Fri. Oct 1, 1999 12:17:46 EDT

Alex Fernwalt ( writes:
Info: 129th Shirts Cost 12.00 Each includes shipping.
Check payable to: Alex Fernwalt
4793 Northfield Circle
Memphis,Tn. 38128
Include Quanity & Sizes Thanks Alex 65-68

Fri. Oct 1, 1999 19:4:5 EDT

PFC Stacy McLain ( from Flagstaff AZ writes:
Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in. Y'all take care...

Sat. Oct 2, 1999 14:42:45 EDT

Jim Hudson ( from Springfield, Ohio writes:
Served with the 48th AHC '67. Looking for anyone who may have been at Ft Eustis from Sept to Dec. '66. Did our training in the evening. I was there with Preston Samuels, T. Lombard, K. Trunzo, etal.

Sun. Oct 3, 1999 2:59:53 EDT

Larry Kwiatkowski (Scooter) ( from Simi Valley, Ca. writes:
The checks in the mail 2morrow for 3 t-shirts, xxl. Also, Smitty, gonna be in vegas for a wedding Oct. 22-24. Stayin at the Flamingo Hilton I think. Wouldn't mind makin' yer aquaintance if we can. Skids down and locked.

Sun. Oct 3, 1999 21:52:56 EDT

Jim westwang ( from Sheridan,Wy. writes:
Glad to hear about all: Alex, a check on the way for 2 xxl shirts. Larry kwiatowski, I would love it & as I tried to send you an E-mail but got a mailer daemon back undeliverable. We are there 8 days so I have a little time. Sounds like you may be a little short of time. You can contact me at Excalibur I get there am of 23rd, or if you find out where you are staying for sure, let me know or I'll try to get you at the flamingo Hilton. Do you know Festus (Lt. Trumbo)? I think he had more than 1 tour & also , Barry Swanson said he may come over from california if he can also. Sounds like a good time. Mark, at some time we'll just have to make a decision about the patches. I guess I am inclined to go with the one that is on this home page.
Yours, Smitty

Mon. Oct 4, 1999 19:20:24 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Evenin' gang,
Smitty, Larry K. and Barry S.........good ta see that you guys may be hookin' up in Vagas.......gezzz..there goes a paycheck or two;-)))))...........dont roll the dice to many times man...and always play all the Hard Way bets on the craps table!!!:-))))...... far as the 129th patch.........I would tend to agree with you man...if ya still wanna spearhead the reproduction of the patches, just go a head and have the one that is on the Home page for me....
BTW gang..........did you'all get the new web addy for the new 129th page ( ) with out the () as I said befor....the log book is still dont try and use is red X for now yet...and can not reach the new home page threw the VHFCN..the old one made by them will still show can only get to the new one from the addy above..........a few new things have been added now can read the crash reports of all the birds that went down that were with the 129th....check it out...................
Take care all of you.........see ya round the net........"257".......on a final.....clear/left..............................................Mark

Tue. Oct 5, 1999 10:52:7 EDT

ROBBIE ( from Rochester, NY writes:
Mark Jackson.. I was looking at the new web site (good job brother) in particular looking at aircraft that went down for one reason or another. Didn't see anything on "465" which is the ship I was gunner on and we crashed. I can't remember the full serial #, all I remember is "465" I wonder where Mr Rau is? or perhaps SP/5 Beebee either of them would probably remember. Also about your request for stories about Larry and I on missions together on "265" My memory is not what it used to be for everyday things that happened. I'll try to strain the old brain tho and see what I can dislodge from the gray matter. Nice job on the site and nothing but good things to you and yours... Robbie

Wed. Oct 6, 1999 21:44:11 EDT


Sun. Oct 10, 1999 0:15:4 EDT

frenchie ( from Firebase Atlanta writes:
Well flight I made it to the wall... what a experance. Overwelming... Thanks for telling me just to go. I felt the support of the entire 129th inside and outside of the wall.
Can anyone tell me when the 129Th got the cobras AH1? I cut my teeth on them at Hunter Army Airfield in 67, was crewin 5 of them at one time. Some one was trying to sabatoge them . Bricks in the tail roter drive shaft, Hydrolic servos installed backwards. CIA started watching everything we did.
Larry: Diden't stay at the Allen Lee I got it off of the net and when I got there and looked at room it reminded me of the dumps I stayed in San Fancisco in the 60's. I knew the wife woulden't go for that.
Bob: you still out there?
Gus: Let me know when your comming down we have 2 extra bedrooms and bunch of room.
Rick: How ya doing. Heard anything from Bill Wealand
Dan: thanks fer the Pix they turned out great. Faces I rember names are lost in the muck.
Alex: Got some money comming your way for two shirts.
I like the patch with the English bulldog the pug face look. But I could be wrong??
Anyone sending pix of people in the 68-69 time frame 129 or 394th put me on the list.
Thanks for all the support guys

Sun. Oct 10, 1999 12:59:0 EDT

Bruno E. Sanchez ( from Laredo,Texas writes:
Hey Bernie, just a few lines to say hello.Thanks for tha call last sunday.Not much going on. Yesterday I spent @ my cousins ranch. they were clearing a fence line. We had a few brewskis afterwards.They leased the land to some hunters & they been putting the blinds up so they'll be ready .Any way just a few lins partner. A big HELLO to the rest of ya. Bill Shilletto-How you been?E'NUFF SAID. LATER I'M OTTA HERE

Tue. Oct 12, 1999 21:33:33 EDT

Rick England ( from Phoenix Az writes:
Frenchie I heard Bill is not ready for this. I do have a phone # for mugsy do you remember him I willsend to on your e-mail. I haven't been to the wall yet. But I did go to what they call namjam in tucson my first viet nam function. It was overwhelming I think the wall had to much bigger emotional experience. Becareful out there, Rick. The iron butterfly bull dog 431

Wed. Oct 13, 1999 19:35:16 EDT

Frenchie ( from LZ Atlanta writes:
Rick, Im Doing fine . Thanks for asking . I just went through a quintuple by-pass 7 mo. ago. Not a 100% yet but close. I have close to 29 years in service now. I did make a few changes, like Joined the Georgia Air National Guard. I'm doing Combat Comunications( Wide Band and Satcom)Have made a couple of laps around the world now. I've been a master Sgt two times now. Sort of like my Army career. On the forth wife??? This one is a keeper. Still trying to fix stuff, now it. Toke on Motercycle racing for a few years turned pro and realised I diden't have the money or bone flexability I needed to be compedative. Started racing Hobie Cats, Now I just SCUBA dive. Looking forward to the South Carolina Viet gig. Will You be able to go? What was that guyes name that bite you when you were watching the movie?
Ever hear from Whitie from up state NY? Tail # I think was 745 I don't remeber so much CRS syndrom.
See Ya soon, Frenchie

Wed. Oct 13, 1999 22:17:19 EDT

Jackie A McCourt ( from Clifton Texas writes:
I was with the 129th from Jan68 toJan69
Jackie A McCourt

Wed. Oct 13, 1999 22:18:53 EDT

Jackie A McCourt ( from Clifton Texas writes:
I was with the 129th from Jan68 toJan69
Jackie A McCourt

Thu. Oct 14, 1999 19:33:44 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Hello 129th............Just checkin' in gang

Hey James P. McCarthy and Jackie A. McCourt...WELCOME HOME, and back the the 129th AHC, so glad you guys found this page.

Clifford Wolf????..can you confern that the way you put your e-mail address above is the correct way. I had put it like you first checked in, which is different then above.

James and Jackie.I will be adding your addresses to the list of the 129th,and for you newbies to this web page...there is a new 129th page at this web address and the only way to get to it is thru this Log Book on the new page is still Red X'ed.

To the rest of you gald you are all hookin' up. Frenchie!!!!!..GLAD ya Walked the Walk at the WALL Buddy...........

I am headed for the club gang.........see ya later...PEACE........

Thu. Oct 14, 1999 19:45:32 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
SHOOT......Forgot one thing....James P McCarthy???..I am assuming that your e-mail address is in lower case letters and will add it to the list that way untill other notified by you newbies...I'm sorry...I should introduce myself.........I am a brother of a KIA of the 129th, Larry Jackson,68/69,CE of the "265" and the "257" Larry went down in the "257" Sept.12th,69, and I am sorta a lil' responsible for the Cobra/Bulldog page bein' on the net. I am hardly a Net Expert.:-) I hire people to do it for me.....
Take care all..........PEACE

Thu. Oct 14, 1999 20:33:37 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
One more thing gang....if any of you guys ever change your home addresses, or e-mail addresses, and still want to be included OR exclude from the list, by all means ,please let me know. I aim to please all.......I am just glad and honored to be associated with all of you.

Thu. Oct 14, 1999 22:58:27 EDT

Ron Paye ( from Indy writes:
Hey! All you 129th Guys. Hope all is well. To the new guys on the net, Jim McCarthy, Jackie McCourt, and any others I missed, Welcome aboard and Welcome Home. Great group of guys here. Jump in any time you want. We all will enjoy anything you have to say. Things have been kind of slow lately, guess everyone is busy with last minute summer things. And don't let Mark be so modest, he has had an awful lot to do with the success of this web page, more than anyone else. His new one is really great.

Alex Fernwalt; and anyone else who is interested(Mark?), there will be the first annual Rocky Top Vet Reunion not far from Memphis on Oct. 29-30. I have the name of the city but it is at work. I talked to the guy who organized it tonight. It sounds like a real deal. They will have the Moving Wall. Bands and groups that are at the Indy and Kokomo reunion, and venders. So it sounds like a good time. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Drive the extra mile, you will not be sorry.

I will try and drive down, if my schedule allows. If any one thinks they will go, please let me know and we will work out a way to get together. The guy who got it started was a mechanic at Qui Nhon and then flew gunner for a while in 68-69. Dan Summers if any one knew him.

Take care everyone. Hope I get to meet some of you there.
Ron Paye

Fri. Oct 15, 1999 15:16:41 EDT


Fri. Oct 15, 1999 21:46:36 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Evenin' Flight,
The T/shirt man, Mr. Alex Frenwalt, of the 129th, left my house about 2 hours ago. He stoped here on his way from Memphis to visit his mother in North Ohio. Alex droped off my t/shirts that I ordered from him. I'm a telling ya men, if ya have'nt ordered one yet and you want to let the world know about YOUR unit and to be able to wear the patch of the 129th on a shirt, you should order some now. I got mine on, and man oh man oh man!!!!... does it ever look great. Bought 8 of them and am gonna send them out for Christmas presents to men of the 129th that I know that are not on the net and able to oreder them from Alex.
ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....thank you very much man for working so hard on the t/shirt deal. I am honored to wear mine. My hats off to you Alex for a job well done, and Alex, thanks for taking the time to stop over here. It was a honor to meet and talk with you. The pleasure was all mine and thanks for all the kind words you spoke to me.
Hey JOE JOHNSON!!!!....WELCOME HOME!!!!..... and back to the 129th AHC.............have already added your name to the Contacts list............Please visit the new 129th Home Page at this web addy
......Take care all.........................Mark

Sun. Oct 17, 1999 16:36:29 EDT

Rick England ( from Phoenix Az. writes:
Frenchie Didn't know about the bypass! Be careful,you sound like your life is exciting. That scuba diving sounds relaxing. I don't think I can make the reunion at this time. Did you ever call mugsy? Well you take care of your self we want to keep on hearing from you the on the web.Take care brother Rick

Sun. Oct 17, 1999 21:5:4 EDT

Larry Kwiatkowski ( from Simi Valley, Ca. writes:
Smitty, gonna send this reg E-mail also. As far as I know, I'm gonna be at the Flamingo Hilton. Will be arriving mid, late evening Friday. Register under my name. The wedding I'm going to is in the Excaliber.

Sun. Oct 17, 1999 22:47:22 EDT

PETE NOLEN ( from MAUEICE, LA. 70555 writes:
Just a little note, to give ya'll my new e-mail address. I check the page almost everyday, but very seldom write. Great job guys. Welcome home to all.

Mon. Oct 18, 1999 19:1:29 EDT

Barry Swanson ( from Riverside, CA writes:
Jim W. (Smitty) & Larry K.

I made reservations at the Excalibur Hotel under my name arriving on the 24th around the noon hour. I'm not sure when Larry K. plans to head home so if I may, can I suggest a get together on Sunday maybe for lunch for starters then we can continue until you need to escape to tend to the wife. I have not contacted Festus, but if you talk to him let me know what his schedule is. I will keep calling until I reach him.
Looking forward to meeting you guy's next weekend, take care.


Tue. Oct 19, 1999 1:2:48 EDT

Jim Westwang ( from Sheridan,WY. writes:
Barry & Larry K. I think the Sunday lunch etc. is a great idea. After reading this post tonight, I called Festus but only got his machine. I did leave the idea of Sunday on there for him. I got a letter from him the last of SEPT saying to call as soon as I get in. (should be noon or so the 23rd). I have a number of pictures on 31/2 floppy disc so if one of you guys have a laptop it would be nice. If not, we'll find a PC. I need to call Excalibur on the 20th for final confirmation & will ask them if they have a PC on the premises we can use for such a purpose. My wife is coming with & possibly another 67n20 but his girlfrind just walked out on him & so he may cancel BUT WE ARE COMING WITH BELLS ON & ALL I CAN SAY IS "WAY COOL & SEE YA IN A SHORT-SHORT"
Yours, Smitty

Tue. Oct 19, 1999 3:42:0 EDT

Don Johnson ( from Edmond, OK writes:
Just checking in, Joe Johnson, it was great talking with you the other night. Hope to get to see you some day soon. Mark, keep up the good work. I thank you again for making this all possible. You have definitely brought me back home! Thanks, Bro.
Cobra 010

Tue. Oct 19, 1999 17:44:32 EDT

Barry Swanson ( from Riverside, CA writes:
Smitty & Larry K.,

I will have my laptop with me, I would like to copy your pictures and if needed I could put them onto a CD for you. I have not scanned any of my pictures yet, so I will drag all my photo albums with me and my yearbook of 72/73. I have plenty of hard drive space so bring all that you can. I talked to Festus this AM, he is excited to see us. He also likes a Sunday reunion, he has plans with an old high scool buddy on Saturday to catch a Nebraska Football game. I also told him he can crash in my room at the Excalibur so he need not worry about counting how many bottles he tilts.......
Looking forward to seeing you guys in "Lost Wages"

Barry (Swany)

Tue. Oct 19, 1999 20:12:12 EDT

Frenchie ( from Atlantis writes:
Yo Rick,
Haven't talked to Mugsie But got a lot of pix from him and a letter. Called Bob H two days ago He seem in a great frame of mind. Talked obout the old times at tower and on the top of the Chirch steps. And Ann's place... I've got to get some pix to old Mugsie soon or I think he will come down and kick my ass.. Hope everything is great at your end. Happy Howawinie

Tue. Oct 19, 1999 20:52:53 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
HI Gang............couple of things to report...........
FIRST!!!......Barry S., Smitty, Larry K...........So great to hear that you guys will be hooking up this weekend in Vegas. Really guys,that is cool as all get out!!!!! Have a great time and hoist one up for all of us and the ones that cant anymore.....Be careful guys!!!!
SECOND.......We now have on the new 129th page ( ) a link that is called "HELICOPTERS". It contains a list of 233 choppers that were used in the 129th after the year of 66. If you click on the Tailstock number, there is also some info on each one of the choppers. Check it out and see if you can find the Bird you flew on.
Take care all..........GOD BLESS..............Mark

Wed. Oct 20, 1999 18:30:24 EDT

Jim Westwang ( from Sheridan,Wy. writes:
First: Mark, you are amazing, my memory is shot & I remember Crewing 67-17147, but had forgotten about the time before that when I had 407 also a slick. 2nd: Barry,Larry: got all messages & will contact you at Excalibur. Glad about the Laptop. I will Bring some blank discs as well. See ya there & I think I'm already in love with that new site Mark. Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yours: Smitty

Wed. Oct 20, 1999 22:43:13 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Evenin' Flight,
Glad to be here......wanna thank all for the kind words expressed to me about all this 129th stuff. I do very lil' compeared to what you did for me a long time assured....your thanks and well wishes are warmth to my heart.
Am so glad that the new 129th Home Page and the new link to the choppers is going over well. I knew that you men would be interested in that. I have been reading up on it myself. I notice that, in some cases, the tail stock number's were not in the 129th that long, and that they also belonged to other units while in Nam. I didn't know that when I searched for the info on the Birds that flew with the 129th....OH WELL........
.....on to why I am on board tonight......and DUH!!!....I am so stupid, and don't know why I didn't post this before...............
Here is a thread to a absolutly perfect TOPOGRAPHIC MAP of the AO of LANE and a place where you can get any MAP you want of the AO that you served in at anytime while in NAM with any UNIT that you where in..................LISTEN UP CREW!!!!!!!!!!!
From the U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY NATIONAL MAPPING DIVISION, Rocky Mountain Mapping can get a perfect,Vintage, 1969 map of the LANE ,129th AO.....IN COLOR
you can get an index for 1:50,000 Topographic Maps of Vietnam'
Each of the small squares is a separte map about 15 miles on a side.
They show terrain and physical culture ( Towns,rivers,etc.)
Each map is $4.90 plus $3.50 handling charge per order. No matter how many maps are requested. Prices subject to change
To reach this place....
FAX 303-202-4693
Voice 800-435-7627
...or call John Mccammon 303-202-4657
PO Box 25286
Denver,CO 80225
The Map for the LANE,129th AO is NUMBER 6836, Roman Numeral in, 6836 IV
sorry I did not post this before, have had this info for a couple of years...........dumb ass me, huh???;-))))........if you want a map of the LANE AO....check it out.......I got one on the wall as we speak, and I can pin point which mountain top my bro's crash sight is on...........
Like I get a get maps of all of Vietnam that you would like.....use Phone numbers above...........
...any questions???call me,e-mail me...or just show up on my back step..........and I will do what I can.........
I hope this all makes sense to ya all..........
Clear Left......"257"............skids pleasure to be among ya'all......Pop-A-TopII ( AKA ) Mark

Thu. Oct 21, 1999 13:34:20 EDT

Michael Barrett ( from Phila. Pa. writes:
To Alex Fernwalt,
I mailed a check to you over the weekend for three xxl shirts. if there is any problems call me at work (215) 697-1247 or home (215) 741-5093. Take care guys and girl.

Fri. Oct 22, 1999 17:16:11 EDT

Ernie Gschwender ( from Romulus(HuronTwp)MI writes:
Nice job on the new web sight. Keep up the good work.

Sat. Oct 23, 1999 13:49:1 EDT

Alex Fernwalt ( writes:
Just got back from Ohio. Had to see the family. But the highlite was getting to met mark & Dee. They are the best. I was really impressed with the hard work Mark has put into the 129th homepage. And the amount of info he has found and shared with everyone. Thanks Mark !!!! Your a real bro to all of us. And I am proud to have the pleasure of metting you and Dee and your family. Your a Blessed Man. The First of the T shirts were shipped 10/22/99 by priority mail. I will be tracking them. Please email me when you recieve them. Thanks for your patience. Alex 129th 65-68

Sat. Oct 23, 1999 21:7:14 EDT

Rick England ( from Phoenix Az. writes:
Mark the new site is great! I use the patches for my background on the puter. Thanks Rick Bull Dog 431 The Iron Butterfly

Sun. Oct 24, 1999 19:24:9 EDT

gale beard ( from clinton, indiana 47842 writes:
Mark, Ilove the new site. It sure brings back a lot of memories to this old crewchief. Thanks, Gale

Sun. Oct 24, 1999 19:46:28 EDT

Richard Trumbo (Festus) from Las Vegas, NV writes:
Hey 129th,

Festus here remembering some great memories with a few of the crew members I flew with, Smitty and Barry. I met Larry for the first time and enjoyed his company. I am looking at some pictures of many who once had a hair line and a slim waist. I am having a beer and a cigarette and loving life here in Vegas.
Hope all is well on your side of the barn.......


Sun. Oct 24, 1999 20:3:38 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Hey Festus,Barry,Smitty, and Larry......glad you all got to hook up. Have a cold one for me. Take care guys out there in Vegas.

Mon. Oct 25, 1999 23:27:23 EDT

Barry Swanson (barry_swanson) from Riverside, CA writes:
Evening Flight,

Just settling in after my return trip from Vegas. It was a really good time spent with Smitty, his wife Linda, his life long friend Mike who was with the 117th in Long Bien, Festus, and Larry K. who unfortunately only had a few hours on Sunday before he had to head back home. I had my laptop dialed into both 129th sites for Festus to read as many messages as he could. Larry's wife couldn't get ahold of him due to the line being busy. I had a great time sharing stories and pictures, Smitty I truly enjoyed meeting you. We were going to start with lunch but as best as plans are, we didn't get anything to eat until about 7:30pm. Smitty thanks again for dinner!!!!, We regrouped again to copy pictures he had on diskette and we ran out of beer around 11:30 so it was time to hit the casino. Every time Linda came back to check on us she was up another $100.00. I got Festus to post a message, I knew alot of you would like to hear he's doing alright. We had a great time, I think it is a tease of what it could be like to have a real reunion with as many guy's as possible from the 129th along with Mark and Judith. Maybe this next year will be the year.

Alex, when I got home I had a surprise waiting for me, my T-Shirts were here. They look great, mission accomplished man, thanks.......

I guess its time to wrap it up.....Take care all


Mon. Oct 25, 1999 23:32:59 EDT

Gently Judith ( from Rhodes Rage WI writes:
Hello to all of you-looks like there's been some pretty big things happening! Welcome new brothers! and Alex the check is in the mail for 2 med t's-I get a feeling the 1x and 2x's will be gone pretty quickly!!

mark-going to the new page right after I 426 out of here-sounds like Kokomo was TOO COOL! bless the heart of that little Ron Paye. by the way, where are you Ron Paye?

Mr. Barrett-Rhodes is ours now, thanks for breaking him in.

Any word on the "books"-I still want to see the pix of you guys before the 1x and 2x sizes came into play.

Mr. westwand-please take it easy. And hug our vets for me. Mr. Hertland, thanks for the photos.

For a quick update: I'm in milwaukee now, same e-address, new phone (414-525-1951 and use it) and addy, 10832 Janesville Road, Hales corners, WI 53130. All is well. Going to the VA this week to volunteer and also going to check out some local vet orgs.

I've been missing you guys-but now things are back to normal(?) so contact between us can get moving again---contact...again...between

Bankin' right and otta here-Gently

Mon. Oct 25, 1999 23:46:20 EDT

Rick England ( from Phoenix Az writes:
Alex the shirts are great thanks for all your hard work on them. That reunion sounds good. Where ever it maybe. Be careful out there. Rick Bull Dog 431

Tue. Oct 26, 1999 12:19:1 EDT

stacy hydinger ( from st. paul, mn writes:
My Dad served in this unit...Thank you to all of you who supported him and were with him during the war. I'm so glad you got ahold of him to let him know about this website. Hope all of you are doing as well as my Dad is!!

Tue. Oct 26, 1999 16:15:38 EDT

Greg Henkel ( from Hawaii writes:
Alex, I got the shirts and I gotta say they look great! I'm going to have to get more so I can take this one off. Thanks for your efforts on our behalf. Same to you mark. Smitty: How was Festus doing?It was good to see him online. Didn't Nebraska get spanked? Hope you guys had a great time and hoisted one for me.
Aloha, Animal

Tue. Oct 26, 1999 17:50:47 EDT

Bob Heidenreich ( from O'Fallon, Missouri writes:
Hi everyone from the 129thAHC. Seems the older I get the more I reflect on our times back at Lane. Frenchie and I had a great talk on the 'phone a few days ago and the memories kept coming. Don Johnson and I have been in contact and he sures knows a bunch about Vietnam being he went back as a civilian worker. Talk to Mugsy and we have visited back and forth over the years. We have had some great times and are still like the young guys back at Lane. Guess most of us will never really grow up. Still fighting these cancers with on-going Chemo. injections for the Prostate cancer. Don't forget to get your check ups. Agent Orange was all over Lane. Mark Jackson you sure are a gem of a man and like Frenchie said "your part of the 129thAHC as far as we all are concerned." Larry would be proud of you as we are. If I can ever be of help to any of you regarding Agent Orange related cancers or other conditions just contact me. Best to All of You and take care. Bob Heidenreich, 314-240-4274 Cell - 314-616-6014

Tue. Oct 26, 1999 22:2:5 EDT

Rainer Bauer ( from Indianapolis writes:
To Bill French, I served with a Frenchie in 1967 and I was wondering if it might have been you. If it was I have some great pictures I would like to share. You can contact me at

Wed. Oct 27, 1999 0:34:47 EDT

Larry Kwiatkowski ( from Simi Valley, Ca. writes:
Well, somewhat rested after the long drive back from Vegas. Traffic really sucked. Met up with Smitty, Festus & Barry. Although we wern't there together (they were newbies after I went home) it was still good to meet up with guys who understand. My time was short but for a couple of hours I was back with my brothers. 'Nuf said.

Wed. Oct 27, 1999 10:5:13 EDT

Goodmorning Flight:

Well I am glad to hear everyone are enjoying the shirts. Everyone that I recieved checks should have them by weeks end. I am glad to have the opportunity to get this mission done. The are still T -Shirts left. And now working on the dates,hotel info for the VHCMA 'S reunion in Charoltte in June 2000. I will pass this along so we get first grabs. Hopefully quite a few will be there. I am glad to see so many BITE & STRIKER'S finding each other. And thanks to Mark & Dee Jackson for making it possible to have these homepages. Thanks MARK & DEE!!! Email mail me if you sent in an order and have not recieved them this week. Thanks ALEX 65-68

Wed. Oct 27, 1999 21:22:47 EDT

Art Campbell ( from cardale pa writes:
Hi Mark. Don't know what i'm doing wrong, but when i type in I get the message sorry can't find. My server is though aol. What I'm I doing wrong? help!


Wed. Oct 27, 1999 22:40:42 EDT

Ron Paye ( from Indy, IN. 46221 writes:
Hey, all you Bite and Strikers. I hope all is well with everyone.
If anyone is interested in doing the Rolling Thunder Run next spring (Berry Swanson?) There is a group of us that will be making the run from California. The one and only "Mark Jackson" will be joining up with us in West Virginia for the Run To The Wall. If any one else wants to join us, any where along the way, we would love to have ya. If interested send me an e-mail. We will be camping and/or staying at hotels. If you want to hotel it, you will need to make reservations as soon as possible. If you are interested send me an e-mail. You don't need to be a biker. Car, truck, all are welcome.
Ron Paye, OUT.

Fri. Oct 29, 1999 10:54:15 EDT

Ronal P. Lentz ( from San Angelo, Tx writes:
I would like to contact other unit members.

Fri. Oct 29, 1999 12:40:27 EDT

Michael Barrett (michael_barrett2ICPPHIL.NAVY.MIL) from PHILA. PA. writes:
To Alex Fernwalt,
I got the shirts on 10/29/99. Thanks a lot for the effort you did. If ever in Philadelphia give me a call. Take care eveybody.

Fri. Oct 29, 1999 13:56:19 EDT

Jack Holeman ( from Colorado Springs CO writes:
I am an Internet writer. I'm writing BLACK TAXI 2000 - The Forsake American, a group narrative. Email me to add stuff. The music is by my Virtual Road Band "The Boulevard Smoothies - WEB TOUR 2000 THE INFORMATION HIGHWAY" and the first album "LAST DAYS IN SAIGON" was barely released on cassette from Chandler Texas 4 years ago. It has "The Glowing Golfers from the Mexican Country Club" and "The Viet Nam Era Medley".

Fri. Oct 29, 1999 14:1:17 EDT

Jack Holeman ( from Colorado Springs CO writes:
BLACK TAXI 2000 - The Forsaken American, a group narrative at
Homelander Christian Sites.

Fri. Oct 29, 1999 14:8:32 EDT

Jack Holeman ( from Colorado Springs CO writes:
Come on you guys! I'm running a special rate for illegal drug dealers who shoot the cab drivers instead of paying the fare. Deluxe Taxi Service.

What would the helicopter look like.... two stories high with nitroglycerin fuels... help me write this thing...


Fri. Oct 29, 1999 18:41:59 EDT

Ron Lentz ( from San Angelo, Tx writes:
Good website!! Didn't know it existed until today. Been looking at the history and notes posted here from you guys. I was in 129th in 1968--left in Sept of that year. Was platoon leader of slick platoon before I rotated to states. Would like to hear from anyone that was in the unit during that time. Good to see all of you on here--feels like I am home.

Fri. Oct 29, 1999 19:47:39 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
Hey RON LENTZ!!!!...WELCOME HOME BROTHER!!!!......always great to see another make it back to the Bite & Strike. Check in often, good place to renew ole' friendships. The 129th does have another Home Page also at
Check it out when you get a chance. It contains a list of all of the crew that has checked in here before and then some.


Fri. Oct 29, 1999 19:52:44 EDT

Mark Jackson ( from LZ HOME writes:
BTW... RON LENTZ....I will add you name and e-mail address to the roster.....Take care all........clear/left....."257"..........Out......

Sat. Oct 30, 1999 17:47:58 EDT

Joe G. Muniz ( from san diego,california writes:
Served with the 129th.from March 68 to May 1969,mainly with the maintenance platoon.Thanks Mark Jackson for this site.Visited the new site and its great.I the pilot on your bro's ship Mr.DeSantis,repaired and kept them all flyin,flew with Mr.D each time we did some work on the ships just to check em out,always came back happy Mr.D..I'm not sure if I met your brother or not,may have, mind not as sharp I guess.Anyway Mark,good job...Remind me someday to share a story of one of the shake down runs with Mr B.

Sun. Oct 31, 1999 7:6:37 EST

s.kevin tolan ( from lafayette,la writes:
member of the 129th at lane army heliport in 72-73