46:15 EST

Dave Powers ( from Montrose, Colorado writes:
Happy New year, Flight! Looks like we made it through Y2K...

Mon. Jan 3, 2000 10:22:16 EST

ALEX FERNWALT ( from memphis,Tn. writes:
Well hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New years. I am looking forward to the reunion in Charlotte N.C. As I stated we are going to have mini reunion for the 129th. Liz and myself are looking forward to meeting all from the 129th whom can make it. I already have reservations confirmed. I will be taking the remaining T-Shirts to the reunion. I noticed Sgt. King! I sold a pair of Cochran jump boots to a Sgt. King who left the 129th around Feb. or March of 68. Mark hope you make it to Charlotte! You are responsible for all of us finding each other. And , see Gently Judith is planning on making this trip. This reunion is really going to be great!!! Well take care my Bro's!!! Alex 129th 11/65-11/68 & 8/67-4/68

Tue. Jan 4, 2000 10:39:46 EST

Mike Miles ( from Easton, MD writes:
Dave Wood
I tried to e-mail you. The message can back as undeliverable. Send me an e-mail or call me!

Keith Weisheit
I received your e-mail. You do know how to work the system. Keep those cards and letters coming.


Mike Miles
Aviator Formally Know as Frog

Tue. Jan 4, 2000 10:43:7 EST

Mike Miles ( from Easton, MD writes:
Dave Wood
I tried to e-mail you. The message can back as undeliverable. Send me an e-mail or call me!

Keith Weisheit
I received your e-mail. You do know how to work the system. Keep those cards and letters coming.


Mike Miles
Aviator Formally Know as Frog

Tue. Jan 4, 2000 14:13:40 EST

Keith "Lurch" Weisheit ( from 201 S. Willard, Ft. Branch, IN 47648 812-753-4466 writes:
To Frog and David "Tadpole" Wood, I also have tried E-Mail address -- -- 2 messages came back as undeliverable! Dammit, these messages were intelligent sounding, filled with repartee, and heartfelt sentiments! Can you believe it? Anyway,Tadpole give one of us a call. You have been a part of every conversation Frog and I have had since 1995!

Keep'em in the green!

Lurch - Out.

Tue. Jan 4, 2000 15:2:30 EST

Mike Miles writes:

I hope you are on the web even as I type. Wasn't it great to hear from Dave Wood? I will try to give you a call this week. What is your schedule? Home in the morning or early afternoon? Talk to you soon.

Mike Miles

Tue. Jan 4, 2000 22:20:58 EST

Dan Hertlein (dhert10408) from Sumner, WA writes:
Hello Flight, I picked up the new 129th unit patches yesterday. If you haven't ordered yours contact me right away. I only have 24 that are not spoken for. Those that have sent checks have your patches on the way in the mail. Contact me for ording information or check the home page web site. You can send your check or money order for $7.20 per patch to me at 16406 44th St. Ct. E. Sumner, WA 98390. (129th AHC 5/68-10/68

Wed. Jan 5, 2000 9:39:25 EST

Robbie ( from Rochester, N.Y. writes:
Msg. to Dan Hertlein. I was just on the new web site and saw the new unit patch and it looks a lot better than the original i had on my shirts. Great job, and i sent you an email requesting two of them. I saw that there is a limited amount of them left already, so get back to me as soon as you can. Looking forward to the reunion in N.C. and meeting old and new friends there.

Wed. Jan 5, 2000 12:18:49 EST

Mike Miles ( from Easton, MD writes:
It appears that our Flight Log is not Y2K compliant! The year 1999 is correct. However, the new year, 2000, is listed as "19100". Should we all go out and stock up on food and water? Is this the end of the world as we know it? Should we hire a professional computer programer to 'fix' our Y2K problem? What will Peter Jennings say?

In any event, I hope everyone had a great holiday and has a wonderful new year(19100)!

Mike Miles

Wed. Jan 5, 2000 18:47:11 EST

Dave Powers ( from Montrose, Colorado writes:
The Y2K thing is scary! I'll get water down at the river, and eat c-rations...

Fri. Jan 7, 2000 0:4:20 EST

Animal ( from Hawaii writes:
The date looks allright to me, and I spent most of 19071 at Lane Army Heliport. Happy New Year. Greg

Fri. Jan 7, 2000 0:5:5 EST

Paul Tenhet ( from Tooele,Utah writes:
Hello Flight. Just found out some bad news which might be old news to some since it happened in 1998. Just got a call from Robert(Bob) S. Davis" wife. Bob was a Captain in the 1st Flight Platoon in 1969 and served another tour in the 70's. Anyway, after trying to locate him for the last year I finally got a good address and the bad news from his wife. Bob passed away in 1998 while on a whitewater canoe trip. At the time of his death he was still flying helicopters for one of the Patroleum companies. Flight, make sure you make contact with your old comrads before it is too late. I will always regret not being in contact with b
Bob since we left Ft Rucker in 1971. A very sad Bulldog 16, "Lou".

Fri. Jan 7, 2000 0:37:17 EST

Dan Hertlein ( from Sumner, WA writes:
Thank you to those who have helped make it possible to provide the new 129th Patch. I have tried to come up with the words to capture the essence of the new generation Unit Patch. I long to find the words that instills the pride having been a part of a grat effort of ordinary people doing extaordinary jobs. We served to the best of our abilities within the limits of our knowledge and experience. The emblem can be a badge of honor, worn as a reminder of the sacrifice of the friends or relatives of our youth. Just as the new patch has changed from the old, we to have changed, and will continue to live for the future.

Fri. Jan 7, 2000 0:43:57 EST

Keith "Lurch" Weisheit ( from 201 S. Willard, Ft. Branch, IN 47648, 812-753-4466 writes:

To: Frog, Animal, and Tadpole (praying that our little aquatic larva buddy is out there listening? Looking? Shedding his tail and growing jumping legs!)

It has been a good week. One made better by knowing that I can contact you crazies. I appreciate all the work that has been done for the 129th on this website. If I ever learn enough of this cyberspace bullshit lingo to know who did what to whom and when they did it, I will want to thank them for helping me link back up with you guys!

Frog -- Animal, I do believe each of you owe me an E-Mail. Animal, do you know where Festus is? Also, I have a friend (1ST CAV doorgunner) living now in Hawaii, please advise your primary A/O and maybe the two of you can meet. His name is Eddie Hokklotubbe. He is a Choctaw from Oklahoma and one of the most spiritual men I know. He is the Team Leader of the Vet Center on Wailuku(?). Anyway, please let me know if you live near him. He's seen pictures of us together and heard stories about you -- not to worry he knows only the heroic shit and your serious, reserved, quiet nature!

David, please get back to Frog or me! We need to hear from you again!

Hey boys, keep 'em in the green!

Lurch - Out

Fri. Jan 7, 2000 7:27:4 EST

Mike Miles ( from Easton, MD writes:

Isn't this the greatest web site in the world! Thank you, to the person who started it. I hope to meet you one day.

I hope Dave Wood checks back in. Has anyone seen or heard from Gary Felt CE? I heard he was in California.

Keith, since you were up until 1:00 a.m. last night, I will give you a 6:30 a.m. wake-up. You'll love it!

Mike Miles

Fri. Jan 7, 2000 14:31:53 EST

Mike Miles writes:
To Bill Shillito:

Just wanted you to know that Keith W. and I have been in e-mail contact with Dave Wood. We still owe each other a beer!

Mike Miles

Fri. Jan 7, 2000 22:23:44 EST

Randy Stark ( from San Jose, CA writes:
Was in the 129th from May '67 to June '68. Flew slicks but mostly guns (Cobra Innkeeper).

Fri. Jan 7, 2000 23:25:37 EST

Ernie Gschwender ( from Lincoln Park, MI. writes:
Just wanted to tell everyone that I got my new 129th patches today. Dan really did a fantastic job. Well done Dan.
Ernie Gschwender
129th 4/69-4/70

Sat. Jan 8, 2000 20:10:6 EST

Rick England ( from Phoenix Az writes:
Dan thanks for the patches they turn out great. Good job Dan.

Sun. Jan 9, 2000 13:37:35 EST

Rick England ( from Phoenix Az writes:
Does anybody remember the burgers we got from the NCO club withe fried egg on them And what was the name of them? Rick

Sun. Jan 9, 2000 14:54:12 EST

Mike McCormick ( from West Bend, WI US writes:
Bill Mongeau (New Jersey) was my classmate in the "Purple Hats", and a Ft Rucker (WORWAC 68-31-B4 & 68-517). In Dec. 69 I was assigned to A/123 in Chu Lai and Bill was assigned to "C" Models in the 129. Does anyone remember him. Did he survive?
I think of you guys often. Bill Martin (WORWAC 68-517 B4), and Mike MacDonald, both Glue Ghosts, were bunkmates at Ft Wolters in the Purple Hats. Mike survived. Bill was KIA in '69 flying a LOH. I think I see Mike's picture in some of your photos.
I lived about 100m away from F/8, on the beach in the Pelican Company area.
Mike McCormick,Pelican 223, '68-'69, VHPA Member

Sun. Jan 9, 2000 21:36:13 EST

Gale Beard ( from Clinton, In writes:
Rick England, Yes I remember the burgers at the NCO club, but, I don't remember what they were called. I just recall loading them with Mayo, having a "few" brewskies and listening to Otis Reddings' (Dock of the Bay) on the jukebox. I also recall the fried egg sandwich in the mornings. Strange though------ I thought this was only "My" memory!!!! Later, Gale 67-68

Sun. Jan 9, 2000 22:14:8 EST

Ted (Gus) Gustafson ( from Brainerd,MN writes:
Made it through the Y2K event. Got a Christmas
present from my nephew. A former demo man with the
Americal Div. He is a car nut and was digging throu
the junk yard in Ely, Mn and found a set of UH-1
main rotor blades. He showed up here new years with
them on his car trailer. What a deal! Gave me a
funny feeling unloading them let me tell you.

Gus CE Cobra 949

Sun. Jan 9, 2000 22:30:48 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
WELCOME HOME RANDY STARK.......have added your name and addy to the contacts list.........

Sun. Jan 9, 2000 22:35:8 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
WOW that was a gift loaded with memories. Would like to find some of them myself........Mark

Mon. Jan 10, 2000 19:42:27 EST

Keith "Lurch" Weisheit ( from 201 S. Willard, Ft. Branch, IN 47648 812-753-4466 writes:

Still toying around with how to get messages onto the site without screwing up the works!

I have read enough of past pages to become even more appreciative of the efforts of Mark Jackson in getting this web page started. Mark, the men of the 129th AHC are in your debt. Thank you!

I have already asked for information on some of the men and boys I knew in the 129th from
16 Feb 71 to 22 Dec 71; however, I am hopeful that some of you may be able to provide information on the following list:

Major and then Lt. Col Anderson, our Commanding Officer before his promotion and being bumped up the ladder.
Captain Richard "St. Nick" Noel, 2nd Plt. Leader
Captain Lester "Christian" Goodman, 2nd Plt. & OPS
1LT Bruce "Kazoo" Lowry, 2nd Platoon
W.O. Vic Gilliland, 2nd Platoon & Gun Platoon
W.O. Richard "Redeye/Rebel" Smith, 1st Platoon(?)
C.W.2 (?)"Baccer" Baxter, A/C in 2nd Platoon

Spc. 5 Gary Conley, my beloved Crewchief on '697
Spc. 5 (?) Carter, Crewchief 2nd Platoon
Spc. 5 Jim(?) "J.J." Johnson, Crewchief for "Baccer" and then I believe he and I teamed-up on '697 when Baccer and Conley left.

I am especially interested in any information on Gary Conley, I owe him--big time! He was a great guy, crazy as a loon, a great mechanic, and fun to fly with.

Conley and I had a young doorgunner with a real baby face. I celebrated my 21st birthday in April 71 and this young man looked like a kid to me. I cannot remember his name. I believe Conley and I nicknamed him "Shaky," but I am not certain even of that much.

I tell this story about the kid, he was newly arrived, it may have been his first day with Conley and me. We were flying lead on a CA, the LZ was a one-shipper and it was burning from the work of our Cobra guns. As I settled 697 into a hover, we came under fire from our 2 o'clock and this kid opened up immediately. I swear his first tracer hit the spot where Chuck resided and the enemy fire ceased instantaneously! When we had our troops off loaded and had made our escape from the heat of that place, I got on the intercom with something close to, "Great shootin' kid! Hot damn, great shootin'! You should've seen it Conley the kid put their dicks in the dirt! Hot damn!" (Remember how the adrenaline rushes would spice up our chatter.)

Anyway, the kid comes back on intercom and he is stammering as he says, "Th-Th-Thank you s-s-s-sir! I was a scared back there! I wa-wa-wa-was a li-li-little shaky!" By the end of the day the kid had a nickname and now I can't remember the one his mama gave him. There is something fundamentaly wrong with this not remembering B.S.! This kid never questioned any decision I made, went anywhere I decided to go without a whimper, and his guns talked - I mean they layed out the lead whenever we needed them! I have pictures of Conley and me together (this kid probably took them), but none of Shaky!

I hope he is well - I hope he is happy - I hope he is proud of the work he did in the 129th AHC!

Perhaps, if nothing else, my message to Conley and Shaky will tell those of you who haven't heard from your own A/C's something of the affection and esteem that we hold for you!

God I was proud to fly with the 129th Assault Helicopter Company and I feel fortunate to have served with a unit that had the camaraderie and spirit we exhibited!

That's about all for today!

Lurch - Out!

Wed. Jan 12, 2000 3:34:27 EST

Les Sprague ( from Rough-Ready, ca writes:
just found this site thanks to mark jackson, he says some of you guys at the 129th have mentioned me. Thanks guys for remembering me, I certainly remember a lot of you and would be proud to hear from any of you. I was at the 129 from Jan 69 to Jan 70. Yea, I was the crewchief who crashed into the bridge. Hope to hear from any of you. ps-anybody hear from Don Henson?

Wed. Jan 12, 2000 17:10:43 EST

Mike Teutschman ( from Lynnwood, WA writes:
Hey Mark Jackson, I'm riding with Curt and Ron to Rolling Thunder this year. I heard we are going to meet up with you in Rainelle, WV. Looking forward to seeing you. Its going to be a great ride. Take care, Mike

Wed. Jan 12, 2000 21:55:11 EST

Rick England ( from Wittmann AZ writes:
The hat pins will be ready in about 6 to 8 weeks. They will look like the 129 th patch. 1in. insize. they will cost 7.00 Delivered Rick

Wed. Jan 12, 2000 22:16:0 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Hey Mike T. That be correct brother, the 6 and I will be hooking up with you guys in WV. We can't wait to ride wing with you men. Another dream come true for me. It is going to be a great trip..........
To the rest........sorry for not posting in a while. Have been busy here in this lil' burg hitting the streets and pitching the idea of flying POW/MIA flags on all the flag poles in town. Got some up already, and the rest hold a promise.
I gotta pack my wheel bearings yet and get the wrenchs out and install my new set of duals yet. It wont be long and we will be ridin' round these parts. All that got the new 129th Patch from Dan H!!!!!!!!!...ain't they wonderful. They sure look good to me. I bought a few and am having them sewn on shirts and my vest as I speak. Still no sign of the 129th Flag that I am having made, but it will be done by the WALL RUN. I will have it there and at NC for the VHCMA gathering. It looks just like the new Patch.
Take care my friends.................gotta get back at still updateing the Page and CONTACTS as they come in.
Les Sprague.....WELCOME HOME MAN..and back to the 129th. Correct me if I am wrong Les, but is not the bridge you hit in the GALLERY section of our page????..and I am going to check..but I think a picture of the ship is there also......Maybe not, we do bost over 200 pictuers now.
Lurch.....thank you for your kind words brother. They are my JP4, but I am just the messanger. YOU MEN wrote the History and are the reason for it all happnin'.........they Page, and the fact that you all can gather, is the GOOD that comes from my loss. The old saying, "From bad, comes some good"......holds true here. Thanks to all of you for just being out there. I am honored to be among you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clear/Left..........the new "257" comin' through..............Pop-A-TopII ( Mark )

Thu. Jan 13, 2000 12:56:44 EST

Mike Teutschman ( from Lynnwood, WA writes:
Mark, too bad you can't meet us in California for the whole run. Gonna be incredible. Don't know if Ron told you he has rooms for all of us in Lewisburg WV, and I am going to try and get rooms in Rainelle on Feb 1st. Will save us 30 miles ridin after the festivities in Rainelle. Told him I would get room for you also. We let you know if I get the rooms or not. If not, we will just stay in Lewisburg. Later...mike

Thu. Jan 13, 2000 14:23:25 EST

Dave Powers ( from Montrose, Colorado writes:
Message for "Lurch": I got an undeliverable on your email. Please email me. Thanks!

Thu. Jan 13, 2000 15:6:56 EST

michael barrett ( from phila. pa. writes:
To Dan Hertein,
I mailed a check today for two patches. Any problems give me a call. Home 215 743-5093 work 215 697-1247. Take care guys and girls.

Fri. Jan 14, 2000 10:53:25 EST

Alex Fernwalt ( from Memphis Tn writes:
Glad to see everyone getting involed. We got our homepage,t-shirts,patches and now hat pins. I am looking forward to Charlotte. Having the opportunity to see old friends and meeting new ones. I personally want to thank a few people. They are Mark Jackson and Judith. They lost loved ones from our 129th family. And through their memories and dedication to larry Jackson and Tom Shaw. Mark set out and created a 129th homepage. And through his dedication to Larry. Members of the 129th has come home. And as the days pass more and more of our brothers are finding us. And a bonus friends and family our fallen Brother's have found a home with us. Mark Jackson stands 20' tall and heart to match. And I am proud to have him as a Bro! Through this homepage I have had the opportunity to find Glenn Pearmain and Rainer Bauer. And I know somewhere in my two tours of the 129th Frenchie and I have crossed path . Also Max Whittingham better known as Sgt. Twiggy. These homepage has made the circle almost come forth. Mark & Judith along with our Gold Star Mom Liz you'll always be apart of the 129th family. I hope any Bro's that can make Charlotte be there to welcome presonally Mark and Judith to the 129th Family. Alex 11/65-11/66 & 8/67-4/68

Fri. Jan 14, 2000 15:48:10 EST

Wayne May from El Paso, Texas writes:
Incountry 1967-1968

Fri. Jan 14, 2000 17:14:53 EST

Rainer Bauer ( from Indy writes:
Alex, I dont think I could have said thank you to Mark any better than you did in your last posting, I don't get on here a lot but I check it every night, so thank you Mark hoping to see you and Judith in June Rainer

Fri. Jan 14, 2000 23:26:9 EST

Gale Beard 67-68 ( from Clinton, In writes:
Wayne May! Call me or e-mail me Bro.!!! Gale

Sat. Jan 15, 2000 0:16:18 EST

Tony Vega ( from Elk River MN 55330 writes:
If anyone who was stationed at lane Airfield reads this note please contact me at my e-mail address. I was one of the crewchiefs on Tiger Wagon, replaced sp5 Foster on deros. Flew with the 1st Slick Flt, came down from Kontum from the 170th AHC. 30 years later thanks to the internet im able to go back in time and review that time in my life which I slowly have forgotten. Thank You......

Sat. Jan 15, 2000 0:26:5 EST

Tony Vega ( from Elk River MN 55330 writes:
If anyone who was stationed at lane Airfield reads this note please contact me at my e-mail address. I was one of the crewchiefs on Tiger Wagon, replaced sp5 Foster on deros. Flew with the 1st Slick Flt, came down from Kontum from the 170th AHC. 30 years later thanks to the internet im able to go back in time and review that time in my life which I slowly have forgotten. Thank You......

Sat. Jan 15, 2000 0:26:7 EST

Tony Vega ( from Elk River MN 55330 writes:
If anyone who was stationed at lane Airfield reads this note please contact me at my e-mail address. I was one of the crewchiefs on Tiger Wagon, replaced sp5 Foster on deros. Flew with the 1st Slick Flt, came down from Kontum from the 170th AHC. 30 years later thanks to the internet im able to go back in time and review that time in my life which I slowly have forgotten. Thank You......

Sat. Jan 15, 2000 0:26:48 EST

Tony Vega ( from Elk River MN 55330 writes:
If anyone who was stationed at lane Airfield reads this note please contact me at my e-mail address. I was one of the crewchiefs on Tiger Wagon, replaced sp5 Foster on deros. Flew with the 1st Slick Flt, came down from Kontum from the 170th AHC. 30 years later thanks to the internet im able to go back in time and review that time in my life which I slowly have forgotten. Thank You......

Sat. Jan 15, 2000 0:26:48 EST

Tony Vega ( from Elk River MN 55330 writes:
If anyone who was stationed at lane Airfield reads this note please contact me at my e-mail address. I was one of the crewchiefs on Tiger Wagon, replaced sp5 Foster on deros. Flew with the 1st Slick Flt, came down from Kontum from the 170th AHC. 30 years later thanks to the internet im able to go back in time and review that time in my life which I slowly have forgotten. Thank You......

Sat. Jan 15, 2000 9:40:3 EST

Bill Knebusch ( from Amarillo, Texas writes:
Sort of lost touch with everyone the latter part
of 1999. System went south and I followed in quick
pursuit. Everything is up and running again, un-
fortunately I lost all my e-mail addresses. So for
those that remember me, I am lurking in the back
ground again. Happy New Year to all.

Sat. Jan 15, 2000 12:29:32 EST

Dan Hertlein (dhert10408) from Sumner, WA writes:
To Michael Barrett- I have two patches waiting for you! Only have about 18 remaining. Others are promised and awaiting checks.
Wayne May, Tony Vega, Bill Knebusch, Lurch (must be tall), and Randy Stark, welcome home. Wayne, next time add your email address so people can get in touch. Got to go fix the heater in my van. My daughter wants to go snowboarding this weekend.

Sat. Jan 15, 2000 17:27:37 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....Alex and Rainer, and anybody else that has thanked me. It truly all goes to my heart and gives me a very warm feeling inside. To think that something that I have done has composed so many wondeful words to me. I have said it before and I will say it again, without the sacrifice of your time that you men spent in Nam, none of this would even be around. Upon saying that, what I mean is, You all are just as responsible for this page being alive as I am. Even more so. YOU ARE THE PAGE!!!!!!!!!! If I am 20' tall, you guys are 30' feet I said.....all that you say means very,very much to me, and I thank you for it all.
Our Page is on a server in Ohio here that only lets people put 6 MB of free info on before they kick you off. We are well above 20 MB. This has been aloud to happen for a couple os reasons. Our Webmaster, David Stienbruner, Who I may add, is the mixer of it all, and works very hard for us, works for the server and personaly knows the grand puba of the thing, also, we are one of the most visited sties that they have on the net. I want you all to know, that as yesturday, the 129TH Home Page has been named the Featured Page of the month for January 2000. Quite an honor. You can view a lil' icon at the bottom of out 1st page that indicates so! I want you all to know how proud that I am for this to come about, and here again.....without you all doing what you did 30 or so years ago, none of this would be at all possible. Lets call it a combined effort among us all. You men were at battle then, I am on full alert now!!!!
I also picked up the new 129th FLAG that I had made for the unit last night. It flys outside as I speak. Those of you that gather in NC at the VHCMA thingy this year in June, I am sure will be very proud to see the Bite and Strike flying. I sure am.........we will also take it to DC Memorial Day weekend this year, to the WALL.................
Just a word of thanks to all of you........God Bless....see ya somewhere out there, I am sure.
"257".....turning inbound to the beacon and climbing to 6,000 FT.
Lets go home Larry,
P.S.......a word of thanks to our webby can be done by just clicking on the CARBON CREATIONS icon at the bottom of our 1st page and droping him a line! He puts many hours into the page. I owe him lots........THANKS David!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sun. Jan 16, 2000 23:13:34 EST

Joe E shepard (hdchopperjoe) from oklahoma city,ok writes:
I found this site from an email. I never your brother he was kia about the time i got to the 129th in Sept 69

Mon. Jan 17, 2000 19:59:34 EST

Gently ( from Milwaukee writes:
Hi guys-it's been awhile. Usually when I try to get on my computer tells me my aol memory is low and then i lose the site. sometimes, like now, I get lucky and get through. Thank you god!

Everyone gearing up for NC? i am...can't wait. Looking forward to matching faces with names. Speaking of faces,,,any word on the year books from '71 and '72? I got the shirts and i need the books and pins. All is appreciated and worn with pride(and saddness). Keep on truckin' guys. Gently

Mon. Jan 17, 2000 20:59:9 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Hi everybody,

BILL KNEBUSCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......Please resend me your E-mail address. me , the dummy, deleted it.....sorry man.......I can be so stupid at to the rest,

Thu. Jan 20, 2000 18:26:36 EST

John T Oleson ( from Tampa, FL writes:
I was with the 129th AHC in 70 and 71. I was surprised to run across this website.
Best wishes to all who was there.

Fri. Jan 21, 2000 14:15:18 EST

James Hardy ( from Seattle WA writes:
Dad was in 129th from sept68-oct69, just in here trying to learn a little about what was goin' down over there before I was born. Thanks!

Fri. Jan 21, 2000 21:19:28 EST

Stacy McLain ( from Flagstaff, AZ writes:
To Tony Vega... Were you in the 129th in '71?

Fri. Jan 21, 2000 21:59:53 EST

Ernie Gschwender ( from Lincoln Park, MI writes:
John Oleson,
Welcome Home
James Hardy,
I'm sure that if you leave your questions someone will try and answer.
Ernie Gschwender
129th AHC 4/69-4/70
Door gunner Cobra 007

Sat. Jan 22, 2000 18:8:24 EST

Ted Buisker ( from Davis, IL. writes:
Watching this page got me so gung ho, I went to the local Army/Navy surplus store and bought a set of jungle fatigues just like I wore when i flew as a Bulldog. The breast pockets aren't quite right, straight instead of slanted, but surprisingly enough they had a size to fit me. Dunlaps desease you know.(My belly done laps over my belt). They even had an extra length pistol belt. Now if I just had kept a pair of my old combat boots!!! Still have name tapes, patches, wings, bars, squashed bugs and all that stuff, don't know why or how I managed to save all that stuff all these years. I still have a complete class A green uniform, all except the shirt. I have a dream of one day getting into it again, but that is about 70 pounds away. Well, enough reminiscing for one day. Keep altitude below you, runway in front of you, and rotor in the green ya'll Skyking inbound to POL.

Sat. Jan 22, 2000 22:35:33 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Hey John T Oleson.......WELCOME HOME.....have added your name and address to the CONTACTS LIST.......enjoy the place and post as often as you wish..
Say Hey to the rest of you guys.................Mark!!!

Sun. Jan 23, 2000 17:47:6 EST

Ernie Gschwender ( from Lincoln Park, MI writes:
Dan Hertlein & Mark
Just wanted to pass this along. I made me a scanned copy of the new patch. On the bottom I put 69 VIET NAM 70 and put 007 in the nose of the chopper. Well I made a copy and now I have it in my car window as a decal. Just an idea.
Ernie 129th
Cobra 007 gunner

Mon. Jan 24, 2000 10:5:23 EST

Alex Fernwalt ( from Memphis,Tn writes:

Just checking in. Glad to see more finding the sight. Right now it looks like a good turn out at the reunion in charoltte N.C. And the 129th will be one of the largest groups. As I get more info of different trips and events scheduled I will pass them along. Dan did get the patch. You Did a great job!!! Mark: can't wait to see the flag!!! Take Care Bro's Alex 11/65-11/66 & 8/67-4/68

Mon. Jan 24, 2000 13:22:49 EST

Mike Teutschman ( from Lynnwood, WA writes:
Does anyone know where I can find at least one cloth sew on, OD/white crewwings. If you do, please email me. Thanks, Mike.

Tue. Jan 25, 2000 0:15:48 EST

Robert L. Wallace ( from anchorage, ak writes:
I was in the 129th 71-72

Wed. Jan 26, 2000 10:53:30 EST

Bill Leach ( from Chase City, Va. writes:
Flew slicks in the 129th 66-67. Nice site.

Wed. Jan 26, 200010:54:4 EST

Bill Leach ( from Chase City, Va. writes:
Flew slicks in the 129th 66-67. Nice site.

Wed. Jan 26, 2000 11:34:8 EST

R. Keith "Lurch" Weisheit ( from 201 S. Willard, Ft. Branch, IN 47648 812-753-4466 writes:

Goooooood Morning Vietnam! How are all you Bulldogs and Cobras on this bright winter morning? My sincere hope is that all well with each of you.

RE: James Michael Young, Spc. 4, Doorgunner
129th Assault Helicopter Company
DOB:12 Aug 50 KIA:26 June 71 Panel 3W-Line 90

Recently I read an entry posted several months ago from Dave Powers out in Montrose, CO asking for information about Jimmy Young. I wanted to provide what I remember. I hope the years have not faded my memories of that day too severely. I can assure you that many of my memories of Jimmy remain fresh even after all these years.

Dave, your entry indicated Jimmy was crewing with Steve Davis out of Portland, OR. I remember vividly the face of the crewchief he was flying with that day, but prior to now I have not been able to put a name to the face. If Steve was a tall, dark-haired, quietly pensive guy with a rather sad looking face -- perhaps it grew even more somber after Jimmy died -- then we are probably talking about the same guy. I have some pictures of Jimmy, the crewchief, and Captain Thomas "Slick" Hausman their A/C. My guess is that most of the pictures were taken shortly after I arrived in-country in Feb 71.

In one picture, Slick wears his sneaky, sly grin and the twinkle in his eyes that never failed to give one the impression that he was up to something or laughing at some private joke. It is the look of a guy cool enough to earn the call sign Slick from a bunch of hot-dog-rotary-winged-crazies like the pilots of the 2nd Platoon. Steve's face carries the look of someone who has seen more than he wanted or had bargained for, his eyes possess a vacancy that speaks volumes and his face appears limp. His sadness has already taken up residency.

Got to terminate commo -- pulling a Paul Harvey, "in a moment the rest of the story."

Lurch -- Out!

Wed. Jan 26, 2000 11:55:24 EST

Lurch ( from Ft. Branch, IN writes:
RE: Jimmy Young, continued

In the picture I am looking at, Jimmy is sans shirt and there is no indication of chest hair. He looks like a kid. Its odd how that is the way I remember all of you and that seems terribly unfair, for while I have soft and grey you are all still firm and youthful. Jimmy while shirtless is wearing the crooked smile which seemed to be a nearly permanent fixture on his narrow face. His way blonde hair (now see there is another thing - all three of these guys still have great, thick shocks of hair, while I am giving serious consideration to that Propecia stuff) is a little longer than regulation and there is a wet curl hanging down onto his forehead. The four of us are in a Huey, the doors are closed, I am taking the picture and sit here now wishing I had made better use of my Konica's timer feature. Outside the bird, it is raining and we have the doors closed.

I flew as Peter-P for Slick and his guys on several occastions. I have always considered Slick as being a Warrant Officer with RLO bars. Frog and I used to tease Captain Hausman by telling him he was too cool not to be a Warrant and that it was the heart of a Warrant that pulsed inside his chest. He would just grin his grin. Always appeared totally innocent -- was almost always apart of all the really well thought out pranks. He was a good man, a good officer, and I can tell you that he had earned the respect of the entire 2nd Platoon. His crew was loyal to him. We all were. It would be wonderful to hear from - or about- him again.

This thing is getting too long -- I gotta check out for a while -- but like a bad penny I'll turn up again.

Lurch -- Out!

Wed. Jan 26, 2000 13:14:34 EST

Lurch ( from Ft. Branch, IN writes:

RE: Jimmy Young - KIA

Slick was wounded on the day Jimmy died. It was nothing life threatening, but his hand (I believe it was his cyclic/right hand) was torn up pretty good. My memory tells me it was shrapnel rather than a bullet wound. Slick was short anyway, so his would would carry him home slightly ahead of his DEROS. Some days after Jimmy died, I went with some other guys to see Slick at the hospital in Qui Nhon (Can anybody tell the unit or designation of that hospital?) to say our goodbyes. Because Slick was getting short, I had previously arranged to "buy" his room from him for $150.00 when his DEROS rolled around. At the hospital I gave Slick the money for his room. He looked good, he was maintaining -- at least while we were with him he demonstrated that his sense of humor and his play'em as they fall perspective of life seemed to remain intact. His room -- my room -- was worth every penny! Its funny, but I cannot remember who I sold it to when I left. God, it would be great to see Slick again.

I cannot remember the name of their Peter-P that day, but I also have pictures of him. I never really got to know him very well. While I drank my cares away, I believe it would be fair to say that his went up in smoke and for this reason we hung with different after-hours crowds. That could be it, or perhaps my lack of memories of him may be an indication that I had already hit the off switch on getting to know the new guys. I can tell you that my memory of that day tells me he did one hell of a job in getting their wounded bird down from a ridge-line LZ and onto a sand bar in a stream or a clearing next to a stream.

The operation we were involved in was one of the largest I witnessed. The 129th AHC flying in support of the Tiger Division of the ROK and the 22nd ARVN was spearheading the operation. We were joined by our "sister" company, the 61st Aviation Company, and aviation units from all over II Corps. Their may even have been a few units from I Corps helping us to insert several thousand ROK'S and ARVN'S up into the Central Highlands. There were beaucoup units involved. The Navy had prepped some of our LZ's overnight, while at other LZ's artillery units would continue blasting away until we arrived on staition. I remember watching FOX-4's finishing their final deadly runs and within seconds the first Huey, escorted by our own gunnies, would be on short final to an LZ. We most assuredly had all our shit packed neatly into one bag!

If I had been Chuck, I would have crawled a little deeper into my hole and said to hell with this nonsense -- you can call me when this is over. But, you guys remember Chuck, the contrary little bastards would wait out the shelling and the fast-movers and our gunnies and then crawl out of their tunnels when we came into view. I cannot believe, no I refuse to believe I am alone in having come to the realization that I respected the tenacity, the willingness to endure hardship, and the bravery of the enemy we encountered up in the Highlands.

Sorry, I'm gonna check out again for a while. I'll finish this some time later today.

Lurch -- Out!

Wed. Jan 26, 2000 17:45:33 EST

Lurch ( from Ft. Branch, IN writes:

More about Jimmy Young's death.

Larry "Thor" Thies and I had made A/C on 16 June, so we were at teh back of the flights for the most part. Everywhere ships were taking fire and many, many other birds were hit, the radios crackled with traffic concerning hot LZ's and calls for Medevac's back into many of the LZ's where we were leaving the ROK's and ARVN's. Larry and I lost a friend from flight school,
W. O. Michael Wilson who flew with the 61st Aviation Company. My memory had always been that Jimmy and Mike died on the same day, but
"The Poet" is listed as "KIA 25 June 71 - Panel 3
West, Line 89.

Wed. Jan 26, 2000 19:15:49 EST

Lurch writes:

RE: Jimmy Young's death.

I've been stallin'. Could you guys tell? Jimmy Young was a young kid for Texas, Dallas I believe. He had a quick, easy smile that he shared with everyone. I have pictures of him passing out C's to Vietnamese kids. I remember Jimmy with fondness.

Slick was probably flying lead. I think I was part of another flight. Most of the LZ's were single ship jobs, however, a few were large enough for two Hueys. I think Slick, and Jimmy, and Davis, and their Peter-P were in a single ship LZ. Chuck was waiting. They came under intense fire - the way I remember it is that Jimmy's gunmount or his well took a direct hit froman RPG. He was shredded-up pretty badly. That's how I have always remembered it. I remember the radio traffic that they were going down. I remember the terror of waiting for it to happen to me or to another friend. My memory is that Jimmy died instantaneously. I remember we had a memorial service at the Chapel for Jimmy, and yet, he still lives in my mind's eye - he always will - it is there he will remain "forever young."

Dave, I hope this helps answer some of your questions about Spc. 4 Jimmy Young. If anybody can shore up the details or remembers that day differently please let me hear from you. Dave, one more thing, you crewed for Thor and I would love to find him. Do you have a good adddress for Larry.

That's all for now - its plenty!

Once again, keep 'em in the green!

Lurch - Out!

Wed. Jan 26, 2000 21:56:15 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Robert L. Wallace......and Bill Leach......WELCOME HOME and Back to the as often as you like.........I have added your names and addys to the CONTACTS PAGE..
Take care brothers...............Mark

PS.....LURCH.........thanks for the info on James Young.......hope Dave Powers sees it.


Thu. Jan 27, 2000 0:57:29 EST

Dave Powers ( from Montrose, Colorado writes:
Lurch... Thanks beaucoup for your recollections on James Young... beautifully said, for sure!

Thu. Jan 27, 2000 10:5:12 EST

Michael Barrett ( from Phila. Pa. writes:
To Daniel Hertlein, Recieved the patches over the weekend. Nice job. Take care.

Thu. Jan 27, 2000 11:8:7 EST

Alex Fernwalt ( from Memphis,Tn. writes:
Good morning flight:

As for finding info on our kia's. 1st try and get the accident report. 2nd you can get their home town from info from the Wall web site. 3rd when most fails like they have for me. I am having there home town newspaper go back through there archives. They kept record of the obituaires and articles on the deaths of vietnam vets. I am still trying to get info on Roger Steele who was killed in july 67 while stationed at fort carson with 283rd. He was killed in a helicpter crash. Roger was a gunner for the 129th 65/66. He flew with Glenn Pearmain, myself and many others. Well, I hope this info helps trying to find out about our lost Brothers. Alex 129th 11/65-11/66 & 8/67-4/68

Fri. Jan 28, 2000 16:48:54 EST

Dan Baxter ( from Hartford, AL writes:
James Young (Super Duck)

We staged out of Phu Cat. Had us on the driving range. All of the crews were picking up golf balls. The Koreans came through a gate from the Gp. Hq. JJ had written in tape F-4 anit Shit on the bottom of the aircraft. Every time we left the tower could see the bottom of the aircraft. Found the tape on post flight. We were originally in a flight of 10. Because the LZ was so small we devided into 2 flights. I was lead of the second flight. When all of the first five were shot down each of us took an aircraft and followed it down. The aircraft Super Duck was in was hit with AK fire. The CE of the other aircraft saw him, but did not fire because he was in a gray flight suit. He thought he was one of our Vietnamiese pilots. The VC was standing about even with the stinger when he fired. Starting about the battery compartment going up and forward. The roungs were 2-3 inches apart. The roung that got Jimmy went through his right arm into his chest. There were 4 more in his chicken plate. One ov the bullets took off one of the right side corners of the transmission and a hunk out of the right survo. A round hit the corner of the armored seat of the AC. The jacket of the round went into his left hand. The feller in the right seat was a newby.
The B-40 went through the cargo doors of the second aircraft and exploded on the side of the hill. There was one of the wafer like pieces of shrapnel in the skid.

The hit aircraft dove off the top on the hill and headed for an island in the river below. Remember the newby is now flying. As they were on approach the hyd. went out. The aircraft hit the island and bounced back into the air and landed on the next island.

The CE in the other aircraft did kill the VC after he realized he was not one of ours.
Don't know what happened to the 16 Koreans that were on the two aircraft.
Came back the next day and they wanted us to land in almost the same place. Asked if they knew the max range of a B40? They did not. Told them I did not either but it was more than the 50 meters north they wanted us to land. We were moved north and no more aircraft were lost.

Didn't we have a Bn. Cdr. named Smart about that time? Called him notso. He got a bunch of people killed.
Has been a while since this went on. The names are gone and the events may not be correct.

Cleaned everyone out in poker one night with the exception of $.50 Super Duck had. We started cutting cards and he took all the money.
He liked to talk about his brother and the hotrod they had built. Did have a picture of him. Don't know what happened to it.

Dan (Baccer) Baxter

Fri. Jan 28, 2000 22:28:42 EST

Bill French ( from LZ Atlanta writes:
More my story

Part Seven

We were going to be doing this dog and pony show for a bunch of Korean big brass. When it came to our turn, we were to pick up 2 ROC Green Berates and carry them on the bottom of a 200 ft rope, 15 miles. Seem like a good idea. We had never done it before and I don’t think they had either. We got to the PZ and let them strap in. They had full Battle Rattle, and their Carbines. We slowly picked them up and started to gain some speed. I was looking back at then and they were looking like they were having a good time. Steering with one hand and holding their weapon with the other. Every now and again they would bump into each other. I really don’t know how fast we were going, but I thought if they were having such a good time , maybe be could help a little. I told the AC to speed it up. Well I still don’t know if the pilot thought that they had some how asked for more speed, but he did it. As a matter of fact he over did it. I thought for a while that the dam rope was going to get caught in the tail rotor. Those guys were now banging each other with a great deal of force. They were making kind of a big “C”, hitting each other at the top and the bottom of each others circle. We started slowing down and I noticed that they were not trying to steer anymore. As a matter of fact I guess they knocked each other out. This was confirmed by the fact that as we let them down onto the ground they just kind of crumpled to the dirt around where the Big Brass was. Just trying to help? Moral : If it’s worth doing, it’s worth over doing...

Part Eight

My ship was in for the old 100 hr PE. I wasn’t doing any thing when they asked for some volunteers to help out on this humgus Air assault. What they needed was some drivers to haul all the ammo and fuel out to a LZ . I don’t even remember the name of it , or if it even had a name. I would have named it Hell. I guess Sir Charles either had some good Intel or we had used this spot before. Fore those of you that have never had the pleasure of driving a large BOMM. Just the thought of it makes my skin crawl. I would much rather be in the air with all that JP4 fore some reason. On the ground with a deuce and a half full of ammo and rockets, was I guess different because I could only go left or right. At least in the air I could have two more directions to go. This thing was the biggest Air Assault I have ever seen. The sky was darkened with Choppers. It was a full blown 1st Aviation Brigade Assault. Before we even get set up good the shit hit the fan. The all to familiar sound of the AK47s started the coarse followed by the base drums. I got my trusty M-14 jumped under the truck and started to fire. All of the sudden I had a intelligent thought, as rounds were hitting the truck. I’m lying under a Big Boom. I low- crawled to the next truck, when I realized that that one was the JP4 tanker. DUH...

Fri. Jan 28, 2000 23:18:13 EST

Ernie Gschwender ( from Lincoln Park, MI. writes:
I beleive the hospital your thinking of was the 67th Evac.
Ernie Gschwender
129th 4/69-4/70
supply-Cobra 007

Mon. Jan 31, 2000 14:21:46 EST

Mike Miles ( from Easton, MD writes:
Dan Baxter:

Glad to see you up on the bulletin board. I haven't really talked to you since I ran into you and your beautiful wife in Fort Rucker about 5-6 years ago. Give me an e-mail with your current status and what you have been up to the last few years.

Take care,

Mike Miles