Mon. Nov 1, 1999 11:15:7 EST

Alex Fernwalt ( from Memphis,Tn. writes:
Goodmorning Flight:

Bob Heidenrich was my pleasure talking to you. And I am here if you need me Bro! Here is a complete list of shirt orders recieved and shipped: ERNEST GSCHWENDER,JOHN ROBERTS,RAINER BAUER,RICK ENGLAND,DAN HERTLEIN,JIM WESTWANG,ROBBIE ROBINSON,BARRY SWANSON,MICHAEL TEUTSCHMAN,MIKE BARRETT,LARRY KWIATKOWSKI,JAMES JOBE and a wife who wants to surprise her husband. Still have shirts in L,XL,XXL. If interested in a shirt. They are 12.00 each and make check payable to: ALEX FERNWALT
Include quanity and sizes. I appreciate the opportunity to handle this mission for all Brothers of the 129th. Thanks Alex 11/65-11/66 and 8/67-4/68

Mon. Nov 1, 1999 11:20:28 EST

Alex Fernwalt writes:
Correction: Address is 4793 Northfield Circle
Memphis, Tenn. 38128

Mon. Nov 1, 1999 14:8:2 EST

Jim Westwang ( from Sheridan,Wy. writes:
Hi Folks;
Just now returned from Vegas & had a great time. Was really great to see Festus again & meet Barry & larry. Barry & Festus had a 72 yearbook & I was able to see a lot of old pictures & we talked over some stories & there is some difference in the "elk" picture as Festus said in a letter & so it must have been a different one I shot & earlier I think. There were a number of pictures that really grabbed me & one Festus had of "Shadow" cw2 Alton Page. We talked about the 1st trip to Phan rang during the supposedly oncoming typhoon & Festus & I were on that flight & he says we were there 1 day. I thought it was 2-3 but was drunk Etc."" all the time so don't remember accurately. There were pictures there from the crashed ship that that guy tried to steal that were sent to me & all sorts of things. What started out to be a couple hours quickly turned into 12. I had a great time & want to thank you all again,

Mon. Nov 1, 1999 21:38:59 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Hey Joe G. Muniz and s.kevin tolan!!!!.WELCOME HOME and back to the 129th. Glad that you have found the page..JOE G.??? you knew Mr. De Santis????......chances are you probably bumped into Larry also a few times then. Just by chance Joe???...might you have a photo of Steve De Santis......of course I collect them for my own info, but also would love to put the KIA's Pix on the Home Page too someday.

You Newbie ole' guys!!!!!..again....WELCOME HOME..and thanks for the job well done so long ago.
Stay in touch and yack as much as ya want in here. JOE???.if you like...tell the shakedown story with Mr. B in here. Might make some good reading.
Take care all you 129th people.........Holidays comin' up!!!...I sure do wish the best times and presents under the tree for you all. I got's you!!!!!

Mon. Nov 1, 1999 23:26:38 EST

Larry Kwiatkowski ( from Simi Valley, Ca. writes:
To Alex Fernwalt:
Thanks for sending the T-shirts. They made it here no prob. Thank U, Thank U, Thank U. :-)

Tue. Nov 2, 1999 11:5:58 EST

Matthew Casey ( from Denver, CO writes:
Crew chief 1st flight plt Jan 70 - Dec 70 Buldog 174 (super rag) Greeting and welcome home, been off line for the last 6 months, but back now.

Thu. Nov 4, 1999 21:59:6 EST

Rick England ( from Phoenix Az writes:
Ron I was there from jan 68 to jan69. I was ce on the Iron Butterfly Bulldog 431. Did you know Lt Hammond 1st flt platoon Leader? I would like to know what happened to him. Also did you know Mcadoo, Lambert or a tall wo1 with red hair can't remember the name? Where you in the 2nd flt platoon? Well its good to hear from you.Keep in touch with us. Rick Bulldog 431 Please forgive all the questions the crs is bad. Just trying to remember some of the good times. Thanks Rick

Fri. Nov 5, 1999 14:22:36 EST

Alex fernwalt ( writes:
Good Day Flight:

VHCMA REUNION IN CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA!!!!!! will be June 19-25 2000. the hotel the Marriot Executive Park 5700 westpark drive charlotte north carolina. ( 1-800-228-9290 or 1-704-527-9650 ) When making reservations tell them your with the vhcma and you will get the 75.00 dollar a night for up to 4 people. We will have a room for amini reunion for the 129th. Hope I have given everyone enough time to make plans if they want to attend. I will be working with Charlie Rains on our mini reunion. I hope to have the oportunity of meeting quite a few of you. For more info on the VHCMA reunion you can find it at the VHCMA in the beginning of the Vhfcn page. The shirts are going fast! I am glad with the respone on the shirts. And that everyone wears theirs proudly this vets day! Welcome Home to all the guys just find the 129th page. Alex 11/65-11/66& 8/67-4/68

Fri. Nov 5, 1999 17:20:59 EST

Ron Lentz (RLentz8267@aol) from San Angelo, Tx writes:
Thanks for the note. Yes I was in 2nd Plt.and I do remember Hammond and Lambert. Don't know what happened to any of the guys. I have just started watching the comments from everyone. Haven't thought about any of this stuff for years....have to clear away some of the Chat with you later.

Fri. Nov 5, 1999 20:17:14 EST

Rick England ( from Phoenix Az. writes:
Alex please save me 2 xlg shirts I will put a check in the mail asap. I guess I put on some weight. LOL Thanks,Rick England

Mon. Nov 8, 1999 9:6:41 EST

ALEX FERNWALT ( from memphis,Tn writes:

Just wanted to say have a safe VETERAN'S Day. And remember our BROTHER'S Whom our watching over all of us. I am proud to be associated with great group of men of the 129th. Take Care my BRO'S!!!!! ALEX 11/65 -11/66 and 8/67-4/68

Wed. Nov 10, 1999 10:52:37 EST

Michael Barrett ( from Phila.Pa. writes:
Happy Veterans Day. To Mark Jackson, my E-mail address in the other site is wrong. It wouldn't take my message for some reason (we just got a new system). the correct address is listed above there was icophil listed in the other site. Take care. CE 698,693 (Uncle Slick) 1st flt plt 71-72

Wed. Nov 10, 1999 19:52:45 EST

Paul Tenhet ( from Tooele, Utah writes:
Just found this site and have spent 4 hours reading the posts. Does this ever bring back memories of that great bunch of soldiers I served with. It is hard to believe it was 30 years ago last month that I left the 129th. I was in the 129th from October 1968 until October 1969 and served at the 1st Platoon Leader the last half of the tour. God bles all of you, Bulldog 26 "Lou", OUT.

Wed. Nov 10, 1999 21:7:52 EST

Ron Paye ( from Indy, In writes:
Hey Flight, To all the new guys that have logged on, Bulldog 26 "Lou" and any others I have missed, let me say welcome aboard, and "Welcome Home" This is your home, please visit often.

Alex, I received the shirts today, and they are really GREAT. You did an excellent job. Thank you for the time and effort.

To everyone, I want to wish you all a Good Veterans Day. I will include a post from the another net I belong to that says it a lot better than I can.
Hello Flight;
I might step on some toes here, so watch your feet.

I sometimes find that I get aggregated around Veterans Day. Some times I am deep in thought and am a little short with others. I think we should always remember our fallen Brothers. But I Think Veterans Day is more for the living. I think it is a day that we should gather with other Vets and remember what we did in the past. The places we defended freedom. A day to watch parades and to over eat a little. For us that are older now, a time to be the boys that we were. To relive the battles and to help put the Demons to rest. A day to put the problems of the word to rest for a day. A day to reflect on us. I hope everyone has a special day. Do something for yourself that day. Make it a day to remember.
I agree with this gents words completely. Flight, find a vet tomorrow and share some time with him, or her. I get together with a W.W.II guy that drove a landing craft on Normandy Beach for D Day. It is a very special time. If it weren't for him and his generation, we wouldn't have had the chance to be what we are, so lets not forget them. They need thanks too.

The Best to you all, my brothers in arms.

Love and Brotherhood
Cobra 34, OUT

Wed. Nov 10, 1999 21:50:41 EST

Gale Beard ( from Clinton, In. 47842 writes:
Wishing all my Brothers in the 129th a peacefull and safe Vets Day. Tomorrow seems a little more special since I found this site. Take care, Beard 05/67-05/68

Wed. Nov 10, 1999 22:45:2 EST

Paul Tenhet ( from Tooele, Utah writes:
In reference to my earlier post today, I made a mistake. I guess I got so emotional about finding this site and reading all the post I forgot just what my call sign was those 30 years ago. Sorry if my post confused you when I said I was in the 1st Plat and that my callsign was "26". Sorry, this is the real Bulldog 16 "Lou". Happy Veterans day all.

Thu. Nov 11, 1999 7:50:32 EST

Jim Westwang ( from Sheridan,Wy. writes:
Good Morning & Veterans day to all. I am off to work at the VA with Patients & can't think of a better place to spend it. I would like to also WELCOME HOME the people whom just signed on & as a result of Festus giving me his Address, please note that one of those is the "SHADOW" WO Alton Page whom i had the pleasure to serve with for some time.
Peace to All,

Thu. Nov 11, 1999 9:30:10 EST

Ron Paye ( from Indianapolis, IN writes:


I just wanted to take a minute to wish you all a peaceful and safe Veterans Day. I consider it a "sacred honor" to be able to call each one of you "My Friend." We share a bond that was forged with blood, sweat, fear, and tears. We all lost something in Vietnam, but if we search for it, I think we also gained a lot. One of the things in my life that I cherish the most is that "Bond" I have with each of you. Even the one's I have never met. You are all a very important part of my life. I thank you for that, and I thank you for being the kind of people who would put aside their personal life in order to help others. You are the "Best of the Best." You are what makes America the great country that it still is.

I thank you.
Love and Brotherhood.
Ron Paye
129th AHC

Thu. Nov 11, 1999 9:54:19 EST

(RLentz8267@aol) from San Angelo, Tx writes:
To all the Bulldogs and Cobras....I wish we were all together on this day. We know that we were there for each other 30 years ago...whenever the call went out...we were there. Nothing can feel any better than to know that in our hearts.
Have a great day...stay in tight and see you all back at Lane after the mission.


Thu. Nov 11, 1999 14:9:12 EST

Matthew Casey ( from Denver, Co writes:
Just stopped in to wish everyone a happy Veterens Day. Looking forward to getting one of the tee shirts.

Thu. Nov 11, 1999 15:2:45 EST

Barry Swanson ( from Riverside, CA writes:

I would like to wish each and everyone of you guy's a "Happy Veterans Day", we have all earned that honor and it's the web site's like this that help to reinforce those feelings many of us have lost.

Ron Paye....Thank you for the phone call the other night, I had just got home from work and the call caught me off guard. I am truly looking forward to making a trip East on the "Hog" to the "Wall" with you and Curt.

Alton Page....I see you almost had a posting here, please send along a message. As Smitty stated we looked at some great pictures, Festus had one he called a "Roast Beef Sandwich", I think only you could explain.......

Everyone have a "Great Day", including you Mark and Judith.

Take Care.....

Fri. Nov 12, 1999 10:48:59 EST

Dennis N. Lockard ( from Dayton, Wa writes:
Just found this site today so I still totally overwhelmed!

Fri. Nov 12, 1999 11:5:19 EST

Alex Fernwalt ( writes:

Well, just got the computer fixed where I messed something up as usual. Wanted to everyone a safe VETEARNS DAY. As I was looking back to Nov.1965. I remembered a 19 year old kid spending his first night with the 129th at Dong Ba Thin on perimeter guard. Flares going off every 20 minutes. I was so scared that the tears was flowing down my face. It was raining and as the clouds passed in got pitch black. As the night progressed the bushes seem to move. I was never soglad to see daylight. Then the days passed and it was Thanksgiving 1965 at Dong Ba Thin. They told us of this great dinner we were go to have. Well the cook open all the can of dehydraded turkey and potatoes etc. through some water to it and poof some kind of SHIT!!! they called Thanksgiving dinner. And to top off our day a training film on V.D. The only thing that made Christmas of 1965 was getting my first letter from home. My grandmother sent me a little red bible. As I look back . I can remember alot of things. But, wished I would have gotten more addresses from the guys. Here 35 years later I am looking for them. I found two from Glenn Peariman and Rainer Bauer. But,this Vetearns Day. I have found all my Bro's from the 129th. And I know that there is more out there. And, thanks to people like Mark Jackson and Gently Judith for their support in the names of lost love ones of the 129th. And in closing. Proud to have served in the 129th and the men who showed Charlie what the BITE & STRIKE was all about. And this day for GILLIAM,NEAL,CHAMBERLAIN,WHETZEL.I never forgot you! 10/7/66. These were are first kia's Gilliam had a few weeks left. But, I salute all of our kia's who gave it all. We will never forget you. ALEX 129th 11/65-11/66 & 8/67-4/68

Fri. Nov 12, 1999 15:10:58 EST

Dave Powers ( from Montrose, Colorado writes:
Anyone out there?

Fri. Nov 12, 1999 16:22:45 EST

Dave Powers ( from Montrose, Colorado writes:
I just finished reading the guest book! Howdy, Animal! Do you remember RON at LZ English with Rick "Rebel" Smith, gunner Ron Jeliff, and me? I got a picture of us around Bulldog 635 (my ship) with the hammock strung across the inside. Were you along for the "hunting trips" back and forth from Pleiku? I bagged two does with my M-16..., also a peacock with an M-16 tracer round. I knew the answer to the true or false question, also. We evacuated to Phan Rang, and came back with a nice load of air force mattresses! Also, Stacy McLain: it was great seeing your name! I contacted Jesse Hancock (my gunner, for a while). He lives in Portland, Oregon, and is a demolition contractor. Alex Fernwalt: I never knew you, but sounds like the t-shirts are cool! I will be ordering some, if they're still available! Donnie Purvis... do I know you? Mike Miles? Jim Vernon: I have a great picture of Rudy Lowrance, Von Studdard, Gary "Barron" Carlson, and myself next to Gary's gunship. Do I know you? This is a great site!

Fri. Nov 12, 1999 17:11:36 EST

Ed Thurn ( from Sparta, NJ writes:
I flew with the Cobra's from Nov 67 to June 68. My call sign was The Pauper

Fri. Nov 12, 1999 17:44:44 EST

Dave Powers ( from Montrose, Colorado writes:
To Mike Miles : "Thor" was my AC for several missions. I think he lives here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, although I haven't spoken to him at all since 1972. I was there from 2-71 through 1-72, first platoon, UH-1D #635. Does anyone know what happened to that ship? Also, does anyone remember a pilot named Abplanalp "Apple"? If his first name was Peter, I think he was killed in a helicopter crash near Denver a couple of years ago.

Fri. Nov 12, 1999 18:37:12 EST

Rick England ( from Phoenix Az. writes:
Went to the traveling wall and rub Larry Jackson and put a flag by his panel with the rub and was proud to do. I did this because being connected to the 129 th page I feel I knew him. What an experience that was. Be careful out there Rick

Fri. Nov 12, 1999 20:54:24 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
First and formost..........I hope all of you had a wonderful day yesterday on such a GREAT day set aside for you Vets. I was in deep thought about all of you men and Judith of the 129th.
NEXT....HEY YOU Newbies just checkin' in!!!!...
Dennis Lockard
Dave Powers
Ed Thurn
Paul Tenhet
Alton Page
A BIG WELCOME HOME to you guys and welcome back to the 129th. So gald that you found the joint. Hope you can renew ole' friendships in here. Feel free to report and take up as much space in here that you want. It's all free. I, for one, love reading every word that you men have to say.

ALEX FERNWALT.......such bitter sweet memories that you speak of in your post.....God Bless you brother..and all of you.

RICK ENGLAND....... Thank you very much for visiting Larry at the traveling WALL assured that he was smiling down on you as you did so.

"ALL" of You men have no idea what you have done for me by regrouping like this and coming back together. I never in my wildest dreams thought that this would turn into such a powerful thing...THANKS to you all....
Remember this flight.the 129th does have a new web addy where there is lots more photos and info on it at this address
go there and visit.....BTW..the log book does work on that addy now....only thing is the very same log book you can reach at the VHFCN Home Page....our webmaster just hooked up to it.....soon I hope to change the new home addy over to the VHFCN page so we all can end up in the same place the same way......dam puters;-))))

Take care all..and God Bless..a brother of a brother related to the cost of FREEDOM,

Sat. Nov 13, 1999 8:29:52 EST

Dave Powers ( from Montrose, Colorado writes:
Hi Brothers! Thanks for the info, Mark, and I've already set up the page as a favorite! I checked the photos, and they sure bring it all back! I felt as though I was standing right there. Later!

Sat. Nov 13, 1999 17:56:6 EST

Dave Powers ( from Montrose, Colorado writes:
Hi Friends! Mark, I was looking through the memory page, and it looks like there is a KIA missing... His name was James Michael Young of Carrollton, Texas, DOB 8-12-50, KIA 6-26-71. I've been wanting to contact his mother, Billye Allison (Mrs. R.L. Allison of Carrollton, last I heard)... can anyone help me? He was gunning for CE Steve Davis of Portland, OR, I believe, at the time.

Mon. Nov 15, 1999 0:38:46 EST

Gently Judith ( from wi writes:
Sad week-many times I thought about you-many times I wept: you were so young, and experienced situations no one should ever experience, including a lack of support and understanding upon your return from the hell we call Nam. Feel safe today and know you are loved. Take care of your health-get those yearly check-ups. Stay with us online--get those good feelings. you are not fogotten-I pray we are forgiven.

Alex: I love my shirts and am wearing one as I write this(Smile). The other I gave to a dear friend. Thank you for all of the hard work you and your wife did.

Mark-bro: your pix still makes me smile.

Dan H: So does yours-I recently downloaded and printed it.

Still interested in the 71'or 72' books-did I miss something??

Cobra 34, brother-busy, eh? Too busy?? Still love you and will be happy to do "Rolling Thunder". I promise to show up this time( can't let you and Mark play to hard without me!).

S. Kevin Tolan: did you know my friend Tom Shaw?

Interesting article came to mind while reading about your hunting trophies while you guys were in Nam: new species of animals are being found in SE Asia as we "speak(?)". Anyone remember seeing odd creatures(seriously) while there?

Going to the VA to volunteer this week-you will be with me.

With a gentle heart, I sign off-Gently Judith

Mon. Nov 15, 1999 14:39:4 EST

Mike Miles ( from Wash, DC writes:
Dave Powers:

Sounds like you were there the same time I was. My ears (eyes) perked up when I saw your name and "Gary Carlson". Gary and I went to flight school together and arrived at the 129th together. The thing I love about this web-site is the memories. The cob webs are blown away and suddenly you are 20-21 years old again. Do you remember a crew chief named "Gary Felt (sp?)? Give me an e-mail.
Take care and thanks for the short trip down memory lane,

Mike Miles
Bulldog "Frog"

Mon. Nov 15, 1999 15:10:49 EST

Matthew Casey ( from Denver,CO writes:
Just recived the 129th tee shirts from Alex. I strongly recomend everyone get one whie they last.
Thank you alex for the great work.
crew chief 1st flight Jan 70 - Dec 70

Tue. Nov 16, 1999 12:40:3 EST

Joe ( from germany writes:
hello to the vhfcn from germany,
nice site i found here.realy!!!
well,i´m not a veteran but i still work on the Bell UH 1D
of the german job is the avionik stuff also the
electrical germany we fly the ndv version of the huey
well some things changed on this version...remember this loud
inverters in the front near the battery? we have now electronic inverters
in the back of the helicopter...well maybe nothing interesting for you
but i thought it would be interested for you that there
are men in the german airforce which belongs to the Huey team too.
a answer would be nice...

greetings Joe W. seargent of the

2.helicopter transport squadron
of the German Defense Department

Tue. Nov 16, 1999 21:39:44 EST

Dan Hertlein ( from Sumner, WA. writes:
I have looked at having a reproduction of the 129th patch made. It looks like the cost per patch including shipping to you will run about $5.50 to $6.00. The minimum that I must order is 100. I'll front the money and start taking orders as soon as I submit the artwork. That is the problem that I run into. As you know, the patches that we received were the best that you could get in Nam. Now it is done all by computer aided machines. The quality is much more exact. I am looking to make the patch as much like the original I have on my old shirt. It is slightly different than those shown on the home page and our new t-shirts. If anyone has some ideas on the artwork, or is gifted to make something up, let me know as soon as possible.

Tue. Nov 16, 1999 22:16:42 EST

Dave Powers ( from Montrose, Colorado writes:
Dan Hertlein: I didn't keep one, but it seems as though the 129th patches were a little different on my shirts, too, than the one on the homepage. Also, I had told Mark J. that I designed the one for 1st Platoon during my tour (2-71 to 1-72). I'll scan it as soon as I get a chance.

Wed. Nov 17, 1999 9:7:16 EST

Ron Paye ( from Indianapolis, IN. writes:
Flight, this was posted on another net. I thought it was to good not to post here. It was written for Marines, but fits all of you, just as well. Its kind of long, but worth it.

PS. You might want to have a hankie handy.

When The Loard Was Creating Vietnam Vets.

Nam Vets
When the Lord was creating Vietnam veterans, he was into His 6th day of
overtime when an angel appeared. "You're certainly doing a lot of fiddling
around on this one."
And God said, "Have you seen the specs on this order? A Nam vet has to
be able to run 5 miles through the bush with a full pack on, endure with
barely any sleep for days, enter tunnels his higher ups wouldn't consider
doing, and keep his weapons clean and operable. He has to be able to sit in
his hole all night during an attack, hold his buddies as they die, walk point
in unfamiliar territory known to be VC infested, and somehow keep his senses
alert for danger. He has to be in top physical condition, existing on c-rats
and very little rest. And he has to have 6 pairs of hands."
The angel shook his head slowly and said, "6 pair of hands ... no way."
"It's not the hands that are causing me problems ... it's the 3 pair of
eyes a Nam vet has to have."
"That's on the standard model?" asked the angel.
The Lord nodded. "One pair that sees through elephant grass, another
pair here in the side of his head for his buddies, another pair here in front
that can look reassuringly at his bleeding, fellow soldier and say, "You'll
make it ... ", when he knows he won't.
"Lord, rest, and work on this tomorrow."
"I can't," said the Lord. "I already have a model that can carry a
wounded soldier 1,000 yards during a firefight, calm the fears of the latest
FNG, and feed a family of 4 on a grunt's paycheck."
The angel walked around the model and said, "Can it think?"
"You bet," said the Lord. "It can quote much of the UCMJ, recite all his
general orders, and engage in a search and destroy mission in less time than
it takes for his fellow Americans back home to discuss the morality of the
War, and still keep his sense of humor."
"This Nam vet also has a phenomenal personal control. He can deal with
ambushes from hell, comfort a fallen soldier's family, and then read in his
hometown paper how Nam vets are baby killers, psychos, addicts, killers of
innocent civilians."
The Lord gazed into the future and said, "He will also endure being
vilified and spit on when he returns home, rejected and crucified by the very
ones he fought for."
Finally, the angel slowly ran his finger across the vet's cheek, and
said, "There's a leak ... I told you that you were trying to put too much
into this model."
"That's not a leak," said the Lord. "That's a tear."
"What's the tear for?" asked the angel.
"It's for bottled up emotions, for holding fallen soldiers as they die,
for commitment to that funny piece of cloth called the American flag, for the
terror of living with PTSD for decades after the war, alone with it's demons,
with no one to care or help."
"You're a genius," said the angel, casting a gaze at the tear.
The Lord looked very somber, as if seeing down eternity's distant shores
..." I didn't put it there," He said.
Cause for reflection ... God bless Nam vets.

And God bless the 129th.

Wed. Nov 17, 1999 12:34:49 EST

Ron Paye writes:
Sorry about the misspelled word there, Lord.

Wed. Nov 17, 1999 12:59:5 EST

Barry Swanson ( from Riverside, CA writes:

Reading your post about a source to make patches, looks like a great price. My oldest son is a graphics designer who helps me with artwork for softball jerseys every season. I can scan my 72/73 yearbook which has a picture of the patch and give it to him to put into Corel (pc graphics software). He then can modify the artwork and layer it with the colors. I could send it back out for everyones viewing. I don't have any shirts with the patch on it, so the yearbook is basically the only 129th patch I have available. Let me know what format the company needs the artwork to be in to make the tape.

Take Care.....


Wed. Nov 17, 1999 21:9:1 EST

Gale Beard 67-68 ( from Clinton, IN writes:
I've seen some talk of 129th yearbooks. What were they and how were they available? Can anyone help??? Thanks

Wed. Nov 17, 1999 23:30:9 EST

Paul Tenhet ( from tooele, Utah writes:
Dave Powers: You stated that you thought the 129th patch you remembered was somewhat different then the one on the web site. Well, mine, which is in absolutely perfect unused condition from 1969 is also quite different from the one on the web site. I'm sure that there were evolutionary changes as different people made them over the years. Reference the 1st Platoon patch you designed in 71/72, I would be interested in receiving a scan of it also. I sent Mark a scan of the origional 1st Plat patch from my 68/69 tour in the 1st Plat. I'd be interested in what the later version looked like. Bulldog 16 "Lou"

Thu. Nov 18, 1999 10:8:38 EST

Alex Fernwqlt (alfern@bellsouth) writes:

Well hope everyone is doing fine? Would like to wish all of you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving. And, remember KIA BRO's. I have pictures of the company and platoon patches. Will try to copies made. Some are not as clear as others. I have XL& XXL Shirts left. Just email me And I will send you the info. I am surprised at the guy's from other unit's that are ordering them. I guess the collect them. I posted info about the VHCMA REUNION in Charlotte NC. for June 2000. in a posting about 2 weeks ago. Anyone needing more info email me. Thanks Alex 11/65-11/66 & 8/67-4/68

Thu. Nov 18, 1999 16:5:2 EST

Dave Powers ( from Montrose, Colorado writes:
Alex... any chance you can get more shirts printed? I'd like to have a large (I sent you my order this morning!).

Fri. Nov 19, 1999 19:42:36 EST

Andy Revie ( from Springfield, VA writes:
I was assigned to the 129th Aslt Hel Co "Caveman" at Ft. Bragg, NC after graduating from flight school in 1973. Sister company was 119th Aslt Hel Co. Both 119th and 129th assigned to 269th Avn Bn; 12th Cbt Avn Bde.

Sun. Nov 21, 1999 11:39:29 EST

Bruno E Sanchez ( from Laredo, Texas writes:
Hey Bernie,Just checking in. Sorry I haven't logged in or called hombre. I've been getting out late just about every day.But hell man that still no excuse for logging in . SO, How the hell have you been? How the colt, still growing? Well take care of her cause it will be her 1st winter. BILL SHILLETTO, a big hello. Hope everytihing is good. Hope you all had good vets day. Bernie & Bill hope you felows have a happy thanksgiving day. You & I know we have a LOT to be thankkfull for.Anyway just a few lines to "Check in." E'NUFF SAID. LATER I'M OTTA HERE. 'LEFT CLEAR LEFT.

Sun. Nov 21, 1999 11:40:56 EST

Bruno E Sanchez ( from Laredo, Texas writes:
Hey Bernie,Just checking in. Sorry I haven't logged in or called hombre. I've been getting out late just about every day.But hell man that still no excuse for logging in . SO, How the hell have you been? How the colt, still growing? Well take care of her cause it will be her 1st winter. BILL SHILLETTO, a big hello. Hope everytihing is good. Hope you all had good vets day. Bernie & Bill hope you felows have a happy thanksgiving day. You & I know we have a LOT to be thankkfull for.Anyway just a few lines to "Check in." E'NUFF SAID. LATER I'M OTTA HERE. 'LEFT CLEAR LEFT Bruno E. Sanchez C/E Bulldog 426.

Sun. Nov 21, 1999 11:41:41 EST

Bruno E Sanchez ( from Laredo, Texas writes:
Hey Bernie,Just checking in. Sorry I haven't logged in or called hombre. I've been getting out late just about every day.But hell man that still no excuse for logging in . SO, How the hell have you been? How the colt, still growing? Well take care of her cause it will be her 1st winter. BILL SHILLETTO, a big hello. Hope everytihing is good. Hope you all had good vets day. Bernie & Bill hope you felows have a happy thanksgiving day. You & I know we have a LOT to be thankkfull for.Anyway just a few lines to "Check in." E'NUFF SAID. LATER I'M OTTA HERE. 'LEFT CLEAR LEFT Bruno E. Sanchez C/E Bulldog 426.

Sun. Nov 21, 1999 11:51:50 EST

Rick England ( from Phoenix Az writes:
Flight have a happy and safe holidays. Be careful out there. Rick

Mon. Nov 22, 1999 19:58:51 EST

Gently ( from Wi writes:
Buenos dias mis amigos!

And have a thankful holiday-i'll be home so if anyone else is alone....

alex F.-can you scan the photos of the 129th from '71 and'72 for me? I'd lke to put faces with the names. Wear my shirt way to-o often! Thanks again!

Mark-thanks for the thoughts. I'm waiting for the ICQ info, meanwhile, anyone else out there have IM(immediate Messaging) if so, let's chat.


Love my shirt!!

Mon. Nov 22, 1999 21:10:7 EST

Gale Beard ( from Clinton, In writes:
Alex F, I put a check in the mail today for a T-shirt. I hope that you still have an XL available. Can't wait...Thanks, Gale

Mon. Nov 22, 1999 21:15:57 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ THANKFUL writes:
Hello 129th.....hope all is well with all of you and your loved ones,all is well here.
Dave Powers....I have not forgoten about the KIA that you mentioned a couple of weeks ago, and do intend to add his name to the list. Thank you for that info.
Patches????????.....I have seen so more talk about reproducing the 129th Patch....very cool idea. Who ever does it can count on me to get at least 8 of them and a little extra help in the cost in the production of them. I recall Jim Westwang ( Smitty ) doing a little checking into that idea too. How about it Jim, did you get any cost of it also. Who ever said the cost would be around 6 bucks???..thats sounds real good. Please let me know about this, and I think we need to do this.....but...trouble I recall...there are so many versions of the patch, so which one do we reproduce??????
OOOOUUUEEEEE.....whats that smell?????????????......................must be Gently Judith's 129th Tee/shirt...ha,ha,ha,ha..............just kiddin' babe;-))))))))))))))))))
Also seen some commo bout hat pins for the 129th. Any threads on that idea yet?????
I want you guys to know, I am having a seamtress in these parts construct, and sew, a 129th FLAG for us all. I will bring it to NC nad DC with us. Hope you like it. She is a small time seamtress. So I don't think that the idea of some Mass production can go on, although I have checked with flag making companys, and the cost for them to do such a thing would run about $300.00 a flag. So you can see why I took the small route.
Too view the 129th tee/shirt that we have now you can click on it at the bottom of the first page of the new 129th home page...check it out!!!!!......also.....the webby has been reworking the GALLERY section and soon I hope we will have it up. Pix with captions and some what catorigized
...All of you........PLEASE REMEMBER THIS......................This year, at our Thanksgiving table, I will wisper, that I am Thankful for all the 129th., be they live, or be the departed!!!!
Have a GREAT ONE............God bles you all......................
a brother of a brother related to the cost of FREEDOM, and your brother too,

Tue. Nov 23, 1999 0:56:32 EST

frenchie ( from Maritta, Ga writes:
Hi Mark,
Speeking of lost people ... Their is an omision in the 129th data banks. Their was a kid that we all thought that he would not make it . Mathison at 19 was ripe for the taking We were right. He decited to throw a w/p out and when it diden't go off he went back and found it and hit it on a rock. He had a Korien with him and they diden't make it. He spent 2 weeks in Quin Non Hos.
amputed his arm and leg and were going to ampute the other arm and leg if he could make to Japan Hos. He is listed, but not as Hostile fire. It could have been me . I think we should say somthing for the people that served and for what ever reason gave it all.

Tue. Nov 23, 1999 2:14:11 EST

Kally Bergstrom ( from Saint Joseph, MI writes:
Hello Mark!! Great looking site!!!
I was a pilot with the 129th in 67/68. The pix bring back lots of memories.. I flew slicks in the 2nd platoon. DROS home 8/68... I see your notes on the VHCMA page.. You would make your brother PROUD!! Thanks fr a FINE JOB!!.. Kal..

Tue. Nov 23, 1999 2:16:6 EST

Kally Bergstrom ( from Saint Joseph, MI writes:
Hello Mark!! Great looking site!!!
I was a pilot with the 129th in 67/68. The pix bring back lots of memories.. I flew slicks in the 2nd platoon. DROS home 8/68... I see your notes on the VHCMA page.. You would make your brother PROUD!! Thanks fr a FINE JOB!!.. Kal..

Tue. Nov 23, 1999 11:23:18 EST

Matt Casey ( from Denver, CO writes:
Hi Flight,
I guess the old peepers are not what they were. As evedence I submit that it took one of my friends visiting our web sight to point out that my picture was in the gallery. And sure enough on page two that guy with the M-79 is me. What a rush. At any rate I want to wish all the flight a wonderfull Thanksgiving. And hope to connect in the future. Your tails clear left.
Matt Casey 1st flight buldog 147

Wed. Nov 24, 1999 12:36:31 EST

Jim Westwang ( from Sheridan, Wy. writes:
Hi to all & hope everyone has a good thanksgiving. I am thankful for family & friends like you & the ability to still do my job & be a piece of all this. Some are gone & some too wounded. We can pray for them. I have not given up on the patches & we are working on it. Have been having some commo with Dan Hertlein, Barry Swanson. It is felt by many that pappason the tailor/barber/massager had quite a problem with his vision of a bulldog which in the page looks more like a german shepard. We are working on trying to incorporate the best of all. Near as I can see, about every 1-2 years the thing changed some & maybe we an get something everyone can live with. Prices vary depending on who you go with. Will keep working on it .

Wed. Nov 24, 1999 20:0:9 EST

Dave Powers ( from Montrose, Colorado writes:
Hey, Flight...
Hope you and your familys all have a great Thanksgiving! I've been in commo with Rick "Rebel" Smith and Greg Henkel. Does anyone have any more information on James Young's KIA? He was with the 129th from 2-71 to KIA 6-(26?)-71. I believe he may have been in 2nd platoon. Stacy McLain? Greg Henkel? Mark, thanks for the Wall site stuff. I contacted a friend of James Young, (Phil Carr - he'd like to talk to anyone who knew James. Thanks!

Wed. Nov 24, 1999 21:52:38 EST

Gale Beard ( from Clinton,In writes:
I hope everone in the 129th Family has a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! Gale 67-68

Wed. Nov 24, 1999 22:55:16 EST

Ted "Gus" Gustafson ( from Brainerd, Mn. writes:
Will be thinking of all of you on Thanksgiving. There will be a
extra place at the table for all of the 129th and the 394th this
year and every year to come. God bless you all.


Thu. Nov 25, 1999 11:50:41 EST

Rainer Bauer ( from Indianapolis writes:
Happy thanksgiving

Thu. Nov 25, 1999 19:23:40 EST

joe e shepard (OKLAMEG@AOL.COM) from OKLAHOMA CITY writes:

Sat. Nov 27, 1999 0:21:8 EST

Nikki Powers ( from Montrose, CO writes:
My dad served in the 129th AHC 1971-72.

Sat. Nov 27, 1999 22:2:37 EST

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Hey Everybody,

Hope ya all had a great Thanksgiving!!!........I sure did. Gotta tell ya all this. Our kids gave me an early Christmas present yesterday. It is a FLAG one son-in-law and I dug the hole and cemented it in the ground. The next day I had Ole' Glory and the POW/MIA flag a flying. As soon as the 129th Flag that I am having made finished, I will fly it on special days.. I don't want to fly it everyday due to the fact it would get weathered. I want to keep it looking nice for some of the gatherings that I will be attending next year that some of you will be at..

HEY JOE E. SHEPARD......WELCOME HOME brother.............I tried to send you some e-mail but it came back to me. Is the addy you posted correct???.......Get in touch with me man. I see that you were at LANE the same time Larry was. Would like to know if you recall the "257" incident?????

Welp...thats all for all take care.........get those Christmas lights strung and the trees up.......Santa will be here before you know it;-))))........

Take care all, and God Bless,

Sun. Nov 28, 1999 19:37:57 EST

James Jobe ( from Ogden, UT writes:
With 129th Dec '69 to Dec '70. Bulldog 21, "Hobie." USAF Oct '75 to Oct '92, Anytime, Anyplace, PAVEs will be there.

Mon. Nov 29, 1999 9:35:30 EST

Alex Fernwalt ( from Memphis, Tn. writes:

well hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. We have alot to be thankful for. I sent copies of the company and platoon patches to Mark And Dan. The patches did change every few years.The Bulldog on the shirts are closer to one of the orginal patches except for the hat. The other is mhats on the homepage. I don't know if Mark will be able to get the on the new page or not. I got copies of all helicopter companies at one of the Vietnam Helicopter Crewmens Asso. reunions. I don't who brought it there and how they obtained it. But, hope it will help Dan on the patches. Still have Xl & XXl Shirts left. Well, Bro's take care. It's been a great year for me. Meeting and communticating with all of you. Also, anyone who was at Fort Carson in 66-67. Roger Steele was killed in a helicopter accident there. He was a gunner with the 129th in 65-66. If anyone body has any info. I would appreciate it. Thanks Alex 129th 11/65-11/66 & 8/67-4/68

Tue. Nov 30, 1999 22:9:14 EST

Mike Rosell (Lionheart) ( from St.Marys,Ohio writes:
To Mark Jackson,...visited the site and really loved it! Got to come back and check it out some more!! Being a vet myself i woud just like to tell all the members of the 129th that i admire and respect each and every one of them!!

Tue. Nov 30, 1999 22:26:50 EST

Rick England ( from Phoenix Az writes:
Hope everybodies thanksgiving was happy and safe.Thanks again for the shirts Alex. Is there a year book for 68 or 69? I would be intrested in seeing it. I just joined the VHCMA an I am going to try and make the reunion in N.C. Gotta go be careful out there Rick Bull Dog 431