129th's Flight Logbook

Sat. Aug 30, 1997 1:13:44 EDT

Larry Russell (webmaster@vhfcn.org) from West Columbia, SC writes:
This is for you Larry

Tue. Dec 1, 1998 19:26:23 EST

Steve Young (syoung@usinternet.com) from Plymouth, MN writes:
Happy Holidays to all!
Bulldog 24
2nd platoon Dec 69-Dec 70

Sat. Dec 5, 1998 17:52:52 EST

John C. Dillman (msgjcd@wans.net) from liberty, MO writes:
I crewed with the 129th (bulldogs) from Nov. 71 to Feb 72.
Anyone know a guy that went by gabby?

Sun. Dec 6, 1998 1:37:5 EST

G. Henkel (tatu@gte.net) from Hawaii writes:
I deros'd in Feb. '72, a couple of months before Claud Strother and Thomas Shaw died. Can anyone tell me what happened? Thanks , Animal

Sun. Dec 6, 1998 12:22:26 EST

Larry Getchell (HLGETCHELL@aol.com) from Pensacola, Fl. writes:
A plesant find. My brother was in the 129th while in V.N. not sure of the dates but i believe it was in 1966 to 68. I believe it was around Hue / Phu By (?). Anyway good to see your site. I was 4th/12th Cav 1976 to 1979 at Ft Polk, La.

Mon. Dec 7, 1998 8:39:18 EST

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
This message is for G. Henkel from Hawai, I was door gunner and Bruno Sanchez was the crew chief on the ship Claude Strother and Thomas Shaw were kia's on. If you like you can call me at home, phone number is 801-731-7958, Sanchez and myself were the only survivors, we had two South Korean soldiers on board that day, they also died.

Tue. Dec 8, 1998 23:56:2 EST

Tillman L. Jeffrey (tjeffrey81@aol.com) from Santa Clara, CA writes:
Hi-This past Sunday I was privileged to fly in a UH-1D (65-09569) that was in my unit (335th AHC) from 10/66 to 7/67, the 129th AHC from 2/68 to 6/68, and the 173rd AHC from 7/69 to 1/70. This aircraft is now N205WH and is owned by Ron Walters of El Cajon, CA. After Vietnam the ship was at Ft. Rucker for a while, then went to the National Guard. I'd sure like to hear from any Bulldogs who crewed or flew in 65-09569. She's in terrific shape and flies like a dream! She sure made this old aviator's day. Tillman L. Jeffrey (FALCON 81)

Wed. Dec 9, 1998 6:59:7 EST

David Terranova (Captgunner@aol.com) from Cleve, Ohio writes:
I understand someone from 129 is trying to contact Larry Kukoleck. Contact me at my web address. I served with the 282nd AHC in 1Corps

Wed. Dec 9, 1998 8:18:24 EST

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
This message is for Mark Jackson, I would like to thank you for the phone call, and for the info on the crash of 426, I can't begin to tell you how good I felt after our conversation, and once again THANK YOU, and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the Brothers out there.

Wed. Dec 9, 1998 15:48:40 EST

Greg Henkel (tatu@gte.net) from Hawaii writes:
Thanks Mark for the after action report. I don't really know what to say. But I am tremendously greatfull for your help. Wellcome home Bernie, I bet we flew together at some point. I'll be on standby. Animal

Thu. Dec 10, 1998 10:44:42 EST

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Hello Animal, thanks for the message. You know its hard to remember who i flew with in the 129th . BUT WELCOME HOME YOURSELF, and good luck in the New Year.

Thu. Dec 10, 1998 12:18:47 EST

Mark Jackson ( Pop-A-TopII ) (fourfour@bright.net) from In flight forever on the final mission on the "257"! writes:

Thu. Dec 10, 1998 13:50:2 EST

Berie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:

Thu. Dec 10, 1998 14:2:34 EST

Jim Claeys (jrc48@webtv.net) from Akron, Ohio writes:
Hey, nice page! I was with 4th Infantry Division at Pleiku-An Khe in 1969-70. WANTED: Audio tapes
of radio traffic, cockpit tapes, fire missions, firefights, etc. Also video tapes. Have MUCH of same to trade.

Fri. Dec 11, 1998 8:19:7 EST

Lonnie Nogle (lnogle@yahoo.com) from Delray Beach FL writes:
Mark - Thanks for the 12-10 message.
I add my "two clicks" on the mike to that.
Happy Holidays to all.
Bulldog 11

Tue. Dec 15, 1998 13:14:0 EST

michael barrett (michael_ barrett@icpphil.navy.mil) from phila. pa. writes:
Sorry I'm not that good with this fancy think'in machine. I got some photo's(nose art),but if anybody can find Ferrall Norman Jr. (midwest) I gave him a full c ration box full of undeveloped film. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Tue. Dec 15, 1998 14:8:13 EST

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Mark, Thanks for the after action report. I wonder how the investigatiing team came up with their conclusion on this accident? it leaves out a lot that actully happened. Anyway thanks again, hang tuff.

Tue. Dec 15, 1998 22:32:37 EST

Mark Jackson( Pop-A-TopII ) (fourfour@bright.net) from Here writes:
Hey Bernie.....you are welcome.....my pleasure!......Hey Budy........I'm pretty sure that you can send additions or corrections to make the Report correct. If you look on the last page....it says to send that kinda stuff to roush@servtech.com that is Gary Roush. He is the head of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Asso. he is the man that sends me the After Action Reports. He would be the man to send and additions or corrections to. I think ya outta send some to him so that the reports reads correct. Hell man. You be the man that knoews what happened. You were there:-)))....Take care guys......, a relation to the cost of Freedom.... Mark

Wed. Dec 16, 1998 8:3:6 EST

Bernie Hernandez from Ogden, Utah writes:
Two clicks on that, Mark.

Fri. Dec 18, 1998 9:10:10 EST

Mike Miles (michael.miles@gsa.gov) from Washington, DC writes:
I knew a pilot called "Animal". I was there from Nov 70 to Nov 71. Were you there during that time. I was called "Frog".

Fri. Dec 18, 1998 18:9:19 EST

G.Henkel (tatu@gte.net) from Hawaii writes:
Mike Miles "Frog", I tried to e-mail you back-channel, but it wouldn't go through. My call sign was "Animal" and I was a Bulldog from July 71 to Feb 72. We were in the unit at the same time and I bet we knew each other. Everything is somewhat foggy as I just sobered up a few years ago. Did we win? Yuk Yuk. You mentioned previously that you knew "lurch". I do remember Keith, How's he doing? The last time I talked to him , he wanted to stay in and I was trying to talk him out of it. Can you send something about yourself that will Jog my memory? Here are some other guys I recall : WO Page(Shadow) Cpt. (former WO) Dick Howe, WO?? (Thor), WO Rick Smith, WO ( Festus)?? , Smitty (my crew chief a lot) I flew beaucoup slingloads of Korean rice and the occaisional C.A.. Do you remember any of these guys? Welcome back everyone. Animal out

Sat. Dec 19, 1998 10:22:35 EST

Jim Scott (iscott@gte.com) from Washington State writes:
I served with the 129th for 4 or 5 months in 72. Left in July of that year

Sat. Dec 19, 1998 10:28:10 EST

Jim Westwang (westwang@cyberhighway.net) from Sheridan,Wyoming writes:
I remember some of you & have been in contact with some of you. Has brought back some good memories & also some painful ones for I am sure all involved. May God bless you all & give you & yours a very Merry Christmas & a safe & happy new year!! SMITTY

Sun. Dec 20, 1998 8:18:57 EST

Ted Buisker (Skyking@Stateline-isp.com) from Davis, IL. writes:
Like this page, served with the 129th from Oct.67 to Sept 68. Medevaced to Okinawa From Mar to july 68, medevaced again in Sept 68. Does antone remember Capt. Fred Dax, crashed helicopter due to tail rotor failure on Korean outpost South of Cuo Mong pass. Doug Marr located in Guymon, OK. Does anyone remember the CA where Maj. Groover, Ops officer, crashed two Hueys in LZ, and got Silver Star for it. (Have pictures) Tim Rudy flies for United out of St. Louis. Anyone know Ken Green, or a guy named Holland? Also crew cheif's name on ship 902? always nice ship, used for VIP's when I was there. So long. Ted

Thu. Dec 24, 1998 11:20:36 EST

George B. Millett (GBMillett@msn.com) from NJ writes:
Interesting, I have often thought the 129th was a figment of my imagination. I had met one guy who was at An Son but only vaguely recalled the 129th. When I was there, on July 4, 1969, the unit was celebrating it's fifth year in RVN.

Sat. Dec 26, 1998 16:57:36 EST

adam (RReesoo79) from butte Montana writes:
you guys have a good web site here . se ya

Sun. Dec 27, 1998 10:3:3 EST

Ted "Gus" Gustafson (tgus@brainerd.net) from Brainerd, MN writes:
I was with 394 th. and then 129 th. from Aug 67 to
Mar. 69. Finished up in Gun Plt as Chief on Cobra
949. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you
guys. I was thinking of Miami Beach TOC and Lane
about 3AM today. Wonder what it is like there today.

Sun. Dec 27, 1998 13:49:57 EST

To Ted "Gus" Gustafson
Happy New Year and welcome home.Like you I think quite a bit about Lane and the guys.Its been a long time bro. Yeah! I wonder what Lane looks like now after all these years? Hey! we talkin reunion at Lane? Wow would'nt that be a trip? You and I were at Lane at about the same time.Do you remember a chief by the name of( last name)Steele? I believe he flew guns,from Las Vegas NV.
Well bro, gotta go nice chattin with you. Have a good a safe hoilday. Joe Muniz,Mar 68 to May 69..

Mon. Dec 28, 1998 11:4:21 EST

Mike Miles (michael.miles@gsa.gov) from Washington DC writes:
Does anyone remember Larry Thies aka THOR? Give me a call.
Mike Miles aka FROG

Tue. Dec 29, 1998 2:13:28 EST

Larry Kwiatkowski (Scooter) (Chrger66@aol.com) from Simi Valley, CA. writes:
To Cobra Bishop: Thanks for the reply concerning Joe Depuglia. It's loke he fell off the face of the earth. Several years later I was paging thru a copy af Easy Riders Magazine, saw a picture of a guy in there looked just like him only with long hair, a Harley chopper, flipping someone off. Could swear I saw his tail rotor drive chain bracelet. Tried to e-mail U thru your web address. Came back undelivered. Any chance I can gfet a copy of that picture U say U have? Got one hell of a pic of you and a couple of others drunk as hell at the club. heh-heh! Last I knew, Richard Wightmnan was living in Winchester, Mass.but that was a lot of years ago. Stopped by to see him once.

Tue. Dec 29, 1998 12:7:19 EST

Jim Messinger (messing@wc.edu) from Weatheford, TX writes:

December 29, 1998

Dear fellow Veterans,

I hope that you have already heard of our initiative to establish the National Museum of the Vietnam War in Mineral Wells, Texas. Why Mineral Wells, Texas you ask? Simple! Since the Vietnam War was dubbed “The Helicopter War” and Fort Wolters (in Mineral Wells), Texas was the “home” of the Vietnam helicopter pilots and the initiative was begun by Vietnam helicopter pilots, Mineral Wells was the natural selection for the Museum.

The Museum has established a special fundraising initiative for units that served in Vietnam. We call it the Memorial Plaque and while it’s design hasn’t been completed, we are expecting it to have room for 12 lines of text, 15 characters per line and it will be displayed in a prominent position inside the Museum. This initiative was begun at the VHPA reunion and so far three Aviation units have taken advantage of the offer. The 71st AHC, 119th AHC and the 174th AHC will have Memorial Plaques commemorating their unit’s service in Vietnam. The plaques are available to anyone donating $1,000.00 or more to the Museum.

The Museum is acquiring approximately twelve acres in Mineral Wells and has begun a five-year action plan that will see the opening of the Museum in approximately five years. Of course, money is what will make the Museum a reality. Do you want your unit to be remembered as one that helped start this Museum? If so, mail your tax-deductible contribution to the address shown below.

There is more information available at our web site.

Thanks for your attention…………..Jim Messinger…………Treasurer for the Museum

Tue. Dec 29, 1998 20:14:7 EST

Cobra Jester McMillen (UFfanz@aol.com) from Gainesville, Fl. writes:
This Jester was a fire team/section leader along with Ken Auclair under platoon leader wo Mike Richardson...I`ve talked with Little Jon on the phone and have seen Bulldog Bob Plummer,,other than that I don`t know anything that has happened to the rest of the group of that era.. Squire, or anyone else that remembers, let me know how you are doing....Happy Holidays..